Summer Morning Shawl

Summer Morning Shawl
Summer Morning Shawl

Wrap yourself up in this beautiful Summer Morning shawl. The light and lacy crochet design is perfect for cool summer evenings or crisp autumn afternoons. You can never have too many classic shawls like this in your closet. It's a timeless fashion piece that looks great on any body type. Bernat's Cotton-ish yarn by Vickie Howell is the perfect choice to use for this free crochet pattern. Thanks to AllFreeCrochet user tpmcgoo2 for helping us name this beautiful crochet design!


Crochet HookG/6 or 4 mm hook

Yarn Weight(3) Light/DK (21-24 stitches to 4 inches)

Crochet Gauge16 sc and 18 rows = 4" [10 cm].

Finished SizeApprox 50" [127 cm] wide x 21" [53.5 cm] deep.

Materials List

  • Bernat® Cotton-ish™ by Vickie Howell (70 g/2.4 oz; 258 m/282 yds)
  • Lemon Twill (85620) 2 balls
  • Size 4 mm (U.S. G/6) crochet hook or size needed to obtain gauge.
  • Diagram


  1. Beg at point, ch 12. (See diagram in Materials List).

  2. 1st row: 1 dc in 9th ch from hook. Ch 2. Miss next 2 ch. (1 dc. Ch 4. 1 tr) in last ch. Turn.

  3. 2nd row: Ch 3 (counts as dc). 8 dc in next ch-4 sp. 1 dc in next dc. Ch 2 (center). 1 dc in next dc. 8 dc in next ch-9 sp. 1 dc in 5th ch. Turn.

  4. 3rd row: Ch 4 (counts as dc and ch 1). (1 dc in next dc. Ch 1) 8 times. 1 dc in next dc. Ch 2 (center). 1 dc in next dc. (Ch 1. 1 dc in next dc) 8 times. Ch 1. 1 dc in top of ch 3. Turn.

  5. 4th row: Ch 4 (counts as dc and ch 1). (1 dc in next ch-1 sp. Ch 2) 8 times. Miss next dc and ch-1 sp. (1 dc in next dc. Ch 2) twice. Miss next ch-1 sp and dc. (1 dc in next ch-1 sp. Ch 2) 7 times. 1 dc in last ch-1 sp. Ch 1. 1 dc in 3rd ch of ch 4. Turn.

  6. 5th row: Ch 10 (counts as tr and ch 6). Miss first ch-2 sp. (1 hdc in next ch-2 sp. Ch 6. Miss next ch-2 sp) 4 times. 1 dc in next dc. Ch 2 (center). 1 dc in next dc. (Ch 6. Miss next ch-2 sp. 1 hdc in next ch-2 sp) 4 times. Ch 6. 1 tr in 3rd ch of ch 4. Turn.

  7. 6th row: Ch 3 (counts as dc). 8 dc in first ch-6 sp. (1 hdc in next ch-6 sp. Ch 6) twice. 1 hdc in next ch-6 sp. 8 dc in next ch-6 sp. 1 dc in next dc. Ch 2 (center). 1 dc in next dc. 8 dc in next ch-6 sp. (1 hdc in next ch-6 sp. Ch 6) twice. 1 hdc in next ch-6 sp. 8 dc in last ch-6 sp. 1 dc in 4th ch of ch 10. Turn.

  8. 7th row: Ch 4 (counts as dc and ch 1). (1 dc in next dc. Ch 1) 7 times. 1 dc in next dc. 1 hdc in next ch-6 sp. Ch 6. 1 hdc in next ch-6 sp. (1 dc in next dc. Ch 1) 8 times. 1 dc in next dc. Ch 2 (center). 1 dc in next dc. (Ch 1. 1 dc in next dc) 8 times. 1 hdc in next ch-6 sp. Ch 6. 1 hdc in next ch-6 sp. (1 dc in next dc. Ch 1) 8 times. 1 dc in top of ch 3. Turn.

