12 Crochet Gifts for Dad

Throughout the year, there are many occasions when you'll need a gift for… More

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Rainbow Sorbet Infinity Scarf Crochet Pattern

The Rainbow Sorbet Infinity Scarf is a simple, repetitive stitch pattern… More

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Unforgettable Keyhole Scarf

It's never too early to get ready for the colder months, and this scarf is… More

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Children's Crochet Pocket Scarf

If you need a warm scarf for the kids or grandkids, this Children's… More

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Mile a Minute Crochet Scarf Pattern

With lacy stitches and colorful yarn, this Mile a Minute Crochet Scarf… More

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Free Sparkly Scarf and Hat Crochet Patterns

These Free Sparkly Scarf and Hat Crochet Patterns would make a perfect… More

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Harry Potter-Inspired Crochet Blanket

This Harry Potter-Inspired Crochet Blanket is such a fun and unique… More

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8 Free Crochet Men's Hat and Scarf Patterns

Discover the best pattern sets for the men in your life! Browse these free… More

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12 Crochet Projects That Only Use a Chain Stitch

Calling all crochet beginners! Browse these free crochet projects that use… More

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Linen Stitch Scarf

Easy beginner friendly linen stitch scarf with fringe. This scarf is a… More

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Crochet Knit-Look Infinity Scarf

This beautiful knit-look scarf is really easy and quick to make! Make it… More

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16 Crochet Pocket Scarf Patterns

Say goodbye to cold hands or having to bring both your scarf and mittens… More

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30+ Red Heart Hygge Yarn Crochet Patterns

The hygge lifestyle has never been more desirable than it is now. If you… More

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18 Pocket Shawl Patterns to Crochet

Your search for the perfect free crochet shawl or wrap patterns with… More

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Friendship Triangle Scarf

The Friendship Triangle Scarf was designed using ALC hand dyed superwash… More

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