Sand Dollar Dream Afghan


Sand Dollar Dream Afghan

Make this Sand Dollar Dream Afghan if you're looking to brighten up your home. The beautiful star design will make you feel like you're relaxing under the evening sky or surfing the waves at the beach. This free crochet afghan pattern by Bernat is an intermediate crochet pattern to complete. Use your two favorite contrasting colors to complete this homemade blanket, or choose two colors that match your home decor. It measures approximately 44 by 54 inches when complete. Use your two favorite contrasting colors to complete this homemade blanket, or choose two colors that match your home decor. It measures approximately 44 by 54 inches when complete. Thanks to imjstagrl 6312434 for the great name suggestion! You all had amazing suggestions!


Crochet HookJ/10 or 6 mm hook

Yarn Weight(4) Medium Weight/Worsted Weight and Aran (16-20 stitches to 4 inches)


  • Bernat® Super Value (197 g/7 oz; 389 m/426 yds)
    Main Color (MC) Clay (53041) 4 balls
    Contrast A Aqua (53201) 2 balls
  • Size 6 mm (U.S. J/10) crochet hook or size needed to obtain gauge.

11 dc and 6 rows = 4" [10 cm]. Motif = 7" [18 cm] square.

Approx 44" x 54" [112 x 137 cm].

Carry color when not in use loosely across top of previous rnd and work sts around it to prevent stranding.
When joining colors, work to last 2 loops on hook of first color.
Draw new color through last 2 loops and proceed.
Ch 3 at beg of rnd counts as dc throughout.

Motif (make 42). (see diagram in materials list, page 2)
With A, ch 3. Join with sl st to first ch to form ring.
1st rnd: (RS). Ch 3. 11 dc into ring. Join MC with sl st to top of ch 3. 12 dc. Do not break A.
2nd rnd: With MC, ch 3. With A, dcfp around ch 3 from last rnd. *With MC, dc in next dc. With A, dcfp around same dc. Rep from * 10 times more. Join MC with sl st top of ch 3. 24 sts.
3rd rnd: With MC, ch 3. 1 dc in same sp as last sl st. With A, dcfp around next dcfp. *With MC, 2 dc in next dc. With A, dcfp around next dcfp. Rep from * 10 times more. Join MC with sl st to top of ch 3. 36 sts.
4th rnd: With MC, ch 3. 2 dc in next dc. With A, dcfp around next dcfp. *With MC, 1 dc in next dc. 2 dc in next dc. With A, dcfp around next dcfp. Rep from * 10 times more. Join MC with sl st to top of ch 3. 48 sts.
5th rnd: With MC, ch 3. 1 dc in next dc. 2 dc in next dc. With A, dcfp around next dcfp. *With MC, 1 dc in each of next 2 dc. 2 dc in next dc. With A, dcfp around next dcfp. Rep from * 10 times more. Join MC with sl st to top of ch 3. Break A. 60 sts.
6th rnd: With MC, ch 7 (counts as tr and ch 3). 1 tr in same sp as last sl st.
Working in back loops only, *1 dc in next dc. 1 hdc in next dc. 1 sc in each of next 10 sts. 1 hdc in next dc. 1 dc in next dc. (1 tr. Ch 3. 1 tr) in next st. Rep from * twice more. 1 dc in next dc. 1 hdc in next dc. 1 sc in each of next 10 sts. 1 hdc in next dc. 1 dc in next dc. Join with sl st to 4th ch of ch 7.
7th rnd: Ch 1. Working in both loops, 1 sc in first tr. 5 sc in next ch-3 sp. *1 sc in each of next 16 sts. 5 sc in next ch-3 sp. Rep from * twice more. 1 sc in each of next 15 sts. Join with sl st to first sc. Fasten off. 84 sc.

Sew Motifs tog into 6 Strips, 7 Motifs long. Sew Strips tog.

