Colorful Kitchen Trivet


Use whatever colors you have lying around to make yourself a Colorful Kitchen Trivet. This crochet pattern is an excellent stashbuster project. The instructions include a few different variations for crocheting the center.


Crochet HookI/9 or 5.5 mm hook

Yarn Weight(4) Medium Weight/Worsted Weight and Aran (16-20 stitches to 4 inches)

Check out Doris' designer profile and other great patterns!

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Can't wait to make some of the trivets for myself and friends. Thank you so much for all the great patterns and instructions on new stitches.

These are truly works of art, worthy (to me, anyway!) of hanging an displaying on my kitchen or dining room wall! Seriously, I would take my completed trivet and frame it in a shadowbox to display it. It looks super hard to do, but I really don't think it is. It is a simple chain design, all the way around.

These are just amazing! I dont know how in the world she came up with all these wonderful designs, but wow, just wow! I love the suggestions for specific flower types (poinsettia, daisy, sunflower, etc.) as you can customize these trivets to practically every color scheme and dcor. Im horrible with trying to make my own color combinations, so Im just going to copy her. Thanks so much for including these!

I love the design of this pattern! I started out learning how to crochet with potholders (simple patterns). I took a look at the pattern/blog and there are many pictures to help guide you through the pattern. It definitely looks a little complicated than crocheting your typical simple dishcloth or potholder, but its encouraging to see other peoples comments and the ease with which theyve made this pattern (unless theyre more advanced than the novice crocheter). Im curious how long the final product is I wasnt able to find a final dimension unless I overlooked it. The reason I ask is because I think this pattern would be wonderful if it could be made bigger (i.e., for pillows or maybe even a rug). Im not sure if it would look nearly as nice as the trivet size, though.

Super easy, worked up in less than an hour and a half. Great pics.

You won't have a problem downloading this pattern if you have Google Chrome installed on your computer. I.E. And Fire Fox have problems. I had no problem using chrome.i want to make these as just because presents for family and friends. They are so easy and pretty. Thanks.

Wanted to show off my trivets. I love this pattern. I'm making poinsettias for Christmas gifts.

I've made a number of these and they always look great. Also wonderful for gifts. They are very unique and everyone can always use another trivet. Thanks for sharing this pattern.

My dear friend just made me three of these. Two in red, look like poinsettia! The third is a lovely yellow. I'll try to make them after the holidays. )

I've made a number of these. Great as a stash buster and look lovely and unique no matter what colours are used. Thanks for sharing! These have become my newest hostess gifts.

I have made over a dozen of these. Very easily learned. New to crocheting could do these easily and they have a huge WOW factor.

I have made about a dozen of these. After the first one, so very easy to do and work up quickly. I would definitely advise all new crocheters to give these a try...very simple to do. AND FAST.

The link to the pattern takes me to a website called "Ideal Delusions"???? Have tried to get it several times, won't work. I really want this pattern. Please email me, if you have it. thanks!

I would just like to be able to print the pattern. How do I do that?

I have tied to get the pattern for colored kitchen trivets. How can I get the pattern. thanks LaVee

i love it but lost the pattern. I've been trying to access it from several sites, however, it isn't coming up.

How to access Dorie's website: I received an email from Dorie explaining google problem. You need to have free download of Google Chrome for her website to download to your computer. (if we have IE and Windows XP, this causes our problem.) If you email her she will send pdf of requested patterns. ruth

This is a beautiful pattern! I'm trying to figure out a way to make a scarf or a blanket out of it!! I made one of these, and I've gotta say... I am "Hooked!"

I would like to make the Colorful Kitchen Trivet but I don't know how to print it out. Could you send me the pattern some how? Thank you.

Hi everyone, Once you click on the link that says "click here for crochet pattern," a new window will open up. This is the designer's website with the pattern available. Please simply scroll down a bit on her page to find the full crochet pattern for these colorful trivets. Thanks! --editors of AllFreeCrochet

cannot get a pattern! Only a scrolling "my little corner of the world" sign, what gives?

I am unable to view anything via the link except for a scrolling angel in the "Ideal Delusions" banner. How do I view the pattern? thank you!

I clicked on the "click her for the crochet pattern" link and I too found myself at the Delusions page. I scrolled down and there was nothing. I even went to the designer's site and tried to get it from there. What's up? I'm not used to this on the allfreecrochet website. May be time for me to stop using it!

Once you get to the screen saying Ideal Delusans ..... Welcome to My Little Corner of "The Cloud" - did you scroll down the page? It is there - and when you reach the bottom of the page, there is a "printable version" tab. Love it - Many thanks!.

