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Sweet Treat Appliqués

This crochet pattern bundle will help you create sweet treat appliqués… More

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Adorable Cupcake Scarf

"I was inspired to make this cute Cupcake Scarf from watching Kimmy… More

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Over the Ridge Crochet Scarf

"You'll love this quick and textured chunky scarf pattern perfect for boys… More

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How To: Crochet The Cupcake Stitch

"The Cupcake Stitch creates a playful and whimsical fabric, making this… More

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Cupcake Slow Cooker Cozy

Transport your slow cooker in style this season with this adorable Cupcake… More

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Cupcake Bookmark

If you like yummy sweet treats but you're scared of putting on weight then… More

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Scallop Tea Cozy

Use this scallop tea cozy pattern for a unique design for your coffee pot… More

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Strawberry Fields Chocolate Cup Cake

"Take some real enjoyment from this sweet little treat! No calories, lot's… More

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Sweet Cupcake Coasters

Satisfy your sweet tooth with these Sweet Cupcake Coasters. These are… More

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Cupcake Lovers Beanie and Scarf Set

"Could this be the perfect gift for any bakers or cupcake lovers? Let… More

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Unicorn Floral Cupcake Dessert Food

The Unicorn Floral Cupcake is a sweet, little amigurumi dessert that you… More

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Giant Cupcake Pillow

Little girls are made of sugar and spice, so make her something as sweet… More

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Easy Chrissy Cupcake Ring

"Cupcakes are great and jewelry is great, so why not combine the two? This… More

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Homemade Halloween Muffins

Sometimes we don't keep sweet treats around the house because they are… More

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So Sweet Cupcake Pincushion

If you consider sewing among your superpowers, then you'll want to crochet… More

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