Pink Champagne Scarf


Isn't this scarf just so fresh and fun looking? It's a great free crochet scarf pattern to wear anywhere. This Pink Champagne Scarf is sure to put a smile on your face and make your day. Special thanks to Crafter 5307878 for selecting the name "Pink Champagne Scarf."


Crochet HookI/9 or 5.5 mm hook

Yarn Weight(6) Super Bulky/Super Chunky (4-11 stitches for 4 inches)

Approx 5 x 60 ins [12.5 x 152.5 cm].


  • Bernat® Puff Ball (100 g/3.5 oz; 81 m /88 yds) 07732 (Pink) 1 ball
  • Size 5.5 mm (U.S. I or 9) crochet hook or size needed to obtain gauge.

GAUGE: 7 sc and 8 rows = 4 ins [10 cm].

Notes: Scarf is worked lengthwise. Work only with yarn lying between each puff ball. 1 chain will be worked between each puff ball.
Ch 121, using yarn lying between each puff ball.
1st row: Sl st in 2nd ch from hook, using yarn lying between 3rd and 4th puff balls from hook. *Sl st in next ch, using yarn
lying between 5th and 6th puff balls from hook. Sl st in next ch using yarn lying between 3rd and 4th puff balls from hook.
Rep from * to end of chain. Fasten off .


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The Bon Bon Scarf!

Bleeding Hearts, because it looks like the plant.

I would love to dall this "Cherry Blossoms ". It remids me of the sweet pink of that flower in the spring.

"Hail to the pink" is what I think it should be called.

Pink promise

dreams in bubbles scarf

Id like to call this scarf " Snowfall in pink "

How about "Cotton Candy"?

I would call it "Bo Jangles" because when I saw it the song Mr. Bo Jangles popped into my head.

Yank-ee-Doodle Dandy Scarf. Or Hangie Doodle Scarf.

I could call it Puff-a-doodle.

I would call this the Dinglehopper Scarf!

reminds me of a pussy-willow bush especially if you do it in grey or brown -so how about pussy-willow scarf?

It's absolutely adorable - I'd call it "pink popped popcorn"! Of course if it were done up in a white, yellow or beige colored yarn - it could be called "buttered popped popcorn"! (etc. etc.)

I would call it "flowing coral" because it resembles coral floating in the sea.

Crepe myrtle scarf

i would call it puffalicious

Bubble Gum Galore

Oooh, it's quite simply the "Bibbly-Bobbly Scarf" !!

To clarify my earlier suggestion, "Grapes of Wrap" (for Steinbeck's Grapes of Wrath).

"Cutie Q-Tips" is my suggestion :)

My suggestion for a name of this pattern is "Pink Puff Puddles".

Yarnberry Cascade

How about cotton candy smiles.

How about Pink Puffball Passion scarf?

How about puff power?

I think "popcorn dangler" is appropriate.

Confetti is what I think of.

"Fancy Raindrops" sounds god to me.

How about Dingle-berry Delight?

How about Bobbletopper? Really cute! Caroline Colasanti, Neosho, Missouri.

It should be called "Dots of Love Web" scarf

How about.... Bubblegum Blossoms, or Popcorn Panache.

I think the scarf should be MARSHMALLOW POP............

I would call it "Walking Through The Cottonwoods".

drops of love bubbles of hope think pink one poof at a time strawberry fields

It really looks like fun. How about "cherries jublee" for a name....Liz


Cat Tails was the first thing that came to mind when I saw this playful "Playful Cat Tails" is my entry! Thank you for sharing this. Signed, Linda.

I think it should be called POMPOM OF THE WORLD. My name is Geneva Sumrall and I am a beginner of the crochet world and love every bit of it

I think I would call it pink lemonade and cotton candy!


Name: Regina L. Brooks I would call it Dripping In Strawberry Cream

I am an 11 1/2 yr Breast Cancer Survivor :-) I am crocheting this scarf to wear to a Komen Foundation Survivors' Luncheon. Let's name is "Survivors Have a Ball" or "Pretty Pink Puffs" :-)

I think this scarf is so cute and I would call it DOODLE BALL

I think RazzleBerry would be good. I am Karen Garick and I love to crochet!

I think I would name it "Pink Bubble Gum Balls" Scarf.

Pink Cocoon Boa

Name: Pretty Pink Pizzaz

I would name it "Baubles and Bangles".

I would call it "Pink Pussy Willow".

that is a PINK Drip-Drop scarf!

I would call it "pink confetti". I reminds me of sugar coated almonds.


I name this Rasberry Delight

Bubble up.

Lily of the Valley Scarf/Wrap--Lily of the Valley shrub. Known for its white or pinkish colored flowers that hang in pendulous clusters

I think I'd call it pink droplets.

Grapes of Wrap

pink wisteria

Pink Paladium would be my pick. Very catchy and easy to remember!!

Suggested name for the scarf: Pompadour Puff

Name Suggestion for this scarf.... Stringy Gumdrops Scarf.

Dangleberries in Pink

Pink Tears Drops

Flamingo Blunt would be a super name for this scarf.

