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56 Easy Crochet Cardigan Patterns

Crochet a cardigan for every type of weather and style. These crochet cardigan patterns are all easy and fashionable!

By: Nichole Pientka, Editor,
Updated July 02, 2021
56 Easy Crochet Cardigan Patterns

Forget diamonds, purses, and shoes -- cardigans and sweaters are really a woman's best friends!

It doesn't matter which season is upon us, there's always the question in the back of your mind of whether or not you should bring a sweater with you, especially if you know that place will be cranking up the air conditioning or lacking in heat.

You don't want to have to lug around a crochet sweater everywhere when you may not even need it, but with these 56 Easy Crochet Cardigan Patterns, you'll always have a lightweight crochet cardigan pattern on hand.

These sweater crochet patterns will keep you warm in the A/C or on windy and chilly nights and they're ever so fashionable. Choose from lacy crochet cardigan patterns, everyday simple cardigans, bold designs - or make them all!

We've also included some of our favorite colder-weather cardigan patterns. These heavier cardigans are definitely thicker and heavier than the feature patterns in this collection, but they're perfect for ice-cold movie theaters, shopping malls, and the always-too-cold air-conditioned office rooms.

They may be daily wear during the winter months, but you'll also want to have them on hand during the spring and summer months for temperatures drop unexpectedly. 

PLUS! Want to start off with a cozy, oversized shawl before diving into cardigans and sweaters? Check out this video tutorial for the cozy shawl of your dreams!

Crochet Lace Cardigan Pattern

Light Mod Mesh Crochet Cardigan

Crochet lace patterns can seem difficult to make, but they're really not, especially once you've gotten the hang of the specific crochet stitches being used. Lacy patterns make amazing easy breezy cardigans because the yarn is lighter and there is more space between stitches. You can dress up any outfit for a date night or a night out with friends with a cardigan like this Light Mod Mesh Crochet Cardigan.

These types of lacy crochet cardigan patterns are also the easiest to carry around in a bag or purse since they are so lightweight. Add instant style with one of these cardigan patterns. Whether you're preparing for crisp fall weather or making some some summer crochet patterns, these lightweight cardigans are perfect for adding some warmth without too much bulk. 

Autumn Butterfly Cardigan

The season of fall makes things like pumpkin lattes and falling leaves incredibly popular. If you want your style to stand out this year, do so with this cardigan pattern. The flowing nature of the sleeves and cardigan itself make it the perfect fall accessory. 

Mermaid Filigree Cardigan

Make this beautiful Mermaid colored Filigree Cardigan for the fall season. It's an elegant design that will flatter any body type. The edging around the sweater is just exquisite and the button closure gives you the option of wearing it open or closed with a cami underneath.

Chevron Lace Cardigan

This free crochet pattern is very customizable. You determine the length and width of this chevron lace sweater by trying it on as you crochet, and you can add long or cap sleeves. Finish with your favorite buttons and accessories.

Shining Star Lace Crochet Sweater

Like the brightest sky in the night's sky, the Shining Star Lace Crochet Sweater will truly make you stand out from the crowd. The longer length and three-quarter length sleeves make it the perfect topper for a variety of seasons.

Lacy Jacket

This crocheted Lacy Jacket looks just like something you would buy at the mall! It's a great layering piece to wear any time of the year. Plus, the bright blue color is a quick and easy way to add a pop of color to any outfit.

Popular Zen Jacket

This beloved crochet Zen Jacket is lightweight and perfect for any season. This crochet pattern uses a variety of different crochet stitches including basic single crochet and slip stitch but also some more intermediate crochet stitches. 

Victorian Romance Cardigan

This crochet sweater is both comfy and beautiful with the lace made from foundation single crochet and the shell stitch. The instructions include sizing from small to XX large, so anyone can wear this wonderful sweater.

Barcello Jacket

This long and lacy sweater will add a bit of style to your look. Featuring slightly flared sleeves and a long body length, this lacy open-front jacket is the ideal spring top. Wear it over a simple tank top for a casual touch or drape it over a basic dress for a night out. 

Breezy Bamboo Crochet Cardigan Pattern

Enjoy the summer no matter if it's day or night in this Breezy Bamboo pattern. An easy breezy sweater pattern like this one is rare, and your hooks will be itching to get hold of this pattern. 

Water's Edge Kimono

This kimono cardigan is the perfect light layering piece for the spring and summer seasons. Wear it with a blouse or tank top underneath depending on the weather. 

Lemon Drop Kimono Cardigan

The Lemon Drop Kimono Cardigan features such bold and beautiful colors that were made for summer when bright colors are trendy. The pom pom edging is such a gorgeous detail. 

