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Latest Comments

Santa Pet Sweater

By: JoAnn from
Updated November 15, 2017

This Santa Pet Sweater is the cutest winter outfit for your favorite furry friend. It works for cats or dogs, and it is a simple red and white pattern.


Crochet HookH/8 or 5 mm hook

Yarn Weight(4) Medium Weight/Worsted Weight and Aran (16-20 stitches to 4 inches)

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Super easy! Only took me about 2 hours. I had to downsize it a litte (31 chains initially, 19 dc instead of 33 for row 7) and VOILA! Perfect fit for my puppy (3 lbs).

Oh so cute!!!

Cats: never. Dogs: when it really cold.

This looks so adorable!

Cute idea. I'd have to leave off the loops though as our little Poodle/Silky Terrier cross thinks she's a bush dog and bounds madly through the forest, collecting twigs and burrs as she goes. Mind you this would be perfect for her inside the house on chilly days when we're not cranking the furnace. My cats would kill me if I tried dressing them. Not worth the bandaids, lol.

If cats were meant to be dressed up, they would have come in different colors - red, blue, white, purple, green, etc.

poor kitty, I live in MN I understand the sweaters for some breeds of dogs, but it's just embarrassing for a cat. My kids would do sabotage attacks at night if I did this, In fact, I'm sure I heard BobtheCat snort in disgust when he saw the picture.

i have an 85 lb. pit bull, he loves his coats and sweaters, he even wears a rain coat and boots, i make him sweaters and scarves and he is truly excited when he knows they are for him

I had a little westie once that was allergic too,,, wait for it, flea bites! He would gnaw and bite his skin to the point that his hair would fall out and his skin would be dried out. We eventually found a solution to his allergy but his skin and hair never recovered. He welcomed his sweater, especially in the winter.

That pattern is cute for a girl. My cats a boy and he is got to be boyd up. Yeah! I'm down with dressing my boy cat. Its fun and its loving too.

My cat would rip your heart out if you try to dress it but our dog has short fur and none on his belly so yes, we do dress him in a sweater in cold weather. I would not send my family our without something to keep them warm, so why would I do this to our dog. He knows when the weather is cold and waits by the door until you get him dressed.

Animals should not be dressed up. They evolved with natural inner resources designed to adjust to the climate. It is just cruel to project our human fashion ideals onto our pets. Collars are cruel as well. Dogs do need to be on leashes when outside but a harness is more humane than a collar. Some animals will make it known by there behavior that they are uncomfortable wearing "cute" outfits but even they don't act out it doesn't mean they are unhappy about being dressed up. But just because a pet doesn't react negatively doesn't mean the animal is happy about it. We can tell a lot about what our pets are feeling and thinking by there body language but without the ability to communicate using the same language, we should not assume we know exactly what they are thinking. Our pets are not dolls to be used for our amusement, they are living creatures and deserve our love and respect.

I know that most PEOPLE think it's fun and cute to dress up animals as if they were dolls or playthings, but I highly doubt any cat would find it amusing. Animals don't relate or know or care anything about holidays and themes, etc. If we truly do love animals, I think we should appreciate them for what they are: animals! Now, if it's deadly cold in the winter and your dogs need a sweater, I guess that's okay, but dressing up for holidays, photos sessions, etc., is nothing I would do to a pet. Long story short, I vote no. :)

I don't have a cat,but I wouldn't do it.

I vote no! I don't think animals need sweaters, especially silly looking ones. Animals have a natural body temperature that adjusts to heat and cold. If yours in an indoor cat or dog, not leave them outside for a long time.

I think its really cute BUT I would not force any animal to wear an outfit if they were unhappy with it on! So I vote NAY

CRUEL! Animals don't need or like to WEAR anything other than what the Good Lord gave them!

If you have a cat that would wear this, fine. Mine wouldn't, unfortunately.

I would never try to put "clothes" on my cats, but living as I do in Canada, I can well see the value of doggie sweaters. My neighbour's dog has more clothes than I do! some of them are so cute, too, and look like such fun to make. But my cats? To them, the yarn's a toy, and clothes are something to pull down out of the closet and lay on.

I do have a hairless cat that I make sweaters for. She hates them all and shimmy's out the first chance she gets, but my daughter loves to dress her up. I wouldn't make this particular pattern because her paws would get caught in the fringy loops while she was trying to claw it off. I am making her a tunnel that she can crawl in and out of at will.

I have a chihuahua. With a normal body temp of 102 degrees fahrenheit, he loves to wear sweaters. The Santa Pet Sweater is not his style; too frilly. I really need to update his wardrobe.

It's cute but not for a cat. Our cats are indoor cats and aren't the hairless breed and the main reason is they wouldn't be happy being used as a doll or pseudo child..on the other hand our daughter's pug would love it ! He has so many different clothes he needs his own closet. He looks cute and he knows it!

Heck No! I value my hands and my face too much to do this to my cats! Clipping nails is hard enough!

LOL I am with you there! Just trying to put a Santa hat on them for Christmas pictures is hard enough. I'm not about to try and put a sweater on them - and when I say THEM I mean all FIVE of my furbabes. This pattern may be cute but nope- not going there.