With RS facing, join MC with sl st in back loop only to top left corner sc.
1st rnd: Ch 1. Working in back loops only, 3 sc in same sp as last sl st. Work 154 sc evenly down side of Blanket. 3 sc in corner sc. Work 132 sc evenly across bottom of Blanket. 3 sc in corner sc. Work 154 sc evenly up side of Blanket. 3 sc in corner sc. Work 132 sc evenly across top of Blanket. Join with sl st to first sc. 584 sc.
2nd to 4th rnds: Ch 1. Working in back loops only, 1 sc in each sc around, working 3 sc in each corner sc. Join with sl st to first sc. Join A at end of 4th rnd.
5th rnd: With A, ch 1. Working from left to right instead of right to left as usual, work 1 reverse sc in each sc around. Join with sl st to first sc.
Fasten off.
Visit Bernat's company profile here for more great crochet patterns.

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Wow. These look like starfish sewn together. I like the combination they used here - gray and medium blue. I can also change the combination if I want to.

Very pretty and very appropriate for me since I live in Florida. I have found many sand dollars on the west coast shores. I have a few in a glass shadow box that I think would look great with a piece of this in the background of that box. You have inspired me yet again!

Here is another crochet pattern that is worked in motifs. I may take some time to get them all made but the option is you can carry this one along with you and whenever you have a few spare moments you can work on it. The design shows as intermediate but with patience, anyone can work up this motif. Happy crocheting.

Wow! Almost 500 comments on this pattern. It is beautiful and I took the time to read some of the posts. I know if anyone elects to make this they will be happy with the finished project. It is striking to look at.

For some reason, the project photo didnt appear at the top of this page and I was stuck with the tiny thumbnail near the comment section. But if you look closely in the Materials list, theres a hot link to something called a Diagram. Do click on it, because it actually leads to a .pdf of the entire pattern, not just a single chart. So glad I did this because I would have abandoned this project entirely.

Can you help with row 2 and 3. Maybe photo's

I love the color scheme for this afghan. I can even see it taking on fantastical colors or even making each one different. I was glad to see that it had already been made as it always helps to know. I also like the fact that each motif is made in the round, as a lot of the work I do is in the round so it will feel comfortable.

Stunning afghan. I just finished using Caron One Pound in off white with the star done in aqua. About to start another for myself. While this is not a quick project, it's great to do while watching TV or traveling in car.

Can you please send met a photo of round 2 taken from the top. I can't figure it out and would like to make it. Maybe you have more pictures.

Very colorful sand dollars that accent this afghan and brighten it up. Love the way the color contrasts and stands out so much from the base of the afghan. It does remind me instantly of being in the sand on the beach looking for sea shells. Add a couple of matching pillows and you are ready for a day of sun worshipping and listening to the waves

Such a beautiful afghan! I love the colours although I will have to use a slightly lighter main colour to fit in with our existing family room colours. It seems we can never have enough afghans to snuggle under on cooler nights the children even argue over their favorites. Ive done a small test square and the pattern seems detailed and relatively easy so Ill be starting soon!

This is a unique design with the star in the center extending its rays out. It helps that the pattern is right on the front page.

I have started this but I need help. I don't understand ho w to begin round 2

I don't understand it either. Have you figured it out yet?

Sorry, but this isn't a Sand Dollar. Any of the other names suggested would have been more descriptive.

I agree. It look more like a spider web to me.

I just noticed that you guys used my suggestion for the name! Yippee!! :-)

Sand Dollar Dream

Good name. I see the sand dollar where the motifs meet at the corners.

Bright Starburst

sand and stars


Fireworks at Dusk

Bermuda Blue

Pinwheels of Light

spring stars

Wheels. Sky Wheels for this color combination.


Spiders on the go Granny

Wagon wheel granny

A Star is Born!

starlight starbright

Seafoam Splash


Starry Night

Snowflakes galore

Bermuda Blue

Carribbean Ice

Starlight on Snow

sand dollars or beach sand dollars

Snowflake Parade


Aqua Starburst in the Sand

Blue spider mum.

stars under the evening sky....that would b my name for the afghan


Aqua Stars

Neon Sand Dollar

Wagon Wheel

Snowflake Heaven!

Night Sky!!

Ocean Captain's Wheel

Blue Snowflake Afghan

Azure Starfire

I would call Morning Star!

SeaSide is my choice

Starburst snowflake

Iced Teal

Thanks for the giveaway. Charlottes web is the name I would use.