  9. 8th row: Ch 5 (counts as dc and ch 2). (1 dcfp around next dc. Ch 2) 7 times. 1 dcfp around next dc. Ch 1. 1 hdc in next ch-6 sp. Ch 1. (1 dcfp around next dc. Ch 2) 8 times. 1 dc in next dc. Ch 2 (center). 1 dc in next dc. (Ch 2. 1 dcfp around next dc) 8 times. Ch 1. 1 hdc in next ch-6 sp. Ch 1. (1 dcfp around next dc. Ch 2) 8 times. 1 dc in 3rd ch of ch 4. Turn.

  10. 9th row: Ch 10 (count as tr and ch 6). Miss first ch-2 sp. (1 hdc in next ch-2 sp. Ch 6. Miss next ch-2 sp) 4 times. Miss next: (Ch 1. 1 hdc. Ch 1). 1 hdc in next ch-2 sp. (Ch 6. Miss next ch-2 sp. 1 hdc in next ch-2 sp) 3 times. Ch 6. 1 dc in next dc. Ch 2 (center). 1 dc in next dc. (Ch 6. Miss next ch-2 sp. 1 hdc in next ch-2 sp) 4 times. Ch 6. Miss next: (Ch 1. 1 hdc. Ch 1). (1 hdc in next ch-2 sp. Ch 6. Miss next ch-2 sp) 4 times. Ch 6. 1 tr in 3rd ch of ch 5. Turn.

  11. 10th row: Ch 3 (counts as dc). 8 dc in first ch-6 sp. *[(1 hdc in next ch-6 sp. Ch 6) twice. 1 hdc in next ch-6 sp. 8 dc in next ch-6 sp]. Rep from * once more. 1 dc in next dc. Ch 2 (center). 1 dc in next dc. **[8 dc in next ch-6 sp. (1 hdc in next ch-6 sp. Ch 6) twice. 1 hdc in next ch-6 sp]. Rep from ** once more. 8 dc in last ch-6 sp. 1 dc in 3rd ch of ch 10. Turn.

  12. 11th row: Ch 4 (counts as dc and ch 1). *[(1 dc in next dc. Ch 1) 7 times.** 1 dc in next dc. 1 hdc in next ch-6 sp. Ch 6. 1 hdc in next ch-6 sp]. Rep from * once more, then from * to ** once. 1 dc in next dc. Ch 2 (center). 1 dc in next dc. Ch 1. Rep from * to last dc. Ch 1. 1 dc in top of ch 3. Turn.

  13. 12th row: Ch 5 (counts as dc and ch 2). *[(1 dcfp around next dc. Ch 2) 7 times. 1 dcfp around next dc.** Ch 1. 1 hdc in next ch-6 sp. Ch 1]. Rep from * once more, then from * to ** once. (Ch 2. 1 dc in next dc) twice. Ch 2. Rep from * to last dc. Ch 2. 1 dc in 3rd ch of ch 4. Turn.

  14. 13th row: Ch 10 (counts as tr and ch 6). Miss first ch-2 sp. *[(1 hdc in next ch-2 sp. Ch 6. Miss next ch-2 sp) 4 times. Miss next: (Ch 1. 1 hdc. Ch 1). Rep from * twice more]. Ch 6.** 1 dc in next dc. Ch 2 (center). 1 dc in next dc. Ch 6. Rep from * to **. 1 tr in 3rd ch of ch 5. Turn. 

  15. Rep rows 10 to 13 for pat, noting rep in [ ] will be repeated 1 more time in subsequent rows, until Shawl measures approx 50" [127 cm] across top straight edge, ending on a 12th row of pat. Fasten off.

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For once I am very glad that the complete pattern for this project is shown here on AllFreeCrochet because it is NOT on the Yarnspirations site any more. I love the sunny color of the yarn, and the oversized shells look like the suns rays peeking over the horizon. Ill have to Copy and Paste this into a new document, but thats okay.

This Summer Morning Shawl is so beautiful, the color used is very appropriate for the summer season. The color yellow signifies sunshine and life, perfect as mother's day gift, Christmas or birthday gift to someone special. Yellow is my favorite color, need I say more? Cheers!

