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Crochet and Knitting Patterns from Red Heart Yarn

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  1. Pins Little girls will love flower pins! Pin these on clothing or hair for an extra-cute look.
  2. Roses Flower pattern crafts are always popular, and roses are among the best of the bunch. Use our easy free patterns to create flower quilts and crafts of all types.
  3. 4th of July Crochet Make this 4th of July special with fun and easy crochet projects! These patriotic crafts make great decorations.
  4. Easter Crochet Use free crochet patterns to make some fun Easter decorations and gifts.
  5. Halloween Crochet These spooky Halloween Crochet crafts are sure to give you great ideas for holiday decorations!
  6. St. Patrick's Day Crochet Try these St. Patrick's Day free crochet patterns for some easy St. Patrick's Day crafts! They are the perfect holiday decorations.
  7. Thanksgiving Crochet Thanksgiving Crochet Holiday Patterns are the best way to decorate your home and celebrate the holidays. These are fun, free crochet patterns for Thanksgiving you can craft in no time!
  8. Valentine's Day Crochet This Valentine's Day, show the one you love how much you care by crocheting! You can even decorate your home with these adorable holiday crochet patterns.
  9. Belts Check out these free patterns for crochet belts for fun accessory ideas! They are super easy and fun to make.
  10. Jewelry These free crochet jewelry patterns are all fun crafting gifts! Crochet jewelry is great for any occasion, and it's so easy to make.
  11. Baby Afghans Find the perfect free simple crochet baby afghan in this collection of baby afghan crochet patterns.
  12. Granny Square Afghans Find the best granny square afghan crochet patterns, including large and small motifs.
  13. Lapghans Find free lapghans and small afghan crochet patterns here. These free afghans crochet patterns are the quickest afghans to crochet.
  14. Ripple Afghans Crochet Ripple Afghans have a distinctive pattern throughout that makes them unique. You'll love trying these free crochet patterns!
  15. Throws Try out these easy Crochet Throw Patterns for yourself or as a gift! These are great free crochet patterns for afghan throws.
  16. Baby Hats Try out these crochet baby hats for something snuggly for the baby in your life!
  17. Baby Sweaters These crochet baby sweaters are just too cute! You won't be able to wait for your new baby to wear these homemade crochet sweaters.
  18. Baby Toys Babies get sick of toys in no time, so why not crochet these easy baby toys? These are great crochet baby toy patterns that are fun to make.
  19. Booties These baby booties are just too cute! Crochet one of these free crochet patterns for baby booties for a gift or for your own little one.
  20. Bunting Crochet bunting is a great, affordable way to keep your baby warm. Bunting is perfect for newborns. You'll love these free crochet baby patterns!
  21. Backpacks A DIY backpack is the perfect way to get ready for heading back to school. These free crochet backpack patterns are just what you need to make a homemade backpack that will surely impress.
  22. Clutches Crochet isn't just for everyday bags! Follow these crochet patterns to crafts clutches and evening bags for special occasions.
  23. Crochet Gift Bags Crochet gift bags to give wine and other presents. These crochet bags are presents themselves.
  24. Summer Bags Some bags are just perfect for summer! You can make these free crochet patterns for everything from beach bags to pastel purses for a summer night.
  25. Totes These are free, easy crochet patterns for crochet tote bags! These crochet purses will save you money and are fun to make too.
  26. Children's Hats You'll love crocheting these little crochet children's hats! These are adorable crochet hats for kids and they come in all shapes and sizes. You'll find animal patterns and colorful crochet patterns among many other designs.
  27. Children's Scarves Keep your children warm in the winter with a crochet scarf for kids. Learn how to crochet a scarf using these free tutorials from all over the web.
  28. Sweaters and Ponchos Crochet Sweater and Ponchos are the perfect thing to keep kids warm when it's cool out. These easy, free crochet patterns are great for making kid's clothes.
  29. Toys Crochet toys for your kids with these free crochet patterns! These are safe children's toys that are easy to craft.
  30. Fingerless Gloves Follow these easy patterns to crochet Fingerless Gloves in no time! There are patterns for both adults and kids.
  31. Berets This chic look never goes out of style. Check out these free crochet beret patterns to learn how to crochet a hat you'll love.
  32. Caps (With Brims) Caps with brims are the hat of choice for the country gentlemen. Make one of your own with our patterns.
  33. Organization If you're looking for some unique ways to organize your home, try out these crochet baskets and other ways to crochet your way to organization!
  34. Pendants and Lights Use free crochet patterns to make some really neat pendants and lights for your home. Get the look of chic with a low budget.
  35. Pillows Pillows are a great project to crochet to impress guests. These free crochet patterns are easy, fun decorative crafts!
  36. Rugs Learn to make your own beautiful rugs with our patterns. We've got braided rugs and every other type!
  37. Coasters Coasters are some of the easiest projects to crochet. Follow these easy patterns for crochet coaster and you'll have crafted coasters in no time!
  38. Dishcloths Crochet your own dishcloths with these free easy crochet patterns! These crochet dish towels will be really useful in your kitchen.
  39. Potholders, Oven Mitts and Trivets These are free kitchen crochet patters for Potholders, Oven Mitts and Trivets! If you need to handle something hot in the kitchen, why not crochet it?
  40. Cowls
  41. Cardigans and Wrap Sweaters Try out these free patterns for crochet Cardigans and Wrap Sweaters! They are stylish patterns you can craft as gifts or for yourself.
  42. Ponchos Crochet ponchos are great for a cold winter day! These Crochet Poncho Patterns are fun, free and easy.
  43. Tank Tops These Tank Tops are all adorable crochet shirts for women. They are great in the summer and easy to crochet.
  44. Crochet Videos Watch these great crochet video tutorials for amazing step by step instructions. Great for beginners.
  45. Prayer Shawls Using a free crochet pattern you can make a gorgeous prayer shawl for a loved one. The making of a prayer shawl is a spiritual practice which embodies our thoughts and prayers for the receiver.
  46. Stoles Our glamorous wraps and stoles make for a great topper to any formal outfit.
  47. Wraps These Crochet Wrap Patterns are great to throw on over a dress or even a sweater in the winter. These are sophisticated crochet patterns anyone can craft.
  48. Angels Crochet angels are a popular motif. Use these free angel crochet patterns to create crochet ornaments, figurines and more.
  49. Ornaments
  50. Wreaths
  51. Men's Hats Try out these crochet hats for men! These free easy crochet patterns are great crochet patterns for men in your life.
  52. Men's Scarves Don't waste your money on expensive outerwear when you can use our easy crochet patterns for men's scarves. Create your own men's winter scarves without the fuss!
  53. Men's Sweaters Men's cashmere sweaters are the fashion these days why not learn to make them yourself? Follow our patterns, and you'll be able to make 'em all - men's cable knit sweaters, men's wool sweaters, men's cashmere v-neck sweaters - you name it!
  54. Book Reviews Popular craft books reviewed.
  55. Product Reviews Popular craft products reviewed.


  1. "Try Me" Infinity Scarf "The "Try Me" Infinity Scarf is a 3-color, lightweight layering scarf. It's great for beginners who want to expand their crocheting and pattern reading skills, or for more advanced crocheters wanting an easy yet visually interesting scarf. "
  2. 101 Crochet Scarf Patterns: The Ultimate Collection of Free Crochet Patterns for Your Neck Scarves are one of the most popular fashion accessories for both men and women. We've collected all of our best crochet scarf patterns for you to enjoy. The Ultimate Collection of Free Crochet Patterns for Your Neck includes the perfect crochet scarf
  3. 12 Hooded Scarf Crochet Patterns Hooded scarves are one of those genius ideas that makes life easier without sacrificing style. That's why we've gathered 12 Hooded Scarf Crochet Patterns.
  4. 15 Minute Chain Scarf Make a cute crochet scarf pattern with this 15 Minute Chain Scarf. Red Heart's Boutique Sashay is used giving it a beautiful look. Crochet scarf designs like this can literally be made in under 15 minutes so you can enjoy it even faster.
  5. 16 Ruffles: DIY Fashion for the Girls If you love twirling around in frilly skirts, sporting fancy lace and find yourself looking at all the new styles out there, then you're sure to love all the ruffles we have! DIY fashion is for those who are artsy or simply love to creative.
  6. 18 Cozy Crochet Cowl Patterns When you want a crochet scarf that drapes nicely out of the neck of your coat, a crochet cowl pattern is just the ticket. Look over these 18 Cozy Crochet Cowl Patterns to see what makes them so appealing.
  7. 18 Crochet Projects Just for Bulky Yarn It's easy to feel like you are doing the same projects over and over again, especially if you constantly use worsted weight yarn. Break free of your patterns by trying these 18 Crochet Projects Just for Bulky Yarn instead!
  8. 19 Quick and Easy Crochet Scarves Crochet scarves are one of the easiest crochet patterns to work up, no matter your skill level. If you have an hour or so to spare, then you can complete any one of the free crochet patterns in our collection of 19 Quick and Easy Crochet Scarves.
  9. 2-in-1 Crochet Scoodie The 2-in-1 Crochet Scoodie is a lovely crochet pattern to add to your collection. The scoodie is essentially a scarf and a hoodie combined, which is a great item to have in your closet anytime of the year.
  10. 22 Unisex Scarf Crochet Patterns Unisex scarf crochet patterns are the greatest ever! What I like most about scarves is that you really can make them for everyone and anyone. There's no such thing as a scarf specifically for one gender or the other.
  11. 25 Crochet Scarf Designs and Crochet Cowls Work up some amazing crochet scarf designs and crochet cowls from this collection. Once you've chosen a pattern you can find other free homemade crochet designs for your home and your wardrobe.
  12. 34 Free Crochet Scarf Patterns If you want to make yourself a homemade crochet scarf, then you'll first have to decide what style to crochet. Will you crochet a classic crochet scarf that wraps around your neck, or will you make a cozy crochet cowl?
  13. 35 Variegated Yarn Crochet Patterns If you haven't quite mastered the art of changing colors in crochet, then don't worry. Variegated yarn makes it possible to create multicolored crochet patterns without learning how to change colors when crocheting.
  14. 5 Free Crochet Scarf Patterns from Lion Brand Yarn There's no denying that scarves are a must-have closet essential for the fall months. Get your wardrobe ready for the season with this collection of 5 Free Crochet Scarf Patterns from Lion Brand Yarn.
  15. 50 Minute Easy Crocheted Scarf Got an hour to spare? This 50 Minute Easy Crocheted Scarf can be worked up in no time! All you need is a single skein of yarn and an hour of your day to complete this free crochet pattern. Super bulky yarn makes this not only a super fast pattern.
  16. 60 Minute Double Ruffle Crochet Scarf In just an hour, you can work up your own scarf that is perfect for springtime. The 60 Minute Double Ruffle Crochet Scarf pattern teaches you how to crochet a scarf that gives a little bounce to your wardrobe.
  17. 60 Minute Ribbed Crochet Scarf There are so many great things about this 60 Minute Ribbed Crochet Scarf. This crochet scarf looks stylish and is super comfortable for you to wrap around yourself any time of year.
