Two Hour Tote


Even if you only have a few hours to spare, you can still complete this Two Hour Tote pattern. This free crochet design is just the right size for kids to use and is great to carry to the farmer's market during the summer. Add a cute flower or bow embellishment to personalize the look of this homemade tote bag. It could also be used as a yarn storage bag, since it's just the right size to fit a few skeins of cotton weight yarn. There are so many uses for such a simple crochet bag! If it's possible, consider making duplicates of this cute and easy crochet pattern. You'll love keeping a cute crochet bag or two stashed in your car for impromptu shopping trips!

Check out another super trendy crochet tote pattern by taking a peak at the video below! 


Crochet HookI/9 or 5.5 mm hook

Yarn Weight(4) Medium Weight/Worsted Weight and Aran (16-20 stitches to 4 inches)

Materials List

  • Medium weight/worsted weight yarn
  • I/9 or 5.5 mm hook
  • Safety pin for marking titches
  • Flower or other embellishment

More Details:

A World of Crochet Magic in Just Two Hours: Meet the Charming Two Hour Tote Pattern!

Time is a precious commodity, and we understand the joy of creating something beautiful without a massive time commitment. The Two Hour Tote pattern is your ticket to crocheting delight in a short span, allowing you to indulge in your passion even when life gets busy.

The Two Hour Tote isn't just any bag; it's a versatile accessory that effortlessly blends fashion and functionality. Imagine your little ones proudly toting their treasures in this charming bag, their eyes dancing with excitement. And when the sun-kissed days of summer roll in, this tote becomes your trusty companion at the farmer's market – a sturdy, stylish holder of your fresh produce and artisanal finds.

Personalization is the key to making your crochet creations truly yours. With the Two Hour Tote pattern, you have the perfect canvas to let your creativity bloom. A dainty flower or a playful bow can transform your tote into an expression of your unique style. Let your imagination run wild as you select colors that resonate with you, turning this simple tote into a masterpiece that reflects your personality.

For yarn lovers and craft enthusiasts the Two Hour Tote is more than just a bag; it's a haven for your beloved skeins of yarn. Organizing your yarn stash has never been this stylish or efficient. This tote is perfect for cradling your yarn, keeping it tangle-free and ready for your next crochet adventure. Bid farewell to tangled skeins and lost ends as this tote makes it easy to keep your latest project organized and highly portable.

The beauty of simplicity lies in its versatility. The Two Hour Tote transcends its humble origins, offering a multitude of uses limited only by your imagination. Need a chic beach bag? Done. A charming gift bag? Absolutely. A handy project holder? You got it. The possibilities are as endless as the threads you work with.

Just like a favorite recipe you can't help but cook twice, the Two Hour Tote is an addictive crochet pattern that begs to be recreated. Once you experience the satisfaction of crafting such a delightful tote, you'll find yourself reaching for your hook again and again. Create a collection of these totes in varying colors, patterns, and sizes. Gift them to friends, family, or anyone who appreciates the artistry of handmade treasures.

Life is full of spontaneous moments, and being prepared for them can make all the difference. Imagine those unplanned shopping sprees when a couple of cute, sturdy totes in your car save the day. Bid adieu to flimsy plastic bags and embrace the eco-friendly charm of your Two Hour Tote. Every impromptu trip becomes a chance to showcase your creativity and commitment to sustainability.

In the world of crochet, every stitch holds a story, and the Two Hour Tote pattern is no exception. With its quick creation time, adaptability, and charming design, this pattern encapsulates the essence of crochet magic. So, gather your materials, summon your inner crochet wizard, and embark on a journey of creativity, craftsmanship, and crochet camaraderie with the Two Hour Tote by your side. Your next masterpiece is just two hours away!

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I made this for my granddaughter in lavender for Easter so she could collect eggs hidden in the yard. I just stuffed some sparkly netting into it and added an appliqu bunny and flowers. I'm not tech-savvy enough to figure out how to add a photo, but it looked exactly like the picture here. Great pattern!

This two hour tote seems like the perfect project for someone looking for a quick, easy project. The pattern is really easy to follow. While I love the blue green color, I would most likely choose a pink or purple if I was making this for myself. You could also get a variegated yarn if you are looking for something other than a solid colored bag.

I do love me a tote bag. We use them all of the time and can never have enough. Two hours isnt very long at all for a project like this. Turn on a Netflix movie and it will be done by the time the movie is over and you have multi tasked and actually got work done while you were relaxing.

This Two-Hour Tote is perfect for summer. It is very light, airy enough and convenient to carry anywhere. It is obvious that it cannot carry a heavy load but this bag is really just for light stuff, just for going to the mall. I like the stitches used here, it is easy to do and very appropriate for this type of tote. You can do this in a color of your choice. Cheers!

LI love it that I can come here and see that others have made this tote pattern and are by and large satisfied with it! It's sooo cute! I really like it too when I can sit down and polish off a piece and put it into service. If you go to the search function box on this sight and look for embellishments you'll come up with patterns for flowers, hearts, bows, etc.

This is a great pattern and has very easy to follow directions too. Really like the look of the little flower embellishment. Does anyone know if there is a free pattern for it too and if so what is the link or where can I find it. Would love to add it to one of my bags.