It's so pretty in yellow. In my opinion it looks a little tiny as pictured on the model. I'm afraid it wouldn't be enough to cover up a woman my size, plus-sized. This might be one that I would have to step up on the yarn bulk and the hook size for a little extra coverage. Otherwise, it is lovely!

I would call it Gold Gossamer

I could see this also in many colors. I would call it "Cover me softly with color"....I have not had time to try this one yet.

Reminds me of France in May. I would call it French Breakfast Shawl.

I've made several of these for friends and daughters ), very cute. I had to make one for myself and I simply adore it, the stitches are very pretty and soft.

The shawl reminds me of butterfly wings, so the title could be....Like Wings of a Butterfly Shawl.

yellow lace

wrapped in spun gold

Daisy Petals of Sunshine

What diagram ? I just copied the pattern to word and spaced out the rows so I could read also says it is Spring Morning shawl and then the pattern says Summer Morning shawl. I hope the pattern matches the picture....this is a bit confusing.

I just think this shawl is lovely! It looks like Woven Gold and that is what I would name it.

Is this where we enter our name for shawl? Spring Breeze in Yellow Sun

Summer Sunshine Scallops Shawl

Diagram with pattern is not the correct diagram. The diagram is for NO NAME SHAWL, is there any way to provide the correct diagram?

Big Thanks for the creator for sharing the 'diagram' too I am not from the United States or Britain or Australia with less knowledge of English than necessary so following the written patterns is much too difficult and makes me feel uncertain in really desiring to make the piece I' ve been crocheting for ages with lots of practice and have been reading this newsletter for more than a year for fun because I never found anything with the the sketch diagram which is absolutely common to use in Europe So for the first time I could complete something from this fabulous webpage and tell you having done it from raw white yarn for a holy communion mass with a simple navy blue Jackie K style dress it REALLY looked pretty Thank you so much and please if possible try to draw the diagram when it is possible letting us foreignersRead More to do it too

Hello I Like this pattern very much and a kept on doing it. My question is if it is possible to make it a bigger one and what is the method to do it? Many thanks Ilana

Im still waiting for your answer, about continuing the project to get a bigger shwall. I love it and made two more rows according to your explanation. But it is still not enough. Many thanks Ilana

Hi Hilar, Thanks for your message. I might suggest that you try posting your question to our sites Facebook page. It is monitored by the editor and is a great resource for helpful tips and suggestions from our Facebook friends; perhaps they can offer some guidance! Here is the link: -editors of AllFreeCrochet

Hello Hilar, I am working mine D, almost have it t m desired length. All you will need to do is repeat rows 10-13 until your desired length is complete )

YIKES! Has ANYONE tried making this let alone naming it? It's single spaced, making it tough to follow. I agree with the comment left by Rhonda Lefty on 6/2/13. It has been a struggle to get through, referring to previous placed stitches to see the pattern. Thankfully the center is referenced so I know I am on the other side. I have been crocheting for 30+ years and this should be rated "beginner" if the pattern was written correctly.

Hello, I am working on 2 of these lovely shawls together, one in the yellow twill Bernat and the other in a aqua blue different yarn with a sheen. Both are beautiful. Can't wait to wear them. I love the lace!! So far this is my favorite shawl pattern D

Sun Medalions!

How can I print this pattern?

HI, Thank you for your message. We suggest that you go to the page and highlight the text, then right-click on it. You'll get a window that gives you the option to "copy." Do that, and then paste the text into a word document. You should be able print that document that way. Another option is to highlight exactly what you would like to be printed. Then, select print from your drop-down menu, and change your print range from all to selection. -editors of AllFreeCrochet

Genteel Jonquil Shawl

Love the design! Can you keep going with the rows to make it a little bit bigger or longer?

Lemonade Breeze

Just Enough

Sunny Morning coverup.

rising sun

Why is there no print button on this pattern?

It looks pretty in the picture, but I tried the pattern and could not get it to lay right. The shell areas hang away from the chain stitch areas. I am an experienced crocheter (36 years) so I think something is wrong with the pattern.