  18. 7 Free Crochet Scarf Patterns + Other Winter Combo Patterns To prepare for the cold months, you need to have free crochet scarf patterns on-hand along with easy crochet mitten patterns. Find all of your winter essentials in this collection of free crochet patterns.
  19. 90 Minute Scarf Stop searching for that quick and easy crochet pattern because you just found it with this 90 Minute Scarf pattern. You'll learn how to crochet two strands of coordinating colors together as one, so it'll even get done twice as fast.
  20. A Crochet Posey Scarf Flowers are sure to brighten up anyone's day, so treat yourself or a friend to this Crochet Posey Scarf by Caron. The colorful flowers add the perfect decorative touch. This is a super easy crochet pattern that is great for beginners to make. The bri
  21. A Cute Cupcake Scarf Make a scarf to wear during the fall and winter seasons. If you have a sweet tooth, then you'll just adore this cupcake scarf. It's an intermediate crochet pattern to make that both kids and adults will enjoy wearing.
  22. A La Mode Boa Scarf This scarf is as good as ice cream, hence the name A La Mode Boa Scarf. Here is a boa pattern that is cozy and stylish. Work one up in your favorite color today!
  23. A Quick and Easy Crochet Scarf This Quick and Easy Crochet Scarf is a great stashbuster pattern to complete. A free crochet scarf pattern like this one is fun to make since you can use whatever scrap yarn you have lying around the house. Have fun with it and make it your own.
  24. A Twisted Scarf Crochet Pattern Free crochet scarf patterns are great to make when they are easy to make. This scarf only calls for three rows, that's it. A twisted scarf like this one makes for a fun time. Girls of all ages will love wearing this stylish scarf. It's a wonderful ad
  25. Adorable Cupcake Scarf "I was inspired to make this cute Cupcake Scarf from watching Kimmy Gibbler on The Fuller House TV Series on NetFlix. She was wearing these fun Cupcake Scarfs so I had to make my own version of it. I hope you like the Scarf Pattern!"
  26. Aesthetic Hooded Scarf Make this Aesthetic Hooded Scarf to keep your neck and head warm during the cold winter months. This crochet scarf pattern uses all the beginner crochet stitches. The pictured step by step instructions are easy to follow.
  27. Amandas Basket of Noro Scarf A free pattern for a simple scarf is all you need. This colorful crochet scarf is a fun pattern. This is for a beginner.
  28. Amazing Grace Crochet Scarf This Amazing Grace Crochet Scarf is yet another beautiful free crochet scarf pattern in a collection designed for breast cancer awareness.
  29. Amazing Grace Hooded Scarf This beautiful Amazing Grace Hooded Scarf was designed with a higher purpose. Make this free crochet hooded scarf pattern for someone who is battling cancer.
  30. Angel Hair Ruffled Scarf Working in rows with the single crochet stitch you can make your very own Angel Hair Ruffled Scarf. As you may have guessed, Sensations Angel Hair yarn is used to make this free crochet scarf pattern ultra soft and snugly.
  31. Angel Stitch Scarf Using a variation of the puff stitch you can come up with this lovely Angel Stitch Scarf. Free crochet scarf patterns like this look best when you use a variegated yarn instead of changing colors manually.
  32. Angelic Winter Scarf Make sure you have the Angelic Winter Scarf done before the weather turns cold! The best thing about this crochet scarf pattern is that it can be worked up in just a weekend or less. It's the perfect pattern to add to your winter wardrobe this year.
  33. Around Campus Crochet Scarf You'll be itching to go back to school when you see this Around Campus Crochet Scarf. A lot of crochet scarf patterns don't scream "cool kid," but with this crochet pattern, you'll be the hit of the school.
  34. Artfully Simple Infinity Scarf Use your imagination with this free crochet pattern. This Artfully Simple Infinity Scarf can be made with any size hook and yarn of your choice. All you need is one skein of your favorite yarn, and you're all set. The cute button detail is optional.
  35. Ascot Neck Scarf Scarves don't always have to be only about keeping us warm. Sometimes they are simply a really great accessory, like with the Ascot Neck Scarf.
  36. Ashlea Scarf Worsted weight yarn and a K hook will help you make this scarf. This is a lacy stitch pattern that's a very easy crochet scarf pattern. Great for beginners.
  37. Aspen Neckwarmer This free crochet pattern is for the intermediate crocheter. Using an I9 crochet hook and worsted weight yarn you can have this fashionable neckwarmer all to yourself.
  38. Asymmetry Scarf Using One Skein Just as the name states, make an asymmetry scarf using just one skein of yarn! This free crochet pattern is easy to make as it uses double crochet and the shell stitch in easy repetitive techniques. A decorative button closes the scarf for the finish
  39. Aubreigh Crochet Scarf "A cozy, squishy scarf in amazingly beautiful berry tones. Uses a unique texture stitch and I've included a little video tutorial to help you with it. "
  40. Aurora Borealis Crochet Scarf Get all of the mystical beauty of the Northern Lights when you work up the Aurora Borealis Crochet Scarf. This gorgeous colorful pattern will really have heads turning! The bulky yarn makes it insanely warm.
  41. Autumn Forest Scarf This Autumn Forest Crochet Scarf would be absolutely perfect to throw on when heading out, as it adds a pop of colour to any autumnal or wintery outfit! If you've never learned how to crochet the 'Star Stitch' but always wanted to, this scarf would m
  42. Autumn Harvest Scarf Dress up your neck this fall with this beautiful Autumn Harvest Scarf. This is an easy crochet pattern to crochet using worsted weight yarn. The completed scarf resembles falling autumn leaves.
  43. Autumn in the Tropics Infinity Scarf "A chunky and bright infinity scarf that is perfect for autumn."
  44. Autumn Infinity Scarf Wrap yourself up in this beautiful Autumn Infinity Scarf this fall as the weather turns cool. The beautiful earth-toned colors used in this free crochet pattern are perfect for autumn. It's a great addition to any girl's scarf collection for fall.
  45. Autumn Sunset Infinity Scarf The deep red color of this Autumn Sunset Infinity Scarf represents the bold and beautiful colors of autumn. This easy crochet scarf pattern measures 60 inches long and can be worn a variety of different ways. Wrap yourself up in this scarf this fall.
  46. Bacon Crochet Scarf "This scarf looks just delicious! Ever want to shout to the world how much you love bacon? This scarf says exactly that! This scarf can be made for fun or as a gag gift! "
  47. Baltic Scarf A size K crochet hook allows you to crochet this free scarf crochet pattern. It's beautiful bright colors will look amazing on you. It'll dazzle up any outfit.
  48. Basic Boho Crochet Scarf "The Basic Boho Scarf will have you at the height of fashion in no time at all. Whether you are new to crochet or a seasoned expert, you can make this scarf! It is stitched in long rows with long tails left and tied together as fringe."
  49. Basket Weave Crochet Neck Warmer Keep warm this winter with a crochet neck warmer. This basket weave pattern is beautiful and the buttons just add to the design. Crochet it for yourself or a friend.
  50. Basket Weave Scarf Pattern Create a wonderful scarf using the Basket Weave Scarf Pattern. A basket weave crochet pattern lets you work multiple rows of a simple design that will create a wonderful scarf. And it's easy to make this scarf wider with extra rows!
  51. Beach Sunset Cowl "A quick project in the well-loved ripple stitch pattern using three coordinating colors makes for a stylish and easy cowl."
  52. Beautiful Broomstick Lace Scarf Learning a new crochet technique will be worth it when you end up with this Beautiful Broomstick Lace Scarf. Broomstick lace crochet patterns are interesting and fun, especially when they create such a useful winter wearable.
  53. Beautiful Scarf with Fringe Using a free crochet pattern from Caron yarn, you can make this Beautiful Scarf with Fringe. It's a great crochet pattern for beginners and you can wear it with any outfit during the summer or winter.
  54. Becca Crochet Scarf Pattern "A classic textured look, the basket weave. And in this pattern this classic texture is paired with color changes to create a lovely, and thick, rainbow design perfect for any giftee."
  55. Beginner V-Stitch Crochet Scarf Crochet scarves are always a popular project to work up. Even if you're a new crocheter or if you have been crocheting for ages, you should try out this Beginner V-Stitch Crochet Scarf.
  56. Beginner's Crochet Scarf If you're just learning to crochet, try your hand at this Beginner's Crochet Scarf. All you need is one skein of worsted weight yarn in any color of your choice. This free crochet scarf pattern works up quickly using a simple crochet stitch.
  57. Beginner's Luck Crochet Cowl If you're still perfecting your crochet skills, then grab some yarn and practice your skills with the Beginner's Luck Crochet Cowl. This easy crochet pattern can be made in any worsted weight yarn of your choice.
  58. Beginner's Magic Scarf If you're new to crochet, this free crochet scarf pattern from Red Heart is definitely a must-make design. Your friends and family will be stunned to learn that you made this Beginner's Magic Scarf with your own two hands.
  59. Berries in the Snow Scarf With the help of our Facebook fans the name of this pattern came out to be Berries in the Snow Scarf. When following the crochet scarf pattern you'll see that it twists if you don't block it, resulting in a fun and unique scarf.
  60. Big Blue Crochet Scarf The Big Blue Crochet Scarf is extra-wide and extra-long, so it will definitely keep you nice and cozy during the cooler months of the year. You can wrap this beautiful blue crochet scarf around your neck twice for extra warmth.
  61. Big Sky Scarf All you need is one skein of yarn to complete this breathtaking Big Sky Scarf crochet pattern. The soft blue shade of this crocheted scarf looks just like the beautiful blue sky on a summer day. This chunky crocheted scarf is the coziest crocheted sc
  62. Block Crochet Scarf Pattern Do you have a lot of single skeins of yarn laying around collecting dust? Use this Block Crochet Pattern Scarf to use them up. This pattern is super easy and super quick. It doesn't call for any specific weight of yarn, so it is truly a versatile pat
  63. Block Party Infinity Scarf Turn some heads with the Block Party Infinity Scarf. This crochet infinity scarf pattern has a unique, attention-grabbing design.
  64. Blueberry Pie Scarf Learn how to crochet this Blueberry Pie Scarf just in time for the fall season. It's a quick and easy crochet pattern that's great for beginners as it uses a larger hook and the double crochet stitch.
  65. Blush Rose Crochet Scarf Nothing is more ladylike than the pretty blush pink color of this delicate crocheted scarf. It's sure to look elegant on women of all ages. The light and lacy design makes this the best accessory for the spring and summer months.
  66. Bobble Scarf Searching for free crochet scarf patterns? The Bobble Scarf uses bobble stitches to create a scarf that is detailed and fun. A great gift idea, or the perfect way to keep yourself warm with a lively scarf.
  67. Bobble Stitch Crochet Scarf "Do you love infinity scarfs as nuch as I do? I wear them all the time, in summer and winter! You just wrap them around and you're instantly warm. What's not to like? This bobble stitch infinity scarf is easy to make, done in a few nights and it will
  68. Bohemian Winter Infinity Scarf "This is the Bohemian Winter Infinity Scarf. This scarf can be worn in the Winter, Spring and Fall months because of the airiness of the scarf. Made with Lion Brands One Pounder and a K hook. This scarf can also be made with/without the fringe."