Crochet Cardigans for Everyday Wear

Blue Lagoon Easy Cardigan

You shouldn't need a million sweaters for the summertime, so look around and find your perfect summer cardigan pattern from these easy breezy cardigans that are perfect for everyday wear. Pick a crochet cardigan pattern that is stylish yet versatile enough to go with any outfit at a moment's notice and you'll have your new summer wardrobe staple. 

A bright and bold cardigan like this Blue Lagoon Easy Cardigan adds a fun pop of color to your warm-weather wardrobe. Even though the temperatures may be rising, you'll still need cardigans to protect yourself against the cold air conditioning that's sometimes set a little too high. These cardigans would be such a stylish way to do so. 

Light Crochet Cardigan

Stitched using a mesh pattern and in a soft and pretty white yarn, this crocheted cardigan is a project you will work up more than once as your friends will see it and want one too.

Spring Crochet Cardigan

Light and airy, this spring sweater will keep you just warm enough. The step-by-step instructions are easy enough for even a beginner to follow. Show off your talent and make yourself this gorgeous sweater.

Granite Open Cardigan

Using Red Heart Boutique Changes in Granite, you can make this Open Cardigan. It's an easy crochet pattern that any fashionista would love. Granite is the perfect fall color to use for this cardigan.

Simple Springtime Cardigan

This Simple Springtime Cardigan works up quickly as it's an easy crochet pattern. ​Dress it up or dress it down, this is one pattern you'll want in your wardrobe this season.

Ripple Wrap Cardigan

This crochet Ripple Wrap Cardigan can be worn many different ways. Let it hang open or tie it up for a cropped look. It's a versatile sweater that you will reach for again and again. 

Light as a Feather Cardigan

This Light as a Feather Cardigan is the perfect addition to any woman's wardrobe. It's the perfect thing to wear to work over your sleeveless dress or tank. 

Crochet Short Jacket

Short and funky, this cropped sweater is youthful and vibrant. The cute details down the sleeves add interest and charm to this free crochet pattern. Your girlfriends will want this sweater for themselves.

Summer Diamonds Kimono Cardigan

This Summer Diamonds Kimono Cardigan is a wonderfully draped cardigan that is light and cool to the touch. It's perfect for chilly offices and balmy summer evenings.

1941 Shell Stitch Crochet Cardigan Pattern

This crochet pattern will transport you back over 50 years in time! You'll go slack-jawed over the 1941 Shell Stitch Cardigan. You'll probably be too excited about this vintage pattern to even read anything on this page.

Cap Sleeve Open Cardigan

Need that perfect sweater for warm summer nights out? Well, this Cap Sleeve Open Cardigan is exactly what you're looking for. This crochet pattern is easy breezy both in technique and style. You won't be too warm or not warm enough if there's a slight breeze.

Kram Cardi

The Kram Cardi is presented as a crochet-along. It is written for sized XS-3X. The construction is simple but flattering. It uses worsted weight yarn and a H hook.

Mountain Ridge Cardi

Before you run out the door for an evening out or to run errands, throw on this super stylish and comfortable cardigan.

Everyday Cardigan

This simple cardigan is easy to work up and is perfect for everyday wear. It's the kind of cardigan you can carry around with you or keep at the office on the chance you get cold.

Jean Jacket Cardigan

This gorgeous, beginner-friendly cardigan doubles as a jacket on chilly spring and summer nights. It's the perfect size and weight, and you can work it up in just a day. 

New Eastside Cardigan

Say hello to your new go-to cardigan. With its casual fit and urban style, this New Eastside Cardigan is perfect for both fashionistas and crocheters driven by comfort. 

Riverbend Cardigan

This oversized and super cozy cardigan would look great over your favorite jeans and leggings. It's a neutral piece that you can wear over and over again. 

Cascading Kimono Pattern

This Cascading Kimono Pattern is the definition of easy breezy. The light gray color is so stunning, and it will add a relaxed look to any outfit. 

Chunky Belted Crochet Cardigan

The Chunky Belted Crochet Cardigan is super cozy and elegant. The belt really takes this neutral, everyday sweater to the next level.

Bold Crochet Cardigans

Ruffle Sleeve Cardigan

Who said cardigans can't be bold? Add a bright color, buttons, ruffles, or turn them into vests for easy breezy crochet sweater patterns. Don't be afraid to show off with a piece of clothing as seemingly humble as a cardigan. You'll spark some interest in your outfit, show off your killer personality, and keep out the wind with any of these cardis.

Easy crochet sweater patterns like this Ruffle Sleeve Cardigan are a great and simple way to spice up an otherwise plain outfit. Whether it's a ruffle detail, bright color, or unique shape or texture, there's something about all of these cardigans that will make you stand out in the best way possible. 

