The Very Hungry Caterpillar Hat

The Very Hungry Caterpillar Hat
The Very Hungry Caterpillar Hat

Kids will go crazy over this adorable hat. The Very Hungry Caterpillar Hat is the perfect accessory to wear any time of the year. This free crochet hat pattern is completed using both crochet and sewing techniques; the caterpillar itself is sewn onto the crocheted hat. This cute hat can also easily be made for adults, as well. Make one for yourself if you love the hungry caterpillar also!


Crochet HookG/6 or 4 mm hook

Yarn Weight(4) Medium Weight/Worsted Weight and Aran (16-20 stitches to 4 inches)

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You don't actually give the gauge so I usually crochet close to the patterns gauge but It ended up like a dolls hat, have to start over or use my own pattern with your pattern for the HC. Love the idea tho. Have used various HC patterns. This is a cute one. This yarn is too rough. Little heads need a softer yarn.

It reminds me of two things a caterpillar in my garden and Eric Carle's book of the same name...The Very Hungry Caterpillar.

When and how will the winner of the memory contest be announced?

It reminds me how the book gave me a fascination with caterpillars!! My mom was so horrified every time I came home with different ones (even the not so nice ones)!

I think of the many times that I have spent reading Eric Carle's books to my daughters when they were younger and now to my grandchildren. What beautiful memories the hat pattern brings to mind!

One Christmas Eve I had to work at the Post Office and when I get there, Mr. Carle had left me a signed of The Very Hungry Caterpillar. I love it!

snuggling with my children and now my grandchildren reading the book just before bedtime.

It reminds me of the time i was working with special needs children. Each day we would read some of the book as a group then have a snack of whatever the caterpillar had eaten that day. The child i was working with didn't talk and didn't like to try new things, so i started saying bite bite a hing pitched voice..not only did the child take a bite he stated saying bite bite bite...ALL the time lol only words he would say...fond memory

I read this book to my two kids-now ages 18 and 20-until we wore out the book cover.

My five year old coming home thrilled with this book, 25 years ago.

I did not have this book when growing up, but my grandchildren did and enjoyed it.

I liked the colors of the book,but thought it way to boring to ever buy it- I didn't actually see it was a Caterpillar on her hat at first-i thought it was flowers and loved it-lol

My favorite memory associated with this book is reading it to my kids when they were little. They loved this book and loved putting their fingers in the page holes where the caterpillar had eaten through the food! Then we would make the food and put hole punches in it and use a yarn "caterpillar" to thread through the food. It was always a fun read!

My niece and nephew both love this book. They've both read it so many times that they can easily recite it from memory. We even had a wonderful Very Hungry Caterpillar themed birthday party one year - wish I'd been crocheting back then so I could've made this. Will just have to make up for lost time know!

My children love Eric Carle books. They are too old for the hat now, but my granddaughter would love it!

I never knew the story much when I was younger so my recent memories are of reading it to my kids in my class. We followed the story with an art project of placing poms on leaves and putting hole punches in each leaf.

I read it to my daughters now

This reminds me of when my son was younger. This was his favorite book, and I read it to him all the time. He even tried to eat everything like the catapiller once, it was so cute. A few years ago I went through a divorce. By this time I was reading the book to both my children. The divorce was hard on both of them. The one thing that keeps us close is this book. I am the only one the kids will let read it. We even read it over the phone.

This reminds me of my twin girls, when they were young. One truly was an outdoors child. She liked bug of all kind. She now has a daughter and I can see this daughter going outside getting all kind of bugs and all the dirt on the back yard.

I remember reading Eric Carle's boooks to my son. I probably have the book saved with his faves from childhood in storage. Those special books get saved for grandklds.

I think of my five grandchildren, each of whom I've read this book to, and will to the sixth who's coming soon. Since I love nature, it's nice to share such a cute story with my cute descendants. It's a great story to help begin them on a journey of observation of the world around us.

I remember reading the Very Hungry Caterpillar with all of my six children!! Can't wait to make the hat for my grand-daughter!! I may even make the butterfly on a poncho! :o)

When I was a child we saw many caterpillars in our yard. I have not seen a caterpillar for quite a few years. It makes me think of my childhood, even though I did not like the fuzzy little crawlers. This one is alot better.