I totally agree. I, too, am an experienced crocheter and have tried this pattern about 7 - 8 times. There's something wrong as the written pattern does not line up with the chart and it won't lay flat either. All goes well until row 8.

Sunday morning shawl I can wear this over my summer dress to church.

I call it "Feather Touch"

This is lovely! I live in the UK and would like to know what ply the yarn is,so I can buy something equivalant...thank you

3 ply or sports weight -- depending on the company of course!



I think it should be named "Lemon Swirl"

Shells and Lace

Love this & making this for our local cancer center.

very pretty! reminds me of "golden lace"



What do you think?Whispy

I think "Sweetheart Shawl" would be a good name for this shawl. The young model has such a sweet, innocent expression on her face; I bet her daddy calls her his "Little Sweetheart". This shawl could be in any color, even a color for those cool fall days and nights.

Cotton Twill Delight Shawl, because it brings a smile to your face as soon as you see it!!

I also like "Fan"fare Cotton Shawl. I can't put my finger on the stitch used, but it resembles an open hand-held fan.

Scalloped Dream Shawl

I like the names Lemon Slice, Lemon Slices, or Lemony Swirls.

My Fanciful Lacey Shawl

Whispy Wind

Wispy Whirl

Scoop Up The Sunshine Shawl

Lacy butterfly shawl.

Lovely Lace

I Love Lace

"Summer Sunrise" because that is what I see when I look at this lovely shawl.

"Sunday at the Beach" Waves, shells, fans and rays of sun all appear in the pattern and it reminds me of when I was younger we had to wear a shawl over our shoulders in church ( no bare arms allowed).

Shortbread Ring

Rings of Rays Shawl

Lemony Sunshine shawl... It reminds me of sunny days and lemonade, a lite cover up for warm days and cool evenings

I think this should be named the Pot o' Gold Shawl, both because of its color and because it looks so RICH.

Tropical sunny lace shawl

Sunshine On My Shoulders Shawl

Cotton-ish Yes Yes Shawl

Golden Web

My Summer Fling

My Summer Love

sunshine in lace.....

sunshine in lace

Since this shawl could be any color, I go with the circle motif. The name Ajla means halo, circle of light, moonlight. I also like Mariko (This one especially), her name means circle child.

Sunshine on My Shoulders Lacy Wrap

Symphony in Yellow Lacy Wrap

Sunny Day Lacy Wrap

Spanish Sun Lacy Wrap

Golden Butterfly Kisses Shoulder Wrap

Kiss of the Sun Shawl

Elegant Sun Kissed Shawl

Golden Days of Summer Shawl

Spanish Gold

Lacy Fans

Lemon Tart

Lemon Tart

Sun Worshipper

Golden Shells Shawl

Goddess Arches

Golden Caress

24 Hours of Love

Shawl We Dance

Lemon Twill Summer Shawl.......Gorgeous!






vintage lace

Golden sunrise =)

Goldenrod shawl. =)

Golden sunshine shawl. =)

Sunrise Shawl

Shells on the Sand

Simple golden scallop shawlette

Victorian Window Pane

Victorian Window Pane

Victorian Window Pane

Vintage Window Pane Shawl

Venitian Window Pane Shawl

Pineapple shaw

Sunshine on My Shoulders Shawl.

Summer breeze.

Lacy Shells

Fas Handbag Lace Shawl

Feminine Lace Shawl

Summers Dream Victorian Lace Shawl

Crepe Suzette!

Lacy wedge shall

I should have said lemon wedge shall


I think Radiating Warmth would be a good name because of the 'rays' in the lace pattern which look like the sun

goldwing shawl.