Are you like me who likes to crochet or knit something relatively easy which watching TV? I really like this tote and am going to use it to hold whatever crochet project I am busy with. And now I will be making 2 because my friend, Ali, has just seen it and wants me to make her one for her upcoming birthday lol. Can anyone tell me if it really only takes 2 hours to make?

I love this pattern its easy and quick. Plus you can add your own embellishments, embroideries, crocheted flowers, or hardware. You could even use fabric paint to make a design on it. Basically you can dress it up or down depending on what you want. I'm thinking of making this bag with leather or cloth straps next time. This bag is so useful and versatile, its great. These make great gifts too.

This is really a cute tote! I am always looking for uses for my Lily Sugar 'N Cream. I would like to make several of these for all my girlfriends to use this summer at the pool and beach. I love the light aqua tone featured in the picture. One more thing to love about cotton yarns- washable!

Am still a beginner at this and I appreciate the simplicity of the pattern and the repetition. Am also glad that the bottom doesn't need to be flat so it can look as awkward as it should before use but you get used to it and it carries everything just like a tote should.

Could this be done on a loom?

I love this pattern. It really is quick and easy. The first time I made by the pattern. I used Sugar and Cream cotton. Everybody wanted one! I made several more with an ombre and solid for trim, one with wide stripes. It's a super easy, very adaptable pattern. Makes a great mall, beach or gym bag. You can make longer or shorter. I added a small crocheted purse on a strap connected to inside seam (big enough for cell and id/credit card, cash) and sewed a purchased key chain ring on it. The strap is long enough to hang down inside. Perfect go gift for spring or summer! Once you make one or two, you won't even need the pattern.

I made this a couple years ago and got tons of compliments on it. I used 2 strands of a really pretty blue yarn held together and a larger hook to make it an adult sized bag. I used it every day as my purse, so I added a little pocket on the inside to hold my license and other cards. I also made this recently using pastel pink and purple and it turned out to be a cute, springy/Eastery bag perfect for a little girl!

This looks beautiful and the instructions look like they are well written and easy to follow. I am wondering how it will hold up....if it stretches out easily and if I can throw it in the washer

Simply fantastic, a joy to create.

I'm just about to start Round 23 so I decided to read ahead in the pattern again and noticed that Round 25 says to "DC BETWEEN each DC of the previous round" which has me confused because that sounds like what I've been doing for Rounds 6-23 when I was instructed to DC "in the ch.1 space". I've included a photo to show what my Rounds 6-23 look like. Please help, thank you!

NEVERMIND, duh! I see the difference now. There is no ch. 1 after the DCs in Round 24 so you technically can't DC in the ch. 1 space. =) Thank you!

I made the large size bag and it is beautiful! i used Lily Sugar and Cream cotton yarn...

I have been on a quest for the perfect tote, and this bag in either size fits the bill!

Does this tote really only take two hours to create!? I think my young daughter would love a kid sized version for carrying all her goodies in around the house. When you made your bag, did you use one strand or two strands together for extra thickness? How is the bag holding up now that you've had it for a while?

Hi arnts1ta, these was the very first project I made almost 4 years ago, and since its been a project bag, a yarn storage bag, a grocery bag, and any other type of bag Ive need it, and it hold out beautifully to these day, it seems like it was done yesterday, if you haven't made it for your child you really should give it a try, because she will love it, (ps. yeah it really just takes two hours)

I am not an expert, but when does this start looking like a bag and not a pancake? Does it take a while to work up into a bag? Thank you.

I LOVE the color of the yarn---what brand and color is it? And I would also love to have the pattern for the flower---together they are awesome. Thank you, Sue Thank you again for your help.

How do I print a free pattern without getting the entire blog plus advertizing that covers part of the crochet instructions? It would be helpful if you added a print icon to your pattrern.

I'm having the same issue.....HELP!!!! Fran

GREAT easy to make bag! I've used 2 strands held together with a larger hook and have used all minds of yarn. LOVE how quick this works up! GREAT gift idea too!

I had to take several breaks to make this (I am a new crocheter) so it took me nearly a day to complete it. BUT... it's done, I am proud of my work and I love it! I used a 7 oz skein; with me adding a bit of extra length to the handles, I still have some yarn left over, maybe enough to add the flower! Using safety pins to show where your rows start is a brilliant idea when you get to row 5 in the bag portion!

I lovethsi bag and I started working on it last night. The only oart that I don't get is, at the beginning of round 5, you will be working in spiral... How do I do that? if I don't join I end up with a "hole" and not only that, the little "holes" between DC look huge compare to the picture. HELP!! Thanks

Try this == s-round-joining.html. Or check out a youtube video. Hope this helps.

Love the pattern and did print it off but is so light and barely readable .

Loved the pattern too. I copied it into Word & then printed it. Much better!

Made this yesterday. Very easy, worked up beautifully!

I've been looking for a cocoon pattern for my grandbaby to be--and I think this would make a good adaption, minus the handles!

website won't come up. It shows error.

love, can't seem to get the pattern in english

I will type and translate to English for you, but first try your language setting to English. Email me your email address below of you want me to do this. Won't take me long to type it.Your computer may be defaulting to a diff language.'=


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