Fish Crochet Scrubbies Set


Fish Crochet Scrubbies Set

Fish Crochet Scrubbies Set
Fish Crochet Scrubbies Set

Get ready for summer with this adorable fish crochet scrubbie set. This project is great for someone who is looking to try to bring their crocheting to the next level. These fish scrubbies are perfect for making chores like washing the dishes more fun for kids as the fish get to swim in the water! You can even get creative and use these for personal use or as a coaster to add the ocean theme to your house just in time for the warm weather.


Crochet Hook4.5 mm hook

Yarn Weight(4) Medium Weight/Worsted Weight and Aran (16-20 stitches to 4 inches)

Finished SizeFinished fish is 9 cm, 3½ in, long and 6 cm, 2¼ in, wide & Finished pouch is 25 cm, 9¾ in, long and 12cm, 4¾ in, wide.

Materials List



  • Paintbox Yarns cannot accept responsibility for the finished item if any yarn other than the recommended yarn is used.
  • Yarn quantities are based on average requirements and are therefore approximate.
  • Color reproduction is as close as color accuracy on screens.
  • Instructions are written using UK terminology with changes for US terminology given in italics in round brackets ( ) afterwards.
  • Repeat figures in round brackets ( ) the number of times stated afterwards.
  • The pattern is worked in rounds, not turning at the end of each round.
  • The turning chain does not count as a stitch.
  • You will work your round around the chain, working back up each side to complete the round
  • Treble crochet = triple crochet in American crochet terms.
  • ch = chain
  • m = centimeters
  • dc (sc) = double crochet (single crochet)
  • dtr (tr) = double treble crochet (treble crochet)
  • htr (hdc) = half treble crochet (half double crochet)
  • in = inches
  • mm = millimeters
  • rep = repeat
  • rs = right side
  • Shell = 5tr (dc) in st
  • ss = slip stitch
  • st(s) = stitch(es)
  • tr (dc) = treble crochet (double crochet)
  • ws = wrong side

Fish Scrubbies

Using 4.5mm (UK 7 – US 7) crochet hook and A, B or C. 

  1. Foundation round: ch 9, ss in 2nd ch from hook. Dc (sc) in  next ch, htr (hdc) in each of next 2 ch, 4 tr (dc) in next ch,  miss 1 ch, ss to last ch. Work back along other side of foundation chain, miss next ch, 4 tr (dc) in same ch as previous 4 tr (dc) , htr (hdc) in each of next 2 ch, dc (sc) in next ch, ss in next ch. Do not turn

  2. Round 2: ch 2, ss in 2nd ch from hook, ss in first ss of last round, continue working in a round working dc (sc) in each of next 2 sts, 2 htr (hdc) in next st, 2 tr (dc) in next st, 2 dtr (tr) in each of next 6 tr (dc) , 2 tr (dc) in next st, 2 htr (hdc) in next st, 
     dc (sc) in each of next 2 sts, ss in next st and in first ch of round. Do not fasten off, you will keep working to create the tail. 

  3. Tail: *ch 6, tr (dc) in 3rd ch from hook, tr (dc) in next ch,  htr (hdc) in next ch, dc in next ch; rep from * once more,  then join to body of fish with ss. 

    Fasten off, weave in ends.

Fish Scrubbie Pouch (Make 2)

  1. Row 1 (ws): Using 4.5mm (UK 7 – US 7) crochet hook and A,  ch 7, 4 tr (dc) in 4th ch from hook, miss next 2 ch, ss in first ch. Turn. (4 sts) 

  2. Row 2 (rs): ch 3 (does not count as st here and throughout),  1 tr (dc) in base of ch, 2 tr (dc) in each st to end. Turn. (9 sts) 

  3. Row 3 ch 3, 1 tr (dc) in base of ch, [2 tr (dc) in next st, 1 tr (dc) ] 3 times, 2 tr (dc) . Turn. (12 sts)

  4. Row 4: ch 3,1 tr (dc) in base of ch, 2 tr (dc) , [2 tr (dc) in next st, 2 tr (dc) ] 3 times. Turn. (15 sts)

  5. Row 5: ch 3, 1 tr (dc) in base of ch, 1 tr (dc) , 2 htr (hdc) ,  7 dc (sc) , 2 htr (hdc) , 2 tr (dc) . Turn. (15 sts) Change to B.

