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Well Dressed Dog Coat

From the Blogger The Well Dressed Dog Coat is ready to perk up your pet… More

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Minnie’s Turtleneck Dog Sweater

This crochet pattern is for Minnie’s turtleneck dog sweater. It’s… More

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Crochet Flower And Hearts Headband For Dog

This crochet dog headband is another accessory I made for our dog Lucy.… More

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Flying Disc Dog Toy Crochet Pattern

Keep your pooch occupied after you use this Flying Disc Dog Toy Crochet… More

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'Lucky', the Chihuahua Dog Amigurumi

"LUCKY, the Chihuahua dog amigurumi was created for my friend. Her dog,… More

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Cute Hot Dog Crochet Coat

Hungry for a hot dog? Well you can't eat this hot dog, but you can crochet… More

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Santa’s Best Friend - Dog Bandanna

"Mans best friend is Santas best friend too right? Get your dog involved… More

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Pug Puppy Sweater

It can be difficult to find a sweater for toy breed puppies. This easy… More

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Cute Beanie For Large Dog

What is more adorable than a dog in a beanie? My dog is very large and… More

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Small Dog Bed

Did you get a new puppy for Christmas, or maybe you decided to adopt a pet… More

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Pixel Graph Dog Blanket

"Photo tutorial and video has lots of pics, graphs and helps. The perfect… More

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Dandy Dog Sweater

Calling all (smaller) dog owners! If you’ve been looking for an easy… More

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Crochet Corgi Plush

Make an adorable little corgi to carry around with you. This crochet… More

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Crochet Dog Hat

Learn how to make this cute hat for your dog! This hat is designed for a… More

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Crocodile Couture: 24 Free Crochet Crocodile…

Nothing brings texture and depth to the table like the crochet crocodile… More

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