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Latest Comments

The Press Releases that Bring you News is a great place to find the best free crochet patterns. We are always adding new and exciting crochet patterns, tips, tutorials, videos and ideas. We want to keep you updated with these new and exciting options on articles and eBooks. Find all your great patterns here.

Latest Headlines

Make a Crochet Cowl for Cold Weather with's Newest Free eBook
Northbrook, Illinois October 29, 2014
Crochet cowls are just perfect for cold weather, and there are plenty of examples in's newest free eBook, Make a Crochet Cowl: 10 Crochet Cowl Patterns.

Baby Hat Charity Drive Helps Raise Heart Health Awareness
Northbrook, Illinois September 1, 2014
In an effort to help raise heart health awareness, AllFreeCrochet is working with the American Heart Association on their initiative, Little Hats, Big Hearts to help collect red baby hats (knit and crocheted) through the month of September 2014.

AllFreeCrochet Celebrates American Heart Month
Northbrook, Illinois February 1, 2014
AllFreeCrochet teams up with Jimmy Beans Wool to help raise awareness about heart health through crochet, and to celebrate American Heart Month with daily giveaways thorugh February 14, 2014.


Different Crochet Stitches Can Take You Further Than You Realize
Northbrook, Illinois January 27, 2014
Working up the same stitch over and over in the crochet world is like marrying your high school sweetheart without experimenting with what else is out there. It's not a bad thing, but you might be missing out. Trying different crochet stitches can open up a whole new world of crochet.

Stitch and Unwind Shines with Awesome Blogger Award
Northbrook, Illinois January 6, 2014
Many loyal crocheters, knitters, bloggers and enthusiasts visit the Stitch and Unwind blog daily, but this time the blog was awarded with the 2013 Awesome Crochet Blogger Award from Kathryn Vercillo, blogger of Crochet Concupiscence.

Don't Miss the Best Free Crochet Patterns of the Year
Northbrook, Illinois December 9, 2013
2013 was an amazing year full of fantastic crochet patterns and now we can look back at them all in one collection.

Learn How to Crochet Today!
Northbrook, Illinois, November 25, 2013
Now is just as good of a time as any to learn how to crochet with our collection of super easy crochet patterns for beginners.

Winter Fashion Preview For Babies and Toddlers
Northbrook, Illinois, November 4, 2013
The temperatures are dropping and the frost is making an appearance. It's time to get the kids ready for the winter season with baby crochet patterns. Winter fashion isn't just for adults, but for toddlers, too.

Keeping a Secret Is Everything That It's Cracked Out To Be
Northbrook, Illinois, October 8, 2013
With the holiday season quickly approaching it's only appropriate to start planning those gifts to crochet. Instead of the traditional gift giving try doing a secret Santa gifts exchange.

Prime Publishing Helps Celebrate I Love Yarn Day
Northbrook, Illinois, October 7, 2013
The yarn community of Prime Publishing shows off their love for yarn and joins the official I Love Yarn Day celebrations.

Celebrate the Season With Lion Brand's New Fall Collection of Crochet Patterns
Northbrook, Illinois, September 30, 2013
The experts at Lion Brand Yarn have hand-picked their favorite crochet patterns to celebrate the new fall season. Don't miss the latest collection of free crochet patterns!

Have a Homemade Holiday With the Best Ever Halloween Crafts to Crochet
Northbrook, Illinois, September 20, 2013
Welcome the Halloween season with DIY home decor items and crocheted Halloween costumes. It's scary how cute these homemade Halloween crochet pattern are!


Ditch the Designer Handbags by Learning How to Make Crochet Bags
Northbrook, Illinois, August 29, 2013
Designer handbags have nothing on your crochet skills, so grab a hook and your favorite skeins of yarn and let's work up some fantastic DIY bags.

Use Up Leftover Yarn With This Collection of Scrapbusters and One Skein Wonders
Northbrook, Illinois, August 27, 2013
No matter how hard you try to keep your yarn stash neat and organized, it's inevitable that you'll eventually accumulate a pile of scrap yarn from all of your crochet projects. Don't let those yarn scraps go to waste! Find something new to make with your leftover scraps of yarn.


