Sapphire Satin Sparkle Shawl


Sapphire Satin Sparkle Shawl

Sapphire Satin Sparkle Shawl
Sapphire Satin Sparkle Shawl

You need to add this Sapphire Satin Sparkle Shawl to your list of items to crochet. Not only is it a beautiful crochet shawl pattern, but it's an easy one too. The cluster stitch is worked in rows making this a great design to flaunt in. This beautiful shawl would make a great addition to any fashionista's wardrobe. The subtle sparkle makes it the perfect item to wear during the holiday season.


Crochet HookI/9 or 5.5 mm hook

Yarn Weight(4) Medium Weight/Worsted Weight and Aran (16-20 stitches to 4 inches)

Crochet Gauge12 sc and 13 rows = 4 ins [10 cm].

Finished SizeApprox 61 ins [155 cm] wide x 31 ins [78.5 cm] deep.

Materials List

  • Bernat® Satin Sparkle (80 g/2.8 oz; 146 m/160 yds 53110 (Sapphire) 6 balls
  • Size 5.5 mm (U.S. I or 9) crochet hook or size needed to obtain gauge.


  1. Beg at point, ch 5.

  2. 1st row: (RS). (Yoh and draw up a loop. Yoh and draw through 2 loops on hook) 3 times in 5th ch from hook. Yoh and draw through all loops on hook – cluster made. Ch 2. 1 dc in same ch. Turn.

  3. 2nd row: Ch 4. Cluster in first ch-2 sp. Ch 1. (1 sc. Ch 3. Cluster. Ch 2. 1 dc) in turning ch sp. Turn.

  4. 3rd row: Ch 4. Cluster in first ch-2 sp. Ch 1. (1 sc. Ch 3. Cluster) in next ch-3 sp. Ch 1. (1 sc. Ch 3. Cluster. Ch 2. 1 dc) in turning ch sp. Turn. 3 clusters.

  5. 4th row: Ch 4. Cluster in first ch-2 sp. Ch 1. *(1 sc. Ch 3. Cluster) in next ch-3 sp. Ch 1. Rep from * to last turning ch sp. (1 sc. Ch 3. Cluster. Ch 2. 1 dc) in turning ch sp. Turn.

  6. Rep last row until there are 61 clusters in row. Fasten off.

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Love love LOVE THIS!! Who would not want this gorgeous Sapphire Satin Sparkle Shawl in their wardrobe? Well, perhaps not the man of this house but you know what I mean. I already have similar yarn but it's a little thinner so I'll be using a 4,5mm hook instead of the 5,5mm recommended above. I have done a sample piece which is beautiful so excuse me please - I have a shawl to crochet!

Wow, what a beautiful Sapphire Satin Sparkle Shawl, I just love the look of it. After reading the written pattern right here on this page, I see it's a corner to corner type shawl. I like that you just start with one cluster and turn your work and make more clusters. How easy is that? If you stop and do the step by step directions, it works out great! I can't wait to go buy the yarn called for in this pattern but my plain scrap yarn sample looks so nice. Looking forward to having this shawl in my collection. Thank you for sharing this free crochet shawl pattern.

What a beautiful shade of blue. I love the simplicity of this project. The color used could go with practically anything in your wardrobe. If you are more interested in more color you could certainly make a change in the yarn you purchase but with the ease of this pattern there will only be one good outcome, a great new piece to wear.

Now this is the kind of project I can really get in to. Only four rows that repeat! I love it. I am even fond of the Bernat Satin Sparkle used to make this shawl. I am getting to be know as the shawl lady in the neighborhood I live it. When I walk my dogs, I am never without some type of shawl when there is a chill in the air. Even the the months warm up I have a lightweight shawl/scarf on. I just love to accessorize.

The Sapphire Satin Sparkle shawl is a beautiful shawl, but it is an easy one to make. It is a great design to add to your wardrobe to add a little sparkle especially if you use the sparkle yarn. Bernat Satin Sparkle is a luxury worsted weight acrylic yarn with a satiny soft finish and creates a defined stitch when knit or crocheted.

Shawls are on trend right now. However, they are usually called a blanket scarf or a blanket shawl because they can be very large. They are supposed to be large to wrap around you and to drape elegantly. I believe this yarn serves this pattern well! I also love me some navy sparkle! I would even continue my rows to increase the size.

I've said time and again that I've always like dark, midnight, navy blues. I somehow get excited when I see blue crochet projects. This Sapphire Satin Sparkle Shawl is one of them. There's something in the blue color that excites me and tells me not to stop until I get to see the pattern. I have finished making an infinity scarf with the stitch used here so it should not be a problem in case I decide to make this shawl. So lovely!

This one is a winner! It has so much texture I just want to reach out and touch it! You can dress this one up and wear it with your LBD or dress it down and wear it with nice jeans. The only thing slowing me down on this one is I'll get to enjoy learning the shell stitch along the way. It'll be a new one for my stitch repertoire!

oops but it's not the shell stitch after's the cluster stitch

See all the negative comments and comments from people stating that this pattern isnt working out for them. Not sure why everyone is having such a difficult time with it. I worked some of this pattern and slowly read the directions step by step as I did it and had no issues with it.

Just love this shawl! I saw the comments so I did a test piece before starting to make it for real and am happy to report I do not have any problem at all with the pattern. It often helps me, before I start, to check that I understand the whole pattern clearly and if I have any doubts at all I crochet a test piece to work it out, then unpick that and start the project. So now I am off to start my sparkly shawl, lol!