For example, the Rockin' Lacy Duster Crochet Pattern below is a floor-length piece that will make you feel like royalty every time you enter a room. It's also a gorgeous texture and bright color that is perfect for the spring and summer months. It's just one of the many sweaters below that are beauties for a whole combination of factors. 

Modern Purple Striped Cardigan

Let this cropped cardigan keep you warm when the wind blows. This Modern Purple-Striped Cardigan from Better Homes and Gardens is easy to dress up or down.

Go Anywhere Short Sleeve Cardigan

Let this Go Anywhere Short Sleeve Cardigan take you to places you've never been! You can enjoy the ride or walk pretty much anywhere with this easy breezy crochet cardigan.

Geisha Jacket

The Geisha Jacket is a beautiful sweater that will keep you warm and trendy. Free crochet patterns like this one can end up being your favorite item of clothing.

Romantic Ruffled Cardigan

This is a fairly easy pattern and I think would make a great Christmas cardigan especially if done in a beautiful metallic red or green or even a snowy white color.

Over Sized Olive Jacket

If you're looking for a beautiful crochet pattern to wear in the winter, then this Over Sized Olive Jacket is made for you. You can wear bulky long sleeved shirts under this jacket for added warmth. 

Rockin' Lacy Duster Crochet Pattern

Get into the summer groove with this Rockin' Lacy Duster Crochet Pattern! It's got everything you could possibly want in a sweater: lace, motifs, floral designs, and it's lightweight.

Keep Me Warm Cocoon Cardigan

We're loving the bold, rich red color of this Keep Me Warm Cocoon Cardigan. If the rest of your outfit is simple, it's the perfect thing to add for a nice pop of color. 

Lana Kimono

The blend of colors in this Lana Kimono is absolutely breathtaking. You will definitely stand out in any room when you wear this beautiful cardigan. You'll find yourself making excuses to wear it. 

Colder-Weather Crochet Cardigans

Cozy Blanket Cardi

If you need a little more bulk to your cardigans, no matter the weather, we've gathered a selection of chunkier crochet cardigans for you to wear. You can wear cardigan crochet patterns like the Cozy Blanket Cardi during the cold winter months, but they are also great to have on hand during the warmer months because you never know when the night might get chilly or the air conditioning will be set just a little too high. 

Even though you might wear these cardigans on dreary days, they are anything but boring. They will add some cheer and comfort to any day and are likely to be on constant rotation in your closet because of their versatility. There are so many different styles below that you're going to have multiple favorites. 

Curvy Girl Cable Crochet Cardigan

Feel comfortable in your own skin even when it's cold outside with the Curvy Girl Cable  Cardigan. You'll be super cozy in this worsted weight masterpiece of a cardigan. Layer it over a long-sleeved shirt and under a jacket to be extra warm this winter.

Reading Room Crochet Sweater

Get your glasses on and work up the Reading Room Crochet Sweater. This cardigan may seem a little bookish, but we promise that it's both stylish and comfortable. Whether you're headed to the library, work, or sitting at home, this sweater will keep you warm and looking lovely. 

Orange Creamsicle Hooded Cardigan

With an easy granny square assembly, this crochet cardigan pattern feels like the best combination of blanket and sweater pattern. The addition of the hood makes this piece perfect for the coldest of icy breezes, and the pocket, trim, and button options give you endless room for variation on a classic design.

Napa Belted Jacket

This multi-colored crochet jacket is a real feast for the eyes, and it's also a treat for the senses! Follow this crochet pattern and see for yourself. It features a belt loop to tie it closed as well as a few colored stripes at the ends of the sleeves to add some bold style to your design.

Overcast Crochet Sweater

This hooded sweater is the cutest cardigan for holidays. The rich red color is breathtaking and so trendy. It's such a detailed pattern that looks designer, and the hood makes it extra cozy.

Terrifically Teal Crochet Jacket Pattern

Everyone loves items of clothing that can do double duty and this Terrifically Teal Crochet Jacket Pattern is no exception. You can dress this shawl collar jacket up or down.

Totally Warm Crochet Jacket Pattern

This new crochet pattern will be your new favorite piece of apparel, introducing the Totally Warm Crochet Jacket Pattern. You can wear this jacket by itself on a cool fall day.

Autumn Spice Cardigan

This free crochet pattern is for a cute little cropped cardigan that will put you in the right frame of mind for fall. The rich red color is great for autumn, and the medium weight yarn will keep you warm.

Vintage Striped Jacket

This Vintage Striped Jacket from Red Heart is certainly a one of a kind free crochet jacket. The bright stripes are done in Super Saver yarn in five bold colors. It's a warm jacket for the intermediate crocheter.

Gigi Hadid Crochet Cardigan

You will look like you just stepped off the runway when you create this stylish cardigan! You'll love the assortment of crochet granny squares in this pattern, too. It's the perfect item to add some glam. 

