Pretty Lil' Washcloths

"This pattern is so easy and it turns out to be a useful, unique and… More

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Scrub-A-Done Crochet Dishcloth

"Dont waste your money on those scratch resistant scrubbers! They are… More

(2 Votes)

A Dishsoap Apron to Crochet

Free crochet patterns for aprons are so cute. You can wear them for… More

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Dancing Sheep Potholder

"Love some cute, although not quite anatomically correct, sheep? This… More

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Easy Ribbed Dishcloth

"Easy ribbed dishcloth, just as the name suggests, is EASY. Its made using… More

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The Scrubby Cloth

"I love simple washcloths. Having ones that I can whip up quickly is… More

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Grit Stitch Dishcloth

"A quick and easy dishcloth pattern that has great texture and takes no… More

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By the Ocean Dish Cloth

"Make a beautiful dish cloth with this crochet pattern. With one stripe… More

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Scrubby Dishcloth

"A fun to make scrubby dishcloth that is made in 100% cotton yarn, this… More

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Beginner's Dishcloth

This is an easy crochet pattern that you can use your scrap yarn to put… More

(8 Votes)

Linen Stitch Dishcloths

"A quick and easy dishcloth pattern that will brighten up your kitchen." More

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Crochet Mini Bean Stitch Dishcloth

"Looking for beautiful and textured crochet stitches to make crochet… More

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Across the Land Dish Cloth Scrubby

"A great pattern for a versatile dish cloth. With one side being out of… More

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Scrubber Dishcloth

In this simple dishcloth crochet pattern, you crochet around a small… More

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Very Merry Scrubby Dishcloth

"The dishcloth is durable and the little blackberry bumps make it perfect… More

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