Easy Lace Triangle Shawl


Easy Lace Triangle Shawl

Easy Lace Triangle Shawl
Easy Lace Triangle Shawl

This Easy Lace Triangle Shawl is the perfect addition to any woman's wardrobe. It's an easy crochet pattern to complete using Lion Brand DaVinci yarn in any color of your choice.

This stylish shawl can be worn any time of the year because it's great for cool summer nights or brisk autumn mornings. Super bulky yarn and a large hook make this a quick crochet pattern to add to your wardrobe.

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Crochet HookQ or 16mm hook

Yarn Weight(6) Super Bulky/Super Chunky (4-11 stitches for 4 inches)



  • Lion Brand Da Vinci Yarn: Oceania, 6 balls
  • Lion Brand Crochet Hook - Size Q-19
  • Lion Brand Large-Eye Blunt Needles

One size
About 50 x 34 in. (127 x 86.5 cm)

    1. A large hook is used to create a lacy effect.
    2. Shawl is worked in one piece, beg at lower point.
    3. Increases are worked in every row to shape Shawl. 

Ch 4.
Row 1: Work 2 dc in 4th ch from hook (beg ch counts as first dc).
Row 2: Ch 1, turn, 2 sc in first st, sc in next st, 2 sc in top of turning ch - 5 sc at the end of this row.
Row 3: Ch 3 (counts as first dc in this row and in all following rows), turn, sk first sc, 2 dc in each sc across to last sc, dc in last sc - 8 dc.
Row 4: Ch 1, turn, 2 sc in first dc, ch 1, sk next dc, sc in next sp between sts, *ch 1, sk next 2 dc, sc in next sp between sts; rep from * to last 2 sts (one dc and turning ch), ch 1, sk next dc, 2 sc in top of turning ch - 7 sc and 4 ch-1 sps.
Row 5: Ch 3, turn, sk first sc, skipping all ch-sps, work 2 dc in each sc across to last sc, dc in last sc - 12 dc.
Row 6: Rep Row 4 - 9 sc and 6 ch-1 sps.
Rows 7-36: Rep Rows 5 and 6 fifteen times-39 sc and 36 ch-1 sps. Do not fasten off.

Ch 1, turn, sc in each sc and ch-1 sp across the top edge of Shawl; sc evenly spaced along diagonal side edge of Shawl, work 3 sc in point, sc evenly spaced along other diagonal side edge of Shawl; join with sl st in first sc. Fasten off.

Weave in ends.


For help getting started on this easy crochet pattern, watch this video by Lion Brand Yarn to learn how to crochet the chain stitch right below. Visit Lion Brand Yarn's Company Profile for more free crochet patterns and video tutorials.

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Is this pattern supposed to grow asymmetrically? No matter what I do one side looks to grow much faster than the other. At first it looks like it's curling but as I go it just looks longer than the other side.

I like the colors as well as the stitches used here although as ever before, I don't like the usual design of the shawl where you cannot securely tie it in front of you and therefore it keeps on falling off your shoulders.

The Easy Lace Triangle Shawl would be a great advanced beginner project! It will help you to become comfortable with your increase stitch rows. I think you could make this with a lighter weight yarn and a smaller hook, and it would work as a triangle scarf, wearing it with the point in front and wrapping the tails around the neck. I am loving these colors!

There is no picture to show how this shawl looks. Could we get an update to show a picture here or could we get a link that will take us to a picture of the shawl please?

Hey Hippie Chick, The photo should be appearing now. Thanks! Julia, editor for AllFreeCrochet

The chunky, cozy and warm look is what draws me to this shawl. Winter is just about here in South Africa so shawls and wraps are just the perfect thing to wear to ward off the cooler weather. Do you not just love this variegated yarn? And the combination of blues and sea greens are just perfect for me.

Can someone please help I'm new to crochet I am doing this pattern but I don't know what SP's means please can someone help

Hi foxiegirlie, SP's stand for spaces. I hope that helps! Julia, editor for AllFreeCrochet

#bestideaever I'm making it up in Bernat Baby Blanket yarn in this color combination ... I can't wait to finish it.


Where do you print the pattern?

Love to teach this one to my oldest grandgal

This will be one you can put together with what you may have left over and just want to use it up. I like the patterns that are easy.

What a pretty shawl! Definitely adding to my list of projects!!!!

This project looks like something a beginner might be able to get some practice with a practical result. I'll try it!

This looks like it would work up very quickly. Great for a last-minute gift.

I would love to learn how to crochet!

I'd rather use it as a baby bunting

What do I think, you ask. I think I would like to crochet this shawl with this yarn. I have knitted several but have never crocheted one. This yarn is beautiful.

