Mindless Mile Crochet Scarf


Mindless Mile Crochet Scarf

Super bulky yarn and repetitive instructions makes this free crochet scarf pattern quick and easy to crochet. The Mindless Mile Crochet Scarf works up in just a few hours. It's so easy, even a beginner could do it! Variegated yarn is used to give this stylish scarf a stunning multicolored look. Double your crochet fun with this extra long crocheted scarf. Special thanks to users LacyLady and ktkukla 2584064 for the name inspiration!


Crochet HookL/11 or 8 mm hook

Yarn Weight(6) Super Bulky/Super Chunky (4-11 stitches for 4 inches)

Approx 8" x 70" [20.5 x 178 cm], excluding fringe.

8 sc and 8 rows = 4" [10 cm].

Ch 3 at beg of rows counts as dc throughout.
Ch 19.
1st row: 1 dc in 4th ch from hook (counts as 2 dc). 1 dc in each of next 13 ch. Dc2tog over last 2 ch. Turn. 16 sts.
2nd row: Ch 2. 1 dc in 2nd dc – beg dc2tog made. 1 dc in each dc to last dc. 2 dc in last dc. Turn. 16 sts.
3rd row: Ch 3. 1 dc in first dc. 1 dc in each dc to last 2 dc. Dc2tog. Turn.
Rep 2nd and 3rd rows until work from beg measures 70" [178 cm].
Fasten off.

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This is one of those projects where your choice of yarn makes all the difference in how the project comes out. You could use the bulky yarn as suggested, or you could substitute that with two strands of regular worsted worked together. Ive found that I get a wider selection of colors in worsted than I do in bulky. So if Im looking to match a specific coat or other item, I usually go with the two strand method.

A little bit of high fashion, anyone? I like the fact that the designer leaves it up to us to pick our own yarn for this super long, skinny scarf. Just as long as it is super bulky you are good to go". It is just double crochets, too! Great beginner project to feel very accomplished -)

Dont you love this scarf as much as I do? Mindless Mile scarf indeed! It is a mile long and because it is such an easy pattern I can mindlessly crochet it while spending time chatting with the family or watching my favorite TV program, lol. I always love to have a simple project like this on the go when I am also busy with something more complicated because it lets me give my brain a little rest from time to time.

Looks like a fun scarf to make. Many commenters which means they were attracted with the colors and design. Instructions are just right in front of the page. Thanks.

do I need a starting chain, if so how many?

I want to try this tell me what tog means i have forgot what that term means

tog=together. So you in one start stitch but don't finish, start in next stitch then finish.

mrscreeper@yahoo.com. I would call it EAZY PEAZY. I have arthritis and I had a ball making this. Am shopping for yarn to make another one!! I used Christmas colors.

The I-Can't-Make-Just-One-Scarf


chic scarf

Blissfull Beauty Beginners Scarf. You will feel blissfully beautiful in this super easy to make beginners scarf. So easy to make you can make all your friends and family one so they can feel blissfully beautiful with you.

Blissful Beauty Beginners Scarf Is what it should be called

Aurora Borealis

Fantasia )

Misty Morning Scarf!

Long Tall Sally scarf

I think it should be named Mindless Beauty Scarf.

I think it should be named Mindless Beauty Scarf.


Flowery tressel

Easy Peasy Confetti Confection to keep you warm all winter!

Incredibly long and easy fashion scarf

Jewels for miles

Mile of jewels

Chunky Winter Scarf

Winter Magic Scarf

Easy-Peasy 2-Hour Scarf! This worked up so fast!!!

quick and easy jellybean scarf

quick and easy jellybean scarf

quick and easy jellybean scarf

Long and Lovely Scarf

Sexy Swag

Sexy Swag

Long Scarf Fashionista

Hugs scarf

Homespun Heaven

This reminds of an Endless Spiral ....

Endless Spiral

Chunky Funky Fun

"Splashing in the Puddles"

The Mile in a Minute Scarf

The Rainbow Tube Scarf

Lovely and Long scarf

Lengths of Love scarf

Miles to go before I sleep scarf. Sherry Daniels-cancer fighter and survivor since 2012

Dawn of Spring scarf

Long Tall Sally

mindful length scarf

Longevity Scarf


Nautical Twilight Scarf

Beginner's Luck - because a beginner can do it and lucky because it doesn't take forever to do. Instant gratification for someone who is just learning to crochet needs!

The Easy Mile Scarf

The Long, Lean Quick scarf

I would call it Parallelogrand - because it's a long parallelogram!

I would name this scarf The Autumn Scarf because of the colors

The yarn is lots of color like sun on a lake and tiny pebbles. I would call the yarn "Skipping Pebbles" when you are lucky enough to toss a tiny pebble across the water.

I would call it "mindless joy" because you don't have to think about it, but it will bring joy.

