One Ball Mini Throw

One Ball Mini Throw
One Ball Mini Throw

If you have one ball of extra yarn lying around your house (and who doesn't?!), then you can make this One Ball Mini Throw. It's a quick and easy crochet afghan pattern that you can make in just an evening using Red Heart Comfy Chunky yarn. Depending on the color yarn you select, this crocheted afghan can be made for a boy or a girl. It could even be made for a newborn baby if you are looking for a sentimental homemade gift idea for an upcoming baby shower.


Crochet HookL/11 or 8 mm hook

Yarn Weight(5) Bulky/Chunky (12-15 stitches for 4 inches)

Crochet Gauge2 repeats = 9” (23 cm); 6 rows = 5 1/4” (14 cm) in pattern. CHECK YOUR TENSION. Use any size hook to obtain the tension.

Finished Size30” x 30” (76cm x 76cm). For Larger Afghan (39“ X 45”) purchase 2 balls of yarn and chain 108.

Materials List

  • RED HEART® “Comfort® Chunky”: Art N405, 1 - 360g ball solid colour
  • Crochet Hook: 8.00 mm (US L-11)
  • Yarn sewing needle.


  1. Ch 82.

  2. Row 1 (Wrong Side): Sc in 2nd ch from hook and in next 2 ch, * ch 3, skip next 3 ch, sc in next ch, ch 3, skip next 2 ch, sc in next ch, ch 3, skip next 3 ch, sc in next 3 ch; rep from * across; turn.

  3. Row 2 (Right Side): Ch 4, skip first sc, 3 tr in next sc, skip next ch-3 sp; (2trcl, ch 3, 2trcl, ch 3, 2trcl) all in next ch-3 sp - tr shell made; skip next ch-3 sp, *skip next sc, 5 tr in next sc, skip sc and ch-3 sp, tr shell in next ch-3 sp; rep from * to last 3 sc; skip next sc, 3 tr in next sc, tr in last sc; turn

  4. Row 3: Ch 1, sc in next 3 tr, * skip next tr, [ch 3, sc in next ch-3 sp] twice, ch 3, skip next tr, sc in next 3 tr, rep from * across working last sc in top of ch-4; turn.

  5. Rep Rows 2 and 3 14 more times, then rep Row 2 once more.

  6. Last Row: Ch 1, sc in first 3 tr, * skip next tr, ch 3, sc in next ch-3 sp, ch 2, sc in next ch-3 sp, ch 3, skip next tr, sc in next 3 tr; rep from * across working last sc in top of ch-4; turn. Do not fasten off but work Edging as follows:

  7. Edging-Rnd 1: Ch 1, * (sc, ch 1, sc) all in first sc, sc in next 2 sc, ** 2 sc in ch-3 sp, sc in next sc, sc in ch-2 sp, sc in next sc, 2 sc in ch-3 sp ***, sc in next 3 sc; rep from ** to last 3 sc, end at ***; sc in next 2 sc, (sc, ch 1, sc) all in last sc; turn to work down side edge; **** work 3 sc over tr at edge, sc in st at end of next row; rep from **** to next corner st; turn to work across bottom edge; work in same manner across bottom and then next side edge; join with a sl st in first sc


* [yo] twice, draw up a loop in st, [yo and draw through 2 loops on hook] twice; rep from * once more; yo and draw through all 3 loops on hook.

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is there a tutorial for row 2 on this pattern.

This One Ball Mini Throw looks lovely. Even if it's in brown which is supposed to be an adult color, it's elegant. I want to do this in earth or vibrant solid color.

I really like the idea of having a simple pattern like this to use when I need a quick gift. Personally I would do the two skein project to make a larger blanket for an adult or child. It's nice to have something cozy to wrap up in no matter the age. Don't you think this would make a nice get well or happy birthday blanket combined with a nice book or snack? I'd love to get something like that.

It is hard to believe that is is made from a single ball of yarn. I can absolutely get on board with that. For those of you that crochet baby blankets and donate them to the local charities or hospitals, this is a great pattern to use. Even though the weave is a little "open" it will surly keep that little bundle of joy warm.

I adore finding quick patterns like this that use little material to complete. The local craft stores will have sales during the year and this type of project is a great one to stock up on material so that you are never lacking in a project. New babies are always gracing our community and I love to give each of them a new home made blanket.

This is such a dainty throw that I decided to buy some new yarn just for this project. A Google search led me to the original posting at Red Heart where I was delighted to find that I could download the entire pattern. There arent any other photos, and with the dark yarn its hard to see the texture. The sample I worked up in regular worsted came out very nice, and Im looking forward to working it up in recommended yarn.

I am having trouble with the 4th row. Either she is now calling the 2trcl a "treble", or I just don't have my trebles in the right places. ??? Or, did she skip a row. Has anyone else had a problem with row 4?

