World's Easiest Sweater


World's Easiest Sweater


Who knew the World's Easiest Sweater would be so affordable--and with a free pattern! You can crochet a number of variations of this simple crochet sweater.


Crochet HookM/13 or 9 mm hook

Yarn Weight(5) Bulky/Chunky (12-15 stitches for 4 inches)

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How do you measure body length? Underarm to desired length? Shoulder to desired length? Leave a comment...

How do you measure BODY LENGTH? Is it from underarm to desired length of garment? OR Is it from shoulder to desired length of garment? Please advise..... I really want to try this sweater but dont wont to start with wrong measurement!

Hi Tatum, the body length in this pattern seems to be based on the measurement between underarm and desired length. The designer has a measurement chart below the written pattern based on ladies numbered sizes. I hope this helps! - Laura, editor of AllFreeCrochet

You have to love the title "worlds easiest". Someone really put the work in. This is a design that is completely customization. From the size of the sweater to the desired yarn to use. I read over the directions and they seem easy enough. The proof is in the pudding as my Granny would say.

After reading the written pattern for this World's Easiest Sweater, it makes me think you really need to know what you are doing. I can't say this is a Easy Pattern. The pattern writer thinks you know what to do and I think there is a lot of guess work into making this one. The pattern doesn't say, but I'm guessing you make two of this pattern and sew them together? No clear at all, so I have not saved this one and doesn't look like I'll be making it.. Thanks anyways, I was hoping for a easy sweater pattern.

I would like to make a sweater because as of yet I have not made an article of clothing. Sweaters are pretty synonymous with crochet so this may be the one to try because it does state it is the worlds easiest.

The worlds easiest sweater is quick and fast and easy. Im not sure about this pattern. It seems that in order to keep it so easy, it is lacking in some detailed instructions. I dont really like the chain until its as big as you need concept. I like a more structured pattern for myself.

Let's try this one. The World's Easiest Sweater seems so easy and fast to make especially with projects for the little ones. It's mostly double crochets and that's easy for veteran crocheters and even for beginners. These sweaters will definitely make the kids warm and cozy throughout the cold, fall and winter seasons. You can make several of these sweaters in colors appropriate for your kids, boy or girl.

Who doesn't need a super easy and quick sweater in their pattern book? At first, I almost looked passed this little jewel. As I always do I went and checked out the pattern by the Velvet Pumpkin. This pattern can be changed over with almost any stitch which would change the entire look. But you have all the hard work figured out by the designer for measurements

This really must be the easiest sweater in the world and I think that is exactly why I love it so much! It is quirky and so unpretentious that one cannot help but be drawn to it. I love the blue yarn and the large hook and chunky yarn mean that it is going to be really quick and easy to make and I am really looking forward to wearing it, lol.

In crocheting into the turn chain, it gets wider and wider. Is this supposed to happen? Will it work out? This is the first sweater I have attempted. The pattern didn't scare me off!

I haven't read the pattern, but sometimes turning chains aren't counted as stitches - especially single crochets. Have a look at the pattern notes.

I've always wanted to crochet a sweater. I cannot understand these instructions. Would it be possible for the designer (or someone) to make these instructions into a pattern? A ladies large would be nice and then show the different sizes. (I don't want much do I? I just cannot understand how to do it written out like this. I am a beginner, but I do understand how to read patterns. Maybe then, those of us that are confused would be able to finally feel accomplishment.

This is a great little pattern and looks so easy once you read through the instructions thoroughly. I have revamped the instructions in a Word Document which make them more using friendly as well. I am looking forward to having a go at it. Thanks.

I am trying to make this as a Christmas gift (2014)for my granddaughter & have the body part finished. Can someone tell me what in the world this pattern is trying to say as far as the sleeves & neck??? AlsoIs this going to be one piece or two pieces that will need to be sewn together??? These directions, IMO, are horrible!!!

After reading through the pattern it looks like the sleeves are made separately and then either sc or sewn to the hems on the body of the sweater. But it states the neck part of the sweater is just made by hdc along the neck hem, so there will be no need to have to attach that part later.

It's probably a typo, and should be hdc, and that means half double crochet.

What does Hde mean?

5 stars

i totally agree with susan. while a very basic sweater for beginners it is not ugly. dress it up with an applique or make it in a more interesting stitch just check gauge, size and length is easily altered or make sleeves a different color than body or add a hood or a sweatshirt pocket or stop sleeves at body and do them in the round. i won top prize at the county fair twice with variations of this sweater. dont disc this basic little jewel!! this is a GREAT pattern for your first clothing item. each one you make will be better than the last as you gain confidence and learn techniques.

I would like to see this on a model because the layed out sweater looks ugly to me. It may be easy to make but if it really looks like this finished it would be a waste of yarn. Sorry...but that's my opinion.

Picture just looks like a hot mess!

