Wavy Shell Crochet Blanket Pattern


Wavy Shell Crochet Blanket Pattern

Use the wavy shell stitch to make a beautiful blanket that you will treasure forever.

Learn how to make your own gorgeous Wavy Shell Crochet Blanket with this free crochet blanket pattern. This is exclusively for AllFreeCrochet as it lists the pattern in its entirety along with a video to watch, so you're in luck for a unique design that can't be found elsewhere.

This wavy design shell results in a fun blanket that is ideal for anyone in your life, from babies to the elderly. If you know the standard or vintage shell stitch, then you will love this wavy shell stitch pattern that's a variation on that.

This particular design uses three colors for the distinctive appearance you see but you can choose to use as many as you'd like or a variegated yarn for more texture. It's up to your preference and skill level, though the video walks you through using three colors, making it easier to achieve.


Crochet HookK/10.5 or 6.5 mm hook

Yarn Weight(4) Medium Weight/Worsted Weight and Aran (16-20 stitches to 4 inches)

Materials List

  • K size hook, CLICK HERE to see a hook size conversion chart if needed
  • Bernat or Red Heart yarn 4 PLY worsted

Wavy Shell Stitch Pattern:


  • This tends not to shrink too much. The width that you make it is usually the size it will end up being. This pattern looks more effective using 3 colors. You can opt to do it in a solid color or 2. The example taught on this YouTube Video is 3 colors.
  • The pattern is pretty simple. It only consists of 2 lines. However, it appears harder and more complex due to the color changing. The colors are changing every line. See video how to do that. You don’t need to make knots.

  1. Line 1
    Start chaining in sets of 14 stitches. When you get to 14, start over at 1 again and chain again to 14.
    Keep doing that until you get the width you want. At the end, you will add 3 stitches.
    By doing it this way, you don’t have to count high numbers and you know your stitches will be in the right quantities to make this right.
    Turn work.

  2. Line 2
    Use the same color as Line 1.
    Now miss the first two stitches, and put 3 double crochets into the same stitch (3rd stitch away from the hook).
    Skip over 3 chains (going into 4th chain), and then single crochet into the next 7 chains.
    Skip over 3 chains, (going into 4th chain), and put 7 double crochets into the same stitch. This will cause it to fan as seen in the videos at the end of this page.
    You will keep repeating Step 2 and Step 3 until you get close to the end.
    At the end, you will put 4 double crochets into the very last stitch.
    Turn work.

  3. Line 3 
    This is always the easiest line each time you do it.
    Chain up 1.
    You will single crochet into each of the stitches along the line right to the end.
    Turn work.

  4. Line 4
    Chain up 1.
    Single crochet into each of the 1st 4 stitches.
    Skip 3 stitches, and then double crochet 7 times into the same stitch (which causes it to fan out, I called it half pinwheel in the videos).
    Skip 3 stitches, and then single crochet into the next 7 stitches.
    You will keep repeating Step 3 and Step 4, until you get close to the end.
    When you get to the final part, you will only be left with 4 stitches, you will be putting in 1 single stitch into each of the remaining 4 stitches.
    Turn work.

  5. Line 5
    Repeat Line 3.

  6. Line 6
    Chain up 3.
    Double crochet 3 times into the 1st stitch, this will create a fan or half pinwheel formation.
    Skip 3 stitches, then single crochet once into the next 7 stitches.
    Skip 3, then put 7 double crochets into the same stitch, to create a fan shape.
    Keep repeating Steps 3 and Steps 4 until you get close to the end.
    You should be left with putting 4 double crochet into the last stitch.
    Turn work.
    You will continually repeat Lines 3, 4, 5, and 6 over and over again until you get your desired length. By using 3 colors, you will make this blanket appear more complicated than it is.
    At the end, cast off as normal.

Wavy Shell Crochet Blanket Video Tutorials:

If you are a visual learner or you want to be extra sure about everything you need to do with this pattern, watch this series of video tutorials on YouTube. The first one is also right below.

Part 1: How To Crochet Wavy Shell Stitch Afghan Part 1

Part 2: How To Crochet Wavy Shell Stitch Afghan Part 2​​​​​​​

Part 3: How To Crochet Wavy Shell Stitch Afghan Part 3

What colors will you use for this blanket?

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Anybody ever figure out how to estimate yarn for this? For any size? I can adjust for a different size, but I need a starting reference.

Hi Win, for a full-sized afghan, you will probably need approximately 3000 yards of worsted weight yarn. We have a helpful guide on how to estimate how much yarn you'll need for any project here: https://www.allfreecrochet.com/Tips-for-Crochet/How-Much-Yarn-Do-I-Need. I hope this helps a bit! - Laura, editor of AllFreeCrochet

This is gorgeous and I want one in Rose, Sage and Cream! But reading through the instructions, I couldnt tell if each color was carried along the side or not. That added border can hide a multitude of sins. However, from watching the videos (highly, highly recommended), I can see that each color is cut to a specific length and then buried in the new row along with the tail for the new color.

I like the color combination of this blanket. It looks complicated to do at first glance however for veteran crocheters this is just easy. It helps a lot that the pattern is placed up front. Thanks.

my favorite pattern i have already made one. pink purple and orange

I need to know how much yarn to buy and what type of yarn that would be best. Thanks. I won't start crocheting until I have the yarn. Thanks....... Mary S.

