Are You A Yarn Hoarder?

How does your love of yarn compare to others? Are you REALLY a yarn hoarder? Take our simple quiz to find out!

Pick an answer and tally up your points. When you're done, scroll down to find out the results.

  1. What's the most you've ever spent on a single skein of yarn?
    - $5 to $7 (1 point)
    - Around $20 (2 points)
    - $50 or more (3 points)
  2. How many skeins of yarn would you say you currently have in your stash?
    - Just a few / less than 5 (1 point)
    - Around 20 or so (2 points)
    - I can't even begin to count them all (3 points)
  3. Have you ever lied about buying yarn, or hid your most recent purchase from your significant other?
    - Nope, there's no need (1 point)
    - Not yet, but I have thought about it! (2 points)
    - Yes, definitely (3 points)
  4. When there's a yarn sale, your normally....
    - Don't even know about it (1 point)
    - Check it out if you remember (2 points)
    - Mark it on your calendar... and maybe take the day off work (3 points)
  5. Give yourself 1 point if you have yarn in the following places (1 point each):
    - At home, in the designated yarn storage boxes/bags/shelves
    - At work / at your desk
     - In the kitchen and/or dining room
    - In your car
    - Next to your bed
    - In the living room
    - In the bathroom
    - In the basement



15-20 Points: Professional Yarn Hoader
 You may need an intervention soon! It's next-to-impossible to pass up a yarn sale, and you crochet literally every chance you get - maybe even while you eat.


10-14 Points: Amateur Yarn Hoarder
You're definitely a yarn hoarder in the making. Yarn sales are tempting, and your yarn stash might be SLIGHTLY out of control. You're on the road to becoming a Professional Yarn Hoader, but you're not quite there yet.


5-9 Points: Expert Stashbuster
Kudos! You've got your love of yarn under control and you're great at using up your leftover yarn scraps before buying more. But remember, it's okay to go a little yarn crazy sometimes :)




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