Summer Lacy Shawl

summer morning

Lacy Eyelets

Champagne bubbles

I see this shawl as "Elegance in Geometric Shapes"

Amber Waves of Lace Wrap

I am going to do this in a pretty off white color, and I would call it Owl Eyes or Peepers

Sunrise Shawl

Sunshine Shawl

Thinking outside of Sunshine's box how about Pretty as a Peacock and that way it can be done in any color including varigated

I think we should think outside the sunshine box. Crochet this in a varigated brown and call it "Owl Eyes".

pretty in scallopes

Good Morning Sunshine Shawl

Sun rays

Sunny Morning Shawl

Lemon Twists Shawl

Sun rays

A"maize"ingly Beautiful Shawl

A"maize"ingly Beautiful Shawl

A Slice of Sun Shawl

Shells of gold :)

Golden Fleece

Lemon Lush shawl....Fantasia shawl

Sunny Summer Days

A wrap of Sunshine.

Just a touch of sunshine....

Sunshine on My Shoulders

angel wings

champagne lace its pretty

Sunflower Garden

Aztec Gold Shawl

Autumn's Sunshine Shawl

lovely......SUNSHINE SHAWL

amber waves of gold

sunshine on my shoulder

Buttercup wrap

Fan-ta See Wrap

Golden Rings

Drops of Sunlight

Hearts of Gold Wrap

"Sun Dance Lace Shawl"

Lady's Morning Sunshine Shawl

"Sun Dance Shawl"

The name is "Sunshine love Shawl"

Sassy Shell Shawl

Luscious Lemon Lace

Scalloped Sunrise

Fandango or Fantago



Rippling Sunbeams Shawl

golden medallion

Lacey Sunbeams Shawl

Sun Kissed lace shawl

"Dandelion Dream" because of the beautiful golden yellow. I picture wearing this while drinking my AM coffee on the deck.

I think It should be named "sunshine rising"

Summer Breeze-it looks as cool and refreshing as a summer breeze

Fans 'n' Lace

Amarillo Lacey Shell. This name describes the shawl that is shown but even if a person was to chose a different color the name could still apply for a woman would want to wear a beautiful lacey shell shawl such as this in Amarillo, Texas especially in the spring or on a summer evening.

Lacy, Lazy Summertime Shawl

Golden Phoenix, because the spine of the shawl looks like a phoenix, and the rest of the shells resemble the phoenix wings.

comfort lace shawl

Phoenix Rising

Sunflower Shawl.....

Cover of Sunshine, would be my idea.

Lemon Lace Shawl

Summer on my shoulders

This shawln looks very pretty and soft. I would call it "Sweet sunrise".

Summer Scallop Shawl

Sunshine on My Shoulders

Lacy Day Shawl

Lemon Twist Shawl



Springtime Windmills

Sunshine Shells Wrap :-)

Sunshine & smiles

pineapple passion wrap debi roberts

I think it should be called "Golden Arches" or "Beautiful Arches"

Golden Lacey Shells

Lacy Days of Summer

I would call it "Lacey Sunshine"

Summer Spice

It looks like water so " Droplet Shawl".

Sunshine Shawl

May 28, 2013br When I saw this shawl, it came to me, "Sunshine Swirl Shawl" (tongue twister huh, huh)

If I were wearing this I would call it Golden Lace

summertime sweet lemonade shawl

I think it should be spring into summer shawl

Let the Sun Shine!

I would do it in a blue/white combo and call it "Ocean Waves Shawl"

The Good Morning Sunshine Shawl

Sunshine on my Shoulder

Very pretty. I think a good name would be Summer Sunshine Shawl

Sunshine Scallops - very ppretty

It should be " The Lemon Sunshine Shawl"

Lemon Rainbow...

I think it should be called sunshine it is so beautiful and bright

Lemon Love

Sunshine on My Shoulders

Light & Lacy!

Dream a Little Dream Shawl

Dream a Little Dream Shawl

Innocence of Summer

This shawl makes me think of Sunny Delight as a name for it.

The Elegant Touch Shawl

Crown shawl or Royal shawl. The patern looks like crowns to me.

spring delight

Midas Touch


Sunny Scallops Shawl

Spanish Shawl

Sunshine On My Shoulders... Makes Me Happy

Lemony Sunny Delight

Breezy Sunshine

summer delight

Sunny Morning Shawl

Sunshine Shawl

I saw the shawl on facebook and thought of "Lemon Fresh" and when I got on All Free Crochet, I noticed the color name in the pattern. LOL But I do love "Lemon Fresh". To me it suits it.

