22 Popular Free Crochet Patterns eBook


22 Popular Free Crochet Patterns eBook

This free eBook features some of our top, most popular patterns in an easy-to-download collection!


22 Popular Free Crochet Patterns eBook
22 Popular Free Crochet Patterns eBook

If you love free crochet patterns like we do, check out our latest eBook! This 61-page eBook boasts free easy crochet patterns, free afghan crochet patterns, free crochet patterns for beginners, and much more. 22 Popular Free Crochet Patterns is your one-stop shop for the best free crochet patterns around.

All of these beautiful crochet designs range in skill level from beginner to advanced, so there is a pattern for everyone. Treat yourself to any one of these free patterns today, especially since it’s free to download this eBook. You can get all 22 patterns immediately if you just click on the link- the PDF will show up right away. Then you can print it or save it on your computer so that you can access it over and over.

Take a few minutes, hours, or days to work up some of these crochet patterns. They vary in size, style, color and purpose because, obviously, it’s a collection of everything you like the most! You’ll find crochet hatsbaby blankets, doilies, and even more types of patterns in the pages below. All you have to do is take a peek and you’ll be hooked. 

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What's Inside This Free eBook

Hat Patterns and Hair Accessories
Crochet hat patterns and hair accessories are small projects that are quick and generally easy to work up. These can add a personal touch to any outfit (and help you out on a bad hair day). Don't let the thought of working in rounds to crochet a hat scare you off - once you start working around, simply keep count of your stitches and you'll have no problem following this pattern. Winter hats, baby hat patterns, and even a few crochet headbands are included in this collection.
-Bottoms Up Crochet Hat (pg. 5) - Be simple and stylish with one accessory that's worked from the bottom up. This crochet hat will keep you perfectly warm all winter long. 
-Ice Queen Cap (pg. 14) - This crochet hat has a sort of elegance about it with the texture that's worked into the main part of the hat. Feel like royalty even in the bitter cold of winter.
-Petals Newborn Hat (pg. 9) - Work up this darling little newborn hat by using the cluster stitch throughout. Add a cute little flower for a delicate touch! 

Crochet Wearables
Crochet wearables are always a hit - choose from crochet scarves, shawls or poncho patterns to complete your look. When you get to work up a clothing piece, you get to make sure it is tailored exactly to your liking. These crochet patterns are fun to make and often don't require shaping. This collection of crochet wearables is just what you need to spruce up that outfit. Work up a one-skein scarf as a quick weekend project, or stay cozy and chic in the Granny Square Poncho - your new favorite patterns await! 
-Asymmetry Scarf Using One Skein (pg. 22) - Even the best accessories can be quick and easy to work up. This crochet scarf pattern only uses one skein, but it will still keep you snug with its bulky weight!
-Crochet Tranquil Wrap (pg. 27) - Wrap yourself in tranquility with this easy crochet wrap pattern. Use the nice, deep green color or whatever is your favorite to work up this delicate half-circle crochet shawl.
-Granny Square Poncho (pg. 29) - This crochet poncho is proof that crochet granny squares can be used in just about everything! Choose your favorite colors for a fun and unique accessory. 

Baby Blankets and Crochet Afghans
Crochet baby blankets - much less intimidating than a regular-sized crochet afghan, and much quicker to work up, too! With crochet baby blankets, you can choose colors that will match the baby's nursery or stick with sweet pastel shades. Baby patterns like these make great baby shower gifts or projects to work up while you are waiting for baby to arrive. It will give the new little one something personal to welcome them home, and so many children keep that first blanket for many years to come.
-Kaleidoscope Afghan (pg. 38) - This unique design will truly blow your mind. Work up this pattern that reminds us of how fun it is to look through a kaleidoscope.
-Road Trip Baby Blanket (pg. 44) - This super soft and super cuddly blanket is perfect for snuggling up in. Your baby will love sleeping with this on long car trips. 
-Beginner Baby Blanket (pg. 48) - It's amazing how seriously easy this baby blanket pattern is. Even beginners can work it up!