This shawl would be great to make for my daughter. She would love these colors! I'm a beginner in crochet and haven't made too much. This would be my first shawl!

a very good basic shawl for those day off days where you just wanna crochet all day:) thanks for the giveaway:D

Love the colors. Will add this to my pattern list.

This would be a great pattern to use for prayer shawls at church!

Very pretty quick gift

This would be a great gift for my daughter!

Love this shawl in the Lion Brand Oceania yarn!

Love this shawl and the yarn. Look forward to making it.

This would make a beautiful prayer shawl! Love it!!

Very pretty and easy to make, variegated cream color would be nice too! crystalbluern at onloneok dot com

I can't wait to make this one!

I love this shawl! The colors are beautiful. I learned to crochet when I was young but have not done it in a very long time. I would love to relearn this skill and be able to make this for the upcoming cooler weather!

I love the colors in this shawl, and it looks like the perfect thing to wear in the evening when it turns cooler.

Beautiful yarn but I think it would look prettier with a rounded back.

wow! great idea! thanks for sharing!

Wow, This shawl would make an assume gift for a special friend or stranger. A little fringe added would make it perfect for a night out!

I don't want to appear stupid (lol) but what is an assume gift?

I like it. Great gift idea.

That's beautiful! I'd love to give it a try.

This will be a great Christmas gift to make with little time to make it.

I really like this, it will make a beautiful gift for a friend.

This would be great to make for my kids. Just use different colors and each daughter will look elegant!

I have been looking for a shawl pattern for a Christmas gift. This one just might be it! Pretty and it looks like it will stitch up quickly.

I like the pattern. I crochet everyday. It is my sanity.

Very lovely pattern. I used to knit years ago and tried to crochet but didn't quite work out. Maybe someday will try again.

It is very pretty! I would love to learn to make it.

I love the yarn color of this shawl. I would like to make it one of these days.

Love this shawl only took a few hours to make, instructions were very easy to follow and understand. will make a perfect gift. thank you.

I love this pattern! I think it would be easy enough for my twin 11 y o daughters to make, but pretty enough to impress them!! Love the colors that were used in the pictures also!!

This would be the perfect project for my new to crocheting husband who wants to crochet something I would actually use...and blue is my favorite color.

I think this is a perfect project for living in the south. We don't have much call for afghans, but this would be great for chilly nights at the beach, of for wearing on a casual evening out. Looks quick and easy, and like a pattern I might get to finish in a busy and demanding schedule!

lovely shawl.

lovely shawl.

Wow, the hook is huge. I bet you could whip out a project in no time!

I haven't crocheted in many years. This makes me want to start back. I have so many crafts going that I have to finish.

LOVE the large hook! It makes quick, easy scarves too!

I crochet daily - think this is def going to be next on my list!!!

Love the shawl, crochet every chance I get.

Love this shawl, beautiful colors

What beautiful yarn and shawl. Great tutorial too - many thanks!

Colors are great and looks like the shawl can be finished quickly

Love the patterns, and vibrant colors, crocheting makes me so relax, and a great feeling of accomplishment

Very pretty! I love the colorway of this yarn! The shawl is really pretty!

Nice! My DD will love this.

I crochet every day! I would be lost without it!

I crochet every day at lunch. This looks like 1 week of lunchtime to make - a nice easy pattern

I would love to make this pattern. It looks so easy and yet so cozy. I love the color.

This is lovely! I crochet daily :)

I love this pattern I try to crochet everyday!

Thank you for the pattern I wanted to learn to make a shawl! I am still learning, not as experience as other ladies here, but I love it! It's helping me to overcome depression dew to a long term illness. I just found your site and I love it! ()

Love the colors and very pretty.

wow beautiful colors & the design looks sooo useful

I crochet every day. Am trying to finish up a couple of gifts as well as some items for charity. I love the mix of colors and the pattern for the shawl and would love to win. Thanks for sharing the pattern with us. 12 Day of Christmas? You betcha!! Would love to win that prize too!!

I love the colors and the pattern looks like it would be easy to follow. I also love patterns that include videos.

This shawl is lovely. In style and easy to make. thanks for the chance to reproduce it. LE

Like this pattern, will have to make it soon - maybe after Christmas. Have got too many projects to get done now. Would love to win the 12 Days of Christmas prize

looks cozy.

Cute shawl.

awesome shawl pattern! I have been looking for a nice shawl pattern!! Thanks!!

I love this pattern, I am going to make it next.