I remember reading this with my best friend

IT was my daughters favorite

Reminds me of hornworms on my tomato plants!

It talks about how a caterpillar grows up to become a butterfly which is a beautiful story I really enjoy with school age and little children.

I have read this book to children & grandchildren along with many of Eric Carles other books. I love the hat.

This was one of my daughter's favorite books--I have made sure my nieces and nephews got a copy so they could enjoy the book too!

This book was a favorite for the children in my pre-K classes. My grandchildren are now enjoying it!

This reminds me of my nephew who loved the very hungry caterpillar more than 30 years ago. I love the hat.

I'm an Early Childhood Educator and have read this story many time over during my 25+years as a preschool teacher. It's a well loved favorite of children everywhere!

spending time with my Mom as a young girl,she has passed away and we used to love reading that book together

Alice in Wonderland is my first thought. Very cute hat.

Seems like my daughter read this book to me when she was in about the first grade. Pretty cute!

This is the first book my oldest son received. I used to read it to him 25 years ago when my sister in law sent it to Jeffrey. He still remembers it and still has his worn copy!

When I was halfway through Kindergarten, we moved. In my new school they had a caterpillar going around the classroom (The Very Hungry Caterpillar) and each body part would signify something the students were able to do (count to ten, know left from right, tie your shoes, print your name, etc.). I was very happy to have my name put up on pieces of the caterpillar in my first couple of days in my new school>

I first read this book when I worked in a kindergarten class. The kids loved it, and so did I. I liked it so much that I got one to read and share with my grandkids, and of course, they loved it too!

This is one of my daughters favorites, I remember reading it to her for the first time when she was 2 and she loved the catterpilar...

OMG! My 3 kids LOVED this book! We read it to them so many times we knew it by memory. When my grandson came along, we read it to him, over & over & over!

OMG! This is so so cute! I read this book to my kids when they were little and I will read to my grandkids...if I am ever blessed with some!! :o)

I enjoyed reading this book to my children years ago. When they started to read they read it many times.

I love this book!! I remember reading this to my own children many years ago. I wish the hat had been around when my girls were little.

This hat is adorable! It reminds me of the caterpillars made in grade school by glueing Little pompoms together. So cute!

I love Eric Carle books, but I don't remember reading this as a kid. This hat reminds me of when my brother and I used to catch caterpillars in our yard and put them in our wagon.

My mom read the The Very Hungry Caterpillar to me when I was young and I read from the same book to my kids..Love this hat

Love this hat! Reminds me of all the times I read the book to my grandson when he was little!

Love it! I wish I'd had the pattern when my daughter was small, she loved this story. My friend knitted her a pram blanket and wrapped a copy of the book in the blanket when she gave it to us, along with a soft toy hungry caterpillar. Can't see Eric Carle's creation without thinking of that happy time :-) I'll save this pattern for when friend has her own daughter :-) :-)

It reminds me of when we were little kids. We would work so very hard to catch one and then we would search for the perfect jar to put him in. We then put grass in the jar, closed it up. Now came the hard part putting just enoughnailholes in the top of the jar. There were 9 in our family and we had many a caterpillar hunt.

when my 1st grandchild was younger, we would read the book together, to enhance our storytime, I created felt cutouts of the leaf, egg,caterpillar and the food that he munched on thru out the story, she enjoyed placing the felt pieces on the felt board as I read the story. Now she is 12 years old and reads the story to her 19 month old sister and she has learned the family tradition of using the felt cutouts and the love of books

My daughters would have LOVED this hat! They are both in their late 20's now and it brings back such sweet memories of the 3 of us cuddled in the rocking chair and reading the book over and over. Every time we went to the library they would look to see if the book was on the shelf and it didn't matter how many times we had already read it together they still wanted it to be one of their bedtime books. Even now they can't resist picking it up when they see it on a shelf in a store (and neither can I)!

What a cute hat! My children have children in their teens and older so I'm certain that they read "The Very Hungry Caterpillar" to my grandchildren. I've never seen the book so I need to go looking for it so I'll have it to read to my great-grandsons.

I read this many times when I worked as a teacher's aide in Kindergarten. We used this book to introduce a science unit on how what different creatures ate and the stages of development. I have always enjoyed this story nearly as much as the children.