The pattern is lovely as well as easy to follow. The smaller 30x 30 size is perfect to carry in the car for a quick cover or for a child in a car seat. I'm using a larger hook and double strands of yarn, so it will finish a bit larger than the pattern denotes.

Wow. You can make that with only one ball of yarn? It looks like it would take so much more. The stitches all look pretty standard in the instructions except for the 2trcl. It looks like two triple crochets are combined to make this stitch. The instructions are very clear so there should be no issues.

What a lovely pattern and throws are such a good way to lift the look of any room. The drab color shown does not suit this throw at all in my opinion, I feel a soft color would show the design beautifully but, that aside, it is going to be a lovely addition to the sofa in our family room. Having made a small practice piece I can say that the pattern really is Easy and at just one ball it is also very economical to make.

Can anyone upload a close-up of what the pattern looks like, please? I have not croxheted for 30 years and picked this pattern because it said it was easy. However, like some others i am struggling and when i think i may have it right, i am ot sure that it is

I had no problem with it at all. But I have been crocheting for 50 years. But I had to make some changes. I went with a lot less bulky/thick yarn. We live in Florida and that was way too heavy. Secondly I changed to a pastel blue because it's for my six month old grandson. Now it's perfect.

How cute is this "One Ball Mini Throw"?! Again, for a pattern like this there is no wrong color. If you don't like brown or shades of brown, then wouldn't it be beautiful in a shade of blue or teal? Think of pinks for that new baby girl in the family. Red Heart has some luscious yarns out there!

I could not follow this pattern at all. I spent way too much time trying to figure out what I was doing wrong, when in reality I think it's just the pattern that needs to be either deleted or completely re-worked.

I've always liked brown and this one is the shade of brown that I really like. This One Ball Mini Throw seems like an easy and fast project which can be a perfect gift to mom or mom in-law. I always get excited when I see the free pattern featured in the front page. Thanks for your generosity.

I like the color of this throw. Appropriate for the warmer months because it does not look very compact. I want to make this throw if only for the color. LOL Thanks for the pattern which is just right on the front page.

Sorry to say, but this is a difficult pattern to follow. Couldn't get through it even with the Feb 16, 2016 update.

Although this seems it should be a fairly straight forward pattern, I found it to be terribly confusing. I'm glad to know I'm not the only one!

Thanks for letting everyone know this pattern is still difficult to complete even after the update, I was thinking about working on this pattern as a gift for my toddler daughter, thought it would be the perfect size being a "mini" throw. But after reading all the negative comments about this pattern, I'm thinking I'll search for another project!

I will be making this for one of my grand daughters.

Tried, failed, wish you had a how-to video for this.

Reading the pattern I dont know what a trcl is. Also tremble what stitch is this. Thank you.

I'm glad to see there was a correction but where I keep getting off is on Row 3. It says to sc in next 3 trc, sk next trc,(but there are 2 trc that it skips). Ive reworked this line twice to make sure its not just me....

Hi everyone, Thanks for letting us know about your experience with this pattern. We've updated the pattern on our site with the corrections from Red Heart. Thanks! -editors of AllFreeCrochet

It seems that a year later people are still trying to figure out this pattern. Is there any hope for it? It's very pretty and I would like to make it. However, it seems that you have an epic fail here.

I understand what "tr" is, I do not know how to make it, can you help me please?

Reading the pattern I dont know what trcl is. Also tremble stich can you help?

Here's the corrected pattern at the website for Red Heart: == ern-correction-one-ball-mini-throw I'm looking forward to making this!

I too have tried several times to make it work unsuccessfuly. It is so pretty and just right for our nursing home ministry at church. Please take a look and see if perhaps there is a typo. Thank you for posting it.

I cannot find Red Heart Comfort Chunky yarn. Is there a substitute? Red Heart says you can find it in retailers in Canada or online. I am in USA.

Go to Walmart. I there is a chunky yarn sold at the one near me that works up really nice. It is called Hometown USA by Lion Brand Yarn

I have tried to start this several times yesterday and can't seem to get it going right. Not sure if count is wrong or is it me. Think it is a beautiful pattern but it's not making sense to me. Going to try again

One Ball Mimi throw: Do not fasten off but work......., work what? Sentence isn't finished. Is 2trcl, two triple crochet cluster?

Here's the link to the corrected PDF of the pattern on Red Heart's website: It's supposed to say "work the edging as follows" but their formatting was off kilter I guess.

Can someone please tell me what "2trcl" means in these instructions? Thanks.

directions for 2trcl hope this helps!

I would think 2 treble crochet.

It's listed above under "Special Abbreviation"

Read the special abbreviations section. It will give you the instructions for this stitch.


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