Chill Bumps

pink pussywillow

Popping Pink Pom Scarf

"Dancing Puff Balls Scarf"

Strings 'n More

Pop Scarf!!!!!

This just looks like jewlry, my suggestion is "Hot Fiesta Jewels"

'Frosted Bubblegum' Scarf

Pink Champage! Cotton Candy Puff Tiny Bubbles

How about "Icicle Fringe"? You don't have to have it a pink color..

How about Eye-popping Scarf

How about pink popcorn boa?

With a pink that hot I'd call the scarf Flamingo Fringe! :-)

My suggestion for a name is .... Cotton Candy Confetti. !!!!

Pink Bauble for the Cure

I would call this pattern: "Reigning" Popcorn

My choice would be "PINK DEELYBOPPER SCARF."


I like to submit the name of "puffy clouds pink scarf"

My suggestion is "Flamingo Feather Scarf"'s the first thing that came to my mind seeing this pattern!!!

Fringe Binge

Cheery Blossoms. (not Cherry, although that is the intended impression)

At first sight it reminded me of "PRECIOUS PINK PEARLS".

How about "Cotton Candy Puffs" Shoulder wrap.

I think a good name for the scarf would be Pom-tastic.

I think "Pink Champagne Scarf" is reminiscent of the celebration of bubbles that tickle your nose.

I would name it "Pink Bubbly".

I'd call this one Horton's Clover Scarf - if you look in Horton Hears a Who, the soft clover he puts the speck of dust on looks EXACTLY like the pink balls on this scarf!

what else than PUFFCORN NECKERCHIEF The name will catch on and it will be all over and everyone will make it!!!! it will be a hit!

I think it should be called "Bubbles of Hope" or "Bubbles for the Cure"

I love this! I would call it 'pink ball fantasy'

I think this should be called "Raining Cherry Blossoms" or "Azalea Showers" Thank you Ila M. Woodwyk

I suggest "cascading color"

Pink Sprinkles is what I would call this fabulous scarf.

The Puff-Ball Scarf ... or ... The Catkin Scarf ... or ... The Bobble Scarf It's a delightful scarf no matter what it's called. Thanks Maureen

Pink lei of joy Polly Woodkirk

Dippy Drippy Fun Scarf Fredrica (Freddie) Strawbridge

pink gum drops

It looks like cherry blossoms on the trees just before the cherry come to the trees . So maybe Pink Bloosum scarf?

I think it should be called the "Pink Poodle Scarf".

I'd call it Pink Popcorn Pattern. Janice James


Raindrops or Fushia Buds

gumdrop or cotton candy

It looks like a "Bobbin Scarf" to me.

My first thought was the pink round bubble gum I loved as a kid like 60 some years ago. Was wrapped in yellow paper, and super delicious. So how about "The Bubble Gum Scarf Wrap".

"Bobbaloo" is my name for it.

Hi,I would name it.......Falling Cherry reminds me of Cherry Blossoms in Spring. Rosie

Bubble Gum Fun

I think the name of this scarf should be "Puff's of Hope" Judy

"Puffcicle" because it looks like puffy icicles. This scarf looks fun and playful too.

"Puffcicle" because it looks like puffy icicles. This scarf looks fun and playful too.

"Puffcicle" because it looks like puffy icicles. This scarf looks fun and playful too.

"Puffcicle" because it looks like puffy icicles. This scarf looks fun and playful too.

I think the name of this wonderful scarf could be "Joyful Brilliant Day" Congratulations for this pattern!!!! Thank you so much!

It reminds me of bubble tea, so... "Bubble Tea".

I think the proper name fr this pattern should be POM POM FRENZY I know that is what I would call it andI do plan to make one.

The first thing that came to mind for me was Cotton Candy. Then, as I was looking at the other comments, I noticed that I wasn't the only one with that thought. Then I started thinking about bubbles and Pink Champagne came to mind. So I would call this pattern either Cotton Candy or Pink Champagne. Either way it sounds like fun.

My first thought was Cotten Candy, also!

When I first read about naming this scarf I looked at it and thought of bubbles. What a cute name for such a cute scarf, BUBBLES. Bubbles is the winner.

First thing that came to my mind is 'Thrill Seeker' scarf. It just looks fun!br br Phyllis Edwardsbr

"Pink Dots For Life" the scarf reminds me of the pink ribbons for breast cancer.

I will vote for Cotton Candy Boa, to me it looks more like a boa than a scarf, but Cotton Candy is the name I choose, also

How About "Pop It Up"

Poodle scarf. It's the first thing that sprang to mind.

How about Bubblicious Bauble Scarf? Very cute scarf!

When I saw this it reminded me of the Pussy Willow in our area which has beautiful soft, pink, fuzzy blooms of silky wonder. I would call it the Pink Pussy Willow Princess

Let's keep it simple - Balls & Chains

I would call it Pop the Bubbly!

I will vote for Cotton Candy as well, that's what I thought when I looked at the scarf! Thank you for this wonderful and fun pattern!

I would call it soft baubles. It is fun to look at....

When I saw this scarf I thought the name should be "Cotton Candy" It's such a yummy looking scarf.


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