The Very Hungry Caterpillar reminds me of when we were preparing for my son (now nearly six) to be born, or immediately after he was born. I had a Very Hungry Caterpillar crib set for him, and had picked out a Very Hungry Caterpillar onesie to bring him home from the hospital. He was so tiny when he was born that the "newborn" sized onesie didn't fit him until he was 3 months old, at which time we had family photos taken, with him in the onesie, and his Very Hungry Caterpillar blanket as a background in a few. Baby #2 is due soon... I'm looking forward to reusing all of it :). My son having that hat could make for some absolutely adorable pictures :).

This little girl looks so much like my grand daughter. She lives in cold country, and often wears hats. The Very Hungry Caterpiller reminds me of many occasions of reading to my kids, and now grand kids.

It is so cute just ready for springtime I used to read this story when my girls were little now I enjoy reading it to my grandchildren who love it. another creative idea thank you.

This hat reminds me of when I was a nanny. I read it to the kids at nap time. Now I am a grandma and love reading to my grand babies.

When I think of the Very Hungry Caterpillar, I remember the first time I read it to some children I was watching in a cloth yurt in a small community in the forest.

This makes me fantasize about making a series of hats like this for reading to young students!

Although this is a caterpillar, it reminds of the hours and hours I spent playing Centipede on the original Atari game console. :)

I read this book to my children now I'm reading it my grandchildren!! I also read it to head start children when I taught.

It makes me think of all the times I read this book to my kids when they were small!

This story reminds me of kindergarten. I loved how the pages had holes where the caterpillar had taken bites!

The very hungry caterpillar hat reminds me of how we would stand on the side walks and watch the caterpillars crawl. Trying to decide if they had a heavy coat or a light coat since we were told the heavier the coat the colder then winter would be.

The Very Hungry Caterpillar reminds me of when my kids were small and I ran a day care and pre-school program out of my home so I could be home with them. This was one of our favorite books.

When I saw this hat with the Hungry Caterpillar it made me think ofthe time as a child that I watched as the caterpillar in its cocoon changed into a butterfly

awwww - this would be so delightfully perfect for the charity k & c group I belong to. Adorable!

When I see this hat it reminds me of all the years I read The Very Hungry Caterpillar to kindergartners. Reading aloud to kids is the thing I miss most about teaching, the expressions on their little faces as they share my love of picture books like TVHC always warms my heart. I can't wait to try this pattern, thank you for sharing it.

My memory is very recent as I love reading this book to my girls. I took my daughter to see it live at a theater and I made her this hat to take with her. It's a memory that will last us a lifetime as she still talks about it.

When I see this darling little hat I immediately remember the times I spent reading it to each of my six grandchildren. They all love this book. I have a new grand baby on the way. I will be making this hat for the new little one. Thanks for the memories and the pattern.

Reminds me of the time my 5 year old grandson was more interested in the creepy crawly spider under the bench near the pens with llamas and alpacas at a sheep festival we attended. The furry animals weren't as interesting to him. He has always been totally fascinated with all types of crawly things.

This reminds me of my son Andy who was killed in a car accident 11 years ago. "The Very Hungry Caterpillar" was his all time favorite book when he was little. He took that book out of the library every time he had the chance. He would have loved this hat--probably would have worn it even though he was 19 when he died (he had a great sense of humor!) I have a new grandbaby on the way--Andy's newest niece/nephew---I think I will make this hat for that child and then tell them all about Uncle Andy and read his favorite story to her/him. Seems like another good way to keep Andy's memory alive.

reminds of the hungry caterpillar, so cute!

My daughter just graduated from college and I remember her being a tiny little girl sitting on my lap listening to me read to her and then me listening to her learn to read it to me. She's so grown up now. I'm gonna make this hat for my future grandchild!!

I love this book. I used read this book over and over to my daughter and niece!!

Cute hat! I always read The Very Hungry Caterpillar and all Eric Carle books to my kindergarten classes. Great pictures and story.

I bought this story only last week,I found it at a sale and can't wait to read it to my soon to be born granddaughter

I remember my girls enjoying this story at the local bookstores reading time.