The Lanky Scarf

The Lanky Scarf

Wrap It Up!

Wrap It Up!

I would call it my super fashion scarf great for keeping warm in the winter and made with lighter weight yarn for spring a fashion statement

Double Time Scarf

Shwrap Scarf

The Mindlessly Awesome scarf!

The Mindlessly Awesome scarf!

pompom party scarf

pompom party scarf

The 1 2 3 A B C scarf!! Robin Jackson because it's that simple.

Yule Time Warmth Scarf - Name Elaine Brazil South Padre Island, TX

coral sea barbiegirl

coral sea scarf/ barbara kalamets-

Sneeky Snake Cuddler

Could it be any uglier?

ZIP STRIP crochet scarf

swirl pearl

swirl pearl a kool name for this crochet scarf

New Years Confetti

Longing for Luxury

Rock Candy Scarf

Long Run Scarf

Long Run Scarf

Rock Candy Scarf

Slim and Slinky Scarf

Easy Peasy Repeat Scarf

Slim and Slinky is the name I offer for this scarf!

Jelly Roll Scarf Ginny615@gmail.com

Any Length No Brainer Scarf

simply rainbow scarf Freda carter simple rainbow scarf Freda carter Freda carter

Effortless Ribbon Scarf

Confetti...I do not have a close-up of this scarf but from what I can see it reminds me of confetti

Teach Me Dazzle scarf

Pool Noodle Scarf

the 'Easy Peasy' scarf...thx for the pattern )

Fast and furious

Barbara Foust Kaleidoscope glass


Kaleidoscope glass

Make it on the Double!

Long Way Jane

Funky Chunky Fiesta scarf

Gorgeous scarf for Dummies

Mile a minute....as it goes so fast!

Awesome idulgence

Mile of Warmth Scarf

Swanky Lanky


My gotta-have-it-yesterday scarf

name for scarf Just Hangin' Around

Mindless Indulgence

Hunky Chunky

Double down, down, down, double. Crochet scarf

Double down, down, down double crochet scarf.

Easy Roller Scarf

Easy Roller Scarf

Double down, down, down, double crochet.

Country Casual

Easy Roller Scarf

the Cr-easy scarf

"The Long Road Home Scarf"

Woo Hoo Scarf

WooHoo Scarf.

country chic

Around the World Without a Care Scarf!

Call it the "Ta-Da!" scarf.

It was pretty much named in the explanation of the scarf. "Mindless Crochet Scarf" So easy you forget to stop....hence the length. )

The "Ta-Da!" scarf

Ta-Da it's a scarf!

Tale of Two Tall Tails


Confetti Boa

Confetti Boa

Can't stop wearing this Scarf!

Long And Easy

what a scarf, what a scarf, what "A mighty fine scarf" I think the name should be "A might fine scarf"

boyfriend sparkle scarf

easy double crochet boyfriends scarf

I Can't Stop Myself!

Double the Fun

Retro Cool

Easy Chunky Lanky scarf

My suggestion is Retro Cool

I Can't Stop Myself! Deanna Skinner

Call it the Dr. Who.

Never Ending Warmth

Mindless Beauty...so easy to make and beautiful!

Winter Confetti

Winter Confetti

Tailspin Scarf


Dippin Dots

One-hour flowing scarf


Mardi Gras Scarf

Dipping Dots Frozen Scarf!!

The "I hope I Don't Trip" scarf

I chose 'Eden' for the name of the scarf

anaconda scarf

My name for this scarf is 'Eden'

anaconda scarf

The 2015 stitches scarf

Diagonal Funky Scarf

The New Year scarf

Cascading autumm waters

My suggestion for a name for this scarf is, cascading autumn waters.

The I-Need-A-Gift-In-A-Hurry Scarf

Free Style Long Flowing Scarf

The Hundred And Thousand scarf

The I-Need-A-Gift-In-A-Hurry-Scarf

Snuggle Scarf

Lovely, Lovely and Lanky Scarf

Lovely, Long, and Lanky Scarf )

Long, Lanky, and Lovely Scarf

Confetti Cozy Scarf

New Year's Confetti Scarf

Mind over Matter or Dream Away

Simply Sassy

Simply Sassy

"Long on Sparkle" that's what I'm calling it! Super easy and super long on Sparkle! -)

Long and Lean for 2015!

Take It A Long scarf

LONG AND LEAN FOR 2015! Karen Gilbert karenbccc@gmail.com

"great lengths"

'great lengths'

My name for the scarf is "Loveit-long"

Love it long scarf my pick for a name


Sparkling lengths of joy

Sparkling lengths of joy


Warm, quick and Easy scarf

Long and Lush

wrap it up

Never ending Party!

California Dreaming

Call the scarf "City Lights".

long and chunky scarf

Long and Chunky Scarf

Bulky/Chunky Scarf


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