Insanely Cute Ponies


Insanely Cute Ponies


Insanely Cute Ponies
Insanely Cute Ponies

Pink, yellow, purple or blue; it doesn't matter what crochet color you choose, all these Insanely Cute Ponies will look adorable. If you or your kids ever watched or played with "My Little Pony" dolls then you're sure to love these crocheted amigurumi characters. Each piece is worked in rounds separately and sewed together at the end. Make one in every color to have the most magical collection, ever. The crochet instructions give optional extras such as a horn, a hat, feathers and wings, but you can leave your pony plain if you so desire. These cute ponies would make a great gift for any little boy or girl.

More DetailWhat Crocheters are Loving About This Pattern

The Insanely Cute Ponies free crochet pattern has garnered a lot of love from users due to its irresistibly charming and versatile design. Crocheters appreciate the pattern's ability to create both ponies and unicorns with the simple addition of wings and a horn, making it a delightful project for fantasy enthusiasts. The pattern's adaptability to various colors allows for the crafting of both typical and fantasy-themed ponies, sparking creativity among crocheters.

The resemblance to My Little Pony characters is a major draw, making these crochet ponies an ideal gift for children. Many users commend the clear and well-written instructions that guide them through the crafting process. Homemade gifts hold a special place in their hearts, making these ponies a perfect choice for birthdays and special occasions.

While some users mention that amigurumi patterns can be a bit daunting, they find this pattern manageable and rewarding, with the final results closely resembling the beloved My Little Pony characters. Whether it's for gifting, crafting a personal collection, or reminiscing about the My Little Pony era, this pattern is cherished for its cuteness and simplicity.

Love This Pattern? Read Why You Should Crochet More Amigurumi!

Amigurumi, those tiny crocheted treasures, have a unique magic that goes beyond just creating cute characters. Here are a few more compelling reasons why you should dive into the world of amigurumi:

Portable Projects: Amigurumi is perfect for crocheters on the go. These small, manageable projects fit easily into your bag, making it a fantastic way to crochet during commutes or while waiting for appointments.

Stash Buster: Amigurumi allows you to use up those odds and ends of yarn from previous projects. It's a wonderful way to declutter your yarn stash and turn leftover scraps into adorable creations.

Mindful Crocheting: The detailed work required in amigurumi encourages mindfulness. You'll find that focusing on small, intricate stitches can be meditative and help you stay present in the moment.

Instant Gratification: Amigurumi projects are relatively quick to complete, providing a sense of accomplishment in a short time. It's a great way to satisfy your creative urge without committing to long, time-consuming projects.

Unique Decor: Beyond being toys, amigurumi can be used as decorative items in your home. Craft seasonal amigurumi pieces to adorn your living space, creating a cozy, handcrafted atmosphere.

Embrace the world of amigurumi for its portability, mindfulness, and the opportunity to turn leftover yarn into charming creations. It's a crochet journey filled with fun and practicality that you won't want to miss!


Crochet HookD/3 or 3.25 mm hook

Yarn Weight(3) Light/DK (21-24 stitches to 4 inches)

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These are insanely cute ponies and or unicorns. With the addition of wings and the infamous horn this pattern can easily become a unicorn. What an adorable pattern. Any little girl would love to have this stuffed fantasy creature.

What is the difference between the pony and a unicorn, just the wings and the horn. They could be twins. Depending on the color yarn you select this could be really a fantasy project or a typical pony. I love projects like this that can be made in more than one way. You have to love all of the pics that the designer included. I do not know which one I like the most.

Oh my Cuteness!! This pattern for the Insanely Cute Ponies is so great and perfect timing. My granddaughter is in love with the my little ponies right now and this will make a great birthday gift for her. Homemade is always the best in our family. The written patterns for these ponies are so well written and re-written I know they will turn out great! I just can't say enough good for this pattern.. Love, love them! Thank you so much for sharing this free crochet pattern.

These are so cute! They look just like My Little Pony! These would be such a great gift for any little girl. The pattern looks pretty easy to follow. I have a 4 year old niece who I bet would love to have these! I cannot wait to make them all! Thank you for the amazing pattern!

These are really cute and look almost exactly like the real My Little Ponies. These are by far the best ponies I have seen so far as crocheted ones. My son, yes you read that right, my son loves my little pony. I will definitely save this pattern to make a set for him. I really like the pink one myself.

I think we still have some of the original vinyl toys kicking around in the toy box I keep for the grandchildren, but theyre in pretty sorry shape at this point. This would be a great opportunity to refresh the collection. The pattern is well written, and there have been edits to improve it. Take time to read through the comments, too, as there are several tips from other crafters who have worked this pattern.

I stumbled across this pattern on Pinterest and its another to do item. I have very little patience for amigurumi (the sewing, the stuffing, the aligning of limbs/parts) so Im not sure if Ill ever get to this. I actually do the opposite of craftedbyfox and stuff the pieces first before sewing on parts. The only trouble is that sometimes, the stuffing will come through and it gets a little annoying. I also have trouble lining up limbs so that the amigurumi stand properly. Ive made a few turtles that have one leg floating and I feel that the same problem would occur with these ponies.

The pattern for these looks daunting because it isn't so large but once you get going it is really easy to follow, they do take a while to make especially the mane and tail as in order to get them to look right they need to be perfect lengths and it is fiddly fixing them to the head and back, I also struggled a little with the eyes and found it easier to attach them prior to stuffing the head as I found it easier to sew them without having obvious stitches. I am sure that the more I make the quicker I will get.

I started out with such good intentions this morning, I really did. I was just going to look thru some allfreecrochet patterns as I sipped my morning coffee. Then I saw these little cuties. How the yarn and crochet hook ended up in my hand, I may never know. But I know my grand daughter will love both of us for it. Thank you.

how do i print this pattern?

I have made these main 6 characters plus princess celestia and apple bloom and derpy, they turn out so awesome. I'm making a second set for Christmas for my grand daughters.

My granddaughter will love this. Thank you fr posting.

These ponies are so cute!

These are adorable! I used to collect My Little Ponys when I was a teenager--I had quite a few of them--and now that I've found this pattern, I'm going to have to make a few!


This gets 5 stars just for cuteness! Can't wait to try this pattern out!


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