  69. Bold Striped Scarf Pattern This Bold Striped Scarf Pattern is a great way to get all of your favorite colors in one infinity scarf pattern. Keep warm and be bold during the fall and winter months with a such a great scarf!
  70. Braided Crochet Scarf If you're just learning how to crochet then this Braided Crochet Scarf is the perfect design for you; it's great for beginners! RED HEART Boutique Sashay is used for a fun and unique design. This scarf is so easy no one will know the difference.
  71. Breath of Fresh Air Scarf Crocheted scarves are not just for winter. This Breath of Fresh Air Scarf is the perfect accessory to wear this spring. The bright blue color is breathtaking. Plus, it's quick to crochet and only requires less than one skein of yarn. Free crochet pat
  72. Bright and Berrylicious Infinity Scarf Complete any outfit with this Bright and Berrylicious Infinity Scarf crochet pattern. It uses 2 skeins for the whole scarf and a simple stitch so that you can work it up quickly and easily.
  73. Bright Pink Crocheted Scarf Are you looking for that fun new crochet pattern? Make this adorable scarf in bright pinks and purples. You'll love the flower pattern that flows throughout.
  74. Brightly Colored Icarus Scarf A crochet scarf pattern like this Brightly Colored Icarus Scarf is the perfect design to bring some color into your life during the winter months. Silk straw yarn is used for a unique texture and look.
  75. Brites Hat and Scarf Crochet yourself this fabulous hat and scarf set. The bright striped colors make for a great design. This pattern is for the intermediate crocheter.
  76. Broomstick Lace Scarf This gorgeous Broomstick Lace Scarf can also be worn as a collar. It's an easy crochet pattern that's worked in rows. Add buttons to give the pattern closure and security. The lacy look is sure to get your compliments.
  77. Bubblegum Infinity Scarf This Bubblegum Infinity Scarf is the perfect accessory to have on hand as the seasons transition from winter to spring. It's a smaller sized scarf that's lightweight, yet still cozy enough to keep you warm when there is a chill to the air.
  78. Buffalo Check Obsession Scarf "This beautiful scarf is done in buffalo check plaid. I hope you love it! Those you gift it to will! There is both a cowl and infinity scarf option."
  79. Bulky Crochet Infinity Scarf Pattern As the winter months drag on and the temperatures keep getting colder, this Bulky Crochet Infinity Scarf Pattern would be a great way to add some mid-winter flair to your outdoor wardrobe.
  80. Bulky Faux Mistake Rib Scarf "Mimic the look of the mistake rib knitting stitch pattern by combining stitches of different heights and working in the back loop. This beginner-friendly pattern makes a fabulously warm and stretchy unisex scarf. "
  81. Bumpy Popcorn Crochet Scarf Pattern Use a free crochet pattern like this one to make a beautiful bumpy popcorn crochet scarf. It's an easy crochet pattern with three rows of popcorn stitches running throughout the pattern.
  82. Butterflies and Rainbows Scarf Lightweight and full of color, this Butterflies and Rainbows Scarf is sure to be a springtime favorite! The stitch pattern repeat is very easy to memorize - making this a very relaxing project to crochet.
  83. Butternut Squash Neckwarmer This Butternut Squash Neckwarmer is the perfect autumn accessory to add to your fall wardrobe. This easy crochet pattern is super stylish, and it's also super easy to make. It works up quickly because it's made with such thick yarn.
  84. Campfire Nights Scarf "Now you have the Campfire Nights scarf to match the beanie! You wear the scarf and your guy wears the hat! It's perfect for a matching set!"
  85. Candy Cane Christmas Crochet Scarf This Candy Cane Christmas Crochet Scarf is easy to stitch up, and super fun to wear for any holiday party or Christmas event. You can make it in different colors for lots of creative looks.
  86. Candy Crush Infinity Scarf Worked up in several colors, this adorable crochet infinity scarf is sure to delight any fan of the popular mobile game. The pastel pinks, blues, and more of the Candy Crush Infinity Scarf look exactly like the cheerful colors in the game.
  87. Carefree Infinity Scarf The Carefree Infinity Scarf is a perfect crochet pattern to make for the changing seasons. Lightweight yarn is used to work up this free pattern, which helps add warmth without the weight.
  88. Cascade Scarf This scarf is such a fun crochet pattern. The layered look really adds dimension to it. This makes for a great gift for the winter time.
  89. Celebration Scarf Party like it's 1999 with this Celebration Scarf. The multicolored pom poms add a fun decorative detail that makes this free crochet scarf pattern perfect for the holiday season, New Year's Eve, or your birthday.
  90. Celestial Crochet Infinity Scarf Use a simple stitch sequence to work up this beautiful Celestial Crochet Infinity Scarf. The end result of diagonal and straight stitches together creates a lovely and unique design to make your crochet infinity scarf truly one of a kind.
  91. Charcoal Grey Infinity Scarf Grey goes with everything, so you'll be able to wear this Charcoal Grey Infinity Scarf with any of your winter outfits this year. This particular crochet scarf pattern is has no beginning and no end, so it's designed to keep you extra cozy.
  92. Charisma Infinity Scarf "I used the color Colonial blue from Vanna's Choice and loved the outcome. I finished the scarf in one day and took me about 6 hours of crocheting. The scarf is made flat and then the ends are slip stitched together to keep the seam invisible."
  93. Charming Cherry Blossom Scarf Few things are as beautiful as the sight of a cherry blossom tree blooming with pink petals. Wear some of that beauty with this Charming Cherry Blossom Scarf.
  94. Cheery Rainbow Crochet Scarf Kick those winter blues with the Cheery Rainbow Crochet Scarf. This scarf is composed of bright colors and it's easy to work up. It works really well as a beginner crochet project or a quick pattern for an experienced crocheter.
  95. Cherished Moments Crochet Scarf "Cherished Moments Scarf is a lightweight, one skein project. Its beautiful design makes it perfect to wear as a fashion accessory any time of year!! Using Red Heart Boutique Unforgettable Yarn, the work is almost all done for you!!"
  96. Cherries In Bloom Infinity Scarf Enjoy a hint of springtime during the winter with this beautiful Cherries In Bloom Infinity Scarf. Made with pink, white, and maroon bulky weight yarn, this free crochet scarf pattern was inspired by the cherry blossom trees that bloom in the spring.
  97. Children's Hand Chain Scarf Put away the crochet skills for just one pattern and take a look at this Children's Hand Chain Scarf. I know you don't believe me, but this crochet scarf pattern is worked up with your hands!
  98. Chinchilla Infinity Scarf For a warm winter project you can make this fuzzy Chinchilla Infinity Scarf. Scarf patterns that use Patons Moxie Chinchilla are easy to work up and hide those silly mistakes. This is as fun scarf that you can bedazzle with gems, sequins or beads.
  99. Christmas Spirit Scarf Using this free crochet scarf pattern you can make your very own Christmas Spirit Scarf. Glitter yarn is sure to brighten your spirits during the holiday. This scarf will make a fabulous gift, especially if you add fringe to it.
  100. Chunky Brick Cowl "Stay warm all winter long with these Chunky Brick Cowl! Using Lions Brand Thick and Quick, you can complete this project in less than an hour!"
  101. Chunky Butterfly Scarf "A Beautiful scarf created in chunky yarn with a gorgeous butterfly stitch. Make it in one color or more. Easy to intermediate. Works up quickly once started!"
  102. Chunky Finger Crochet Scarf Forget the hooks and learn to crochet this Chunky Finger Crochet Scarf with your own hands. Most people have heard of arm knitting, but this is a crochet technique that you use just your fingers and yarn for.
  103. Chunky Granny Scarf Dress up your neck with this Chunky Granny Scarf. This easy crochet pattern is fast to make because it uses chunky yarn and a large crochet hook. You're sure to stay warm during the winter with this scarf!
  104. Chunky Ribbed Crochet Infinity Scarf If you're keen to learn a new stitch, why not try your hand at the Camel Stitch and in the process crochet this chunky ribbed infinity scarf!
  105. Chunky Stylish Infinity Scarf Pattern Work up this Chunky Stylish Infinity Scarf Pattern in one or two colors. No matter how many colors you use to work up this crochet infinity scarf, you will feel comfortable and stylish.
  106. Classic Infinity Scarf Stay warm and cozy this winter with this super bulky Classic Infinity Scarf. Crochet infinity scarves are becoming increasingly popular as a fashion icon and are always a welcome addition to any girl's winter wardrobe.
  107. Classy and Quick One Skein Scarf "Classy Scarf and Quick to make - pick your favorite Red Heart Mixology Yarn and get started! This scarf makes a great Holiday Gift and will take you less than 1 hour to make! Wear it wrapped like a cowl..."
  108. Classy Ruffled Neckwrap Stay out for dinner and drinks with this Classy Ruffled Neckwrap. It's the perfect warm accessory to dress both up and down, depending on what your plans for the night are.
  109. Classy Strap Scarf Crochet scarves are the perfect accessory for different events. Dress up for a meeting or a date with the Classy Strap Scarf. Create different crochet scarves to match your business attire or flirty outfits.
  110. Clover Puff Triangle Scarf This Clover Puff Triangle Scarf is one of the many amazing designs featured in The Clover Puff Collection. The Clover Puff Collection was specifically designed for St. Patrick's Day.
  111. Color Blocked Co-Ed Scarf "Color and texture keep this simple scarf project interesting, and it works up quickly in super bulky yarn. This scarf is sized for donation to Foster Care to Successs Red Scarf Project, a program that provides handmade scarves to college students."
  112. Color Blocked Crochet Scarf This Color Blocked Crochet Scarf is a great pattern to make for the sports fan in your life. Choose your favorite team colors and cheer from the sidelines wearing this dual-colored crocheted scarf. This particular pattern features horizontal stripes
  113. Colorful Beginner Crochet Scarf Perfect your crochet skills with this Colorful Beginner Crochet Scarf. If you're still learning how to crochet, then this surprisingly simple crocheted scarf is a great design that will help you master the basic crochet stitches.
  114. Colorful Rio Scarf This Colorful Rio Scarf is one that you will love wearing out around town. The crocodile stitch is used giving this scarf pattern a bit of flare. You can use multiple colors or a variegated yarn for a fun and festive look.
  115. Comfy Squares Color Block Cowl "Add a splash of color to your outfit with this lightweight cowl. With 3 distinct blocks of color, the finished piece drapes wonderfully, so you can throw-it-on-and-go!"
  116. Common Types of Crochet Scarves There are many different types of crochet scarves such as the traditional crocheted scarf and crochet cowls. But don't forget about crochet infinity scarves and hooded crochet scarves, as well. Get your wardrobe ready for the cold weather with this n
  117. Convertible Coral Sea Scarf & Wrap "This coral wrap would be absolutely perfect to throw on when heading out, as it adds a pop of color to any autumn or winter-y outfit!"
  118. Coral Reef Scarf Brighten up any outfit with this beautiful Coral Reef Scarf. Use bulky weight yarn to complete this easy crochet scarf. It works up quickly and will provide the perfect amount of warmth when the weather gets chilly.
