What Does Turn Mean in Crochet?


What Does Turn Mean in Crochet?

Learn how to turn crochet and what it means. This is a great resource for beginners!

What Does Turn Mean in Crochet

Crochet turning is a big part of most patterns and instructions. But what does turn mean in crochet? Basically, it means to rotate the crochet piece you are working on from one side to the other. This crochet term is usually spelled out but if it's a turning chain, can be abbreviated as "tch" or "t-ch."

This quick page will show examples of the crochet turn in patterns, along with a video tutorial that shows how to turn when crocheting so you can see it in action and better understand the process yourself. 

If you're a crochet beginner or still struggle with crochet terms, this resource will help you understand this particular term. We know that it helps to see visuals, which is why we have images along with text to further explain.

How to Turn Crochet

So, how to turn in crochet? This is a term usually mentioned when starting a new row while completing a crochet project. Keep the last loop of yarn on the crochet hook. Then, take the work that's underneath the hook hand and TURN it toward you. At this point, the work should be placed underneath your yarn hand.

When it comes to a turning chain in crochet (again, abbreviated as t-ch or tch), you will make one or more chains after turning the crochet piece you are working on before starting the row. This is needed for certain crochet projects because it will add the required height to work the stitch correctly.

We will explain further with the help of visuals below.

What is Turn in Crochet? Examples in Writing

In the Red Heart pattern for a Crochet Placemat, turns are mentioned at the end of every row. See the term highlighted in the image below.

This means that it starts with the crocheter working on the right side and then after Row 1, it will be turned. To do this, keep the last loop on the hook and turn the work toward you. It should be positioned underneath your yarn hand. You will also turn at the end of Row 2.

Red Heart Crochet Placemat Turn Example

Below is an example of turning in crochet instructions. This tutorial for Corner to Corner involves a lot of turning because of the technique. In the image below, the highlighted sections show two of the turn examples in the written directions. It will often be clear on what related methods you will use, whether it will involve chaining or not.

Corner to Corner Turn Example

Example of Turn in Crochet (Video Example)

In this video tutorial for a Corner to Corner Blanket, the instructor starts turning the work around the 1:12 mark. Take a look to see an example of how it looks in motion. You can continue watching to see the other turns in this particular pattern.

How do you describe the term "turn" when explaining it to someone new to crochet?

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This term is used so often in crochet patterns that it's definitely a need-to-know word and related phrase if you are just starting out.

Several of my senior ladies were working on straps, and noticed that the bands inevitably started to twist. Not as bad as a Curly Cue, but some definite twisting. My recommendation was to change how you physically turn the work. Toward you on the Right Side and Away from you on the Wrong Side. For some reason, that seems to flatten out the work. Does anyone else use this method?


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