  6. Row 6: ch 3, 1 tr (dc) in base of ch, 1 tr (dc) in each st to end. Turn. 

  7. Row 7: ch 4 (does not count as a st), 2 dtr (tr) , [1 tr (dc) ,  1 htr (hdc) , 1 tr (dc) , 1 dtr (tr) ] 3 times, 1 dtr (tr) in last st.  Turn (15 sts). Note: (Each row will now follow color sequence B, C, A on repeat to end.)

  8. Change to C.

  9. Row 8: ch 3, miss next 2 dtr (tr) AND 1 tr (dc) , *Shell in next  htr (hdc) , miss 1 tr (dc) , ss in next dtr (tr) **, miss next tr (dc) ; rep from * twice more ending last rep at **. Turn. 

  10. Change to A. 

  11. Row 9: ch 3, 2 tr (dc) in base of ch, [ss in 3rd tr (dc) of Shell, Shell in ss] twice, ss in 3rd tr (dc) , 3 tr (dc) in last st. Turn. 

  12. Change to B. 

  13. Row 10: ch 3, [Shell in ss, ss in 3rd tr (dc) of next Shell] rep 3 times working last ss in last st of row. Turn. 

  14. Change to C. 

  15. Row 11: as row 9. 

  16. Change to A. 

  17. Row 12: as row 10.

  18. Change to B.

  19. Row 13: as row 9. 

  20. Change to C. 

  21. Row 14: as row 10. 

  22. Change to A. 

  23. Row 15: ch 3, ss in 3rd tr (dc) , [Shell in ss, ss in 3rd tr (dc) of next Shell] twice, 1 tr (dc) in last st. Turn.

  24. Change to B. 

  25. Row 16 ch 1, [1 dc (sc) , 1 htr (hdc) , 1 tr (dc) ] all in first st, ss in 3rd tr (dc) of next Shell, Shell in ss, ss in 3rd tr (dc) of next Shell, [1 tr (dc) , 1 htr (hdc) , 1 dc (sc) ] all in last st. Turn. Change to C. 

  26. Change to C. 

  27. Row 17: ch 2, ss in first tr (dc) , [1 dc (sc) , 1 htr (hdc) , 3 tr (dc) ] all in same st, ss in 3rd tr (dc) of next Shell, [3 tr (dc) , 1 htr (hdc) ,  1 dc (sc) ] all in last tr (dc) . Turn.

  28. Change to A. 

  29. Row 18: ch 3, ss in 3rd tr (dc) of Shell, Shell in ss, ss in next tr (dc) . Fasten off. 

  30. Using A, dc (sc) around the edge, working into row ends as follows: 4 sts in each dtr (tr) , 3 sts in each tr (dc) , 2 sts in each 
     htr (hdc) and 1 st in each dc (sc) , miss all ss’s. 


Make a MR using 4.5mm (UK 7 – US 7) crochet hook and C. 

  1. Round 1: ch 3, 1 tr (dc) , ch 2, [2 tr (dc) , ch 2] five times in MR,  join with ss to top of starting 3 ch. 

  2. Round 2: ch 3, 1 tr (dc) in each tr (dc) and [2 tr (dc) , ch 2,  2 tr (dc) ] in each ch-sp around. You will end with a floppy hexagon that doesn’t sit flat – this is correct! 

  3. Fold hexagon in half to create a right angle shape:

    Note: Click to enlarge image

  4. Work a dc (sc) join around edges to join both sides together.

To Finish

  1. With ws’s together, dc (sc) in each st around. 

  2. Attach tail to middle of row 18 with a few whip stitches.

Fish Crochet Scrubbies Set

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