To get the full pattern, simply click on the link that says "click here for crochet pattern." A new window will open up that takes you right to the original pattern designer's site, where you will find the full crochet pattern. I followed your instructions and end up on a screen saying Ideal Delusans ..... Welcome to My Little Corner of "The Cloud". And I tried this three times.. Unhappy with this site.

Cannot get Trivet patterns to download. Do I have to do anything special? Love your site.

I still cannot get this pattern... What am I supposed to do to receive it?????

I, too can not get this pattern. Just get the Ideal Dilusional...Can you help? Peggy

I followed your instructions and end up on a screen saying Ideal Delusans ..... Welcome to My Little Corner of "The Cloud". Nothing happens from there. What's up?

Can't access the instructions, HELP!

Hi patevans01, To get the full pattern, simply click on the link that says "click here for crochet pattern." A new window will open up that takes you right to the original pattern designer's site, where you will find the full crochet pattern. I hope this helps! -editors of AllFreeCrochet

It seems the website isn't working. Only heading-type information appears. AllFreeCrochet should check out the links before they send them out in emails or list them on their website.

Having trouble obtaining the pattern. When I go to Ideal there is no Printer Friendly and therefore no directions for pattern. Would love to have pattern if you can fix this problem


Thank you for a beautiful pattern. I made several of these Kitchen Trivets for my Family and Co-workers as Christmas gifts. I did receive rave reviews.

I'd like to try these, they seem easy and original. But I'd use more bright colors to my taste. I also wanna share a great tutorial for a kitchen trivet, you may create a great number of variations with this pattern, I adore it. All my friends have them as well as gifts. The tutorial is simple and understandable. Originally it was taken from Craft, but I added it with other possible varaints. I will be glad if you find it useful and will crochet some for yourselves

I made 2 of these beautiful trivets, but used acrylic yarn, so I'm just using them as beautiful doilies. Even my four-year old granddaughter loves them and keeps trying to take them home. I guess I'll just have to make some more, and this time out of cotton. Thanks for sharing such beautiful patterns!

Don't see why every one is having trouble downloading its simple. If you click above where it says "CLICK HERE FOR CROCHET PATTERN" it will take you to the site of the pattern. On that site you will see where it says " PRINTER FRIENDLY" click on that. It will open another page with the pattern at the top of pattern there will be 3 options "PRINT". "PDF" and "EMAIL" Choose you option. It's always works for me. I use the PDF to download to my computer files. Hope this helps !!

If I were u I would rid myself of Ideal, their patterns are unattainable, they are on the deep side........sorry................fl

I had no problem at all when I clicked on the pattern. I had Firefox running if that helps anyone. Beautiful FREE patterns.

Hi everyone, You should not need any additional readers or programs to read the pattern for this project. It should appear on the screen once you select 'Click here for crochet pattern.' For printing purposes: Highlight the text and right-click on it. Select 'copy' and 'paste' into a document. This should alleviate having to select any additional printing options. We hope this helps a bit. Happy crocheting! editors of AllFreeCrochet

I've seen these done into squares. Can you find that pattern?

Its very easy, click where it says Click here for crochet pattern, then after your are going to print, (but do not print it) when the window of print pops up instead of print you gonna save it as PDF on your desktop. Simple

That is IF the pattern appears, on Ideal u can't catch them to C&P, SAVE, muchless PDF...............yuk

The so called reader you have to have is a friggen virus attack. DO NOT TRY AND DOWNLOAD THIS!!

Can you tell me what reader you were speaking of? I had a virus and finally got rid of it by doing a virus scan and I had downloaded a reader recently. Just wanted to know the name of it, if you have it, so I can delete it from my computer. Thank you.

Ideal Solutions is a joke...right?

I totally agree with you..........I would sayworse than a JOKE tho.......

I love the trivets, but I spent the last hour trying to print the pattern all different ways. No luck. Maybe someone knows how to get it.

Well that's just funny. The website is free! It only took two clicks to get to the page. Perhaps you need to reload th

I haven't figured out how to get any patterns. I think this site is a BIG Ripoff!!

I love the Colorful Kitchen Trivets but I cannot get the pattern to download. Can anyone help me?

If u do pls forward to me HOW to download...........

Hi, this worked for me to get the pattern of the Kitchen Trivet. If you click where it says "CLICK HERE FOR CROCHET PATTERN" it will take you to the site of the pattern. On that site on the page of the pattern you will see where it says "PRINTER FRIENDLY" click on that and it will open another page with the pattern, across the top of the page you will see 3 options "PRINT". "PDF" and "EMAIL". I click on PDF then the PDF pattern downloads and you can save it to your computer files. A lot of the patterns on here are this way. It took me a few tomes to figure it out. Hope this helps !! Good Luck !! p.s. this works on the iPad also.

Super colour combinations and a pattern to save.


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