  119. Coraline's Summer Crush Scarf Coraline's Summer Crush Scarf is a gorgeous and lightweight scarf that can be worn to accessorize all year long. This lovely, lacy scarf makes a quick n easy, one-skein, road trip project. Wouldn't it be the perfect gift for Mother's Day or graduatio
  120. Corals Infinity Scarf "One skein crochet infinity scarf."
  121. Country Appeal Infinity Scarf Complete your outdoor winter look with this Country Appeal Infinity Scarf crochet pattern. The light blue color shown gives it a rustic country feel that can last you all through the wintertime.
  122. Country Feel Infinity Scarf This Country Feel Infinity Scarf crochet pattern proves that neutral, warm colors never go out of style. The best part about softer colors is that they match almost everything, which is a great feature of crochet scarves anyway.
  123. Covered Button Scarf Dress yourself up in a light white scarf with buttons this chilly season. The white color allows you to wear it with any outfit. This is a beautiful pattern that would make a lovely gift.
  124. Cozy Blue Crochet Scarf "This is an easy one skein project that works up into a thick and cozy scarf."
  125. Cozy Button Crochet Scarf If you are looking for a sleek and fashionable way to keep warm once the temperature starts to drop, this Cozy Button Crochet Scarf is the perfect accessory. The simple crochet scarf pattern creates a great textured neck warmer.
  126. Cozy Cat Hooded Scarf This Cozy Cat Hooded Scarf is a fun and playful scarf pattern that adults and kids will both love to wear. Make this cute scarf in any color yarn you prefer. This free crochet pattern includes directions for both children and adults.
  127. Cozy Shell Stitch Scarf When you want a basic scarf, you can't go wrong with the Cozy Shell Stitch Scarf. This crochet scarf pattern has a lot to offer.
  128. Crazy Scarf Make a scarf that has multiple lovely colors. You can wear this with many outfits to accent the colors. This is an easy to intermediate crochet pattern that will keep you nice and warm once it's done.
  129. Criss-Cross Keyhole Scarf "Recently my grandmother requested that I make her a keyhole scarf. My mom had made her one and she wanted one in a different color. Here is what I came up with for her."
  130. Crochargosy Feel like a sophisticate with this artsy crochet scarf pattern! Crochargosy is sure to brighten up many a dark winter night.
  131. Crochet Daisy Chain Scarf If you like Daisies and you're upset you can't grow them during the winter then use this free crochet pattern to crochet yourself a daisy scarf. You'll love it.
  132. Crochet Edie Scarf Crochet scarf patterns like this one are perfect for the fall and winter months. The Crochet Edie Scarf is compiled of eight squares of pure beauty. Pair this scarf with a beautiful red blouse and you're outfit will outshine the rest.
  133. Crochet for Spring: 13 Lightweight Scarf Patterns Scarves aren't just for winter! There are so many light and lacy scarf designs that are perfect for the springtime. Check out this new collection of lightweight scarf patterns that are perfect for the warmer months. There's a variety of different sty
  134. Crochet Lace Shell Scarf An elegant winter accessory, the Crochet Lace Shell Scarf is an easy project for anyone. Use one or more yarn colors; the crochet scarf patterns are comprised of only two different types of stitches.
  135. Crochet Lacy Scarf Enjoy this Lacy Scarf Pattern with a Video Tutorial! This Scarf has a delicate look when it's done with baby yarn. The Crochet Scarf Video I created provides a step by step tutorial if you need any assistance.
  136. Crochet Neck Warmer Pattern "This crochet neck warmer has all the warmth of a scarf but without the bulk. This versatile wrap can be worn in numerous ways including fully buttoned, folded over, draped in the front, or with a twist. And the textured stitch pattern looks great wi
  137. Crochet Openwork Scarf This Crochet Openwork Scarf project is a pretty and fun finishing touch when you bundle yourself up for the winter. This free crochet pattern can be made with any soft worsted weight yarn.
  138. Crochet Rib Scarf If you're looking to keep warm this season and stay stylish then you'll love the Crochet Rib Scarf by Lion Brand. This is an easy crochet pattern to work up using the single crochet stitch. This pattern works in the back loops only.
  139. Crochet Ruffle Scarf A Crochet Ruffle Scarf is a fabulous free crochet pattern you want to have in your collection. When you find a design like this one you'll want to crochet it right away. Soft Linen by Classic Elite was used with a size G crochet hook.
  140. Crochet Scarf Designs: Cute Crochet Scarf Patterns For All Seasons we've put together a list of our favorites, and hopefully yours, of crochet scarf designs and cute crochet scarf patterns. You will easily find what you're looking for as we've divided them into seasons! Make one for every season.
  141. Crochet Scarf with Chevron Pattern This Crochet Scarf with Chevron Pattern is the perfect project for the advanced beginner who is looking for a challenging DIY project.
  142. Crochet Shell N Chains Scarf "This light weight and lacy scarf pattern perfect for all season. The pattern is easy and fast as well."
  143. Crocheted Edge Flannel Scarf "Plaid flannel is really hot this fall and Ive just added some crochet too! I have seen some pretty scarves in the stores, but I know that I could dress it up even better by adding an interesting crocheted edge!"
  144. Crocheted Neck Cozy A free crochet pattern like this crocheted neck cozy is great to make before the seasons start to change. Wear your new cozy in the winter when walking from your car into the building. Use two contrasting colors for the best outcome.
  145. Crocheted Scarflette Learn how to crochet a scarflette pattern. All you need one skein of bulky yarn of your choice and a J hook. Flounce ends and scalloped edging add a great touch.
  146. Crocheted Striped Scarf with Railroad Border Using a solid colored yarn along with a variegated yarn you can make this Crocheted Striped Scarf with Railroad Border. Alternate between the solid color and a stripe of variegated yarn. Double crochet is used for this free crochet scarf pattern.
  147. Cross Hatch Button-Up Cowl Crochet Pattern "Cross Hatch Button-Up Cowl Crochet Pattern - This FREE crochet cowl is the perfect pattern for the beginner or more experienced crocheter. It is super easy and quick to make. Make one for yourself and then make more for the special people in your li
  148. Cross My Heart Scarf "The gently variegated colors of this particular yarn lend themselves beautifully to the subtle repeat of the Cross My Heart Scarf, so named for the rows of X's in the pattern. This soft scarf is extra wide and the perfect length to wear."
  149. Curly Fringe Scarf Use this free crochet pattern to crochet a colorful pink scarf for yourself. The fringe adds a little fun to the design. Worsted weight yarn has never been so pretty.
  150. Curly Sue Crochet Scarf The Curly Sue Crochet Scarf is a fantastic scarf to dress up any outfit. Thin and soft, it works best as a decorative piece, rather than something to keep you warm. This unique scarf is versatile because it can be worn and wrapped several different w
  151. Dainty Green Scarf Look chic and stylish while wearing your new Dainty Green Scarf. This free crochet pattern will look amazing on you no matter where you're going. The picot stitch and cluster stitch are used.
  152. Dainty Shells Scarf This Dainty Shells Scarf is the perfect lacy scarf to wear any time of the year. The brightly colored yarn used for this free crochet scarf pattern will add the perfect splash of color to your outfit. Use Red Heart Luster Sheen yarn to make this styl
  153. Daisy Chain Scarf Use vintage tapestry yarns for this crochet scarf. Wrap yourself up in beauty using this free crochet scarf pattern. 30 or more flowers are needed to make this scarf.
  154. Dawn's Scarf The white and burgundy colors are beautiful together as they are contrasting. Make this free crochet scarf pattern to wear during the fall and winter months.
  155. Delicate Summer Scarf The Delicate Summer Scarf is a classic crochet design for summer. Lightweight yarn and a crocheted flower make this an elegant accessory for both work and play. Work up this pretty crochet scarf using your favorite lightweight yarn.
  156. Diagonal Scarf Crochet Pattern Crochet blocks to create this Diagonal Scarf Crochet Pattern. Work rows block by block with this free crochet scarf pattern. Create colorful diagonals by using different shades of yarn.
  157. Diamond Duo Scarf A diamond duo scarf like this one is beautiful. You can use any kind of yarn you wish. The deeper the colors the better with a contrasting color. Free crochet patterns like this one make the hobby of crochet worth it.
  158. Diamond Pom Pom Scarf Get creative with your scarves by adding some pom poms to the end, they're so much fun. Use this easy crochet pattern for your next scarf creation.
  159. Diamonds in Snow Scarf Winter is the perfect time to work up free crochet patterns. The Diamonds in Snow Scarf will keep you cozy and stylish throughout the cold season. This is a fun pattern that is worked in two parts.
  160. Do It Yourself Scarf Crochet Designs For Fall & Winter Do it yourself scarf crochet designs is where it's at these days. If you have a creative side, but you're not sure where to start or what you want to do then let us help you out. We have fabulous crochet scarves for every season.
  161. Doris Scarf in Spruce Blue Make a Doris Scarf in Spruce blue using this free crochet pattern and 'Country' yarn. For those just learning to crochet this is the perfect beginner pattern. Make this scarf for yourself or give it as a gift.
  162. Double Strand Basket Weave Scarf "Two Strands of worsted weight yarn and taller stitches get this project done fast! This basket weave scarf is warm and cozy, but the textured design makes it breathable, too. Your color choices are almost endless."
  163. Draft Dodger Scarf This Draft Dodger Scarf is just a classic crochet pattern with an antique feel to it. This is an easy crochet scarf that would make a great present to a friend or relative.
  164. Dragon Slayer Scarf "This scarf is worked horizontally, working three rows that are repeated once. This scarf uses bulky yarn but has a lacy look making not so heavy. This pattern works up quickly with ch, dc, and picot stitches."
  165. Dragonfly Wonder Scarf The popcorn stitch and Caron Simply Soft yarn are used to make this Dragonfly Wonder Scarf. A crochet scarf pattern like this is really nice to wear during the winter or summer months. Now you don't have to drool over someone else's scarf.
  166. Drops on the Window Scarf "The Drops on the Window scarf was inspired by April Showers on a window pane. Puffy bobbles and open chain spaces combine to make a beautifully textured lace. Worked in worsted weight yarn, you'll be done in no time!"
  167. Dusk and Dawn Scarf Keep warm throughout the winter with the Dusk and Dawn Scarf. Deep blue and purple colorways in worsted weight yarn swirl into a sunburst pattern. This is a crochet scarf pattern you won't get tired of.
  168. Earth and Sky Scarf Show off your love for nature when you wear this Earth and Sky Scarf. The beautiful brown and blue yarns used for this free crochet scarf pattern complement each other nicely and are definitely reminiscent of the Mother Nature's earth and sky tones.
  169. Easiest Trendy Lace Crochet Scarf "This trendy lace infinity scarf can be used all summer long! It is perfect for beginners, and an easy project for those with experience. Can be modified in many ways to fit your needs!"
  170. Easy 2 Hour Infinity Scarf "This easy scarf is great for beginners. It uses a 3rd loop half double crochet but dont worry - Ill show you everything you need to know, including how to do this stitch! It works up in about two hours and is the perfect mindless project!"
  171. Easy and Textured Scarf "Textured scarf with super bulky yarn. Uses only two basic stitches - sc and dc. Very easy and fast to make."
  172. Easy Bias Scarf You can always count on crocheted scarves to spruce up any outfit, especially this one. Metallic yarn is used to crochet this Easy Bias Scarf, which is created by crocheting a few chains and then applying a series of clever increases and decreases.
