How To Crochet An Easy Ponytail Holder


How To Crochet An Easy Ponytail Holder

How To Crochet An Easy Ponytail Holder shows how to take a covered ponytail holder that can be purchased at a discount store and transform it into a colorful, ponytail holder. It can be done using simple crochet stitches and 100 percent cotton yarn.


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Thank you!!! It was easy and turned out perfectly. My little granddaughter is going to love it. The video was so easy to see and follow. I appreciate that so much because in so many instructional videos people's hands are in the way or the camera goes in and out of focus, etc. But yours was done very nicely.

This is such a simple pattern. For those who want written instructions, just watch the video on YouTube and make a few notes. Video is short and easy enough to follow along and make the notes for your own written pattern instructions. If you've never done SC around a ponytail holder, it's awkward at first but once you get the hang of it, it's a breeze; and lots of fun to do these for the girls (young and old).

I have made dozens of these, very quick and easy to make! You can use worsted weight acrylic, just make 6 chains instead of 4. They come out frilly, and this will give you more color choices.

To everyone who needs more detail help with the pattern go to Youtube and look it up this is what the vidoe that I watched How to Crochet over a Pony Tail Holder - Tutorial Thursday it helped me a lot.

I need an hand written pattern I can't tell what stitch to use please let me know thanks

SC (single crochet) around the ponytail holder; 30-36 but be your own judge, not too full so as to start twisting the holder. Then RND 2 instead of join, start with CH (chain) 4 (or 6 if you're using yarn other than 100% cotton, such as worsted weight acrylic), then SC into the first SC of the beginning round on the holder. Repeat the CH 4, SC into next ST (stitch) around. Cut yarn and finish off once RND 2 is completed. Hope this helps.

add to previous reply -- I did start joining at the end of first or SC round (sl st to 1st sc, then ch 1 and sc in same stitch). Puts yarn into position to start 2nd round and to me just looks better. Have used different yarns and tend to go with 6 chains on 2nd round loops with anything other than the 100% cotton (4 or 6 works with cotton yarn). Also make a lot of these in pairs. Wonderful, fun use of scrap yarns; experiment with different hooks. Just made a pair in hot pink worsted weight, used G hook and 6 chains in the 2nd round loops. Seven year old granddaughter loves them!

Nice idea but I can't crochet next to my computer... I don't know how y'all do that...I need instructions I can print out and take to my crafting space... Have any of those?

I found this to be a very good easy item to do. I finished a few quickly in a couple of days and there were people who wanted to know where I got them. Thank you for the instruction and pattern.

I found this to be a very good easy item to do. I finished a few quickly in a couple of days and there were people who wanted to know where I got them. Thank you for the instruction and pattern.

I loved this pattern I'm new at crocheting if I can do this anyone can I made a whole bunch for my granddaughters

Super cute and super easy! Thank you!

My little Bella will love this

It would be great if a written pattern could be available.

Thank you!!! This is lovely and my grandchildren will love these. I'm in Australia and we don't have Sugar and Cream yarn but I will try to find something here in 100% cotton and see how it goes. :0))

Cute and fast project... with a headband for kids would make a nice way to stay warm and in style outside in the cold! :D thanks!

Hello, as a newbie I was thrilled to find this pony tail holder. It is November and I am always looking for unique things to use in place of bows on my Christmas parcels. So this year all the girls and ladies with long hair will be getting a selection of these lovely pony tail holders. I just wanted to share that I used the recommended cotton yarn and loved the look but found it to be a bit youngish for the older gals in my life. So I experimented and used eyelash yarn, metallics, crochet thread, thicker string like size and a whole assortment of what I call the fancy yarns. Once bunched up they looked great. I have made about 30 sets so far. I am hooked!!!! Thanks so very much for this wonderfully useful pattern.

You say these are for "little" girls...I love to make them for myself and I am 40 yrs. old,lol! Thank you so much for sharing this!

i'm 39 years old and i would wear these .. lol! thank you so much for sharing the how tos on making them!

i just made one for my daughter, while watching the video. though i do not know what a slip stitch is, i think it worked out pretty good. i am still a beginner. and its nice that i can now do something other than rows of chains .

Looks like something even I could do, thanks.

I can't get it to come up.

This is my first crochet pattern and I was having problems controlling the thread but somehow I got it now. It's beautiful, and I love it. Thanks a lot for sharing this project, blessings!!!

OMG!!! This is so pretty and I would love to do it, but I am a beginner and the tape goes very fast and I cannot get it correctly.

made a couple of these before going to bed last nite cute cute

actually i make those with the funny fur yarn + regular yarn, and they turn out super cute. look for the pony bands at dollar store, dollar general

Oh my!! How adorable!!! I'm going to get the rubber pony tail band today and start! I have 3 granddaughters and I know they would love them! Thank you so much for that pattern!

Oh my gosh! This is so easy and so cute! Thanks for the video. I'm going to make one right now.

Great video. Great idea for Easter.

Thank You. I never saw them at Walmart will pay more attentions next time I go, I always see the Heart one

Joann Fabrics and Hobby Lobby also has Sugar & Cream yarn

All the big chain craft stores (Michaels, Hobby Lobby, AC Moore, and Joanns) carry Sugar and Cream. If you can't find it, try a 100% cotton yarn that doesn't feel like it has much stretch/give to it. It will feel more like thick string than yarn.

Nice, easy pattern. I like the video too. Thank you!

where do you buy the sugar and cream yarn?