Cuddler Cocoon Sweater

This cardigan is perfect for anyone new to crocheting and is plush and warm without being too chunky. It's one size fits most, making it even more of a mindless make. 

Snuggly Cardi

You won't believe how cozy this cabled cardigan is. This oversized cardigan is made for cold winter days and sitting by the fire with a cup of hot cocoa and a good book. 

Pretty Me Chunky Cardigan

You're going to feel like you're wearing a blanket when you throw on this Pretty Me Chunky Cardigan. It's such a stylish sweater that all your friends will ask you about. 

Fall Favorite Classic Raglan Cardigan

The crochet Classic Raglan Cardigan is the perfect basic garment for your fall wardrobe, & let’s fill it with cozy crocheted clothes.

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Where are the skirt and dress patterns? no one wears the bottom half any longer?

Hi Crafter 9708767, This page is all about the cardigans, but you can find a great collection of crochet dress patterns here: We also have a tag for skirt patterns here: I hope this helps! - Laura, editor of AllFreeCrochet

I love these patterns. Can I download so that ?

Name is Savithri

Ive been looking for instruction for a Tunisian crochet cardigan vest. Can you help?

Hi there! Here's a pattern for a lovely cardigan that uses the Tunisian stitch: You can browse other vests here: Thank you!

Cardigans are the best whether short or long sleeves

I prefer cardigans.

i like cardigans best


I like both but if I have to choose I like Cardigans thank you for the chance.

I prefer sweaters. Thank you for the chance.


I like sweaters the best

Cardigans! Much more versatile!

I love both styles - variety is the spice of life!

Definitely cardigans-just throw on and go!

I like cardigans better

I love both styles because I crochet for 10 grand kids and each has a different style. So keep coming with all your patterns.

I love cardigans ,they are very classy and cozy .Thank you for the lovely patterns . I am not really adept at crochet ,but I find it very relaxing .

I absolutely love cardigans! They are so cozy and can be worn anytime of the year where I live. Thank you for sharing all 41 easy breezy cardigan crochet patterns. I found 2 that I am definately going to be making, just can't decide which one of the two I am going to start first, The orange creamsicle hooded cardigan or the Gigi Hadid crochet cardigan! Love them both!

Definitely cardigans. I was looking through the ones listed in 41 easy breezy cardigans and all at once one caught my eye and will be on my crocheting list. It's the Romantic Ruffled Cardigan. Absolutely beautiful!

THANK YOU! l have made two cardigans and am hooked but have a hard time finding crochet patterns l like. l have plenty of knitting patterns but l like to trade off.

I love cardigans. I'm a beginner, but I can't wait to try one of these patterns

I like the crochet lace cardigan never maid one but like the way it's made would like to try to make one.God bless

I love making shawls and ponchos. I always have sweaters on. Live in a cold climate.

Cardigans are great for south California, but I still love comfy sweaters

I love sweaters If i get cold then too warm you can take a sweater off easily when your away from home.

I say sweater as I like to do mine up when its horribly cold (like today , with all that snow in APRIL)

These are beautiful sweaters and cardigans.i have just recently started wearing.

I don't like to wear cardigans or sweaters, but I think generally cardigans look a little nicer.

What's the difference? They are both something to be warm in. I've made a lot and loved every one.

i have a total weakness for ozy sweaters!

My granddaughter wants a snazzy wrap, shrug....this would really help me make one for the 7 year old clothes conscious diva

I prefer sweaters.

I like both cardigans and sweaters, but I prefer cardigans for their versatility and fun flare.

Cardigan. I made one for my granddaughter and simply prefer the open construction, plus it is more useful to her than something she has to pull over her head.

Shining Star Lace Sweater is a must make for me. Love the cardigans.

I like cardigans best! But I certainly would crochet either!

I like both but if I had to choose it would be cardigans )

I like cardigans because if I get too hot its easy to remove and layering is fun.

I'm a cardigan person, can't have too many. I love all these patterns!

I like Cardigans, that give more coverage.

These are AMAZING patter. I can't wait to make as many as possible!

I cannot believe there are this many lovely cardigans to choose from. I am 74 and have been crocheting since grammar school. It never gets old. I adore every one of the cardigans I have looked at so far.

I didn't realise how easy it is to make a cardigan. I can make one whenever I find beautiful yarn. For gifts or for myself. A lovely project. 10 stars

Wow. What a great find with this posting. 41 Easy breezy crochet cardigans. I am sure to find something amongst all of this treasure trove and patterns to please everybody that I need to crochet for. There is such a great variety of patterns in here for all seasons too. Each one of them are beautiful. I dont know where to start!

Cardigans are my go-to when I need to add a little something extra to my outfit. I love the Autumn Butterfly Cardigan.


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