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Asanas Pillow

"By growing the same square as used in my Asanas Blanket pattern (also… More

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Crochet Ghost Kitty Rag Doll Pattern

This cute and quirky crochet ghost kitty rag doll pattern is simply… More

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Chinese Symbol Happiness Pillow

Use a free crochet pattern like this one to make a fabulous pillow for any… More

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Crocheted Flower Pillow

Dress up your bed or couch with this cute Crocheted Flower Pillow. Made… More

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Floppy Disk Cuddle Buddy

"Anybody still have these disks kicking around? I bet if I dig deep enough… More

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Compass Crochet Pillow

"Hooray for a new year and fresh starts! I love not only looking forward… More

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Small Fan Stitch Pillow Cover

Make your own home decor with this Small Fan Stitch Pillow Cover. There… More

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Lion Pocket Pillow

"A lions face and mane add character to a simple, stuffed pillow. The… More

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Woolly Sheep Pillow

"Just in time for spring, the Woolly Sheep Pillow is a fun bit of decor… More

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Zebra Pocket Pillow

"Stripes, facial features, and a mane add character to a simple, stuffed… More

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St. Patrick's Shamrock Pillow

"Anyone else hoping to find the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow? I… More

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Love My Sheep Pillow

"Show your support for your yarnie love with this fantastic Sheep Pillow.… More

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How to Make a Satin and Lace Pillow

Indulge yourself in a satin and lace pillow this summer. Lay on your couch… More

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Little Owl Pillow

Owls never go out of style. Their cute little ears and wide eyes are just… More

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Zigzag Bobble Pillow

"The Zigzag Bobble Pillow is perfect for any advanced beginner looking to… More

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