Extra Crochet Motifs and Accessories
From crochet flowers to doilies to crochet bags and totes, this group of crochet patterns features some extras just for you! Accessorize your table with the doilies and use the totes as your normal shopping bags. Plus, you can work up many little crochet flowers and add them to any accessories for an instant pop of color. These patterns can be part of your DIY home decor and give your space that warm, personal feeling of crochet.
-Dainty Crochet Doily (pg. 53) - Decorating your kitchen and dining room can now be utterly gorgeous with the crochet doily pattern.
-Easy Flowers (pg. 55) - These simple crochet flower patterns are easy to work up and look great added on to any crochet piece, from scarves and bags to blankets and even hats. 
-Two Hour Tote (pg. 58) - Don't waste your time! Take just a couple hours to work up this adorable crochet bag.

...and much, much more!

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I havent had a chance to even open the patterns yet, I just downloaded BUT i am so excited to getting back into it again

I agree with other posters. Pop up ads are annoying but what are TV commercials? They pop up in your shows and you put up with them. I figure it's a very small price or inconvenience as it were for me to be able to gain access to all of these wonderful and free patterns.

P S I have a project that I am doing but I am doing it without any type of pattern although I am sure there is probably one out there somewhere as for the amount of Pop UP ads I guess I am the odd one out since I look at it as part of the package after all since the items one can access from this site are free it was and is worth the hassle because after all it how the webmaster can keep the site maintained without having to charge a view to it's is users This is awesome for individuals like me that can't afford membership s especially when his her monthly income is far less then poverty level Crocheting is about the only luxury I have and that is only because I have access to very low to no cost material occasionally through my family membersRead More So THANK YOU to the builder and all those involved in the development of this website and its content

I had no problem downloading and saving my free eBook. And although I haven't tried any of the patterns as yet I was able to view the book and see that there are at least a few that are "Easy" which is what I need since my skill level would be considered "beginner". I does contain several projects that I want to try in the future. Will let you know when I have done some of them.

i do not like this site. i do not need the aggravation. if i could give a lower rating, i would.

Just unsubscribe.

Best ever!!!

I can't stand this website. Pop-up after pop-up. I can't even read anything without some "install me" showing up. Maybe if you can fix this, I might come back. I was hoping for a awesome website. I found out about this site via Pinetrest. Let me know when you fix it please.

Cannot get copy of free ebooks. I am told it has downloaded but cannot find it. Thank you.

Have taken down www.aplusbabycrochet.com; hoping to put it back up later.

It's very frustrating when I download one of your ebooks and then you force me to click a link within the ebook to get the pattern, and that link doesn't work. This is totally useless to me!

looking for free paterns for an octagon (8 sided) crochet rug. please email your pattern to me at txdauditr@aol.com. Thanks to each of you in advance.

looking for free patterns for an octagon (8 sided) crochet rug. please email your pattern to me at txauditr@aol.com. Thanks to each of you in advance. NOTE: my previous posting listed the incorrect email address.

I would like to find the instructions on crochet " BOOB" hat for nursing mothers... can you help?

This has given me new ideas for yarn I have left over.

please give instructions for downloading the free copy. I cannot get it in the correct form

i cannot open the fres ofered. please give me some instructions the copy of patternanks joan beckwith

Thank you......I look forward to starting yet another project. I found you through Moogly on FACEBOOK.

Thanks so much.. this is awesome :)

I have been crocheting for very long time. This is a really great site & I hope to add my projects to share with all of you. I will be telling my fellow crocheters all about you. Thanks

Haven't crocheted in years - looking forward to having another try - thanks so very much.

I'm a newby and I know this will come in handy. Thanks so much!

Thank you for the e-book I know I will use it many times.

really is so very great for my loving hobby

I love crochet, but I have a problem with my English. I would like to see this page in Spanish if it is possible. thank you.

Please! I need a pattern for a blanket called Dainty Keepsake. I was in an old Leaisurearts pattern book yoprado@grandecom.net Thank you

I want to find a pattern for baby cowboy boots.

I have one ( I think) if you still need one.