This reminds me of my early crocheting days! I think I made a shawl for all my friends & cousins! :-) These days, being unemployed, I have all the time in the world to crochet, but no money to buy yarn!!! :-(

I love this, I'll have to make it for my friend for Christmas, she'll love it! :)

I need to finish up some WIP's then I would love to crochet this shawl

This is a beautiful shawl. I posted it on Pinterest to share with others. This is definitely one that I will be making.

very pretty...I love the colors. This may be something I try in the near future! :)

Very pretty, Love the Colors. Can't wait to start this one when I win! I crochet something almost every day. Having 9 grandchildren keeps my crocheting and sewing abilities very busy!

This would make a wonderful quick and easy gift.

I hope I win the yarn and hook because I want to make this now! It's really pretty and looks easy to do; if it's too hard I have a tendency to not start it... _

Very cute, I am teaching myself how to read a pattern. I have never done it and am learning the abbreviations by looking the stitch up on you tube!! This would be something I would really enjoy

That looks like it would be a fast work up and yet be a really beautiful gift! I'm adding this to my favorites list!

this is pretty!

I am going home to make this tonight. Would be even more fantastic with some amazing new yarn!

I have begun to make this shawl and would love to try the yarn for the eight day giveaway as it is beautiful!! cannot wait to finish this project.

Beautiful. Would love to learn to make this.

Beautiful colors. Would love to try that yarn.

Can't wait to get this pattern on my hook. Lovely in the colors shown!!!!!!!!

My what a big needle you have! This looks do-able for all or any of us afraid of crocheting

looks warm and comfy also love the colors!!!!!!

This would be perfect for a chemo patient.

This would be perfect to use the Di Vinci yarn for as I like a nice warm wrap to keep warm while reading, crocheting, and knitting. Love trying new yarns.

Love the color and the chunkiness!!!! Just learning how to crochet and would love to make this someday!!!! Thanks for the tutorials!!!

I'm always making things for my family & friends, but I saw this & decided that this is what I will be making MYSELF for Christmas!!! I absolutely fell in love with it. I love the colors!!

It's beautiful! I love the colors!!!

I love to crochet espically small projects that can be compleated quickly. Pot Holders, using my mother's pattern are an especial project I like to do. A finished pot holder is always a welcome gift that my children & grandchildren apreciate and expect.

The yarn is beautiful! I prefer a more delicate pattern when it comes to shawls but I think this pattern would make a very nice thow!

Love it!

I love the texture of this shawl and how the color changes in the yarn work for you.

Beautiful and I would love to make this.

I like this it is an easy & pretty yarn to start back into crocheting again. Need some therapy for a broken right arm & I think this will do the trick

I like this it is an easy & pretty yarn to start back into crocheting again. Need some therapy for a broken right arm & I think this will do the trick

Love this super easy pattern, the color of the yarn really makes is stand out. Love that color!

This is a beautiful shawl. I cant wait to make it

I love this and it's soooo pretty in the color choice! :)

While this pattern is not quite my style, I do love the variegated colors of the yarn. It makes for a very attractive project.

very cute -- looks easy too!

Very pretty - love the colors! Would love to try this project.

What a gorgeous color scheme! Love this project!!!

This I could make! Just think of the colors you can use..

Lionbrand is a great site for beginners in crochetting, and a shawl pattern can easily be turned into an afghan pattern...thanks for the great pattern

I would love to try this. I would like to do it in pink colors. Pink brings out the rosy colors of my cheeks. I will post it when I'm finished with it. Thanks for the pattern

Amazing colors & it dosen't look that hard to make.

I love the colors and the directions seem easy enough.

Love the colour way of this yarn and such a great pattern, definitely moving up my 'to do' list, would be great for pressies too :)

The colorways are beautiful. Very similar to a scarf i Just for myself (a very rare occurrence!).


I love the colours.

I think it looks gorgeous!

love the colors on this beautiful shawl!

Always great to have a beautiful pattern.

looks like a fun pattern

Beautiful yarn and a pattern that is appropriate for all skill levels. A great choice!

Especially nice that the pattern is flexible enough to make the shawl bigger - some of us need a little more coverage!

This shawl is so pretty! I would like to try this!

so pretty. I will try it. love the yarn colors

What a great project! The colors are so pretty and it looks like it would be fairly simple to do!

I cant wait to try this one. I think my daughter will just love it.

I love the shawl. It looks very warm. perfec t fdor this time of year!

This looks like an easy and very beautiful shawl. I like the color choice.

This looks really cute. Love the colors!

Lovely, I love to crochet scarves :)

This is really cute and looks so simple, I will have to make one as a Christmas gift!

I am a beginner and this looks like a great beginner shaw!

