Simply Stripes Baby Blanket


Simply Stripes Baby Blanket

Is this the perfect crochet baby blanket pattern? It might just be!

Simply Stripes Baby Blanket
Simply Stripes Baby Blanket

Grab two skeins of your favorite Caron yarn to make this Simply Stripes Baby Blanket. Crochet blankets always make a great homemade gift idea for baby showers, so be sure to keep this free crochet afghan pattern in mind.

It's quick and easy to crochet, and can be made to match any color baby nursery depending on the yarn you choose to use.

This crochet blanket measures 36 inches by 36 inches when it's complete and will be treasured for years to come. In addition, this adorable crochet baby blanket is the perfect way to celebrate the arrival of a new baby!

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NotesNOTE: There are three colorways offered.


Crochet HookH/8 or 5 mm hook

Crochet Gauge16 sts = 4"/10cm, 8 rows = 3"/7.5cm

Finished SizeApprox 36”/91.5cm x 36”/91.5cm

Materials List

  • Caron One Pound (100% Acrylic, 16oz/453.6g, 812yds/742 m skein):

    Colorway #1: #00510 White (A), 1 skein and #00580 Soft Sage (B), 1 skein

    Colorway #2: #00510 White (A), 1 skein and #00508 Sky Blue (B), 1 skein

    Colorway #3: #00510 White (A), 1 skein and #00513 Soft Pink (B), 1 skein
  • Size US H-8 (5 mm) crochet hook, or size to obtain gauge
  • Yarn needle

Crossed Stitch

  1. Set up row: Sc in 2nd ch from hook, sc in each ch, turn.

  2. Row 1: Ch 3 (counts as first dc), skip first sc, *skip next sc, dc in each of next 3 sc, dc back into last skipped sc; repeat from * across, end dc in last sc, turn.

  3. Row 2: Ch 1, sc in each dc to end of row, sc in top of turning ch, turn.

  4. Repeat Rows 1 and 2 for crossed st pattern.


  1. Using A, ch 139. 

  2. Work set up row—138 sc.


  1. Using A, work Rows 1 and 2 of crossed st pattern. 

  2. Using B, work Rows 1 and 2 of crossed st pattern. 

  3. Repeat these 4 rows, in desired colorway, until blanket measures approximately 34”/86.5cm from beginning, ending after Row 2 using A. Cut yarns.


  1. Edging
    Round 1: With RS facing, join B with ch 3 in edge of blanket, dc evenly around all edges, working 3 dc in each corner; join with sl st in top of ch 3. Cut B.
    Round 2: With RS facing, join A and work same as Round 1.
    Fasten off.

  2. Using yarn needle, weave in all ends.

Add an Edging!

Once you've finished with your baby blanket, why not add an adorable pointed scallop edging as a border? This video tutorial will show you how!

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How many stitches are there after row 1 is completed? How many after row 2?

This is one time when I would veer away from the original yarn suggestion for a different one. I love me some Caron One Pound, but in this case, I would use Carons Simply Soft yarn instead. It lives up to its name and is much more appropriate for a baby blanket. The original pattern and download can be found here http// == -blanket--version-1/CAC0502-007021V.html

This Simply Stripes Baby Blanket is so dainty. It looks so soft with the soft yarn used. It's perfect for the coming really cold months, baby will be comfy and cozy. The readers are all the more convinced to do this project with the lure of various colors used in the blankets. Very beautiful.

Super easy, Printable, many colors combos. The Simply Stripe blanket is just what it says Simple. This would be a wonderful blanket to make up and donate to charity. All new babies need a handmade item. One that was made with love.

Three of my friends have brought little ones into the world in the past 2 months and I have been looking for lovely baby blankets for winter that will be here in just a month or two. This lovely pattern is just great, thank you, and right now I am choosing colors and will have to get started real quick so that I finish all three blankets before it gets too cold.

The baby blankets are beautiful. I love the pastel colors and the way that they look so soft and snuggly. This is the perfect size for a stroller or car seat. Looks quick and easy enough to make for a baby shower gift. I am adding this pattern to my collection. These cute striped blankets would be a welcome addition to almost any nursery.

Adorbs! I am a sucker for anything baby. Pick up the Caron One Pound when you can get them for half-off at Michaels, and you'll be able to make the entire blankie for just 10 bucks. I would much rather spend my $10 on yarn to hand crochet this blanket than use the $10 on buying something at a baby store. I also like a purple and white colorway for a unisex choice...when the gender of the baby is yet to be announced!

This is a beautiful pattern, but I got halfway through ended up losing stitches. For some reason, my rows are shrinking I have followed the pattern to a T! I've been crocheting for 30 years, so I'm not a newbie, but I'm stumped. Plz help! Lol Just can't figure out why it's not coming out right.

Hi! I am ready to do the edging but am confused with how many double crochets to do in the edges where the chains exist. Please help!

Love the pattern. Cross-over is nice. Using a sport weight baby yarn.

Can anyone tell me how much yarn this pattern uses if I were to want to use a yarn I already have?

For those confused about the cross over I've changed this pattern slightly and it looks wonderful! For those confused with the cross over/don't like the look, I simple did the 3 double crochet, chain 1, skip stitch, double crochet next 3 stitches, chain 1/skip stitch, and continue. Looks exactly like the photo when small, and not as confusing. )

What do I do on the second row after doing this. Do I still chain one and single crochet into each dbl crochet? Or what, I'm confused.

