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Silly Monster Beanie

This playful monster adds a bit of handmade fun to a basic beanie pattern… More

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Monster Ice Pop Holders

"Summer is almost here and that means it's going to be hot and that calls… More

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Jeremy The Giraffe

Jeremy the Giraffe sits at just under 2 feet tall and if you count his… More

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Frankenstein's Monster Kitchen Towel

Ever since designing my first character towel, I’ve received requests… More

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Hungry Monster Halloween Crochet Bag

Going trick-or-treating always gets kids excited about Halloween, so why… More

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Frankenstein Hat

"My husband, kids and I LOVE Halloween so it only made sense for me to… More

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Purple People Eater Monster Toy

"A one-eyed, one-horned, flying purple people eater! This is my… More

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Friendly Crochet Zombie Doll

Zombie culture is rising, and with it comes the rise of a new breed of… More

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Crochet Monster Hat

From 18 months to ten years your little one will look fabulous wearing… More

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Green One-Eyed Monster Baby Hat

Put-that-thing-back-where-it-came-from, or so help me, we'll explode from… More

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Mister Chompy

Mister Chompy is a sweet little monster that just loves to chomp. He is a… More

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Monster Baby Booty Pattern

This is definitely a fun crochet pattern for you to work up for your baby.… More

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Crochet Hungry Monster Candy Bag

"How much fun would your little one have while walking around… More

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Monster Truck Slippers

"The little guys in your life will love zooming these slippers around the… More

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Frankee Steinee the Frankenstein Monster

"Monsters are, quite often, scarryyy. Or ugly? But let me introduce you to… More

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