I loved the pattern and have made the shawl...it is easy and turned out great

gorgeus yarn the shawl is beautiful. I have never tried rubber stamping

Love the color and the look of this shaw!

Beautiful yarn! The beautiful lacy shawl pattern looks like it would be quick and easy.

The shawl is pretty and I love the yarn! Cool colors.

I love to crochet shawls. This package would be perfect to start off my new career in retirement as head crocheter of my household. Thank you for all the terrific free patterns. I've passed your site on to friends & family members. Great site!

Beautiful yarn!

love the shawls, but would love free yarn even more! Thanks for your wonderful patterns!

Wow I love the colors and the thick yarn looks so easy to work up.

Very pretty...I've made several shawls, but never any with the really thick yarn. It looks so warm & cozy!

love to try this! Crocheting is easy and addicting

love this shawl & with the chunky yarn it will be a quick crochet also!!!

This looks like a good project for a fairly new crocheter!

I'd LOVE to make this for my mother in law!!!

Very pretty.

I love shawls and wraps but have never crocheted one because I am a large woman and have never found a pattern that was long enough. My skills do not run to altering a pattern yet. Thanks.

I have a passion for shawls. I pinned this as soon as I saw it and will make one as soon as I can. Beautiful colors!

Looks like a fun and quick project.

the pattern looks fun i think i'd pin it though instead of tying it because the points seem a little short to me. would be fun to play with it

This looks easy enough for me to do.

This is perfect for my sister!

I can't wait to make this shawl for my daughters! All 4!

This looks like the perfect shawl for me to start crocheting with! I've been knitting for as long as I can remember, but this project might just get me into the world of crocheting!

So pretty idea, love the design.

Cute and looks very easy to make. Will be a nice addition to my arsenal of cold remedies!

Looks like an easy beginner shawl, love the colours :)

Think I will make this very soon!

This is so beautiful!

That is so very cute. Plan to save this one and try it. :-)

This yarn would be perfect for this! So saved and will make to wear over my formals!

The color of the yarn is gorgeous, my sister loves shawls and would delight if I made her this. If I cant get it done by Christmas her birthday is right behind the holidays so it would be a grand surprise :)

I may have to give this a try, I won't wear a shaw but I bet my kids would love one.

ssooo soo pretty......

love it!

This looks warm and cozy. Love the colors. Would make a great gift to keep someone warm.

The colors look really nice.

This looks like it would be fun to make and have for when the house gets cold!!!

The yarn colors are great but I wouldnt ever wear a shawl. Good idea for anyone who does.

I can't decide whether it is the pattern or the beautiful yarn I like more. The colours are my favourites.

Beautiful shawl!! The Lion Brands chunky yarns make such soft and fluffy projects. I want to cuddle up in it right now!

i like the lacy effect created by using a large hook

love this shawl....looks so comfy

Beautiful I love to crochet with chunky yarn!!!

This is beautiful! My Mom would love it!!! Will make it for her for Christmas.

Love making shawls. This is a nice one. Would really like to make it.

I'm always looking for an easy shawl pattern and this one's also so pretty. Thanks!

This seems to be a quick and easy project. I have two nieces who love shawls and if I post this pic on facebook they will ask me to make it. I will also share this pattern with my sister in law who also crochets. They never ask her to make anything. LOL

I love this pattern!! It is easy and beautiful!!

It is a pretty shawl and looks a lot easier than others I have tried to make; also love the colors!

It is beautiful.. I would like to try making it in one of the soft whites with speckles or a range of orange and yellows so pretty

This looks so cozy, and a great project for not having much patience ;)

Beautiful!!! I am a "Newby" to all of this, but this looks like one that even I can manage!!! Thank you for sharing such wonderful projects!!!

Thanks for the tutorials, makes attemping to crochet a little less scary!! lol, but the shawl is very pretty and love the colors!

Have not made this shawl but looks easy. Have made many others from this site and people just love them. Made a number of shawls last year for residents of nursing home for Christmas. While try this one.

I used a Q hook to make Lion Brand's 45 minute cowl. It took a while to get used to the giant hook, but once I did my cowl worked up so fast! I'm excited to see how fast this shawl works up too! It may not be 45 minutes, but I bet it'd be pretty quick!

I like this, I can see making it in several different colors.

I think I need to get a Q hook. I so want to try this.

I love any excuse to use my Q hook :) Also I've been eyeing that Da Vinci yarn for a while, very pretty!!

I have a Q hook, but have never made anything with it yet ... this looks like a good one to start with. Love the colors used in the pic, too!

I love triangle shawls and have knit many of them. This one is so pretty in this colorway, I will have to try it!


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