A Hundred Suns

Lacy coins; sunbeam lace; golden windows ;

Love Holds Shaw

Summer Sun

Lemon Window Breeze Shawl

Gypsy's Dance

Sunrise Shawl. or Summer Sunrise Shawl. Looks like a bunch of little sunshines on the horizon to me. (:

Dainty Lace Dream

Light, Lovely and Lacy Shawl

Golden Breeze

Summer Morning Sunrise

Summer Scallops

Lacy Butterfly Shawl

Airy sunshine shawl.

Graceful Lacy Shawl

Summer Dream Shawl

Fluttering Fans Shawl

Lacy Shells Summer Shawl

Gold Doubloons Shawl (the big circles/holes make me think of coins)...

Lion's Paw Shawl (after the rare Lion's Paw seashell found on southwest Florida's Captiva Island)

Lemon Love

By the beautiful seaside

Sunshine Swirl

summer beauty

Sun-Kist Shawl.

Wrap me in Romance.

Sunny Shells

Summer grace

Sherbet Swirl Shawl

Sunshine shawl

Sunshine on my shoulders

Hi, I think it should be called WISPY It looks very delicate. WISP OF SPRING. You could wear it on these Spring nights while on your walk. That is what I think. It is very pretty. Thanks Jo

summer sunshine


Forsythia Lace Shawl

Fan-Sun Shawl

Fans of Summer

Delicate lacy fan shawl

Summer Buttercup Wrap

Fan-Sun Shawl

Lovely-Name suggestion- Drops of Golden Sun

Sunny Senorita Shawl

Vickie's Summertime Shaw

Fun Fan!

Honeycomb Spin.

owl shawl

Summer breeze shawl is very pretty, love it!

Lemon Lace

Sea Shell Shawl

sunshine shell

Summer Fans

Sunflowers Shawl

Wrap Me in Sunshine

Buttercup shawl Linda S

half sun flowers

Sunshine Daydream or Sun Drops

"Sunshine Shell crocheted Shawl"...

What do you think? Sun spot

sunburst shaw or wrap

Seashells Galore

Summer shawl is my thought ,this is very elegant would be perfect for Weddings in the summertime.

Lemon Drop Shawl

Dandelion Lace

A Bit Of Sunshine..........L&S....thanks!!

sunrise shawl

Beautiful! My name for it is: Sunshine on my shoulder

Sweetheart Shawl

sunrays shawl

This is beautiful. My name suggestion is Sunshine Waves.

Ocean Sun Rise

I love this pattern! How about Summer Sunshine Shawl?

Summer Lace

I think it names itself "Pure Elegance"

Rainbows and sunshine

Sunflower field shawl

Forever Shells

Sunflower Summer Shawl

Lemon Lace

Golden Sunset

Rows of Sunshine Shawl

kisses of sunshine

Sunny Lace Shawl

Summer Fans

Golden Waves Shawl

Blooming Sunsoaked Beauty

Honey Lace Shawl

Feather & Lace

Sunburst Summer Shawl

"Sunshine Elegance"

Summer Sunshine

Rays of Summer

I would call it "Pineapple Delight"

Soft sunset

"Ocean Waves Shawl" When I first saw this shawl it reminded me of waves gently rolling onto the shore. Of course the color didn't but the design reminded me of waves. Can not wait to make this shawl.

I would call it scalloped elegance


I would cal it: Summer's Breeze Shawl

When studying the pattern diagram I could see shells, pineapples, butterflies and more. To capture the beauty of the hidden images and open work, you could try Delicate Illusions.

I would call it spring sunrise. it's brightly color with big open space

Lemon Drop

First impression was: Shells by the Sea

Envelop in Eyelet.

my first word when I saw this shawl, LOVE LACE SHAWL,

This is a very nice and easy shawl. I wold call it "Lacey Cluster Shawl"

Illusion wrap. Sometimes it looks like fans, sometimes like butterflies and there is just an illusion of what is underneath.

