Tea Light Flower


Tea Light Flower


Using tea lights and a glass candle holder you can make these adorable Tea Light Flowers. This is a free crochet pattern that you must try in all different colors for a beautiful assortment. Keep in mind the abbreviations are in European terms.


Crochet HookE/4 or 3.5 mm hook

Yarn Weight(4) Medium Weight/Worsted Weight and Aran (16-20 stitches to 4 inches)

Chain 2 then do the 6 sc into 2nd chain from hook
Round 1: Work 6 sc in first ch.
Round 2: 2 sc in each sc around - 12sc
Round 3: *2 sc in next sc, sc in next sc, rep from * around- 18sc
Round 4: *2sc in next sc, sc in next 2 sc, rep from * around -24 sc
Round 5: *2sc in next sc, sc in next 3 sc, rep from * around -30sc
Round 6: *sc in back loop only in each sc around -30sc
Round 7: *sc2tog in next sc, sc in next sc, rep from * around-20 sc
Rounds 8-10 sc in each sc. - 20 sc

Round 1: Working in front loop only of Round 6, sc in any sc, *ch2 skip st, sc in next sc, rep from * around, join last st with sl st.
Round 2: In 1st 2ch loop *(sc, 2ch, 1tr, 3dtr, 1tr, 2ch,sc) sc in next 2 ch loop rep from * around. - 8 petals
Round 3 (picot edge): sc in next 3 sts, *all in next st (point of petal)-(sc, 2ch, sc), sc in next 7 sts rep from * around.
Sew in ends.

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These tea light flowers are really a cute dcor idea. These would be cute on any tended table in the home. Flowers made in a lot of colors would make it interesting or even in a single color. Depending on the size of the table you can have them the length of the table or displayed in the center. These could be used from the first day of Spring thru Summer.

These are adorable. This would be a great addition to a Spring table scape. I like to set a nice table for Easter and I think I have enough time to get enough of these made.

I have just made it up but quite agree that it is written in US terms. Made with embroidery cotton and used a battery candle. I also eliminated the row 2 . Just used magic loop and that works better for me. Much less confusing. Have given it 3 stars due to mixed instructions but the end result is a 5.

I'm a advanced crochet and I'd have to say I tried to make this three years ago and gave up. I come back and try again. Who ever translated has used both US and UK terms. You don't have single crochet in UK. But the double treble crochet is UK terms. Should be treble crochet instead for US terms. I ignored Round 2 because if you follow those instructions, you end up with too many stitches or out of sink. Using US 4# or Aran yarn as it is in the UK with a 3.5mm hook the dtr will make the petals too big for the round bit for the candle. And as for the picot, I always do my with ch3, sl-st in top of ch3 or 3rd stitch from the hook.

Its hard to tell from the picture because it is so small, but I was wondering what the tea light candles were sitting in or are they just placed directly into the crocheted flower? I would think that would be a very dangerous fire hazard if they were not put inside some sort of holder.

It says at the beginning Using tea lights and a glass candle holder.

The glass holder adds the protection from any hazards. In my opinion, I would use the battery operated tea lights just to be safe. )

With wedding season coming up, these would be wonderful table favors. This pattern is clear enough, but there really needs to be a small chart showing how to translate the UK terms in to US terms. Not everyone has that already memorized. Also, theres no mention of how large or small these are. If you did want to make them, you would literally have to make one up, take it to the store, and try to find a small candleholder to match.

looks like US terms to me. I haven't tried it because I have no glass holders and don't want to make it too large or too small but am looking forward to trying it. Did you use cotton? So for now since we have to put a rating I'll just base it on appearance

Oh theses little tea light candle holders are deligthful. I am definitely going to make a lot of these for gifts and of course for decoration in my own home. My town has a huge craft fair in August for charity and I think these little items will sell well. My mind is buzzing with ideas right now!

I haven't tried these yet so can't be of much help on the stitches. However, it appears that the terms used are US. The suggestion to use a glass votive is a very good one. All that said, these are still very pretty and a great addition to any decor.

Hi, on round 3 of the petal on the tea light flower pattern do i do the picot stitch in the top stitch of the petal? What about all the stitches between the sc in first 3 sts and the top of the petal? what do i do in them? Margaret.

Ok, guys, I'm confused. There are several comments from 2011 saying that the pattern has had corrections made and others saying they wished US terms were used. Is it still showing European terms or US?

I've made a dozen of these now for Christmas gifts (and to keep). They are great, so thanks for the pattern!

I sell PartyLite Candles so these are perfect for my displays and specially for gifts. TY

These are soo pretty i'm going to do them to look like sunflowers. its what i'm doing my guest bathroom in. TY for the pattern

This looks pretty, but with the note about European directions, no clear statement regarding status of current pattern as corrected and no clear photo of a sincle item, this seems more like an inspiration piece than a pattern. I appreciate the designer's comment that she is not a pattern writer, but I would hope the editors would utilize some of us experienced yarners to vet patterns before they are posted.

I love these. they are adorable. I made some myself. Thank you

No need to join each row, just keeping going around in circle, I usually put safety pin or stitch holder at start of round and then you know when you are finished that round. Glad you like..