That is the cutest hat ever! I read "The Very Hungry Caterpillar" so many times. My children loved it. Even though my youngest is 15, I could still recite it word for word and recall the adorable pictures.

reminds me of being back on the farm saw quite a few caterpillars

I remember reading "The Very Hungry Caterpillar" to my kids - and can't wait to read (from the same book!) to my granddaughters!

I remember reading "The Very Hungry Caterpillar" to my kids - and can't wait to read (from the same book!) to my granddaughters!

Reminds me of the book that my son would ask me to read over and over again when he was 3. We'd get to the part where the caterpillar eats the pickle and he'd grimace and say "I don't like those!"

The little bookworm reminds me of a little bookmark we made in the 2nd grade that I loved and increased my love for reading and books.

This is a cute Spring idea. I like it!

This hat makes me think of my daughter. She loved that book when she was about 2 (now, she's 12). If I would have only had this pattern back then...

I'm reminded of reading The Hungry Caterpillar in my junior kindergarten class! And the beginning of my love for reading. (My second favorite thing to do after crocheting) I love this hat!

I have never read the book, but when I buy the book for my grandchildren, they will have a hat to wear when their mom, dad or I read them the book. They will look so adorable in their hats.

Memories of reading The Hungry Hungry Caterpillar to my grandson before bed!

My son would re-enact the metamorphosis the caterpillar went through, becoming a butterfly over and over again.

I have wonderful memories of the 10 years I taught preschool. Was a favorite story every year and we turned it into a cooking class by making a fruit salad for snack time.

Makes me think of how the boys chased me and dropped caterpillers down the back of my shirt

I work in a daycare and my favorite is reading the page with all the different foods on it as fast as I can. The kids think it's hysterical!

My granddaughter used to love to have me read that story to her at bedtime!

I used to read that book to my little cousins.

reminds me of the story about inch worm

LOVE the Caterpillar--reminds me of a 'Bookworm', something my girls loved when they were in elementary school.

Reminds me of 2 things, first as atrunoske 9347360 said the glow worm my kids had when they were young and 2nd the wooly bear (brown and black striped ones) caterpillars we use to play with when I was just a kid in NH....

Reminds me of my daughters friend when they were little. She had a caterpillar in her hand and it was all squished and we told her she had to throw it out. She said that's ok cause I got more. And graciously pulled a handful of them out of her pocket. Kids!

The caterpillar reminds me of an amusement park ride my sister and I rode on as children. There were buttons you pushed to make noise and it went up and down slightly to imitate the movement of the caterpillar.

So cute! Reminds me of the Glow Worm I used to sleep with every night when I was a kid because I was afraid of the dark!

What a cute hat reminds me of the book a very good book for children.

Reminds me of the fuschia bushes my Mom had in the back yard when I was growing up. There was this huge caterpillar on it that looked like it came out of Alice in Wonderland. It was bright green and red and appeared HUGE to me then. Its head seemed to moved when I moved. I swear it was looking at me!

My mom used to sing a caterpillar song to my son when he was 8 monthes old. She had a little stuffed caterpillar she would set on his head and he would try to balance it until the song was over. It was so cute at the end when the caterpillar fell of they would both laugh so hard. Thank you for sharing the hat I will defiantly have to make this one.

This is indeed the cutest hat. Makes me think of my grand-daughters and how cute they will look in ths. Can't wait to make this.

As a kindergarten teacher, it reminds me of the book! Always a favorite - of mine AND the kids!

This hat reminds me of the Christmas I was 6 or 7, and the toy I wanted was one of those Caterpillar dress up scarf's, the kind you could interchange parts with your friends to make your Caterpillar unique. I might make one for my neice and make the caterpillar pink and purple!

The fun of 'collecting' them as a child!

reminds of the hungry caterpillar, so cute!

One of my toddler's favorite books as a baby...she would stick her finger in the holes over and over and OVER!

reminds me of my kids catching worms to go fishing with.

This reminds me of the story board that my sons and I made about the book. That way they could use the pieces and tell the story their way.

I work as a nanny and time and time again this is a preschooler's favorite book. I love the hat! I def. will make one.

Like many others, this hat reminds me of reading the story to my children. One of the first books I bought for them. :)

This reminds me of my youngest daughter, now 37, she collected worms of all kinds, kept them in her little purse. We knew nothing about it until pre-school called us and told us...LOL

Ohhhhh.. this immediately reminded me of the book I bought and read to my then 5 year old grandson who was going through something very traumatic. LOVE this!

