Tips for Crochet

Find the best user-submitted tips, along with editor-curated advice, and general tips to make crochet easy and enjoyable. These crochet tips cover organization, tricks and hacks, techniques, and so much more. Master everything crochet by reading these helpful references and guides that walk you through everything you need to know.

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How To Join Yarn In Crochet: 4 Ways

In this post I’m going to share four ways to join yarn in crochet when… More

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How To Make A Pointed Crochet Solid Half Hexagon

Crochet Hexagons are a popular choice for making up pretty crochet… More

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How To Crochet Your First Row

If you have been making crochet chains trying to get up the nerve to make… More

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1 Quick Tip for Crocheting Perfect Spike Stitches

Earlier this fall, I released my Wanderlust Chevron Backpack as part of a… More

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How To Make A Perfect Double Crochet Semi Circle

Basic Crochet Base Patterns are always very useful in making variety of… More

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3 Ways to Weave in Ends in Crochet

"How do you secure your yarn ends when you are done crocheting? Knots can… More

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How To Close The Top Of A Crochet Hat

Learn How To Close The Top Of A Crochet Hat in this detailed step by step… More

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5 Ways to Find Crochet Patterns on AllFreeCrochet

If you've been to AllFreeCrochet before, then you are probably aware of… More

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Crochet Tips Galore

Phyllis has been kind enough to share her many tips with us. If you have… More

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Tutorial - Felting / Fulling

"Felting (or fulling) is a technique of compressing and combining fibers… More

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How To Join Granny Squares Are You Go

To join granny squares as you go, what you do is crochet the granny… More

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How to Felt Your Wool Crochet Projects in the…

"Most of us have a memory of shrinking a wool garment accidentally while… More

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Non-slip Crochet Slippers

Be safe every time you make crochet slippers non-slip crochet slippers!… More

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How To Crochet The Chain Stitch Tutorial

Learning how to crochet the chain stitch tutorial will help a beginner… More

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What is the Difference in Crochet Hooks?

"What is the difference in crochet hooks? The difference between crochet… More

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