I want to find a crochet pattern for narrow lace suitable for doll clothes. Thought this site would have something I could use, but no luck!

I'm pretty new at crochet As a young girl my sister taught me to chain stitch and what I thought to double crochet I'm now years old and will be a grandma in March I started making a baby blanket for my grandson using only the stitches I knew I wanted to make a pair of booties and started searching online I made a bonnet and booties for my oldest son when he was a baby and they turned out to be the size of a year old LOL I stumbled onto this site and am so glad I did I love the free patterns although most I am still learning about the stitches I found out my double crochet is not a double crochet at all As a matter of fact I'm not sure what it would be called LOL But since I've already put about hours into this blanketRead More I'm going to continue whith the mystery stitch The only question I have is that it seems like it is getting longer and longer It's even so I know I'm not off of my count Why would this be I look forward to learning much more By the way I made my first pair of tru baby booties I just hope they won't turn out too small Happy crocheting

Maybe check and see if you are making your stitches looser as you go along. My chain end always used to shorter because my chain stitch was tighter than the other rows. Just a thought.

Maybe try telling us how your stitch goes and we can see if we recognize it? You may have invented a new stitch!! :-)

I dowloaded the ebook and it opens unreadable. What am I doing wrong? I was so anxious to get the free ebook and the download is not working.

I didn't get my Ebook downloaded

I had an issue at first also. Once I turned off my pop-up blocker, it downloaded fine. Try that and see if it helps. Merry Christmas :)!

With all my heart thanks for E-book of patterns of crochet I'm sure to make great us of them, a least I found free patterns thanks again.

I love the E book . I love to crochet , but sometimes can't afford the patterns. This give me plenty to do thanks

I love the E book . I love to crochet , but sometimes can't afford the patterns. This give me plenty to do thanks

If anyone has an old Reader's Digest "Complete Guide to Needlework" with the snowflake pattern in it, could you please email me with the year of publication and the directions. My book and the afghan I made for my mother some how disappeared when she passed away and I would like to make another in her memory for myself. I would really appreciate it. My email is mikeballinger58@yahoo.com. Thanks

I would also like a copy if you please. Thank you. Joanne

http://www.amazon.com/Readers-Digest-Complete-Guide-Needlework/dp/0888500858 Here ya go! I hope it is the right one.

i have a copy of that book if you still need it...i can send off the directions!

I believe I have that if you still need. Let me know.

If all else fails, try contacting Readers Digest directly to see if they can't be helpful in locating the "Complete Guide to Needlework" Good luck in your venture. I hope you are successful in locating your pattern.

Evertthing looks great!! I'm looking for a pattern for a crocheted cuff bracelet, there was 2 different patterns & in the center is a shank button! Can someone help me!?

this is ok but i am looking for a special stitch use to be called the turkey stitch and we didn't mean a turkey either. it is a loop st. i need to get a graph of how to knot the loops. can you please help me? thank you alfreda johnsonbr br

the old readers digest needlework might have this turkey st in it. It shows a lot of yarn stitches and how they are done.

I used this stitch a long time ago so I typed it in to google and I think this is what you want. Good luck. http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=1478304649597310831

@ sls35, We suggest you try contacting the pattern designer directly for help. The designer is specified in the byline. You can also try posting your question onto our site's Facebook page; perhaps a fellow crocheter can assist you! Here is the link: http://www.facebook.com/AllFreeCrochet --Editors of AllFreeCrochet

I was trying the Sweet and Simple Shawl. I'm not a beginner and this pattern totally confused me. The directions are not very clear when it says( ch3, sk 2ch, sc in next ch) does that ch3 mean a 3 in one or is it supposed to be 3 single ch across? it doesn't make much sense to me. I was starting to get a ripple effect instead of a lattice which is what the finished shawl looked like. Please be a little more specific on this pattern. Thank you.

Why didn't you put all the directions into this book. Some have them, and some don't. I don't want to be going online all the time.

Hi Abigailrose, everything seems to be fine on our end. We were having some glitches but everything seems to be fine now. Thanks for your patience!

your links to the free e-book patterns are not working...


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