The Hungry Caterpillar reminds me of reading to my son. This is such a good book for young ones.

The crocheted hat reminds me of my Granddaughter. beautiful and one of a kind!

The photo of the caterpillar reminds me of the video game Centipede (sp) from the early 1980s.

This hat reminds me of when I crocheted stuff for my children when they were young and now I am making crocheted stuff for my grandchildren. Great ideas!

It is very cute. We just made paper Hungry Caterpillar hats in my preschool class in January.

It reminds me of reading the story of the Very Hungry Caterpillar to both my girls when they were very little. Wish I had this pattern then! Maybe if there are grand-babies who love the story as much, I can make them this hat?

Oh, this reminds me of our youngest son and his kindergarten year. Such happy, sweet memories! And now his daughter, our first grand, is in kindergarten this year. I know what I'll be making this evening!!! THANKS for sharing this pattern!

Reminds me of the caterpillars in my garden!!

Well, this is a memory of something I've been told that I did, when I was a small child. It's one of 'those' family stories now. I was just a toddler, and found a little green inchworm. Apparently, I thought it looked like candy...I had only eaten half of it before someone noticed and got away from me! And a legend was born!

I loved reading that book to my kids!!

We lived in an area where caterpillars were more than plentiful. At Easter Sunrise Service held in the Cemetery of the church, my boys and I watched a caterpillar crawl up a ladies' pants leg and we kept watching (probably not paying attention to the minister) and waited until we saw it crawl out the other pants leg. We kept punching each other so that we did not begin laughing outloud!!! Never see or hear of a caterpillar without thinking of that Easter Morning Sunrise Service!

reminds me of the book i read about the Hungry hungry caterpillar!!

The hat reminds me of my youngest son. He loved this book and use to draw this caterpillar all the time. It brings me back to the days of cuddling with him on the couch and reading his favorite books.

The grandkids used to love the 'caterpillars' we found on the tomatoes...putting them in bug catchers & feeding them...but only for such a short time, they grew up so fast...they wouldn't touch them now...:)

One time when I was young, we went to the mountains, it was covered in green caterpillars there were so many caterpillars that the ground moved. Everything was covered and moved, down off the mountain you could see a path miles long and wide it was scary. What is funny we just chatted about it last night at a family dinner. Have a great day all.

When I was little I would sit for hours watching caterpillars crawling around my backyard. I still enjoy watching them, just not for hours.

My daughter loved those books in kindergarten.

When I was a child I used to collect caterpillars and keep them in jars.

I remember standing in front of a silvery birch tree watching a caterpillar make its way to some leaves. I was about 7 years old and full of awe because I knew it would one day be a gorgeous butterfly.

When i was in Kindergarten, i remember a book that you could stick a finger type puppet in and out of the holes in the book. I honestly dont remember if it was the Hungry Caterpillar, but every time i now red it to my boys i think that there is always something missing. perhaps i need to make a finger puppet...

i have memories on both sides of the fence with this hat on the crochet side they are of my beloved grams and the many hours i sat watchin her crochet one thing or another wantin nothin more than to be as talented as she was with a skein of yarn and a crochet hook on the other side of the fence there is the book when my son was in preschool his teacher read the kids that book and it was one he learned to read with he loved it so much i gave him his own copy for christmas that year he wore out the bindin readin it as he grew he read it less and less so i tucked it away for safe keepin and im so glad i did he is about to be a father and i will get the joy as a new grandma toRead More read it to his child like i did him

this pic reminds me of all the hats I've made for my oldest grand lil "hat woman"...she's a lil older now but still loves to have me make her hats....thanks for the memories!

I remember standing in front of a silvery birch tree watching a caterpillar make its way to some leaves. I was about 7 years old and fu

I worked with Mrs. Carle and knew his children. Read all his books to my children and my 5 grands. Wonderful, colorful author.

Oh the memories of my Momma crocheting. I would wake up as a child to use the bathroom and my Momma would be sitting on the couch crocheting her heart out. This adorable hat brings back the memory of waiting oh so patiently (NOT!) for Momma to finish up a sweater or a blanket for me. My Momma has since passed away but those sweet memories remain. I have an EXTRA special afghan that she made for my wedding present. It is STILL sealed in an airtight bag so that I can pass it on to my son when he gets married later this year!!!!!!