  173. Easy Fashion Scarf Make this Easy Fashion Scarf for yourself or a friend. Follow the tutorial and get a beautiful end result. This scarf is so fashionable you can wear it any time of year. Free crochet patterns like this are so fun to work up.
  174. Easy Mobius Scarf Follow the crochet instructions to make this free crochet scarf pattern. The Easy Mobius Scarf is such a pretty pattern you'll want to make one in every color. Eyelash yarn is fun to work with and keeps you nice and warm.
  175. Easy Peasy Ruffled Crochet Scarf Add a little fleece and glamor to your look with this Easy Peasy Ruffled Crochet Scarf. Just one ball of Boutique Fleecy is needed to make this crochet scarf pattern. Any little girl or grown woman will love strutting her stuff in this new design. Th
  176. Easy Peasy Winter Scarf If you've been looking for a simple and stylish scarf that's perfect for beginners, you've found it with the Easy Peasy Winter Scarf. This crochet scarf pattern is comprised of double crochet and v-stitches to give it a uniquely textured pattern.
  177. Easy Ruffle Scarf Make an Easy Ruffle Scarf with this crochet scarf pattern. Sensations Boucle yarn is used making the scarf work up quickly. Keep warm and walk out the door in style with this scarf.
  178. Easy to Crochet Scarf Patterns + Wrap Patterns You'll fall in love with any one of these Easy to Crochet Scarf Patterns + Wrap Patterns. Not only are they absolutely beautiful wearable crochet patterns, but they're super easy to crochet, too! All of these free crochet patterns use one skein.
  179. Electric Strap Energy Scarf Jazz up your wardrobe with the Electric Strap Energy Scarf. This thin strap scarf is worked up with an eyelash yarn and is a free crochet scarf pattern with character. Although the pattern is shown in kid size, it can easily be adjusted to fit an adu
  180. Elegant Fringe Cowl "This gorgeous crochet cowl features a cute fringe embellishment and an easy-to-wear style. It goes great with a dressy outfit, or with jeans and a t-shirt!"
  181. Elemental Infinity Scarf "Soft and squishy, this project works up quickly and will take less than 2 hours to complete. You need 2 balls of Lion Brand Wool-Ease Thick & Quick Stripes Yarn to make the same size as in the sample shown. Great for a last minute gift!"
  182. Emerald Green Skinny Scarf Scarves aren't just for winter! This Emerald Green Skinny Scarf may be worked up in super bulky yarn, but it's a nice skinny scarf that's comfortable enough to wear any time of the year.
  183. Enchanted Infinity Scarf This Enchanted Infinity Scarf looks just like something Little Red Riding Hood would wear on her journey through the woods. Crochet this cozy crocheted scarf to keep warm this winter on all of your adventures.
  184. Every Man Crochet Scarf The Every Man Crochet Scarf is luxurious, warm and elegant with just a bit of color. Crochet one up for someone special or perhaps for yourself! This beautiful crochet scarf pattern is completely reversible too.
  185. Ewok Inspired Crochet Scoodie Get ready for the new Star Wars film release with the Ewok Inspired Crochet Scoodie! We fell in love with these adorable creatures from Star Wars: Episode IV. You'll want something adorable and Star Wars inspired to keep you warm, so work this up.
  186. Extra Long Infinity Cowl "This is a fun infinity style cowl that you can wear multiple ways. It works up pretty quick and you will have a new fashion accessory in no time at all. Also consider making this as a last minute gift item."
  187. Extra Special Summer Lace Scarf Get ready for the best accessory of the season with this Extra Special Summer Lace Scarf. If you've always wanted to crochet with lace but didn't know where to start, this is your chance.
  188. Eye-Catching Crochet Scarf Variegated yarn and an intricate design set this particular crochet scarf pattern apart from the rest. The Eye-Catching Crochet Scarf is a stunning crochet pattern that is great for the spring and summer months because of the light and lacy design.
  189. Fall Neck Warmer Just because the name of this crochet neck warmer is the Fall Neck Warmer, doesn't mean you can only wear it during the fall season. Some summer nights can be chilly, so work up your new neck warmer today.
  190. Fall-In Love Infinity Scarf "This is a unisex scarf pattern for men and women. The pattern is quick, fast and easy to remember because it has only 2 rows to repeat."
  191. Faux Fur Infinity Scarf Love the look of fur, but don't agree with wearing real fur? This Faux Fur Infinity Scarf is a great design to show off. Taking only an hour to work up, you can make many crochet scarf patterns in just one day.
  192. Festive Scalloped Scarf "A friend asked me to crochet a bright red scarf for her mom and this is what I came up with, so Id thought I share it with you. Its pretty easy and could be made from any worsted weight yarn."
  193. Fibonacci Crochet Scarf Channel you inner math geek with a Fibonacci Crochet Scarf, featuring lines of ratio lengths 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 5, 3, 2, 1, 1. Crochet scarf patterns with numerical sequences are visually appealing and make you look smart!
  194. Filigree Lace Scarf If you're looking for a different kind of free crochet scarf pattern then you might like to try this Filigree Lace Scarf. Red Heart Boutique Filigree yarn is used and worked with a couple different crochet stitches.
  195. Fisherman Cable Hooded Scarf Get your winter fashion on with the Fisherman Cable Hooded Scarf. This is great for fun outdoor activities as well as ice fishing on your favorite Captain's boat. The bobble stitch and cable stitch are both used.
  196. Flamingo Hairpin Lace Crochet Scarf This is the prettiest scarf you will ever lay your eyes on. Make a Flamingo Hairpin Lace Crochet Scarf to flaunt around in. This free crochet scarf pattern is easy to work up while the loops are fast to make.
  197. Flirty Spring Scarf Make a Flirty Spring Scarf for the warm season. This is a beautiful crochet scarf pattern you'll want to make right now! Use bright spring colors to uplift your mood. It uses a fun Starbella Yarn for a light and lacy feel.
  198. Flower Shaped Scarf Crochet a lovely lacy scarf with this free crochet pattern. The Flower Shaped Scarf is something fun and different; you're sure to get compliments on it everywhere you go. It's a great crochet design to make for the spring.
  199. Flowers of Fun Summer Scarf "This crochet pattern is so fun to play with. You choose how many layers, which flower and what color of yarns! Add some beads or fancy pin, or some strands of ribbon. It is really fabulous with unlimited possibilities."
  200. Fluffy Cloud Scarf Wrap yourself up in the clouds this winter with this Fluffy Cloud Scarf. This free crochet scarf pattern uses a combination of light blue and white yarn. It's the perfect fashion accessory to wear outside in the winter wonderland.
  201. Fluffy Clusters Infinity Scarf "This gorgeous Fluffy Clusters Infinity Scarf is soft and squishy. It makes the perfect gift and only uses one skein of Lion Brand Scarfie yarn!"
  202. Foggy Morning Infinity Scarf On a gloomy day, you'll feel a little cheered by wearing this Foggy Morning Infinity Scarf. This free crochet infinity scarf pattern works up quick and easy.
  203. Foolproof Infinity Scarf It's impossible not to love this Foolproof Infinity Scarf. The classic design makes this a versatile accessory that will pair nicely with almost anything in your closet. Use your favorite color worsted weight yarn to work up this crochet pattern
  204. Forever Young Infinity Scarf The magical hues and beautiful broomstick lace of this Forever Young Infinity Scarf will make people stop and stare. If you're making a gift for a teen or preteen, this crochet scarf pattern is a good choice.
  205. Forget Me Knot Katie "I am so glad to be offering you this free crochet scarf pattern. I made this in honor of my mother, who passed away in August. In this pattern, I used the Forget Me Knot stitch pattern. I love the color of this yarn, along with its softness."
  206. Fortune Cookie Scarf This Fortune Cookie Scarf is possibly the coolest crochet scarf pattern ever. Not only does it look just like a fortune cookie when you're wearing it, but you can actually tuck the crocheted scarf into the cookie when it's not wrapped around your nec
  207. Frills and Femme Scarf Show off with the Frills and Femme Scarf. It's a flirty little number that will spice up your wardrobe. One of the neat things about this crochet scarf pattern is that it uses a netted yarn! Are you up to this easy challenge?
  208. Fringed Colorado Homespun Cowl "This simple pattern is a great way to use up some of the Homespun style yarn you have and don't know what to do with it."
  209. Fringed Fabulous Scarf This fun and funky Fringed Fabulous Scarf is made with Fabulous yarn, and it's a beautiful finishing touch for any outfit. This free easy crochet project is great for beginners, but cute enough for seasoned pros to want to make.
  210. Frozen Flowers Scarf The icy blue hue of this Frozen Flowers Scarf may look bone-chilling, but trust me when I tell you that it will keep you warm and cozy all winter long. It's the perfect crochet pattern to work up for the polar vortex!
  211. Fruit Striped Crochet Cowl Pattern "Doesn't this Cowl look cozy to wear? It is! And a Bright Cheerful Cowl to wear when the weather is cold and dark. Super easy and quick to make."
  212. Fun and Flirty Winter Scarf If you're tired of being 'boxed-in' by traditional crochet scarf patterns, try this Fun and Flirty Winter Scarf. It has a lovely rounded shape that looks great layered.
  213. Funfetti Celebration Scarf This Funfetti Celebration Scarf is perfect for special occasions. Although it's so fun to wear, you'll want to wear it every single day. This easy crochet scarf pattern is quick to work up using two skeins of bulky weight yarn.
  214. Funky Brick Crochet Scarf Pattern Get ready for fall with this Funky Brick Crochet Scarf Pattern. Learn how to crochet a scarf that can be for both you and your husband!
  215. Funky Diagonal Textured Scarf Looking for a new texture for your next scarf? Try this Funky Diagonal Textured Scarf when making your next scarf or shawl. The right set of alternating colors will work together to make a very special piece.
  216. Fur Trimmed Cowl Snood "Do you have some fun fur or fun fur style yarn laying around or in your yarn stash? Maybe you just do not know what to do with it. Well, I have am easy pattern for you."
  217. Geo Crochet Scarf "Use two different Tunisian crochet stitches and learn the fun technique of making short rows in this beautiful scarf, suitable for both a man or a woman."
  218. Ginger Snap Infinity Scarf Say hello to your new go-to crocheted scarf. The Ginger Snap Infinity Scarf is almost as yummy as ginger snap cookies fresh out of the oven. Only two skeins of bulky weight yarn are needed to work up this quick crochet scarf.
  219. Girly Swirly Scarf Make this Girly Swirly Scarf in just a few hours or less. It can be made to fit a young girl or an adult. It's a free crochet scarf pattern that is great to wear any time of the year, not just during winter. The bright, funky colors shown here make i
  220. Glamorous Zig Zag Scarf Add some pizzazz to your fall wardrobe with the Glamorous Zig Zag Scarf from Lion Brand. This colorful crocheted scarf is a fun accessory to wear during the fall and winter months, and it's easy to crochet using Vanna's Glamour yarn.
  221. Glenda Scarf "Glenda Scarf is an easy and free crochet pattern using fan stitch. A great crochet project for beginners with photo tutorial in each step."
  222. Glimmer Glamour Scarf Add a little shimmer to your style with this Glimmer Glamour Scarf. Ever since scarves became more of a fashion accessory than a needed winter wearable, there have been a million and one patterns that try to outdo all the others.