Makeover Your Kitchen with Free Crochet Kitchen and Dining Patterns
Northbrook, Illinois, July 10, 2013
Regardless of your cooking skills in the kitchen, you can't help but fall in love with making kitchen crochet patterns. Not only are crochet dishcloths, crocheted coasters, and cozies easy to crochet, but they're also fun to use. The easy-to-crochet patterns inside this eBook are also an easy way to give your kitchen a quick makeover.


Complete Your Crochet Designs with Stunning Crochet Edges
Northbrook, Illinois, May 31, 2013
For someone just getting into the craft of crochet or someone who wants to learn how to crochet edges, this eBook is brilliant. The step-by-step tutorials really help crocheters come up with a fabulous finishing touch to their design. Crochet edges can be added to just about any project out there.


Learn How to Crochet A Blanket for Infants and Toddlers
Northbrook, Illinois, May 24, 2013
Whether you or someone you know is expecting a baby, homemade baby blankets are a great crochet project to complete. This collection of free crochet afghan patterns for babies will tell you everything you need to know about how to crochet a blanket for infants and toddlers.


Our 16 Most Anticipated Summer Crochet Patterns
Northbrook, Illinois, April 30, 2013
Summer is just around the corner so instead of wasting time once it's actually here, let's prepare and make summer crochet patterns right now. Be a trend setter this summer with easy summer crochet patterns.


Prepare for Father's Day with Our Latest Collection of Man Crafts
Northbrook, Illinois, April 25, 2013
Father's Day is right around the corner. Forget spending hours at the mall trying to find the perfect gift for him. Instead, surprise him this year with an extra special homemade gift.


Redecorate Your Home This Spring with Popular Knit and Crochet Afghan Patterns
Northbrook, Illinois, April 10, 2013
Homemade afghans are a quick and easy way to redecorate your house on a budget. If you're eager to spruce things up around your home this spring, browse our latest collection of popular afghan patterns from our friends at Lion Brand.


Bright Colors Are The New Black and White
Northbrook, Illinois, March 27, 2013
Colorful crochet patterns have been making a comeback as the spring season has finally caught up with us. If you're hesitant about trying new things, we'll help you find perfect patterns you'll wish you would have tried ages ago.

Accessorize Your Outfit with Free Crochet Hat Patterns for All Seasons
Northbrook, Illinois, March 7, 2013
Crochet hat patterns are quick and easy patterns to complete. Plus, they're a trendy fashion accessory that's always in style. It's no wonder why they are one of the most popular patterns to crochet among today's crocheters. Dress up your outfit with any one of these free crochet hat patterns.


Odorless Flowers are Perfect For Those With Allergies: Pretty Flowers to Crochet
Northbrook, Illinois, March 5, 2013
If you're one of the unlucky ones who suffers from allergies year after year, now is the time for you to enjoy pretty flowers for spring. Crochet flower patterns are the perfect way to enjoy your spring season.


Crochet Granny Squares Aren't Just For Grannies
Northbrook, Illinois, February 11, 2013
If you have a hook and a skein of yarn then it doesn't matter how old you are. You don't have to be a granny in order to become a crocheter anymore. Work up crochet granny squares with some amazing never ending afghans; you'll find free patterns for everyone.


Discover Free Crochet Tips and Tricks
Northbrook, Illinois, January 30, 2013
No matter what your skill level is in crochet, you're sure to learn a new skill or benefit from any one of the helpful hints in this collection of free crochet tips and tricks. We've gathered the best pieces of crochet advice from our fans and collected them here for you to enjoy.


Crochet Scarf Designs Aren't Just For Winter Anymore
Northbrook, Illinois, January 22, 2013
Cute Crochet Scarf Patterns are no longer just for the chilly winter months, but can be worn year round to accessorize any outfit.


Crocheting a Winter Wonderland
Northbrook, Illinois, November 26, 2012
Crochet a winter wonderland with winter crochet patterns. From winter wearables to home decor we have it all. Stay warm while working up outdoor patterns and decorating your home for the holiday season.


Welcome the Holiday Season with Free Christmas Crochet Designs
Northbrook, Illinois, September 25, 2012
Christmas may still be three months away, but if you're a crafter, you know that's actually not much time if you're planning to have a homemade holiday. Now is the time to start thinking about Christmas! Find the perfect Christmas crochet pattern in our latest collection of home decor Christmas crochet patterns.