Looking at this picture makes me remember all the things I knit and crocheted for my son and daughter when they were small. Now they're grown with kids of their own that I can knit and crochet for!

Beautiful hat! This makes me remember when my 23 year old son was young and used to love the book so much that he ripped some pages out of the library book so he could save them at home! I had to buy a new book for the library, but it was a learning experience for both of us, me a young mother and he learned not to rip pages out of books, just let me know that he liked it so much and wanted one for himself!

reminds me of the job when littlle of picking catterpillers off the cabbages haven't read the book .

This reminds me of when my oldest daughter was little. I volunteered at her Headstart as the reading resource person. I remember putting together the little book packets each week for the kids to take home.

Aww! This reminds me of reading this book to my Autistic son every night for the past nine years. He can't go to sleep without reading it! I need to make this hat!!

I was introduced to the book when reading it to my first grandson. We both loved it!

This is MY favourite book to read to my grandchildren, who love it too. We always have so much fun with it, using silly voices for each item consumed. This book has been well loved by this grandma, and so far, all 5 of my grandchildren, who are all going to love this hat.

One of my little man's favorite books!

As soon as I saw the picture, I thought of our children huddled around me when they were little, listening, while I read them the story of The Very Hungry Caterpillar.

This is so cute -- would make a great gift!

I remember my son when he was in Kindergarten, checking out this book from the school library, over & over again. I guess he sure liked the book! This would be so cute with a crocheted matching stuffed caterpillar, or matching slippers, how cute would that be?!!

Love the hat but when I try to download the pattern I get a warning that says Malware is attached so I can't open it. HELP!! I didn't open it so now I can't get the pattern.

Did you try it in Chrome? Maybe try Internet Explorer or Firefox and see if you can download it that way.

My nieces & nephew had this book when they were young. The hat is cute, but they are now too old for it.

This hat reminds me of the "glow worm" that all 3 of my kids had to have to go down for the night. Warms my heart

Cute little hat. Caterpillars remind me of two trees in our yard when I was a girl. Tall and stately, they had beautiful white blossoms and long green pods but every year, green, black and white stripped caterpillars would fall out of the tree. I would not walk anywhere near them then, lol, but Daddy loved to fish with them. He called them Catawba worms.

So cute, it reminds me of growing up and catching bugs. I loved to explore and find new things to look at. I loved finding caterpillars.

I remember my mom reading me this story when I was a child and then a few days later, I brought a caterpillar home to show mom....she screamed bloody murder!!!!!!! After that, I was scared to death of them! LOL

Great kids story book!

This was one of my favorite books as a little girl! I remember my dad reading it to me. Now I read it to my little girl :)

I remember using this as a teaching unit when I taght preschool

the hat is Adorable! nice memories reading the book to my children, watching as the caterpillar munched his way through all that food

I remember those sweet times when I'd read this story to my daughter, who is now a teenager about 4" taller than me! I miss those days of little ones curled up in my lap.

i love the hat and the i loved the story of the hungry caterpillar must try it out

I remember having my mom read this to me when I was little, and now I read it to my 3 kids... wonderful snuggle up and read memories!

Cute hat. It reminds me of the "growing pains" we all go through and how we turn out unique.

I have never heard of this story but the hat is adorable. I have several grand daughters that would love it. I'm going to give it a try for them.

I loved this story when I was younger, now I have kids of my own I read it to them, i'll never forget the day my son sat down and 'read' it to me! If I show my kids the hat i'm sure they'll all want one!!

i remember reading this as a child and to my children...

It reminds me of sitting with my daughter when she was little and reading it to her in English. Then, she would go to my mother's house and have it read to her in Spanish. She loved hearing this story so much, we have 4 copies of it. One for her room, one for my mother's house, one for the car, and one for her backpack.

My grandsons favorite story!! Cute hat!!

The memory came to me when I saw this cute cap is that I learned that even though the caterpillar was like an ugly duckling it would turn into something like a beautiful swan. ;-)

This hat is so cute. It does remind me of the story & reading it to my grandchildren.

I read this book all the time when I was little and now I'm reading it to my daughter. I love the book and I love the hat!


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