WalMart has them :)

Thank you, great way to make a little girl hair look so nice

Good video way to much explanation on and on with yarn and just do a few sts and then go on to next row. This could have been accomplished in two min. with written instructions. Thanks for the pattern.

I think the video is great but like some others, I prefer written instructions because i don't make items on the spot and like to have written instructions to go back to later when i do decide to make an item. People are not dumb just because they prefer written instructions. i think most people are like me, some things I learn by watching and some things I like to have written instructions. We can't all be a rocket scientist like another person who looks down on all the others here.

For anyone who prefers written out instructions to video tutorials, here is a link to some of our other crocheted scrunchie patterns: Enjoy! --Editors of AllFreeCrochet

this needs to be a clickable link! You have given this link several times, but I am on a tablet, which is where I download All my patterns nowadays....and I cant get this durned thing to copy and paste.PLEASE consider making this a clickable link!

Just a note to my previous comment, after reading other people's comments: To me, watching a video like this is MUCH easier than reading a pattern, since it is like having your granny right beside you, as you learn. If you can't SLOW DOWN enough to learn this way, chances are you won't make this or any other crochet project--you'll just end up w/ a lot of printed out patterns, and no projects! You don't NEED printed out instructions for this, IF you understand the basic single crochet, and LISTEN and WATCH the video. If you won't take the TIME to do that, then you will never learn anything!!!!! Just do it.

What great instructions! So clear and easy to understand. And how refreshing to hear a beautiful southern accent! Thank you.


Hi, djhixson. This pattern is in the form of a video tutorial. It is not an ad. If you prefer written instructions, you might like some of our other scrunchie patterns: Hope this helps! --Editors of AllFreeCrochet

I cannot sit in front of my computer and crochet this. I'm with "maggs..." is there a written pattern??? Thanks!

Hi, katsommers. We do not have written out instructions for this pattern. You might try contacting the pattern designer directly regarding this. In the meantime, we have many other scrunchie and hair accessory patterns that do include written instructions. Here is a link to some other scrunchie patterns: Hope this helps! --Editors of AllFreeCrochet

All I want is the pattern. Is the pattern available anywhere that I can just download and print out?

Hi, maggsbaggsmaggi. We do not have written out instructions for this pattern. You might try contacting the pattern designer directly to see if she can provide you with a written pattern. In the meantime, we have many other scrunchie and hair accessory patterns that do include written instructions. Here is a link to some other scrunchie patterns: Enjoy! --Editors of AllFreeCrochet

Love this idea! Especially with the sugar and cream yarn as I use it to make dishcloths as well.....great job in showing me how to do it!!

@erlindasrojas 9732778, bbschiffy 9703296, There are no typed instructions for this pattern, it is a video tutorial. We suggest contacting the original designer for further inquiries regarding a typed pattern for this project; her information can be found in the byline of this project. --Editor of AllFreeCrochet

I can't get the instructions to easy ponytail holder. I am very interested to make it. I tried clicking on it but it won't give me the instructions. Please help. Linda

Could you tell me where I get the pattern for crocheting the easy ponytail holders? Thanks you


Love this! I've only been crocheting about 9 months or so now and this tutorial was great and easy to follow! The ponytail holders come out absolutely adorable!

Now I've made two of these. Very easy as I'm a beginner. Only thing is I don't know how to tie it off at the end. Is there a certain way to do that? I feel silly asking, but I've been winging it, and it turns up a different way each time.

@godinus11 8511451: We're glad to know you enjoyed this video so much! You should check out our 25 Quick and Easy Free Crochet Patterns eBook for more fun and simple projects! Here is the link: Hope you enjoy it! -- AllFreeCrochet Editors

I am a beginnier and this is the first video that was easy to follow, thank you for that, I have two girl's and I can make my first project with ease. God Bless you. Do you have anymore easy and fun projects like this one?

That looks very easy, thanks, I will have fun learning shell

very interesting video, very helpful also

this was surprisingly simple to do. I look forward to making give as gifts as well as to use in my long hair.

Ever since I found this pattern some weeks ago, I've made tons of them!

This is such a great idea. My granddaughter loves them and so does her mommy! These just seem to dress up the hair so beautifully. I'm making them to give away and for charity. Your instructions on the video were perfect - for those of you that find the video too fast, try playing it over and have your work in front of you as you view it. Thank you so much.

Cute and easy; I know my "little girls" are just going to enjoy choosing just the right color for the day. And maybe even learn how to make their own when they get a bit older. These are a lot more useful than I expected. Great video-- as a visual learner I don't even need a pattern after watching. Nice job, Connie. Thanks for sharing.

Really like this pattern it is so easy. Thank you for the pattern! I made 20 of these in no time at all. My granddaughters just loved them.

I love this and it look so pretty. I'm trying to get my grand-daughter to tie her hair back and this might just work. Starting to make them right now. Thanks.

OMG! CAN u plz slow down crocheting ? This is so Freaking too fast.How can we learn when U are going so fast ????????/

What a great idea! Lot's of fun to make. Thanks for the great idea!. Love It!

This is cute and easy. I love using cotton crochet yarns in the variegated colors. I can make these for my adult daughter to wear to work in colors close to her haircolor for a more professional look while still toning down the femine look. And she can wear the pretty more femine or some of the wilder colors when she is away from work. And the flower idea is great. I like to crochet hats for charity and this would would be a great addition for the girls and womens hats.

I use ponytail holders to hold up my sleeves up when I am washing dishes. Now I can crochet this pattern on them and make my sleeve holders more cuter. Thanks!

What a darling idea.. these are so cute I'm going to try this out as it looks fun.


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