Lemon Pillow Crochet Pattern


Lemon Pillow Crochet Pattern

Stitch away stress with an adorable crochet pillow in the shape of a lemon. You are going to love this crochet lemon pattern for relaxation and decorative qualities.

Lemon Pillow Crochet Pattern
Lemon Pillow Crochet Pattern

Well, this lemon is a win-win, because you can stitch away stress while you're making it and then squeeze away stress as often as you need after it's done. How great is that?!

With this Lemon Pillow Crochet Pattern from the Craft Yarn Council, you'll know what to do when life gives you lemons. It's soft, cozy, and oh so cute! For the knit version, find the pattern on AllFreeKnitting.

Oh, and don’t forget to show off your lovely lemon when you're done. Post a pic of it along with the hashtag #StitchAwayStress on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook! Visit their Stitch Away Stress website to learn more.

Plus, scroll down past the pattern for a video series called Stress Away Pillow Talk to help you deal with stress through creativity. With interviews featuring some of the top minds in the health and crafting world, you are sure to find some delightful insight into your own hobbies and thoughts. Be sure to snuggle up with your lemon pillow while watching, too.


Crochet HookM/13 or 9 mm hook

Yarn Weight(4) Medium Weight/Worsted Weight and Aran (16-20 stitches to 4 inches)

Crochet Gauge8 sts x 10 rows = 4 x 4”/ 10 x 10cm using size M-13 (9mm) hook OR SIZE TO OBTAIN GAUGE. However, exact gauge is not as critical in this pattern.

Finished SizeApproximately 26”/66cm long without stem and 40”/101.5cm circumference at widest point after stuffing.

Materials List

  • Yellow yarn: 6 skeins of Lion Brand Hometown USA Pittsburgh Yellow or 4 skeins of Bernat Blanket Brights School Bus Yellow or 3 skeins Red Heart With Love Daffodil double stranded
  • Green Yarn: 1 skein of Lion Brand Hometown USA Key Lime or 1 skein of Bernat Blanket Brights Go-Go Green or ​1 skein Red Heart With Love Lettuce double stranded
  • Brown Yarn: 1 skein of Lion Brand Hometown USA Santa Fe Tweed or 1 skein of Bernat Blanket Taupe or 1 skein of Red Heart With Love Chocolate double stranded
  • One size M-13 (9.00mm) crochet hook
  • Approx 48oz of polyester stuffing (1 ½ 32 oz. bags)
  • Yarn needle
  • Scissors
  • Stitch markers or scrap yarn in a contrasting color

How to Make a Crochet Lemon Pillow:


  • Special stitches:  sc2tog: single crochet two stitches together – insert hook in front loop of next st, then in front loop of following st, [YO, draw yarn through 2 loops] twice.
  • The right side of your work should show on the outside of the lemon.
  • Click here for a downloadable and printable PDF version of this pattern.

  1. LEMON:
    With Yellow, make adjustable ring (Magic Loop), or ch 3 and sl st to 1st ch to form ring.

    Rnd 1 6 sc into ring—6 sts. Do NOT join rnds.
    Rnd 2 (2 sc) 6 times—12 sts.
    Rnd 3 [(2 sc), sc] 6 times—18 sts.
    Rnd 4 [(2 sc), 2 sc] 6 times—24 sts.
    Rnd 5 [(2 sc), 3 sc] 6 times—30 sts.
    Rnds 6–9 sc evenly around.
    Rnd 10 [(2 sc), 2 sc] 10 times—40 sts.
    Rnd 11 [(2 sc), 4 sc] 8 times—48 sts.
    Rnd 12 [(2 sc), 7 sc] 6 times—54 sts.
    Rnd 13 sc evenly around.
    Rnd 14 [(2 sc), 8 sc] 6 times—60 sts.
    Rnd 15 sc evenly around.
    Rnd 16 [(2 sc), 9 sc] 6 times—66 sts.
    Rnd 17 sc evenly around.
    Rnd 18 [(2 sc), 10 sc] 6 times—72 sts.
    Rnds 19–20 sc evenly around.
    Rnd 21 [(2 sc), 11 sc] 6 times—78 sts.
    Rnds 22–47 sc evenly around.
    Rnd 48 [sc2tog, 11 sc] 6 times—72 sts.
    Rnds 49–50 sc evenly around.
    Rnd 51 [sc2tog, 10 sc] 6 times—66 sts.
    Rnd 52 sc evenly around.
    Rnd 53 [sc2tog, 9 sc] 6 times—60 sts.
    Rnd 54 sc evenly around.
    Rnd 55 [sc2tog, 8 sc] 6 times—54 sts.
    Rnd 56 sc evenly around.
    Rnd 57 [sc2tog, 7 sc] 6 times—48 sts.
    Rnd 58 [sc2tog, 4 sc] 8 times—40 sts.

