Seasonal Crochet

Make some great easy crochet patterns for any season of the year. Find crochet ideas for summer, fall, winter and spring crochet projects.

42 Wintry Blue Crochet Patterns

Blue is such a gorgeous color for any crochet pattern you are thinking of… More

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Automnales Crochet Pumpkins Duo

Introducing the Classique and the Chevronne! Grab your crochet hook, this… More

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Pretty Summer Skirt

Stay stylish and cool during the summer months with this Pretty Summer… More

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Tiny Butterflies

This butterfly crochet pattern is one of the quickest patterns you will… More

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Crochet Flip Flop Cover

"I made these Crochet Flip Flops with Some cute cheap flip flops and yarn!… More

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Candle with a Flameless Tea Light

"This Candle with a Flameless Tealight free crochet pattern is so easy and… More

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Pumpkin Costume

"How cute is this Pumpkin top and hat? My grandson, Gabriel, was having a… More

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Harvest Bowl

This autumn-themed crochet bowl will make for the perfect centerpiece… More

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Party By the Pool Coverup

Sparkle and shine while you're laying poolside with this free crochet… More

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Easter Chick Appliqué

This crochet pattern will help you create an Easter chick appliqu. The… More

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Eternal Dawn Stocking

The Eternal Dawn Stocking is worked using a worsted weight yarn. It has a… More

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Diana Mittens

"Be cozy in these very simple and very fun mittens all winter long. These… More

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Halloween Tentacle Candy Bowl

The Halloween Tentacle Candy Bowl is a fun and festive holiday crochet… More

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Puff Stitch Hat + Shamrock

This easy-peasy puff stitch hat comes with a detachable shamrock so it's… More

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Fall Leaves Free Crochet Pattern

If this Fall Leaves Free Crochet Pattern doesn't get you in the autumn… More

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