  223. Glitter Ruffle Scarf This adorable crochet scarf pattern is the perfect addition to your pretty crochet accessory bin. The Glitter Ruffle Scarf adds just the right amount of glam, a pop of color, and a little texture to whatever it is you're wearing.
  224. Glittery Accent Scarf "This accent scarf is made holding a multicolored yarn and solid sequin yarn together to add some flair."
  225. Glover Stitch Scarf "This Free Crochet pattern teaches how to make a scarf using the glover stitch. I used two methods of coloring that I want to share with you along with teaching you how to do this quick and fun stitch! This pattern comes with helpful pictures and vid
  226. Go USA! Crocheted Scarf Show off your American pride with this Go USA! Crocheted Scarf. It's an easy crochet pattern to work up using red, white, and blue Heartland yarn from Lion Brand. This particular crocheted scarf is ideal for wearing during the Olympic games. It's a f
  227. Gorgeous Sunset Scarf Try your hand at this Gorgeous Sunset Scarf for a truly wonderful crochet scarf pattern. This yarn is absolutely beautiful and will seem like a big splurge all for one crochet scarf!
  228. Grace Green Scarf "An easy and free crochet pattern for Grace Green Scarf with photo tutorial in each step. This Grace Green Scarf is a light and convenient scarf to carry around with you that can warm you up on those cool days without being cumbersome."
  229. Gradient Granny Scarf "Granny stripes look sophisticated on a small scale in a luxury wool, and the beautiful Fiber Optic Kashmir Paintbox make it even prettier. One Kashmir Paintbox set makes a short 40" scarf...."
  230. Granny Square Scarf Bright, beautiful colors make this Granny Square Scarf a fun pattern to wear not only on a dreary cold winter day, but also during the springtime. This free crochet scarf pattern is easy to make and can be made as long as you want it.
  231. Granny Stripe Crochet Scarf Make your own colorful yet lightweight accessory with this Granny Stripe Crochet Scarf. It's even a good crochet for beginners pattern as far as crochet scarf patterns go. We promise that you'll fall in love with this versatile crochet scarf pattern.
  232. Greek Goddess Summer Scarf Lightweight and dainty, this Greek Goddess Summer Scarf is a great crochet scarf pattern to make for the summer months. Use mercerized cotton yarn to complete this crochet design. It measures 52 inches long and 9 inches wide.
  233. Green Leaf Scarf Less than one skein of sock yarn is needed to complete this Green Leaf Scarf, so it's a quick and easy crochet design to complete. This lightweight crochet scarf pattern is a great accessory for any season.
  234. Green Meadows Cable Stitch Crochet Scarf With a lovely sage green crochet color you can work up this Green Meadows Cable Stitch Crochet Scarf. Every year the spring season hits you can whip out this beautiful design. Multiple crochet stitches are used.
  235. Grit Stitch Crochet Infinity Scarf The Grit Stitch Crochet Infinity Scarf is a rustic bulky yarn pattern that is a must-try for any level of crocheter. Infinity scarves are convenient to throw on in the winter and protect you against the cold wind.
  236. Gumdrop Sparkle Cowl "The length of this cowl is perfect for teen through adult. Looks great tucked in your coat or jacket or worn on top of your favorite sweater. The Sparkle of the Yarn adds pizazz and screams PARTY!"
  237. Gypsy Head Scarf Using this free crochet pattern you can make a unique gypsy head scarf. This is great for keeping your head warm and for keeping a fashion style. Turn it into a doo-rag too.
  238. Hairpin Lace Infinity Scarf Bring a little brightness into the dreary gray winter with this Hairpin Lace Infinity Scarf. This gorgeous crochet infinity scarf pattern is video only with step-by-step video instructions, which is perfect for beginners to follow along.
  239. Hand Chain Sashay Scarf This Hand Chain Sashay Scarf is one of the fastest patterns ever to work up. You can complete this in just a few minutes, and you don't even need to use a crochet hook! Grab your favorite color of Red Heart Swerve yarn to create a chain with your han
  240. Hand Spun Silk Circle Chain Scarf Use this very unique hand spun silk circle chain scarf for multiple purposes. This free crochet pattern can be worn as a scarf, a belt or headband. This hand spun silk yarn is so beautiful.
  241. Hand Warming Crochet Scarf Not only is this a great free crochet scarf pattern, but it is a handwarmer too! Instead of crocheting mittens and a scarf, this is an all-in-one crochet project.
  242. Handcrafted Elegance Infinity Scarf If you want an easy accessory that looks store-bought, try this Handcrafted Elegance Infinity Scarf crochet pattern. It's a gorgeous infinity scarf pattern that cannot be compared to any other, unless you're pairing it with the matching beanie!
  243. Heidi Cowl "Valentines Day doesnt always have to be in February. With the Heidi Cowl, you can wear your heart on your neck all year long (or at least during those chilly months)."
  244. Herringbone Scarf with Lace Shells "This textured scarf is crocheted from side to side. A lacy shell edging is added at the end, making it a lovely gift for someone special. This pattern is part of The Scarf of the Month Club crochet-a-long with Oombawka Design Crochet and The Stitchi
  245. Hexagon Crocheted Scarf Whether or not you're a fan of geometry, you can't help but fall in love with this geometric Hexagon Crocheted Scarf. The unique shapes used to work up this particular crochet pattern creates a visually appealing design that's impossible to resist.
  246. Holiday Snowflake Scarf RED HEART Holiday is used for this beautiful Holiday Snowflake Scarf. A free crochet scarf pattern like this is a great Christmas crochet pattern. You can make a scarf or even continue with the pattern to make some fun garland.
  247. Hooded Infinity Scarf Stay warm and cozy with this Hooded Infinity Scarf. All you need is one skein of worsted weight yarn to complete this crochet pattern. The hood and scarf are worked separately and then attached, so you have the option of making this without the hood.
  248. Hot Pink Pom Scarf Get crazy and stylish with this hot pink pom pom scarf. This free crochet pattern is from Caron yarn and you'll just love the added fringe.
  249. Houndstooth At Large Scarf "Don't be intimidated by the beautiful Houndstooth at Large Scarf... it is deceptively easy with a bold and luxurious result! Beginner friendly! Once you make one, you'll make many in all color combinations!"
  250. Houndstooth Scarf and Gloves Colorful crochet patterns are fun, but sometimes the monochromatic look of black and white is all it takes to make a statement. Follow this easy crochet pattern to create this beautiful Houndstooth Scarf and Gloves set. This is a timeless pattern.
  251. Hunter's Heart Camo Scarf If you're the outdoorsy type, the Hunter's Heart Camo Scarf could be right on target. This easy crochet scarf pattern has a rustic look that will go perfectly with your active lifestyle.
  252. In A Jiff Scarf Crochet Pattern Children and adults will be toasty with the In A Jiff Scarf. Free crochet scarf patterns like this are fun to work up because they are so quick and easy. And it's simple to create variations of this scarf using different stitches.
  253. In A Jiffy Scarf All you need is a few minutes to complete this In A Jiffy Scarf. Yes, you read that correctly- minutes! This super quick crochet scarf pattern doesn't even require hooks. Use Swerve yarn to make a boa-style scarf by making a chain with your hands.
  254. Infinity Broomstick Lace Scarf Your wardrobe is begging you for an Infinity Broomstick Lace Scarf like this one. This cowl is great to sport during the fall and winter seasons. Broomstick crochet is a beautiful design that looks amazing in this color.
  255. It's a Snap! Infinity Scarf "This infinity cowl works up quickly using a simple one-row stitch pattern and tall stitches. The slightly lacy shells make this infinity scarf a great year-round project."
  256. January Infinity Scarf " January Infinity Scarf is soft and textured. So lovely to touch and feel and it has a lovely color blocked section to give it a little extra flair. Easy to make with supportive tutorials - this is a must for you wish list and for your gift making!"
  257. Jasmine Chunky Crochet Scarf Pattern "Airy long scarf perfect for spring! The materials used for this pattern - US J-10 (6 mm) crochet hook, any bulky or chunky weight yarn - 471 yards. This project doesn't take too long to complete as the stitches are simple and straightforward."
  258. Julie Scarf "This is a super easy scarf, just your basic dc scarf. Working in rows, with decreases and increases, allows you to get a natural twirl to your scarf. This scarf is easily customizable, with colors or making the scarf longer."
  259. Just Another Scarf This is Just Another Scarf pattern, but it's really simple and comfy. Double up your yarn to create a texture you'll love. Create a different scarf every time you work this free crochet pattern by using cotton yarn or crochet thread.
  260. Just Be Happy Scarf The colors in this Just Be Happy Scarf will be your constant reminder to smile even when it's cold outside. The rainbow design makes this a unique and fun crochet scarf pattern that will match any outfit.
  261. Katie Button Crochet Cowl "The Katie Button Cowl is a great beginner friendly crochet pattern. This can be finished up in just one evening! You will love the extremely thick & texture of this perfect winter scarf! "
  262. Kelly Green Spring Scarf The lightweight design of this Kelly Green Spring Scarf makes this the perfect accessory for the warmer months. The bright green shade of this particular scarf is reminiscent of freshly cut green grass.
  263. Kissing Jewels Infinity Scarf If you want a scarf perfectly soft to snuggle with then this Kissing Jewels Infinity Scarf is just the crochet scarf pattern you want to try out. A few different crochet stitches are used to work up this design, but the outcome is brilliant.
  264. Kittens in a Row Scarf Cat lovers, get ready for the cutest crochet scarf pattern you've ever seen. Use any three colors of worsted weight yarn you want for this cute Kittens in a Row Scarf. It's an easy to intermediate crochet pattern.
  265. Kitty Crochet Scarf Pattern This Kitty Crochet Scarf Pattern is simply the cat's meow. It shows you how to crochet, as well as being quick, versatile, and a great way to use those extra skeins of gray, white, brown, or black yarn. Follow the simple step-by-step instructions.
  266. Kodey's Infinity Scarf "You'll love this fun scarf because it would look great in your favorite school colors or just your favorite 3 colors!"
  267. Lace Waves Crochet Scarf What would you do to have this gorgeous Lace Waves Crochet Scarf wrapped around your neck? You can crochet it yourself and learn a new technique, which is an special broomstick lace stitch.
  268. Lacy Pineapple Crochet Scarf "Pretty in pink" is a completely true statement in the case of the Lacy Pineapple Crochet Scarf. Of course, you can work it up in any yarn color of your choosing, but we like the soft yet vibrant pink that Roseanna picked.
  269. Lacy Pineapple Scarf Crochet scarf patterns are great because you can make a scarf for any time of year no matter what the season. With this Red Heart pattern you can make a Lacy Pineapple Scarf for yourself or a friend. It's an easy crochet pattern you'll adore.
  270. Lacy Pumpkin Scarf Looking to spice up your fall look? A Lacy Pumpkin Scarf is just what you need to add a pop of color to an otherwise drab day.
  271. Lacy Spring Evening Scarf This Lacy Spring Evening Scarf is the perfect crochet scarf pattern to make for those chilly spring evenings when you want something lightweight and warm. The open design of this scarf is timeless and classy and will look great with any outfit.