    Secure all the ends and start stuffing. You want to be able to stuff the bulk of it before the opening gets too small, and then continue to add stuffing every few rnds.
    Rnd 59 [sc2tog, 2 sc] 10 times—30 sts.
    Rnd 60 sc evenly around.
    Rnd 61 [sc2tog, 3 sc] 6 times—24 sts.
    Rnd 62 [sc2tog, 2 sc] 6 times—18 sts.
    Rnd 63 [sc2tog, sc] 6 times—12 sts.
    Rnd 64 sc2tog 6 times—6 sts.

    Sl st to next st to join.

    Fasten off leaving a tail about 12”/30.5cm long. With yarn needle, weave tail through remaining 6 sts and pull to close. Tie off and weave in ends.

    Note: If the bump at the top of your lemon isn’t pronounced enough, take about a 36”/90cm of Yellow, and with a tapestry needle, weave Yellow invisibly through the inside/center of each stitch in rnd 9 and then cinch the yarn a little to create more shape.

    Tie off and weave in ends.

  2. STEM:
    With Brown, make an adjustable ring (Magic Loop), or ch 3 and sl st to form ring.

    Rnd 1 6 sc into ring—6 sts. Do NOT join.
    Rnd 2 (2 sc) 6 times—12 sts.
    Rnd 3 Working in BLO, sc evenly around.
    Rnd 4 Working in both loops, [sc2tog, 2 sc] 3 times—9 sts.
    Rnds 5 to end sc evenly around until stem is desired length.

    Sample is 3”/7.5cm long.

    When stem is desired length, sl st to next st to join. Fasten off leaving about 24”/60cm of yarn for sewing later.

    Weave in other end. Stuff stem lightly.

  3. LEAF:
    With Green, leaving a 12”/30.5cm tail for sewing later, ch 2.

    Row 1 Sk 1st ch, (3 sc)—3 sts.
    Row 2 Ch 1, turn. (3 sc), (2 sc), (3 sc—8 sts.
    Row 3 Ch 1, turn. (2 sc), 6 sc, (2 sc)—10 sts.
    Rows 4–8 Ch 1, turn. Sc evenly—10 sts.
    Row 9 Ch 1, turn. Sk 1st st, 8 sc—9 sts.
    Row 10 Ch 1, turn. Sc evenly—9 sts.
    Row 11 Ch 1, turn. 7 sc, sk 1 st, sc in last st—8 sts.
    Row 12 Ch 1, turn. Sc evenly—8 sts.
    Row 13 Ch 1, turn. Sk 1st st, 6 sc—7 sts.
    Row 14 Ch 1, turn. Sc evenly—7 sts.
    Row 15 Ch 1, turn. 5 sc, sk 1 st, sc in last st—6 sts.
    Row 16 Ch 1, turn. Sk 1st st, 5 sc—5 sts.
    Row 17 Ch 1, turn. Sk 1st st, 4 sc—4 sts.
    Row 18 Ch 1, turn. Sk 1st st, 3 sc—3 sts.
    Row 19 Ch 1, turn. Sk 1st st, 2 sc—2 sts.
    Row 20 Ch 1, turn. Sk 1st st, sc—1 st.

    Fasten off and weave in end.

    Sew Stem to top of Lemon. Sew Leaf to base of Stem.

    Hug! You've finished your pillow crochet pattern.


back loops only
front loops only
single crochet
single crochet two together
sl st
slip stitch
( )
work everything inside the parentheses into the next stitch
[ ]
repeat everything inside the brackets the number of times indicated

What is your favorite way to #StitchAwayStress?

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Some people make stress away pillows in the usual shape but his one is so cleverly designed that you're treated to a bunch of lemons. Lemons are good to drink and with these collection of the citrus fruits, you will also feel so relaxed and invigorated. Great idea by the maker of these lemons.

I want a whole bunch of these! They look so comfy AND they are adorable.

Talk about your ultimate stress ball! What a fun project, and if youre so inclined, you could make a bevy of tropical fruit pillows. I remember that Crocheted Lemon Stress Ball, too. As for using creativity to combat stress, thats pretty much the story of my life. If I didnt have some way to express myself, I would literally be a basket case.

How adorable is this bright lemon yellow, LEMON novelty pillow? When you've got a friend or family member who has everything.... well, they don't have a lemon pillow! Seems quite easy to do, in the round, with the stitches growing from 12 up to 78 then back down again. We have a choice of using three different yarns to make this up, so no shortage of yarns in case your store doesn't have it.


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