Learn how to crochet the cutest character and animal patterns the internet has to offer. Explore our long list of free crochet amigurumi patterns including your favorite animals, plants, movie characters, and more! From beginner-friendly amigurumi to more advanced designs. Browse these 100s of free ami patterns for something new and creative to crochet.

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Amigurumi Puppy Crochet Patterns

Hygge Owl

"The Hygge Owl is the second free amigurumi pattern in a series created by… More

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Gingerbread House Amigurumi

Learn how to get started with amigurumi! Create your own cute little basic… More

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Amigurumi Bear & Pot of Honey

Decorate your baby's room with a cute amigurumi bear and pot of honey.… More

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Snowflake Queen Amigurumi Crochet Winter Princess…

The Snowflake Queen Pixie is an adorable, little pocket sized doll that is… More

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Migi the Whale

This charming whale pattern will swim his way right into your heart! Free… More

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The Conan Blimp

Are you a fan of Conan O'Brien? If so, you'll love this free crochet… More

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Owl Amigurumi

Follow the crochet instructions provided to make an adorable Owl… More

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Crochet Ragdoll Mini Gnome

Make this cute and easy mini gnome for Christmas! Perfect for decorating… More

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A Blue Crochet Kitty

Use this free crochet pattern to make an adorable blue kitty for your… More

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Pauline Pumpkin Pillow

"Fall is my favorite time of the year! I love it all, the colors, the… More

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Little Oysters Crochet Pattern

These little oysters may not be ready to share their pearls, but they will… More

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Today I'd like to share the pattern to make this little amigurumi flower.… More

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Mellow The Bee Bear

Bee bear free pattern! This guy is based on my other free patterns… More

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Mr Potato Head Keychain

"Find here a free amigurumi Mr. Potato Head crochet pattern. Its small… More

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SnowBabies Crochet Toy Pattern

"Super cute little SnowBabies! They make excellent stocking stuffers or… More

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