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Make decorative crochet blankets, cushions, or other pieces for your home. These free home decor crochet patterns range from useful items like space-saving and organizational baskets to decorative accent rugs and pillows.

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Book Cover

"When I recently read a book, I realized that when you read certain books… More

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Wire Crochet Tealight Holder

Try something totally different by making this Wire Crochet Tealight… More

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Planned Pooling Throw Pillow

"This pillow has a nice graphic look that will be equally at home in a… More

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Cool Britannia Crochet Cushion Cover

Would you love to call Downton Abbey your second home, or move in to… More

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Crochet Graduation Bunting

Celebrating graduation is exciting, and a fun way to make your party… More

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Ladybug Coaster

"Who loves ladybugs? This coaster pattern is simple, quick, and fun to… More

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Carrot Door Basket

Wreaths are fine and lovely, but what about celebrating spring with a… More

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Crochet Floral Paperclips

If you need something new to work up, try these Crochet Floral Paperclips.… More

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Up-Cycled T-Shirt Pillow

"My daughter, Ashley, was really sad when she realized that she had… More

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Yo-Yo Crochet Pillow

If you have a yarn stash that is overflowing and a need for some new… More

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Shamrock Coaster

A four-leaf clover is a rare genetic mutation of a clover which is why it… More

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Rustic Elegance Coaster Set

"Spice up your next picnic, holiday potluck, or upcoming wedding reception… More

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Spring Welcome Sign

"Show off your filet crocheting on your front door. This is a sign that is… More

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Watermelon Coaster

With the summer now upon us here in the US, nothing sounds better than a… More

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Tumbler Jacket

"This tumbler jacket is an ideal accompaniment to your glasses, protect… More

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