Celebrate the Fall Season with New Crochet Patterns
Northbrook, Illinois, August 20, 2012
Fall is right around the corner, and we've got the perfect patterns to keep you warm this year. As the weather gets cooler, it's a great time to begin a new crochet project. Browse our collection of free crochet patterns for fall and pick your favorite.

Crochet All Year Long with Amigurumi Patterns
Northbrook, Illinois, July 17, 2012
No matter what time of year it is you can always find a friend in an amigurumi pattern. Whether you're looking for a new pattern for yourself or you feel like giving one to a friend, these designs are a must-have in your crochet collection!

Wrap Yourself in Lapghans this Season
Northbrook, Illinois, June 18, 2012
If you’re tired of being bundled from head to toe in your air conditioning this season then try your hand at a lapghan. Cover your feet and legs while still allowing your hands to be free to do as they please.

Special Deliveries for Crochet Baby Cocoon Patterns
Northbrook, Illinois, May 14, 2012
Now that warm weather has arrived special deliveries are being made in the maternity ward. Baby fever is among us and with that comes baby showers. Get excited for some crochet baby cocoon patterns to swaddle your new bundle of joy.

Spring is Here! Brighten up with Free Crochet Flowers and Butterfly Crochet Fun
Northbrook, Illinois, March 19, 2012
With the spring season finally upon us, it's time to brighten up our homes and make it a happy season. Make some free crochet flower patterns and some butterfly crochet embellishments to help transition into the warmer season. Get excited!

Decorate Your Home for the Holidays with Free Christmas Crochet Patterns
Northbrook, Illinois, October 28, 2011
As the holidays quickly approach it's that time that we all gather our decorations ready to hang in excitement. Make your holiday home a festive one this year with all the free Christmas crochet patterns you can find.

End the Summer with Free Easy Crochet Patterns from AllFreeCrochet
Northbrook, Illinois, August 19, 2011
As the summer comes to a halt you have just enough time to make these fabulous free crochet patterns for yourself or make them as gifts for the upcoming holiday seasons.

Exciting Offer for Free Crochet Patterns Using Just One Skein
Northbrook, Illinois, July 13, 2011
If you have some extra yarn laying around the house, check out our latest free eBook, One Skein Patterns: Crochet Made Simple, for some free easy crochet patterns using one skein.

Welcome Spring with 7 Quick Projects from Easter Crochet eBook
Northbrook, Illinois, April 1, 2011
This year, crochet your Easter gifts and decorations yourself. This free e-book features adorable Easter projects you can make in just a few hours each — perfect for last-minute Easter basket gifts!

Last Minute Valentine Gifts: Crochet for that Special Someone
Northbrook, Illinois, January 27, 2011
With Valentine's Day slowly creeping up don't wait last minute to find that perfect gift, but if you do is here to help.

The Best Handmade Craft Ideas from 2010
Northbrook, Illinois, December 30, 2010
Have a great New Year with this fabulous collection of handmade craft ideas from free crochet patterns, free knitting patterns, free sewing patterns and more. These are your favorite projects from 2010, so we know you'll enjoy them!

Decorate for Christmas with Free Crochet Christmas Wreaths eBook
Northbrook, Illinois, November 5, 2010
Just in time for the holidays a new eBook has come out for free download. Find some free Christmas crochet wreaths to make your home cheery this holiday.

Wonderful New Free eBook Featuring Crochet Granny Square Patterns
Northbrook, Illinois, September 2, 2010 has released a new eBook available for free download. Learn how to crochet beautiful Granny Squares with this collection of 9 patterns.

Exciting eBook Featuring Free Crochet Shawl Patterns
Northbrook, Illinois, August 13, 2010 announces a new eBook available for free download. Crochet 16 stunning shawls with this collection of free crochet shawl patterns.

Crochet eBook Filled With Free Crochet Patterns and Stitches
Northbrook, Illinois, April 16, 2010
This Free eBook from should provide hours of fun for any crochet lover.

Publishing Company Launches New Crochet Web Site
Northbrook, Illinois, March 24, 2010
You can find the best aggregate site providing free crochet patterns, tips, tutorials and videos at

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Crochet the Rainbow Granny Square Throw is a crochet blanket that is essentially one large granny square, so you can work it as large… See more

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