Star twists

Icicle Burst

Bursting Stars

Twilight Stars

Star light, Star bright

Starfish in the sand

Rock-star Afghan

Blissful Sandy Starfish

Starry Eyes


Or Sea Urchin

Star Lite

'Indian Ocean' The colour of the water is of that blue in some places.


Great Barrier Reef

star angels

Aqua Starfish on the Sand

Spring sky afghan

Fluttering snowflakes

Shooting Stars

StarBurst Dreams

Sliver Star

Spiderwebs in the Sand

Star Shine


Snowy star

starfish and sand dollars

Blue star fire


Stormy sea

beach house blanket

Caribbean Starburst! That is a pretty afghan!

Aqua Starry Night

starry night

Native Sunlight


Winter Starburst

I think Starburst would be a good name

Blue snowflake

Snowflakes Over Manhattan


Sea Blue Urchins

Heavenly Starburst

Mystical Sandollar

Snowflake Bursts

starry spokes

Star light love

I think the name should be Winter's Kiss :)

Heavenly Starburst

Sandy Starburst


Star Fish on the Beach

Winter's Kiss

Sea Star

Star Fall!

sky of evening stars

Forget me not

Sea anemone

Blue Starburst

warm star delight

Aqua pinwheels.

dew drop

Firework Explosion

Sea anemone

Blue spider!

Snowflake Afghan

Evening Stars

Snow Daze


Retro Stars in the Window

Spider blue

Aqua Splash

Sea Glass on Sand

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star


Stars at twilight

Evening Stars

Star fish in the sand

Sand dollars

Aqua bursts

Winter Crystal Snowflakes

Beach stars


spinning wheel

Orion Beach


Arizona Sun

Twinkle, Twinkle All the Stars or just "The All Stars" afghan

Starry Blue Twinkle

Winter Twinkle

Stars in the Sand

Stars At Night!

Stars At Night!

Web Blues

Fireworks on the Sand

Wheels of Fortune

Starry Night

'Pinocchio Dreams' the stars represent wishes and are blue for the fairy.

Evening stars

Fireworks on the Sand

I would call it Sand Star....because it looks like a star laying on sand.

Starburst Wheel Afghan

Granny's Starburst

I think Starship Enterprise would be a good name for this afghan.

It looks like start coming out from behind stormy clouds, so my name for it is something like Stars Over Clouds

Star Bursts

I think it looks like a sand dollar

Sandy Swirling Star Sparks

Star Dusk

The Ferris Wheel

Nautical Star

Starry Night (with thanks to Van Gogh).

Surf Side

The motiffs remind me of wagon wheels. So, my name choice is: Spoken Fer

I think this afghan looks like it should be called Sea Stars.

I love it but would Call it "Davids Night Star" looks like the start stand out against a sand background like a dark night in the desert :)

I think this afghan should be called Starfish Fantasy

Porcelain Stars by the Sea

Morning star afghan :D

Bali Beach

Sand Dollars on the Beach

Star-Bursts in the Sand

Star Light

Winter Sky

Azure Stars

Frosty granny squares...or the snowflake afghan. Oh, Starburst!

Love the pattern how about ELEVENTH HOUR for a pattern name?

i think...A Mermaids Eyes is apt.x

Stormy starburst.

Sand Dollar Afghan


morning stars

webs & lace

Tingling Web

I'd name it Sand Stars.

Twilight starlight

Star Opening

I think it looks like Spokes On a Wheel

Star of Serenity

Blue Sunbursts

I think this afghan should be named Starfish Fantasy.

Sand Dollars By The Sea

Beautiful Starbursts

"Blue Crystals in a Stormy Sea" Afghan

Sea shells in the sand

Twinkle, Twinkle!!

Sand Dollar Sensation

Sea Stars by the Seashore

I love the design. I think I would use a silver glitter yarn in the center of the design, with a soft silver or charcoal for the outer part. I like the turquoise contrast as well.

Blue Star Afghan

blue breeze

Sand dollar

Sand & Tide-Pools

Ocean Sunburst

cloudy day

Doesn't it already have a name from Bernat? If you click on the green word "Diagram" in Materials, it takes you to the pattern by Bernat, called Starburst.