Sweater is started at bottom of one side (front and back are identical), worked up to underarm. Extra chains are added for sleeve length. When you have enough width for half of sleeve circumference, then you chain and leave unworked stitches in the middle to form neck opening. Now you work down the other side of the sweater from shoulder to bottom, working only the same number stitches as previous side below the sleeves. When done you sew under sleeve seam and side seam to finish.

Made one similar to this before. Came out too short and uncomfortable.

I read this pattern all the way through, and if you read the neck row you will see you chain the amount you need for the opening, then crochet the back. This appears to me you crochet up the sweater, then form the neck and continue making the back. To finish you sew or single crochet each side from sleeve cuff to bottom of sweater on each side. Hope this helps.

I have been crocheting for many years and only made afghans. Saw this sweater pattern and tried it. It was my first attempt at sweaters and the title is absolutely right on! Directions were easy to follow and although the first one was a little rough looking, I have since made several for family and friends. They get easier and each one is tweeked a little bit to give it a little individually. Thank you!

I haven't made this yet although I'd like to try it I was reading the reviews and it seemed as though some people that the pattern was confusing I checked it out and I've cut and pasted just the beginning directions Basic Instructions Ch the length that you need your sweater width to be plus Hdc in rd ch from hook and in each ch across Ch turn Hdc in each ch across and in turning ch Ch turn Repeat row until you reach length needed for body Seems as though the confusion was whether you crochet in a circle to form the body or up and down To me the first direction clearly indicates that you crochet the LENGTH of chain you want to form the WIDTH around your torso of the sweater you want Then crochet in a continuous connecting loop until the LENGTH how long you want itRead More where it would fall waist hips etc of the sweater which is the torso Then it looks like you would begin your armholes I might be way off but I think this is what you do It is correct that the pattern doesn't seem to be clear that it is a continuous pattern a stitch marker would probably be helpful for this pattern If I decide to try it I'll come back to post my results I'd love to see more comments from people who actually made it and their thoughts

i think you crochet up and down, it doesn't say to "form a ring"......

I dunno the pattern could be a bit clearer.

Seems like a lot of us are confused,

I want to know how you measure this. Are you supposed to crochet in a circle or up and down, does anyone know how this goes? I'd really like to know. Thanks!!!!!

I haven't made this sweater but it does look pretty simple. The one I made doesn't have a pattern and I totally screwed up because it keeps getting stretched out. I think I made the neck opening too large so that's something to keep in mind when making these.

I really don't like the numerous pop-ups occuring when trying to view the page from this contributor. That being said, try a double crochet in the front loop, then a dbl crochet in the back loop, continuing on that way until its as 'tall' a collar as you want. Be sure to match up the front/back stitching on top of the last row of stitches. A little experimenting will show you the way. This would be a good doll sweater to make if you want to try the pattern directions out first. Use smaller hooks, tho.

I had no popups. Check your computer settings and Virus protection settings.

how do you do a "ribbing" type of collar?

It's over two months since last question - ditto - has anyone made this yet? I'm curious about the size chart -- is size 4 a child's size 4 or a very thin young lady? That will help me with the 'women's LG' - because I can tell you that I am a lot larger than '24' around -- or perhaps that 24 in front and 24 in back to make it a total of 48'' around????????

So...did anyone make this sweater? Was it easy? How did the finished product look and fit?

Yes I made 2 sweaters and I am not an experienced crocheter. The first sweater I followed the directions as given. The second one I used a different stitch (not a open stitch) but followed the basic measurements given. They both came out very nice and were quick to make. I am a women size x-s I used the chart (sm/womens) Again the first one I made came out just a bit too big for me, but I made short sleeves and I will be wearing it over a turtleneck. The second one I made I just reduced the measurements (example: for the body instead of 18" I went with 17") the sweater was a more fitted fit. Hope this helps. Happy Crocheting!

To momdattilio - It appears that this sweater is one piece. Imagine taking a sweater and ripping out the seam from the end of the sleeve up to the underarm and then down the side seam. If you did this on each side, and opened it out, the sweater would be one piece, laying flat, kind of like a plus sign with the bottom of the front side at the top, the sleeves out to the sides and the bottom of the back side at the bottom. Hope this helps!

is this a 2 piece sweater ??

To Suzee15, I'm not a real experienced crocheter but when I read the pattern it sounded to me like the the sweater is crocheted in one piece from bottom of front to the bottom of the back and then side seams are either crocheted or sewn together. There is an opening for the neck made with a chain. Read the part again where the neck instructions begin. Hope this is right and it helps.

I did not get a response to my question, do please email me directly to answer my question. Thank you

I have a question about this Worlds Easiest Sweater. The pattern does not say so, but do you have to make 2 pieces and then sew them both together? Otherwise I do not understand how the pattern works out to be only one piece. Thank you suzee15


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