Yarn Storage Ideas


Yarn Storage Ideas

How to Organize Scraps and Bits of Yarn


How to Organize Bits of Yarn

What do you do with your bits of yarn when you’re done with a project? Once you’re done crocheting, there’s usually lots of yarn leftover, whether it’s from trimming your ends after finishing off or from color changes, or just from unused skeins of yarn in varying degrees of fullness. Do you save all your ends or do you just toss them all away? And how do you organize everything, anyway?

Well, we don’t have all the answers either, but we really wanted to know so we polled our Facebook audience, and thanks to them, we have quite a few suggestions to work with!

How do you organize your yarn? Most of you were split between keeping your bits organized in clear plastic bags for future projects and simply throwing them out. There were also lovely suggestions to use them as display pieces or work them into future projects, and still others were focused on donating your work.

Yarn Storage Ideas from Other Crocheters

Many of you suggested we keep our yarn bits in clear plastic bags to reuse for future projects. These can be recycled later into embellishments such as flowers or keychains, scrap projects and even as stuffing for rag dolls or amigurumi. This way, you don't have to buy whole new skeins when you just need a few yards - it's practical AND economical! 

You can also use this storage system as a way of keeping track of what yarn you’ve used and what to buy later or see if you're in a color rut. You can choose to save ALL scraps, or just scraps of your favorite yarns (for future purchases). Many readers suggested you separate yarn into color shades, weight or fibre type to help keep yourself organized. 

For more full skeins of scrap yarn, you can display them on shelving or in clear jars as a fun and easy way to brighten up a room. 

Organize your yarn in clear plastic bags or boxes!

Donating Your Leftover Yarn

Some of our other favorite suggestions included donating the bits of yarn to elementary schools for art projects, donating substantial leftovers to homeless shelters or thrift stores and donating for special projects. Just because you have no use for the yarn doesn’t mean someone else can’t use it!

As you're working, keep a bag going where you can keep a running collection of yarn scraps and partial bins so you aren't constantly running back and forth to donate, and so you can keep everything in one spot. 

You can also donate scrap projects, which seems to be a favorite of some of our charitable Facebook fans. Instead of simply donating your skeins or partial skeins, spend some time and use your scraps to work up scrapghans or hats and scarves for the homeless or for senior centers. 

Donate your yarn!

Scrap Projects to Love

Why not use your leftovers in a way that everyone can see… by making scrap yarn projects! Whether you slowly work up a scrapghan from little bits and pieces here and there or you use any leftover skeins to make hats and wearables for the homeless, reusing your yarn goes a long way!

Add to your scrapghans as you finish projects, or choose a few times a year to dig out all your scrap yarn and make some progress - there's no wrong way to do it. It's a nice way to keep a running tab of everything you've worked on, and it provides a nice way to reminisce over your projects!

Plus, if you happen to have any bulky or super bulky scraps, or any more fashion-type yarns, they're a fun way to add some visual interest to your work-in-progress. 

Make a scrap project!
How to Untangle Yarn

4. Just throw them out!

Of course, you might just not want to deal with any extra yarn around the home, so go ahead and trash your scraps! If you have the smallest bits and pieces, just throw the scraps out.

That way, you aren't drowning in extra yarn, and you can keep your home clean and tidy!

Do you have any other tips for organizing or storing your yarn? Let us know in the comments!

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I make baby hats to donate to hospitals. A very small ball can make a hat. Smaller ball can do stripes on one. Finally, the leftovers go to a sister in law, who loves making flowers and gives them back to me to sew on the hats!

I usually roll all of my scraps together in a ball. I use them to make tissue box covers, mason jar and bottom covers for glass dishes. the patterns come out remarkably interesting. I never thought of donating them for other people to make things which is a great idea

For small bits that I cut off after weaving in ends, or a very small amount after finishing a project, I collect them in a baggie. When it's full, I put the scraps outside for the birds and squirrels to collect for their nests. I like to think I'm helping brighten the neighborhood.

I roll my leftovers in a ball, with every intention of using the bigger ones for scrap blankets. The problem is that I have previously had to keep my yarn in a room with my cats, and they love to get into it and ruin it. They would probably consider it playing, but Im sure you all know how it turns out!

Hi, I roll my small left over yarn into balls, and store in plastic bag, or a large jar. The larger and full skeins I store in a clothes hamper. Then when I need the color in use the small balls and leftover skeins on my next project, before using full skeins. This keeps my scraps to a minimum.

Thank you so much for sharing this article. It has tons of great ideas. Every crocheter, knitter or basically any fiber lover, is bound to have tons of yarn and of course tons of yarn barf, and trying to organize it or figure out what to do with it can be very overwhelming. In this article you give great tips on organizing and some great suggestions on things to do with your scrap yarn when you don't know what to do with it.

Hi... I use the little tabs from loaves of packaged bread!... Works really well for me... keeps the balls neat... and the tabs are easy to remove... I just attach them to a thread on the ball plus the end of the yarn ... leaving a little tail! 3

SO MANY BITS! This is enormously helpful.

Thanks for this tip on organizing left over yarns. I like the way you organize your yarn using the clothes pins. Very ingenious. You can also use big clips for big amounts of left overs. I noticed you chose the uncolored wooden clips. Why? My guess is that you probably would like to use clips in neutral colors? Another idea is to use colored clips depending on the color of the left over yarn. Well, it's up to you, guys how you choose you clips. Thanks.

This is a great idea! I have tons of wooden clothespins that I can use for this. I think you could clip them to a line you've strung in your closet or on a hanger.

I save my mesh onion bags I get from the store with onions in them to place my scraps of leftover yarn in. You just roll them into a ball and put them in the bag and they won't go anywhere, when you tie it up or secure the opening with a rubber band or other clip. You can place several balls of stray yarn in the bag together and they will stay securely tied up till you open the bag.


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