Hi these are lovely! I just wondered ..... should each row be joined together or just keep going? I am making some things for the Christmas store at school for the kids to buy for their parents. This item is great, but not sure if I should join...of course it doesnt say it? Thanks again, I love them!

I crochet on an intermediate level. However the conversion in this pattern has me confused. What exactly is SC? Conversion charts say that a British DC is an american SC. So what stitch is referred to in the first rounds when it says to SC? Thanks so much.

Love the results and the pattern is easy HOWEVER it should be explained to those newbies that this is done in the round and that either marking the beginning stitch should be done or exact counting Next Round is defective in its directions It should read sc tog in next sc sc in next sc rep from around - sc You cannot sc tog and then sc in next sc and repeat as this will not reduce the stitches to You must sc in the next and then do sc tog Also in the final round the directions fail to tell you to slip stitch in the st sc to end and tie off Also as to the picot for the point I find that when you get to the point of petal where you sc ch sc it is far more effective to sc ch and sc in the stRead More sc of the ch and then continue The point is must more defined I add these comments because this is an intermediate pattern and beginners will not have the experience to know what to do They go fast and are easy Oh I have used small votives in metal discs and have had no problem with fire However it would be advisable to use a small glass container to hold the votive because of the danger of a draft blowing the flame towards the yarn I have found that I can roll down the inner core of the flower the pattern part which makes a sturdy collar and will not ride up to the edge of a glass container

Here is what I did.. 1- to start I did a chain 3 then started on to ROUND 1. Had to use the conversion chart someone posted to get the petals right.... For those using American English: TR (stitch) is equivalent to a Double Crochet DTR (stitch) is equivalent to a Treble.

So far I have made only THREE of these lovely candle holders one for myself, two for friends. However, I have several other friends who will be getting these !!! I also plan on making some to donate to our park's craft club to sell at their annual Christmas craft sale. Proceeds go to help foster children who are "aging out" of the foster system. They are simply gorgeous and so simple to make. I have made them with fingering weight yarn as well as thread all come out beautiful. Thank you so much for posting this pattern.

@anigerg 5751946, TR means treble crochet; DTR stands for double treble. Here is a link for a conversion chart: http://crochet.about.com/od/conversioncharts/a/termtranslate.htm --Editor of AllFreeCrochet

I LOVE these, but I'm afraid to light the candles for fear of it catching on fire. If I give them as gifts, and they cause a fire, I could be held liable. Does anyone else have these concerns?

What is the US equivalent of TR and DTR?

I wish some one would print a conversion chart for English, and how many chains you need to start the pattern. I would really like to make some, but I'm new at this and I need to learn more. Help me.br

So glad you like my pattern. I like to use cotton or cotton mix yarn either DK or 4 ply. I live in Ireland and buy the glass inserts very cheaply in Ikea they come in two sizes the ones in the photo are the standard t light size but they also come a little larger for the longer burning larger t lights that can last up to 8 hours I have used both sizes for this pattern just making adjustment to pattern by increasing the stitches from row 5 for a few more rows. If you make the smaller ones you will see what I mean about this and figure it out Im sure. Have fun. Would love to see photos if you can figure out my pattern

I love this pattern! Doing several for wedding decor! I need to know where to purchase the little votive cups. Maybe someone knows where I can order them...need about 100. I followed the pattern except I used #3 cotton thread.

The instructions say to use a medium weight worsted (4). Are the ones in the photo done in that? Because it looks to me more like crochet size 10 thread.

Hi everyone, Thanks for your comments. We have contacted the designer and this pattern has been updated. Thanks and we apologize for any inconvenience, --editor of AllFreeCrochet

Start with 2 chain and work 6 sc into 2 nd chain from hook. In europe sc or single crochet is the eqivalent of US dc or double crochet. Sorry just a enthusiastic crochet fan, not a pattern writer. Don't worry if you end up with slightly more or less stitches after a round will just mean you have less or more petals a the end. Result will still be good. If you look at my picture closely you will see that some of them have more petals than others....Works great in any yarn but I love cotton, like to stiffen them with fabric stiffener to ensure petals stay flat...Enjoy

i think alot of people have ask this question.you do not say how many chains to start out with.so how many?

I'm working the Tea Light Flower but when I get to row 7 I finish with 20 sc instead of the 24 what I'm doing wrong or is the pattern wrong

Thank You for another problem solved! I'm going to make a few adjustments and work with size #10 cotton and a size #7 hook, probably a medium starch solution to give them body, They are just perfect for the favors for my daughter-in-laws upcoming bridal shower. She is just thrilled with them! Aside from being adorable they are simple,quick and won't cost a fortune to make a lot of them,and of course they're unique! Besides it just seems fitting I would find the perfect pattern here- this is where I got the pattern for her invitations. Ladies; I started with a ch 3 and worked my starting stitches in the 3rd chain.

How many chains to start this project. By European terms do you mean sc is the same as USA dc

How many chains to start the project & do you finish off after round 10?

Beautiful pic! Love the lighting! I look forward to making some!

These look very pretty! I think I will try making these soon! Thankyou for all the great patterns you provide! I have so many saved that I don't know which project to start first! Jade

What do you mean by 'European terms'?

HOw many chains do you start with?


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