If Bernat Has this pattern and it already has a name, Why are we renaming it?

I would name it, "A Long Voyage Home"

I would name it..."Blue Eyed Stars"

The Gray Ocean Star Afghan would be a good name.

I think you should name it The Shining Star Afgan

I would name it starburst sea star

Burst of Mum would be the name I would give this one!! Lovely!!

Make a Wish... Everyone needs something to bring them hope.

Aqua Fireworks!

Winter Night Snow Fall would be the name I would suggest as it looks as peaceful and cozy as the name.



Ocean's SandDollar

If I could name this afghan it would be called "Stars for Renee." My dearest friend lost her battle with ovarian cancer just this morning and teal is the color for the ovarian cancer awareness ribbon. The stars on this afghan are teal. Renee would be honored to have an afghan pattern named in her honor. She loved to knit and crochet. Just two weeks ago she gave my granddaughter a lovingly knit blanket...She was an amazing woman.

Wish upon a star! I could see being curled up on a porch or in the backyard with my future kids under this blanket star gazing


starfish this would be cute for a boys room

gorgeous afghan reminds me of the sea : SOLITUDE IN BLUE



The Farris Wheel!

Starry cobwebs

My first thought with the colors was that it reminded me of Star Wars- so, Star2Dee2! KIdding on that one... how about Stars & Planets?

Twinkle Star for No Name Afghan

Lost snowflakes

Rolling Along

Ocean in the desert

Name suggestion: Sanibel Sand and Stars

Aurora Burst

Name it Indian Stars


"DreamCatchers in the Sand! "

Starburst Nova

starry night

Starlite Star Bright

It reminds me of a sand dollar. 'Sand Dollar'

stars on the sand




Starry Night Throw

Out of the Fog

Starburst Throw

Stars of Wonder !

Ocean Breeze

Beach Blanket

Cosmic Starburst Afghan

Seaside snowflakes

I think it should be named Sand-Dollars on the Beach


Starfish on the beach

blue lagoon

blue star of hope


Starlight Starbright

Hello Starshine

Star bursts and sand

Dream Catchers

Winters Stars

Sand & Blue seas

Moonlight Sea Star


Star Gazers



Snowy Sky or Sky of Wonder

Misty Morning

"The Traveler"

Looks like a Blue Spider



Star of Wonder

Spokes of Life!

Spirograph Blue

Arctic Snowflake............

Evening Starburst

Spider Stars

Life's Spokes


Sea Star

Sand dollars by the sea

aqua stars in the sand

urchins of the sea

Starlight Sand Dollar. Love the color combination!

Ocean Bursts

The Sand Dollar

Summers night dream!

Telling tales, spinning yarns


Snowflakes at Dusk

Arctic Burst Afghan

Van Gogh Nights

I would name this lovely afghan Starshine.

Bohemian Rhapsody

morining rays

I would name it, STARCLE, after all it is a squircle with a star!

Star Gazer

Sand Star

Clouds and Stars

Spring Solstice

Sand and Surf Afghan

Ocean Starburst! Beautiful colours!

Evening Star

Crystal Starburst

I think it should be called "Star Burst"

Star light, star bright keep me warm and safe tonight

Star Bright

Starry Night

Misty Blues

snowflake s all over afghan

Blue Stars From Heaven

Burst of Stars

Northern Lights

Aqua Burst

Glacier snow flake....because it looks like the blue green Glacier's in Alaska

Star Gazer

Stars of Tranquility

Aqua Star Shine


Ice crystals

Country Wagon Wheel

Winter's Magic!

I like Sea Crystals

winter snowflakea


when i frist saw it i thought " The North Star" ..the coolness of the aqua and the grey of nite ..beautiful ..cant wait to make it

Night Stars

Night Stars

This reminds me of the atomic print from the 50's...absolutely beautiful!!!! so my name would be "Atomic Afghan"

Northern Lights

arctic wonder

A Day At the Seashore

Spring cart-wheels

Night stars

Marine Star

Blue Sand dollars

"Heavenly Sea" afghan.