I am sorry to see so many negative comments about this piece. It looks like a lovely piece but I am wondering why no one especially the originator has responded. It looks lovely but I do not think that I will even try the pattern because of the negative comments.

Hi Stephanie, This pattern is a company pattern from Bernat, and they have given us permission to post it here, in full. I've double checked this pattern text with what is available on their website and it matches exactly. If you have any questions, I would suggest you contact their customer service for any help! :) Thanks, Julia, editor for AllFreeCrochet

I wish I could understand the pattern, or better yet, a video of how to make it as someone else suggested.

Lovely pattern, and easy to follow so I was surprised by the many negative comments (unless corrections have been made recently). It is written slightly differently to many patterns in that you have to read all the way through each row before you start the row. And begin at point just means that the piece is made starting at the point of the triangular shaped shawl. Hurray for that. No chain 456 to start! I hate those.

I cannot figure out this pattern and have seen lots of negative comments about it. I would love to make it but definitely need a tutorial video.

I've been crocheting for years and this pattern is bar none the worst. The thing I don't understand is why hasn't it been corrected after so many people have complained. I'm going to try and piece together what on earth they are talking about but the normal wording for a pattern is not in use on this patterrn. It looks like a very nice shawl and I ordered the yarn and was ready to go and spending way too much time trying to figure out what they are talking about.

Pattern is Sapphire Satin Sparkle Shawl--I dont understand the abbreviations in this pattern. YOH is yarn over hook? But at beginning of row 1 there is (RS)not sure about it. Then in row 2...after cluster what does 2sp mean? Also is what is described in ( )in row1 a double crochet?

Need help starting it. Is there someone to help me with shawl pattern?

Have you tried this craft? What did you think?

Beg at point, ch 5. 1st row (RS). (Yoh and draw up a loop. Yoh and draw through 2 loops on hook) This first row makes no sense to me.

I don't understand the end of the first row of the directions. Ch 2. 1 dc in same ch. Turn. I am reading this as chain two and double crochet in the same chain. This does not look right when I complete it this way. May I have clarification?

I am stuck. I have been trying to figure it out the whole day. Is there a video tutorial somewhere for this. Thanks

Pattern reads---1st row: (RS). What isw RS?

Right Side

It means right side but I don't see why it matters since the thing is turned and worked back and forth so both sides would look the same. . . .

RS usually means right side, so you may want to mark that side with a stitch marker or a little piece of a different color yarn because the pattern will refer to it later.

rookieblue, your question...means "begin at point" i.e. at the bottom of the V, which is the shape of the shawl.

the terms are a little comfusing but I figgured: beg at point means you start at the point of the shawl, you just ignore and chain 5 for beginning. then you make a three double crochet cluster in the fifth chain from hook which is actualy the first chain. hope this helps!

the terms are a little comfusing but I figgured: beg at point means you start at the point of the shawl, you just ignore and chain 5 for beginning. then you make a three double crochet cluster in the fifth chain from hook which is actualy the first chain. hope this helps!

I'm assuming Yoh means yarn over. So if you yarn over and draw up a loop you have two loops on hook, then you yarn over and draw through the two loops. So how do you have any loops on the hook after doing this 3 times??

The "yarn over" is like starting a double crochet, so when you draw up a loop, you'll have 3 loops. Then when you draw through 2 you'll be left with 2 loops on the hook. So after you've done this three times there are 5 loops to go through.

I've been crocheting since I was a child, but I don't understand the "begin at point" and how to make the cluster. I'm looking for a pattern for a prayer shawl, and I really love this one.

what does "beg at point" mean?

How do I print out this pattern?

I can't wait to get started on it! It's been a number of years since I've crocheted anything, so I hope by starting off with this beautiful yet simple shawl I can get back in the groove!ha!ha!

When I log in and try to save a pattern it only shows remove pattern. Do I have too many patters saved?

Hi Poppie Sam, Underneath the title of every project there should be an option to save a pattern. If you go to My Crochet Patterns, you'll find that you can only remove patterns. Thanks!

This ends up a triangular shape, right? It's not clear from the picture.

I think this pattern needs to be simplified. It says ch 3 and cluster. In which st do you cluster since this pattern goes forward and then backward. I'm new at reading patterns but this is the first easy pattern i've tried and not been able to understand.

@kellyjunee 0043507, I'm sorry to hear of your trouble. I have two options for you: 1. You can contact the pattern designer directly for help. The designer is specified in the byline. 2. I might also suggest that you try posting your question to our sites Facebook page. It is monitored by the editor and is a great resource for helpful tips and suggestions from our Facebook friends; perhaps they can offer some guidance! Here is the link: --editors of AllFreeCrochet

Yes... what DOES "yoh" mean? Thank you.

Yoh just means "yarn over"

What does yoh mean?

HI, Doctorannette, YOH simply means 'yarn over hook'. Hope this helps!! Happy Crocheting!

There are so many different types of "clusters". It would have helped tremendously if the designer had told us how to do the specific "cluster" she had in mind.

the designer did write how to do the cluster. In the beginning of the instructions, the direction YOH, and making a loop, etc. 5 times in the same stitch makes the cluster. Least this is what I believe. once I try it, I will find out myself for sure. why not give it a try and see if you do get a cluster?

(Yoh and draw up a loop. Yoh and draw through 2 loops on hook) 3 times in 5th ch from hook. Yoh and draw through all loops on hook cluster made. That is what is written in the beginning of the pattern instructions... I have found that if I read the whole pattern before I start it really helps me. I hope this helps some, crochet instructions are very challenging for me.. I don't understand why they are written the way they are...


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