I would like to make this blanket a bit smaller. How can I cut down the amount of chains to start, to make the #s come out right? Do total stitches chained need to be divided by 3? THANKS!!!

I did well in maintaining tension while making my guage sample swatch, but while making the blanket I could not maintain tension... off tension makes for a slanted blanket. I got tired of ripping rows out and trying again. I may have taken too many years off from crocheting. I gave up. I think part of my problem was the recommended Caron yarn. It was my first time using it. I really hated trying to work with it. It isn't as scratchy as Red Heart's Super Saver Yarn, but it felt stiff and did not flow well in my fingers. I also had to go to a smaller hook to get guage. I think I should have done some math to make appropriate length and used the h hook. I'm not sure if I will try this pattern again. It looks pretty, but it feels awful to my touch.

I can't even get the guage swatch made... just isn't coming out right. For swatch I chained 17 and then did 16 sc. I did the row 1 of cross pattern and I end up with 3 cross pattern and 3 sc left . Should be 1 for the dc left and 4 of the cross pattern?. I like the look of the cross pattern, but I need to get the stitches and guage correct. Help, please.

I finally figured my sample swatch out. You need to have 18 sc for the sample guage swatch. On Row 1 of Crossed stitch skip the sc next to your chain and then do 3 dc. At end of the row you should have 2 sc. Skip one sc and dc in last sc. Measure your guage across 16 stitches x 8 rows... best to let the swatch set a day before measuring. I usually have to go a hook size up to reach guage. I had to go to one size down on this pattern to get guage no matter how tightly I did my stitches I could not get it to work with the H hook. I came across this video which is for a different pattern, but the crossed stitch is done the same way and may be helpful to others: == =youtube_gdata_player

How do you identify the DC in Row 2 in the area that looks thicker than the rest, being the stitch you double backed to do , which, by the way, I turn the row around to successfully do? Do you place a SC in those DC as well?? Help!

The top of your stiches should be easily seen except for on the top of the chain 3. This video may be helpful to you in making the crossed stitch even though it is for a different pattern the crossed stitich is made the same as in this pattern. == =youtube_gdata_player

Did anyone else have a problem with the edges slanting? I'm doing the right number of stitches and it comes out right each row it's just slanted the same direction on both ends.

I have a slant too! But only one one side. I'm hoping the finishing fixes that problem. I love everything about this pattern, though. It knits up quickly, so I'm in love. Hoping it turns out right!

I made this blanket in less than a week. So easy, and super fast! This is going to be my go-to pattern!!

I am trying to make this wonderful blanket however I am stuck. I tried zooming the image to 500% on my browser and still having a difficult time seeing the crossed stitch (what it should look like when completed). I understand the directions, however I am following it and it (mine) just looks...wrong... to me. Not to mention it sort of puckers up when I am doing the cross over to the first skipped sc (and I'm not doing a tight stitch) and confused how you would continue doing the rest of the stitches if the top of the row isn't going to be straight?

I believe that the picture is actually a depiction of the back of the work. As I'm working on this, I'm noticing the back looks like what is pictured.

Just started making this in a variegated yarn and it is gorgeous!!

I like this pattern so much I am going to make a solid color chair back for a friend.

If you zoom your browser to about 150% you will be able to see the the long cross stitch. I couldn't see it either at first.

I don't understand that the picture looks nothing like the blanket. That dc in the last skipped sc causing a long diagonal stitch across the 3 dc stitches that precede it. I don't see that in the picture.

Hello, if you look close you will see the Dc and it make a diagonal over the top of the three Dc's you just made. That is what it does. It will work. I promise. Then keep going and the pattern becomes visible with 3dc then a cross back Dc.

Hello, Mamacobber, Thanks for the reply, but I don't see the diagonal stitch in the picture. My comment was not that I had trouble making the blanket. I worked the pattern and have the diagonal stitch in my blanket. My comment is that I don't see the diagonal stitch in the picture on this webpage. It looks like it's a picture of another blanket that happens to be striped. Oh, well, even if I can't see it in the picture, it came out beautifully in my blanket. I love the way this looks and will definitely make more of them. The blanket is a bit more dense than most and will make a wonderfully warm cover up. Thank you.

Is there a tutorial that is online for this project?

http// == =youtubegdataplayer

I tried to go to the video but it is marked private. How do I view it? Thank you

I was hoping to see an online version of this tutorial as well, to help answer any questions I might have by seeing it. Thanks for sharing such a beautiful baby blanket and the directions on how to make it.

One of my favorite "Go-To-Blankets" for charity knitting!!

I went to the video but it didn't move forward after showing the front cross stitch. I guess I will just play with it and hope I can figure it out. These are really cute.

I started this and it was wonderful. I am starting another one. Has anyone washed one yet? How do the crossed stitches hold up?

I made mine of acrylic worsted-weight yarn. I put it in a large net lingerie bag to guard against snags from anything else in the load, and washed it in the washing machine on gentle, and then tumble dried it. It looks gorgeous!

May I ask where you found the video? I have looked all through YouTube and not finding it.

After you double crochet back into the first missed sc, how do you move forward?

I am wondering the same thing?

Found the answer! It's a Front Cross Stitch (fcr). Here's a video tutorial...

Yes, you do move forward. Skip another Dc and make three more Dc then Dc in the skipped stitch. This will make a cute pattern if you keep going. Works in even a double yarn with a larger hook. Best of luck. I promise it turns out pretty and not your usual crochet.

Cool! I'm going to do for next project :).


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