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Learn how to crochet or how to do specific crochet techniques or stitches with the best free crochet instructions and crochet tutorials on the web. Find crochet stitch tutorials and video tutorials to walk you through stitches and techniques you'll want to learn! Plus, beginner and technique guides to walk you through mastering this hobby.

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Ribbon Berry Stitch Tutorial

"The crocheted ribbon berry stitch has a knit-look texture with lots of… More

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Yarn is Different

"Yarn is different? Oh, yes it is! I know that overwhelming feel of… More

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Learn to Double and Half Double Crochet

Learn to Double and Half Double Crochet, which is the next step after… More

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How to Make a Single Crochet

"How to make a single crochet. One of the simplest crochet stitches. This… More

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Crochet Cable Stitch Basics

Add a bit more style and flair to your next project when you create row… More

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How Does a Gauge work

"How does a gauge work? I remember it was about 2 years after I started… More

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How to Double Crochet

If you're new to crochet, then you've likely looked at crochet patterns… More

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Front and Back Post Stitch Tutorial - Easy Stitch…

"This front and back post crochet stitch tutorial is a perfect lesson for… More

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Picot - Two Ways (Tutorial)

A picot is a small loop of chain stitches, usually used as a decorative… More

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Slipknot and Foundation Chain

"The first step in creating your crochet fabric is making a slipknot and… More

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How to Add Stretchy Knit-Look Ribbing to Your…

"Dont you just love the stretchy ribbed bands and cuffs on knitted… More

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How to Switch Colors in Crochet

This tutorial is great for the beginner crocheter. This tip tells you How… More

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How To Double Crochet 2 Stitches Together

Have you been wondering how to double crochet 2 stitches together? The… More

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How to Use AllFreeCrochet's Patterns Box

Are you having trouble keeping track of all the crochet patterns that you… More

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