Love this but I have dogs. I'm sure my mini-datsun would look adorable in this! :o)

The cat in the picture does NOT look pleased to have it on him...wonder how many scratches the owner has after doing it? By the way, he looks just like my 11 yr old cat named Skeeter. I can tell you that if I tried to put something like that on him, I would be the loser in that wrestling match! Cats like their freedom, they don't want to be dressed like a doll. Ask Jackson Galaxy from the Animal Planet TV show "My Cat from Hell", he is TOTALLY against it.

that is adorable, i am going to make one for my cats..they love stuff like pets are my kids i dont have and they will look cute for the holidays..thanks

It is cute but my cats would never go for it. They don't like when you trim their nails or give medicine or anything except pet them and that is only when they want. They want to be free and do what they want which they couldn't if was in a sweater.

No way, they are not our kids or dolls.

No! most dogs probably wouldn't mind but who would do this to a cat? Cats need to be able to groom, lick their fur and be free to be themselves

My Sheltie loves to dress up, such a girl!! I was unhappy though when I tried to open the vest pattern... page was moved already????

Dogs - yes. Cats - NO!!!!! Cats don't put up with that kind of crap! lol

Depends on the animal. If they tend to get cold and don't mind the clothes (like our pit bull & terrier) why not have some fun with it and make them something cute? If they don't need the clothes (like our Pomeranians) then just appreciate them for what they are and spend the time making things for people who need them.

As a Professional Pet Groomer I think that dogs are more adapted to wearing clothes then cats. Also it might be easy for a cat to get caught on something and choke. They climb indoors and out and could get hurt because of that.

No I don't think so my fur babies are perfect the way they are!

why would you do this to an animal? God gave them exactly what they need, we don't need to play dress up w/our cats & dogs. There are A LOT of children out there that NEED warm clothes in the winter, not Fido & Fluffy. BTW, I am owned by 2 dogs and 3 cats, none of which will ever see a shred of clothing on their furry little bodies.

I have to put clothes and coats/sweaters on my 5 lb chihuahua, Blossom. She hardly has any fur, so she's cold most of the time, even in the house at times. I have to admit, it's fun too. She does not mind at bit, but she looks cute on a hot day when she can go naked. But that's not too ofter in the San Francisco bay area.

Nah, unless you start with them early in life. I made a great little sweater for our cat, he thought he was dying, wouldn't even walk. Even if we helped him onto his feet he just fell over. Animals don't neet sweaters, God gave them there own.

Our little dogs dislike sweaters, even when they are cold, and most cats I know really hate being dressed. Maybe if you started when they were tiny kittens, like the way I taught my cat to lay on his back calmly while I trimmed his toenails. We have 4 dogs and got only one as a puppy. The other 3 were rescued, and were 2 yrs or older.

My dog would dig it. He's a 40-lb mutt and Loves wearing pjs. I got a pair on a lark b/c they were on clearance last year and he flipped over them. During the cold months he nudges them with his nose when I ask him if he needs to do his deed. I don't put things on him in the warm months. I figure if the animal Likes it, and the weather permits, why the heck not?

it is really cute, and I don't object if your pet isn't bothered by the costume. My cat would be insulted and not tolerate it. Dogs are more use to a cosume because of wearing something in winter, and dogs are more tolerant by nature, they want to please us. Cats, by nature, don't give a ------ whether or not they please us. "Cats rule, dogs drool"

My 3 yr. old Teddy Bear dog loves to wear clothes!! Perhaps it's the Bichon in her. She gets excited to even wear a fancy collar.

My 17 yr. old 16 lb. black cat would feel insulted.

Our pets are just one step up from wild animals who have agreed generally not to bite us in exchange for whatever it is they need. I think this is completely indignant for cats or dogs.

Dressing up pets is unnatural, cruel and indecent. Grant pets their dignity by avoiding such things. This isn't even cute, it's downright disgusting.

I think this is a terrible thing to do. Cats have their own fur coats and do not need to be kept warm and do not like to have clothes on, cute or otherwise. My cat would disown me if I tried this cruel act.

It's a cute sweater but my cat would not even let you near him with any type of pet ware.

Do I look like I'm enjoying this NOT!

My cats would disown me if I were to try to but anything on them. The three boys just barely tolerate their collars. But now my doxies on the other hand would look so cute...

The poor furry baby always looks so embarrassed when their human forces them into some tasteless outfit.

I made this for my dog last year and everyone loved it!

It's cute but I wouldn't put it on my cat.

It is adorable. A must make

Really? I don't know a cat who would sit still long enough to end up wearing a sweater. I know mine wouldn't. I've made dog sweaters and they seems to be okay with them, but a cat? Nope.

Very cute but I don't know many cats who would tolerate it - dogs maybe - and the beautiful cat model doesn't look very happy LOL

Well, it's cute but my cat has enough fur to carry around without anything extra and I probably would get severly clawed.

I think they look cute but my 14 year old cat would never let me do that

This is the cutest sweater i've seen for dogs. I made it for my yorkie and she looks just wonderful in it, but I close the center because it kept slghtly turning on her. This is my x-mas gift for her. Thanks so much...maggie

This looks like a really cute pattern, but you can't see how the belly and neck will exactly look(kinda like a sock I would think). But it has inspired me to add loops to a pattern that I have already rewritten and changed for what I wanted. I will be making it for only one of my fur babies as the other one looks at me like I have just done something terribly unjust to him and will take it off by himself!

so funny... and cute!

this is a very cute article! i want to make it!!1

I my self have made and used on my cats when the air gets pretty cold..they appreciate it a lot in our mountain temperatures. Log fire wood makes for chilly mornings..:-)

I have to say, there are some really brave crocheters out there. I wanted to use my sweet docile cat as a model for my small dog coats, but that was not to be. He turned into a whirling machine.


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