"SunriseSunset Shawl". Imagine alone in your thoughts during a perfect summer sunrise and/or taking a walk with your loved one viewing a perfect summer sunset

MANGO DELICACY is what I'd like to call this delicate shawl. It is light, summery and looks awesome.

This is very pretty! I would call it "Fannie". The pattern reminds me of fans like they would use years ago. These would be nice done up in different colors for bridesmaids to wear for a wedding...

Sunset at the Beach

lacy sunrise

Golden Morning Sunrise

Demure Lemon Lace

Delicious Sunny Pineapple

Demure Delicious

Divine pineapple delight

Fantasy Fantasia

Wow! just went thru all the names. great choices

Sunshine Shells

Majestic Mantle

Airy lemon delight

good morning sunshine

Luscious Lace


Butterfly shawl

Sunshine Shawl

How about "Springtime Elegance"?

Good day Sunshine shawl

The Golden Princess

How about "summer breeze"?

June's Lemonade Lace




Or Sunny Breeze

This is lovely! It looks more like a sunny day shawle than a warm one.. say when the afternoon breeze starts? I would name it Sunshine Breeze

Waves of Sunshine

I think that "Golden Dream" would be a great name.

I would call it Sunshine.

Dancing Delilah

"bells and bars" gets my vote! lllynwkrk

I would call it "On the Sunny Side"

"Bells and Bars" gets my vote.

"Sunflower lace" might be a nice name for this summery light shawl.

I think "Sunshine & Lacy Shells" would be a nice name.

The Simple Shawl would be a good name..

Moonshine shawl

Holey Moley.......

Draped Sunshine Shawl :)

Peek-a-Boo Scallops Peek-a-Boo Scalloped Shawl

How about "Lovely in Lace"

" Amber Lace Shawl ". I was wondering: wouldnt it be possible to also provide a graphic for this beautiful shawl? I find graphics so much easier to follow. Thanks in advance...

Summer Shells

Mellow Yellow

The Brass Ring Shawl


Golden Sunset shawl

Peek-Boo Sunshine Shawl

Cualtzin ("Beautiful" in Nahuatl, one of the Aztec dialects)

Circles of Gold!

Sunshine on My Shoulders Shawl

Lady O

Swirls of lace shawl

Golden Sun Shawl

The Golden Lacy Shoulder Shawl

Rising Sun

Fans and Filigree

Ray of sunshine shawl

Golden Circle Shawl

Sun Petals

Sunshine shawl

Spanish dancer

I would call it "Sunrise and Shells".

Shell Shawl

Lemon Lace Sorbet Shawl

Sunset Swirl

Sunburst Lace Shaw

Loops 'n' Lace


Fandango Fling shawl or just Fandango! It remind D's me of little paper fans.

Pineapple rings shawl

Sunny Evening Shawl

Pineapple Perfection

Buttercup Shawl

Summertime Fresh Lemonade Shawl

Lemon Cool-Aid, it is a cool aide.

sweet summer nights

regina hawks-sweet summer lace

Lemon Chiffon, nice and airy.

Summer Fun!

Airy Lacy Scallops

Very nice for summer:)

Wrap of Enchantment

sunshine smile is what I would name the shawl.

Light Surrender or classic cover

Sunrise Shawl

What do you think? Light Surrender

What do you think? Light Surrender

Romantic Tryst works for me.

lemon lace & fans shawl

I think this is beautiful!! I would call it Sunshine on my shoulders shawl.

How about Sunny and Breezy

Lacey Circles

I think the name should be: Holy Shells

Golden Glow, or Lemon Zest Gerry, May 7 Gerry, May 7

Befitting a Queen

Angelic lace

I would call the pattern : Summertime Bliss

Sunshine Fantasy

Glow of Sunshine

Fanny Shawl

Citrus Summer Shawl

Pure Gold

"Sunshine On My Shoulders" shawl :)

Fan-tastic Lace

Goldenrod Lace

Sunrise Sunset

Daffodil Dreams

Sunshine Lace

Summer Glow

sunshine because the pattern looks like the sun giving off rays, being in yellow also makes it look that way. Looking forward to making it.