  272. Lacy Stitch Scarf A Lacy Stitch Scarf looks fabulous underneath a fashion jacket or on top of a sweater. Crocheted scarves are a great way to complete every outfit. This lacy scarf uses the double crochet stitch making it easy to work up.
  273. Lacy Summer Scarf Accessorize your outfits this season with a Lacy Summer Scarf. Using bright crochet colors and this crochet scarf pattern you can wear the ultimate scarf all season long. The shell stitch is used making this a stunning and beautiful crochet design.
  274. Ladder Fringed Crochet Scarf If you're looking for an easy crochet scarf pattern then look no further. The Ladder Fringed Crochet Scarf is perfect for beginners, and with its black and gold yarn colors you will feel like a million bucks while it's wrapped around your neck.
  275. Lady Edith's Butterfly Scarf This light and lacy butterfly scarf inspired by Lady Edith, of Downton Abbey, and how marvelous she looks in Green. I always felt she was the beauty of the 3 girls. She was always overlooked, and under-appreciated. She is Elegant, yet simple. Quiet,
  276. Lady Mary's Triangle Scarf Lady Mary's Triangle Scarf Crochet Pattern is made from an elegant yarn that Lady Mary would love. She is such a fashionista! It is a lovely yarn to work with, and has a wonderful drape. This gorgeous red yarn has a subtle shine to it, giving this cr
  277. Last Minute Gift Scarf Out of time? Only one skein? This Last Minute Gift Scarf pattern is here to save the day!
  278. Lauren's Scarf and Hat This colorful scarf and hat set is just so fun to look at. Vanna's Choice Yarn is used in six bright colors but you can use as many colors as you want. This free crochet pattern provides step by step photos.
  279. Legoland Infinity Scarf The bright, bold colors of this crocheted scarf look just like playful Lego pieces of your childhood. Work up this Legoland Infinity Scarf using the 5 colors shown here, or come up with your own color scheme for this crochet ripple scarf. The infinit
  280. Lei-Z Daisy Scarf Make a Lei-Z Daisy Scarf for the spring season. It's a free download that would look fabulous dangling from your neck or shoulders. Crochet scarf patterns like this are fun to make when you use a floral design.
  281. Light 'n Lacy Scarf This lovely short scarf is as decorative as it is warm. Light 'n Lacy Scarf is especially pretty for a young girl.
  282. Light Ribbon Scarf For a different kind of look with crocheted ruffles make this Light Ribbon Scarf. This crochet scarf pattern is an easy crochet pattern with a twist. Get stylish this season and make your very own!
  283. Lightweight Simple Sashay Scarf (no ruffles!) "This is a fast and easy pattern to use up that gorgeous Sashay yarn, but with no ruffles! Make a stylish skinny long scarf in under an hour!"
  284. Lime Twist Infinity Scarf The Lime Twist Infinity Scarf will not only bring a bit of brightness to your day, it will also keep you warm. This crochet infinity scarf works up quickly with a combination of easy stitches.
  285. Lion Brand's New Fall Collection: 15 Free Crochet Scarf Patterns, Afghan Patterns, and More There's no better way to welcome fall than with a beautiful collection of free crochet patterns. Celebrate the new season with Lion Brand's New Fall Collection: 15 Free Crochet Scarf Patterns, Afghan Patterns, and More.
  286. Little Mosaic Scarf This Little Mosaic Scarf is a beautiful design you will love to wrap around your neck. Simply Soft by Caron is used in three colors. If you know the basic crochet stitches then this scarf will be a breeze to work up.
  287. Little One's Keyhole Scarf "I love wearing a scarf on chilly days and always have one on. They seem to add that little bit of extra warmth. My two little ones wanted one too, but I get annoyed with how they always blow away or fall off. So, I designed one that is perfect for a
  288. Little Red Riding Hood Life is a fairy tale when you're wearing this Little Red Riding Hood. Versatile and soft, this free hooded scarf crochet pattern will become a fast favorite.
  289. Little Squares Scarf Show off your crochet skills when you make and wear the Little Squares Scarf. Crochet scarf patterns lend themselves to your talent and personality. Let your sweet and crafty side show with this colorful scarf comprised of itty bitty squares.
  290. Long Skinny Scarf Pattern "You'll want your winter scarf to be finished before the first snow falls! So, quickly grab a couple of balls of yarn and crochet this long skinny scarf. Great with your winter coat or smart-looking with your work gear!"
  291. Long Stem Rose Turned Scarf This is a cool pattern when you really dive into it and take a look. It's a free crochet scarf pattern that looks like a long stem rose! How cool is that? This is a must-make.
  292. Loop Fringe Scarf Thick and plush, this Loop Fringe Scarf will be a new staple for your winter wardrobe. Easy crochet patterns like this don't often make such lovely projects--don't pass this up!
  293. Loopy Ends Scarf Make a fun Loopy Ends Scarf to sport around this winter. This specific pattern was crocheted for the Special Olympics in red and blue. It's an easy crochet pattern worked in single crochet and double crochet.
  294. Loopy Love Scarf "The Loopy Love Scarf is versatile, fast, and fun to make! The Lion Brand Scarfie used in this pattern has great long color changes, creating a beautiful gradient effect with only 2 ends to weave in when you're done."
  295. Love You For Infinity Scarf You're sure to hook a sweetheart wearing this Love You to Infinity Scarf. Learn how to crochet an infinity scarf for beginners. Simple and sweet, this crochet infinity scarf pattern will charm you, as well as anyone who sees you wearing it.
  296. Lovely Light Lace Scarf Sometimes you just want to wear a scarf for the aesthetics and not for the warmth. If you're striving to look cute, but not overheat, be sure to work up this Lovely Light Lace Scarf. Try working up this Lovely Light Lace Scarf.
  297. Lunch Hour Scarf Just as the name states you can make this quick and easy free crochet pattern in just one hour on your lunch break. Using a large hook and alternating shells and the v stitch this neat scarf will be done in no time.
  298. Majestic Hooded Scarf Pattern Take a walk through some medieval woods with the Majestic Hooded Scarf Pattern. While wearing this crochet scarf, you'll feel like you might see a unicorn or something surreal appear from the mists.
  299. Make It Right Meow Hooded Scarf When we say this Make It Right Meow Hooded Scarf is purr-fect, we mean it. Just look at those adorable cat ears, and try not to smile. Learn how to crochet a hooded scarf with lots of charm.
  300. Manly Weave Scarf This Manly Weave Scarf is definitely worth the 4 balls of yarn it takes to work it up. What's better is that you use a basketweave stitch, creating a fun design that doesn't look too girly.
  301. Mariuccia Reversible Infinity Scarf "Gentle textures and color changes make this infinity scarf a visual delight. If you don't happen to have access to the Catskill Merino Sheep Farm and their amazing farm stand yarns, substitute a multi color yarn for CA and a solid yarn for CB."
  302. Mayflower Lace Scarf "The Mayflower Lace Scarf uses the Love Knot Stitch combined with a modified long single crochet to make a triangular mesh pattern that creates flowers. The modified stitch adds texture to the already beautiful Love Knot design, and using worsted wei
  303. Mesh Scarf with Posies The bright beauty of the flower design on this Mesh Scarf with Posies will cheer you up even on the dreariest winter day. This free crochet pattern is made with super soft yarn and a size H crochet hook.
  304. Mindless Mile Crochet Scarf Super bulky yarn and repetitive instructions makes this free crochet scarf pattern quick and easy to crochet. It's so easy, even a beginner could do it!
  305. MixItUp Beginner Cowl "Use 2 of your favorite Mixology Yarns together to create this VERY easy cowl! Fun and quick to make - less than one hour of time and you will have a unique and warm winter cowl for yourself or as a gift! Have fun making this one - easy enough for be
  306. Mobius Scarf This free crochet scarf pattern is made in a continuous loop with a half twist. You'll love wearing this scarf with its nice fall colors.
  307. Mock Bobbles Cowl "Stitches with alternating heights create the appearance of bobbles in this textured cowl. This pattern is part of the Holiday Stashdown Crochet-a-Long 2016."
  308. Monroe Crochet Scarf The Monroe Crochet Scarf is an excellent crochet pattern to help teach you the basics of Tunisian crochet. You will learn two unique stitches, as well as how to crochet the foundation row and how to bind off. The clean, simple design of this crochete
  309. Mossy Infinity Scarf Welcome in the fall with this luxurious Mossy Infinity Scarf. This easy pattern will show you how to crochet an infinity scarf that's so plush and warm that you'll forget about the chill outside.
  310. Mountain Mist Infinity Scarf If you've seen the matching beanie pattern, then I bet you are itching to work up this Mountain Mist Infinity Scarf. Add a little green in between the blues in this crochet infinity scarf pattern to mix up the colors and show off your crochet skills.
  311. Mulberry Bobble Scarf "Learn how to create this adorable bobbly mulberry scarf, a perfect way to brighten up any gloomy day and keep warm in the process! Easy video tutorial is also included in this pattern to help with learning the "Bobble Stitch.""
  312. Multi Colored Block Scarf Multi-Colored Block Scarf is a free, beginner-level scarf pattern. It's got a delightful pattern and is as fun to make as it is to wear.
  313. Multicolored 70 Minute Scarf With any of your three favorite colors of yarn you can make this Multicolored 70 Minute Scarf in just over an hour. This free crochet scarf pattern is quick and easy to work up and it only uses two crochet stitches.
  314. Mustard Button Cuff Infinity Scarf The Mustard Button Cuff Infinity Scarf uses approx. 1 1/4 skeins and works up pretty quickly. The scarf wraps twice around the neck, snuggly, and makes for a perfect springtime cowl. The cute button accessory lets it stand out.
  315. Mustard Colored Ruffled Scarf Toddlers won't want to leave the house without being bundled up in this Mustard Colored Ruffled Scarf. Create a bright and fun winter accessory with this free crochet scarf pattern. Make a matching one for you too by crocheting the pattern longer.
  316. My First Hooded Scarf Try your hook at a crochet trend with My First Hooded Scarf. We just can't get enough of these versatile, free hooded scarf crochet patterns.
  317. My Luxury Scarf This is the ultimate luxury scarf, and you can make it whatever color you like! It's a beginner's pattern that anyone can learn to crochet this winter. All you have to do is change the hook size and you can make a kid's scarf too.
  318. Mystic Waves Infinity Scarf "This gorgeous chunky infinity scarf has a beautiful textured wave pattern and is made with variegated yarn to add an extra special touch. It's perfect for winter or fall and will add a flare to your cold weather wardrobe."
  319. Neon Lights Cowl "Worked with super bulky Red Heart Mixology yarns, the Neon Lights Cowl is a warm and comfy cowl that can be worn rolled over. Choose variegated Mixology Party Prints combined with a strong contrasting dark Mixology Solid yarn."
  320. Neptune's Arrow Crochet Scarf The Neptune's Arrow Crochet Scarf boasts a bold yet classic design that anyone can wear. Fall or winter, this will probably become your favorite scarf to wear. It's an easy pattern that's repetitive so it doesn't take much to make it.
  321. Netties Super Simple Tassel Scarf "This easy scarf is the first of the Netties Super Simple patterns worked in rows. It can be made in one color, or in several colors. The ends can be left as fringe, or tied into tassels. This is a great beginner pattern."