For anyone who might like a slightly condensed version of this pattern, try this: Row 1: Chain multiples of 14 sts plus 3 sts. Turn. Row 2: 3dc in 3rd st from hook; * skip next 3 chs, sc in next 7 chs; skip next 3 chs; 7 dc in next ch, * repeat from * to * to the end of the row; 4 dc in last st. Turn. Row 3: Ch 1, sc in each st across. Turn. Row 4: Ch 1, sc in each of first 4 sts; * skip next 3 sts, dc 7 times into next st, skip next 3 sts, sc in next 7 sts *; repeat from * to * up to the last 4 sts; sc in each of the last 4 sts. Row 5: Repeat row 3. Row 6: Ch 3; 3 dc in first st, * skip next 3 sts, sc into next 7 sts, skip next 3 sts, 7 dc in next st *, repeat from * to * up to the end of the row; 4 dc in last st. Turn. Repeat rows 3 6 to desired length.

I love the ease of this pattern! I am currently working it with a variety of five blues, browns and variegated yarns. This is offering some different textures and a neat dimension! Thank you for sharing the pattern.

How much yarn?

Depends how large you want to make the afghan. :)

I bought my yarns to make this pattern but you didn't say whether to start with a darker color, light color or the contrast color. I couldn't tell by the picture of the afghan. You keep saying about the video and I can't see where you click to watch the video. Could some one tell me which color to start with?

guess what? i found the video but thanks.

I have made two of these since I first saw it on the site. Love the pattern and your instructions are wonderful. The second one I made in navy, lt blue and white. It is being donated to the Vets Hospital in Houston. I am in a group of ladies at the community center in Tomball, Texas that spends one afternoon crocheting hats, lap robes, afghans for our Service men and women. I look at all the patterns and how toos to improve my efforts. Thanks for the pattern. I am sharing it with the ladies at the center. Joyelene Partain

I am pretty new at crocheting and I am not sure how to figure out how much yarn to buy for this pattern. Can any one help me here?

I can print the pattern with no problem, but I have a Macintosh computer. Easy.

how can I print patterns?

why can't I print patterns without putting them in my account?

wavy shell video very helpful actually loved it....clears up things

I would like to make this afghan however the instructions don't specify how much yarn to purchase? Can someone advise? Thank you.

I made this afghan using only a variegated yarn and it turned out beautifully. The pattern along with the variegation in color of the yarn made it a spectacular looking afghan.

i throught i could get free patterns as they say u get nothing

Please I need to translate into spanish this pattern, thanks, Florencia.

Its wonderful, but, I need to translate it, for making it. Thanks, Florencia.

I did this in the dark and lite blue and then added that lime yellow green! Was so nice!! The patterns starts with sets of 14... keep doing sets of 14 till you get to your width.. then add 3 and start row 2.... Good luck*

how do you get the pattern to print???

If you hover your cursor above the P icon to the left of the Pin it icon, one of the options is Print.

Lovely, looks brilliant. Thank you for the great pattern, very easy to understand for a beginner like me. I've done it in different shades of purple and the effect is lovely.

i've been looking for a lovely pattern like this one... i can see it in blues and greens... look like the waves of the ocean! :D

Wish she said how many stitches to cast on and how much yarn was needed. Could anyone help me with this? Thank you

I would think the casting on would be as wide or narrow as you would want to make this afghan

The pattern above is for crochet not knitting. I'm not sure how one would convert this to knitting but if you want to crochet you would start with a chain of multiples of 14 then once desired width is attained, you will chain three more. From there you follow the stitch pattern beginning at "Line 2".

Like the fact that there is this version of the wave design is in crochet. I've first seen this design a few months ago on Heidi and Anna's Pickles website.

Could you please tell me hoe many stitches you cased on and how much yarn to use. 2 colors or 3. Thank you

I made this blanket. It can out GREAT! I lined it and monogrammed it! It is a repetative pattern and alot easier than it looks! Great free pattern!! Thank you *

You don't have to cut the yarn at each row, just turn and pick up the color that is awaiting you and make the next row. It's like braiding when you shift the skeins, but so much easier than cutting each row. When I have it the length I want it I single crochet down each side with each of the 3 colors. I have made 4 of these and they are so easy.

Can you PLEASE give me some idea of how much yarn I need to buy for size approximately 45" x 60"????

I love this and want to crochet myself! Thank you very much !

Fantastic looking pattern. Nice that you gave the stitch multiples. It saves time since different charities I crochet for have a variety of size requirements, so I rarely make an afghan the size the pattern calls for. Wonder if this would work well using a J-hook - don't much like working with the larger hooks. Will make a sample this week and if it's as easy as reading the pattern, have a huge stash of assorted blue yarns I can finally use up. Thanks for sharing this one!

me too, i'm the collection person for Warmth For All in Vancouver, WA and we do hats, etc for the At-Risk population and hand out our creations at the food banks... they want things like this, if we can on the side... but i think this is a good one for *singing* CHRISTMAS TIME!!!! loving it!

This is a wonderful pattern. I think it would look great in the colors of a sunrise or sunset, because that's what it makes me think of.


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