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Easy Apple Covers

Easy Apple Covers are certainly not an easy crochet pattern I would have… More

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Stitch Away Stress: Big Apple Lemon Drive

AllFreeKnitting, AllFreeCrochet, and Stitch & Unwind are happy to announce… More

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Candy Corn Hat

"The first day of Fall is only a few days away! There are many thing that… More

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Angry Apple Cozy

This adorable free crochet pattern is brilliant. You can crochet yourself… More

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Crochet Apple Coasters

"Decorate your home for Fall with these cute crochet apple coasters! So… More

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Pumpkin Spice Latte Earrings

Sure, the perfect Fall accessory does not exist but these little cuties do… More

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The Apple of my Eye

"This delicious hat is great for a fall photo shoot for baby. Made with… More

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