Wheels & Spokes

Starburst Afghan

Arizona Turquoise

"Blue Winter" was what came to mind when I first looked at it

Stars at Dusk Afghan


Light blue galaxy star on seabed .

wagon wheels in the sky

Starfish on the beach

I like the name Starburst best.

Electric Blue

Sea Anemone

Covered in Star Dust

ocean blue

Crystal Blue Snowflake Afghan

How about The Starbella Afghan.


Power Star

The Icy Web

Bernat says it's the Starburst Blanket.

As soon as I saw it it reminded me of Snowflakes on a Cloudy Day! It is beautiful! :)

Southwestern Crystals

Star Light, Star Bright

Starfish on Sand


Bright Blue Morningstar Afgan

Bright Blue Morningstar Afgan

Sand Dollar Fantasy

Wheel in the Sky. I see from following the diagram link it already has a name from Bernat...???


sea star bliss

Blue star granny

Sand and Water......

peaceful slumber

Raindrops on the Beach; or Stars in the Sand...gorgeous pattern!! Can't wait to try it :)

Starburst or Fireworks

Tranquil Mist

Celestial Garden

Seashells by the Seashore

Starry squares forever

Starligh,t starbright afghan is my suggestion.

Lightening Cloud

Celestial Cerulean

Aqua burst

Starfish wheel

Winter Snow Flakes

coral burst ...

Beach stars - I was reminded of star fish on the beach as soon as I saw it.

Not sure my idea posted, but trying again: Wheels of Hope.

Starry Night's Warmth

spider wheels

Star Bright


The first thing I thought of was Snowflake Squared.

Burst of Blue

Evening Stars


Sand Dollar

Cloudy day or Rainy day - the first thing I thought of when I saw that was that it would be nice to curl up with the blanket on a cloudy/rainy day

wheels of fortune

Heavenly Stars Above!

starry night


spider wheels

Blue Spider Mums

Burst of Tiffany

Charlotte's Web - because they look like beautiful blue spiderwebs.

Sapphire Starburst

Sapphire Starburst

Wheels of love

Call it "Blue Linckia" (looks like the real Blue Linckia Starfish)

Stars in the Sand

Snowflake on Latte

Star Fish on the sand.

sand dollar

Spinning wheels

I'd name it First Snowfall. The blue snow on the beige background looks like the first snowflakes on the bare ground.

webbed beauty


I think a great name for this beautiful blanket should be "Starry Night".

Evening Winter Wonderland

Kenai Sky. (When we were visiting the Kenai Peninsula, Alaska, the sky was that color of aquamarine in parts and cloudy in others.)


Soft StarBurst

Wheels in the Sky

Night Star

Heavenly Snowflakes

starie night

By the Sea!!!



Wheels of Hope

April showers brings May flowers or just April showers

Blue Burst or Blue Urchin or Blue Cosmic or Sparkling Blue ;-)

String Theory!

Snowflakes in the Sand

Falling Snowflakes

Beach Treasures

North Star <3

snowflakes falling on a gray day

A Day at the Beach. PS. it's a gorgeous pattern :)

Winter Snowflake Afghan

Sand dollar beauty.

Snow Flower

snow dreams

Sea & Sand

Snowflake Heaven

Time and Space

starfish afghan, because it looks like starfish


Spring Stars Afghan

Dream weaver

Sea Urchin

Ice crystals

Gray snow day in South Dakota

Starburst Afghan

Stars In The Sky, Starry Starry Night, Stars By The Sea are my suggestions! (Y)

I would name this afghan "Star Light, Star Bright".

Star Burst Constellation

Cotton Candy

This should be called bicycle spoke afghan

Sand and Sea

galaxy stars

sand and sea

Starlight, Starbright

Stormy Skies

Sea Stars

Wagons Ho Afghan

Star Burst Constellation


Star dusk

Sand and stars

Starburst or Snowflake.

stars of joy

Sparkling Gems or Fireworks

Sanddollars on the Beach

Blue Stars Ahead

Star Light, Star Bright

Spiny Stars. :)

"Stars In The Sand"

starry sky afghan

Webs & Stars!

Springtime Stars

The Wagon Wheel Afghan.

starburst afghan...yea, i think it fits!

Winters Starburst

Blue Starfish would be a great name for this afghan!


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