I would call it Charlotte's Web

Swirling Shells


Lemon Lace Swirls

"fanning breeze" wrap for all the little "fans" and the "holes " for the breeze


Lemon Fancy

Sunshine of Seashells. Try to say that 3 times fast!

I know I cannot enter the competition being in South Africa....but I think this shawl should be called Wrapped in Sunshine! ;)


Beautiful, NO Name Shawl should be called "Autumn Sunshine"

I like the name Golden Sunshine Shawl.

waves of comfort. Would make anyone feel the comfort wearing this shawl

A ray of sunshine. It is a beautiful shaw, perfect for summer and warm weather. I rate it a 10.

Love this pattern. I would call this pattern: Burst of Sunshine.

summer lattice

How about "Lacy Daisy Summer"

Beautiful shawl. How about "Peek-a-boo Sunshine".

Summer Shells

I would call it Lacy Shells Shawl

I would call this lovely shawl "Summer Romance"

golden mist

Banana Split Shawl! :D

Sunshine on my shoulders!

Enchanted Gold Wrap

Quite beautiful. I would name it Loops and Curls Shawl

Lindo muy Lindo. Yo lo llamara caracolas de oro. clotilde

Lemon Swirl

I like Lacy's Scallops

Victorian Fan

I would call this Butterscotch Swirl.

I would call this curls and swirls

Fans of Summer

Sunshine circles

Lace Embrace

I would call this pattern: Elegance

my name idea is yellow lady

I think it is lovely. I would name it "Sunny Caresses."

Honney shells

Golden Summer Waves Shawl.

Mustard & Cress

i would name this beautiful shawl "Evening Elegance".

Summer Breeze

Lemon Breeze Shawl

Sunny Morning Shawl as it looks perfect for when I have to go out early on a cool morning when I know it will be a warm day so am wearing light summer clothes.

Looks like "Golden Fans Shawl"

Open Lace Train Track

lacy sun

The colour reminds me of daffodils in spring so that's what I would call it. The "daffodils in spring shawl"

I love it , it's so dainty. I would call it "Decked in Sunshine!"

I think the lace looks like little angels, so I would call this "The Angel's Prayers Shawl"

Butter Cup Lemon Twist

I think it should be Summer Shells Shawl.

Sunburst was my first thought!

I would call this shawl Dancing Ladies because it causes me to think of Ladies with big skirts dancing. I love crocheting shawls and this one is a beauty.

Lacy Lemon Scallops is my suggestion!

I think it should be called A Lacy Day in the Sun

Perhaps "Flights of Fancy" would work.

The shawl should be named "Sunshine on My Shoulders Shaw".

Beautiful I would call it Majestic Queen Shall

"Sunshine On My Shoulder"

Lacy and feminine! Breezy Golden Shells

I love this shawl. I think it should be named summertime lemonade. It makes me think of a cold glass of sweet lemonade.

Eternal Sunrise is my name for this beautiful shawl.

Summer breeze great for that summer stroll

Sunny Afternoon Shawl, or Golden Afternoon Shawl.

Rays of Light Shawl. That's first thing I thought of.

Well who said you have to use yellow yarn? Looking at the diagram and the shape, it looks as if it is in the praise mode....arms I say Praise Shawl or Angel Wings....any color will do.

It reminds me of fans - so Fandango comes to mind.

I immediately thought about an afternoon walk on the beach. "Sunset Beach Shawl"

"Moonlight Stroll Shawl" to wear on those romantic moonlit cool nights.

I see others have thoughts along my lines also. When I looked at the shawl I immediately thought "Sunshine Shawl"

I think this shawl should be name Lacy Sunshine Shawl.

I would name this shawl - Sun Shells. The open work give is a summery look and the shells look like rays of the sun. The yellow yarn adds to the look of summer sun and sea shells.


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