Back to School

Get excited about back to school season with these handy crochet patterns for school and work. Use free crochet patterns to make some fun back to school crafts including crochet bags and backpacks, crochet baskets and dorm organizers, crochet pencil cases, and more!

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Crochet Backpack Pattern

Crochet Backpack Pattern is a great way to start preparing for that back… More

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Moss Stitch Bookmark

I hear a lot that people are looking for quick, easy projects to teach… More

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Crochet Kangaroo | Kangaroo Pencil Holder

Fun and unique way for storing your pens, pencils, crochet hooks or..… More

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Easy Tunisian Drawstring Backpack

I made this Tunisian Crochet Backpack for my son when he was going back to… More

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Apple Cozy

"Looking for a great way to take an apple with you? This pattern is great… More

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Slushee Cup Crochet Drawstring Bag

In school, being an individual is important. While you are surrounded by… More

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Highbury Crochet Pen Holder

Add a touch of crochet to your desk OR to your favorite teacher's desk.… More

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Hopscotch Keychain

The Hopscotch Keychain is an advanced crochet pattern that uses very… More

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Crochet Pencil Holder Cover Pattern

Here's a great gift idea for a teacher or to make for a child's desk. This… More

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Apple Keychain

Learn how to crochet a very quick and easy apple keychain. This crochet… More

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Construction Sun Hat

"Go play outside and stay cool in this fun Construction theme sun hat made… More

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Little Apple Amigurumi

"This is a simple little apple that is very easy quick to work up. You… More

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Shark Attack Pencil Case

Send your kids back to school with the coolest pencil case ever. The Shark… More

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Crochet Pencil Case

Looking for a great back to school project? Or a teachers gift? Look no… More

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Dancing Pencils Cup

"I know some people are probably not SUPER excited to start thinking about… More

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