  322. New Year's Eve Shimmer Crochet Scarf If you need to add a little more "oomf" to your New Years Eve outfit, try this New Year's Eve Shimmer Crochet Scarf. It will give you all the shimmer and shine that accompanies the holiday with being gaudy.
  323. Northern Lights Infinity Scarf Variegated yarn creates the beautiful colors that inspired the name for this Northern Lights Infinity Scarf. This free crochet scarf pattern works up quickly using just a few skeins of yarn. Add this pretty accessory to your wardrobe if you need some
  324. Ocean Air Scarf The Ocean Air Scarf is a quick and easy crocheted scarf to complete. It's the perfect accessory for summer nights when there's a slight chill to the air. A little more than one skein of worsted weight yarn is needed to complete this pattern. The sca
  325. Olive Infinity Scarf Whether it's spring, summer or fall, this Olive Infinity Scarf will fancy up your stylish outfit. Crocheted scarves are trendy and will bring out your fashionista side. You can wear this scarf three different ways to satisfy your look.
  326. Ombre Ridges Scarf "The simple and elegant style of this cozy crochet scarf will wrap you in warmth all winter long!! This Free Crochet Pattern works up quickly using bulky yarn that has a self striping ombre effect and uses only one skein of yarn!! A great back to sch
  327. One Ball Ripple Scarf Use little time and even less yarn when you work up this One Ball Ripple Scarf crochet pattern. Worth the effort, this crochet scarf is fun, stylish, and super easy to make.
  328. One Hour Spiral Scarf This boa-style scarf only takes about an hour to work up, and after some practice, you may even be able to work it up in less. The Net Yarn Spiral Scarf Pattern is a great project if you are just learning how to use net yarn.
  329. One Sitting Scarf Something beautiful to add to your outfit any time of year is this scarf. As the name suggests you can whip up this free crochet pattern in just one sitting. Any yarn can be used with a K hook.
  330. One Skein Enchanted Crochet Scarf Scarves that are casual yet elegant enough to wear with a nice coat in the wintertime are hard to find. Many scarves look too casual or are not warm enough to wear, but this One Skein Enchanted Crochet Scarf is the perfect combination.
  331. One Skein Gelato Scarf Choose any color worsted weight yarn and make this One Skein Gelato Scarf today. It's a lightweight scarf pattern that can be worn any time of the year. It's an infinity scarf, which means it has no ends. This crochet design wraps nicely around your
  332. One Skein Glitzy Scarf The One Skein Glitzy Scarf with sparkle and drape perfect for a little extra warmth or just a fashion look. Works up in less than two hours and with just one skein of yarn!
  333. One Skein Ruffle Scarf All you need is one skein of yarn to complete this beautiful crocheted scarf. The One Skein Ruffle Scarf is a fun and flirty crochet design for you to wear any time of the year. Bulky yarn makes this a quick crochet pattern to work up, and the ruffle
  334. One Skein Scarf Got an extra skein of yarn lying around the house? Grab it and get to work on this One Skein Scarf. It's an easy crochet pattern that you can complete in just a few hours or less. Wear this accessory and stay warm this winter.
  335. One Skein Winter Scarf Yes, it's true: this beautiful crocheted scarf can be made using only one skein of yarn! Make this One Skein Winter Scarf for yourself or a special friend this season. This crochet scarf is made using the cluster stitch and worsted weight yarn.
  336. Outlander Cowl Crochet Pattern "Claire's Outlander Cowl - Free Crochet Pattern. Inspired by the knitwear on the Outlander TV series, this Sassenach Cowl is quick and easy to make, even for beginners."
  337. Oversized Infinity Scarf The light and lacy design of this Oversized Infinity Scarf will keep you cozy without sacrificing a bit of style, which makes this the perfect crochet pattern to wear while out on the town.
  338. Painted Desert Scarf The Painted Desert Scarf was named after the desert which designer Birgit Tchsen traveled to. The colors in the Noro Silk Garden yarn she used reflects the colors seen on that trip. This is a beautiful free crochet scarf pattern that will remind you
  339. Pancake Scarf Are you a breakfast person, and don't care who knows it? Then this Pancake Scarf pattern is perfect for you! Made with honey brown yarn, this silly scarf works up quickly, and will make an amazing conversation piece.
  340. Papillon Scarf The word papillon is French for butterfly and lends itself perfectly to the name of this decorative scarf. This beautiful crochet pattern is comprised of butterfly stitches. A Papillon Scarf would look great in a cotton or silk yarn.
  341. Parisian Ruffle Scarf One skein of yarn is all that's needed to work up this beautiful Parisian Ruffle Scarf. This fun and flirty scarf is a great accessory to wear any time of the year. Add an optional single button to dress it up a bit and keep the scarf in place.
  342. Party Scarf If you're looking for the perfect finishing touch to your fancy outfit, then look no further. The bright, festive colors of this crocheted scarf are hard to ignore. Work up this multicolored Party Scarf using any six colors of your choice.
  343. Patriotic Crochet Flag Scarf Support the troops with this Patriotic Crochet Flag Scarf. This intermediate crochet scarf is a mixture of the American Flag and the camouflage our soldiers wear while fighting for the country.
  344. Patterned Houndstooth Infinity Scarf If you're looking to add some creativity to your winter wardrobe, then you should think about working up this Patterned Houndstooth Infinity Scarf. The classic pattern is simple but adds some flair to your scarf rather than all of it being one color.
  345. Peacock Scarf It's no secret where the inspiration came from for this beautiful Peacock Scarf. Named after the bright and colorful feathers of peacocks, this intermediate crochet pattern is a must-do for those of you that need to add some color to your wardrobe.
  346. Penn Button Cowl "Simple beginner friendly scarf that works up fast. One of the special things about the Penn Cowl is that it has 2 different options for finishing & attaching the buttons.Have fun! "
  347. Peppermint Candy Cane Scarf Using white and cherry red crochet colors you can work up this Peppermint Candy Cane Scarf in no time. Running 60 inches long you can wrap yourself in this festive, fun piece all winter long.
  348. Perfectly Pink Crochet Neck Warmer Create this Perfectly Pink Crochet Neck Warmer to keep yourself nice and toasty when the cooler weather hits. The free crochet neck warmer pattern is perfect for those crisp fall days when the sun is shining and you don't quite need a coat.
  349. Periwinkle Infinity Scarf Two strands of yarn are worked together to create this Periwinkle Infinity Scarf. The double crochet stitch is worked in rows with the finished product measuring 65 inches around and 8 inches wide, depending on how tight or loose you crochet.
  350. Personalized Temperature Scarf The Personalized Temperature Scarf is quite a neat concept. It's a crochet scarf pattern that is worked up over the course of an entire calendar year based on the temperature. This is a unique scarf pattern because everyone's will look different.
  351. Pheasant Scarf If you have an hour to spare, you might enjoy making this Pheasant Scarf. Crochet scarf patterns like this are easy to make and allow you to stay warm all winter long. A variegated color, like Pheasant, adds nice contrast.
  352. Picot Shell Stitch Scarf "Crochet pattern that teaches you how to crochet this beautiful picot shell stitch that could be used for afghans, curtains, a skirt or a skirt of a dress or a lacy pillow! Just anything you can put you mind to make."
  353. Pineapple Crochet Scarf If you're looking for a fun, unique crochet scarf pattern then look no further. This Pineapple Crochet Scarf is not only beautiful, but it's easy to crochet. It can be worked up in just a few hours.
  354. Pink Champagne Scarf Isn't this scarf just so fresh and fun looking? It's a great free crochet scarf pattern to wear anywhere. This Pink Champagne Scarf is sure to put a smile on your face and make your day.
  355. Pink Fantasy Infinity Scarf Add a little bling to your crochet by learning to add seed beads to your project. This lightweight scarf is the perfect accessory for spring,
  356. Pink Hope Scarf This Hope Scarf is made in groups of triple crochets forming a nicely designed pattern. You can crochet this free pattern in any color you wish, but preferably in a shade of pink to show your support for Breast Cancer Awareness.
  357. Plum Button Scarf You will get tons of compliments whenever you wear this pretty Plum Button Scarf. It's the perfect fashion accessory for fall that will match almost any outfit. It's an easy crochet pattern to complete that works up quickly using super bulky yarn.
  358. Pointed Granny Scarf This is a nice pattern that gives you step by step instructions. You can work it up pretty quickly using this free crochet scarf pattern. Use a softer yarn for a softer feel.
  359. Pom Pom Scarf This Pom Pom Scarf by Pamela is an easy crochet pattern to work up. Crochet scarves like this can be made in very little time. Working with pom yarn is fun when you know you need to work in between each pom.
  360. Pop Pom Scarf When working with pom pom yarn, it is best to work around the pom poms, especially for this Pom Pom Scarf. This is an easy crochet scarf pattern to work up and will keep you toasty during those cold, crisp nights.
  361. Powdered Sugar Crochet Scarf "This is not the typical "beginner" scarf. It is completely beginner-friendly, but stylish and beautiful. Make this as a gift for a friend, family member, or a gift for yourself. All done in single crochet with a large hook. Works up in just a few ev
  362. Pretty and Bright Crochet Scarf Lightweight scarves are perfect for summertime, and this Pretty and Bright Crochet Scarf is a great project to work up before it gets too hot out.
  363. Pretty in Plaid - Scarf "The Pretty in Plaid - Scarf is the perfect addition to any outfit! It is ultimately the most customizable pattern: make is skinny, make it wide, make it short, make it long, but most importantly, make it YOURS with COLOR!!"
  364. Pretty Pink Flower Scarf Make yourself or a friend this Pretty Pink Flower Scarf. Free crochet scarf patterns are easy to work up and the flower detail on this design is just beautiful. This scarf only takes one skein of yarn.
  365. Pretty Prairie Scarf Ladies of all ages will look elegant when they wear this Pretty Prairie Scarf. It looks just like something you would see on Little House on the Prairie. The light and lacy design is a timeless look and the fringe adds the perfect feminine touch.
  366. Pretty Simple Infinity Scarf "This is a very easy pattern - quick to work up and perfect for gifts. This pattern can be customized easily to any width and length. The design is unisex and can be used for both men and women."
  367. Providence Scarf "One skein of Lion Brand Shawl In A Ball is all you need to complete this stunning fringe scarf. The yarn does all the color work for you and your finished product will be eye-catching no matter what color you choose."
  368. Puff-y Stripes Scarf "Play with color and texture in this unisex scarf. Choose a solid yarn and a coordinating self-striping (or long color repeat) yarn."
  369. Purple and Grey His or Her Scarves Using Vickie Howell's Stitch.Rock.Love. Sheep(ish) from Caron and this free crochet scarf pattern you can make a scarf for yourself or a friend. This pattern is great as it can be made for a man or woman.
  370. Purple Maureen Scarf Make your very own Purple Maureen Scarf with this crochet scarf pattern. This pattern comes in a UK and US version. Double crochet is used making this a great design for beginners.
  371. Purple Scalloped Scarf Bring some cheer to the dullness of winter with a bright Purple Scalloped Scarf. This beginner crochet pattern will pop when worked up in purple and turquoise colors. Stand out amidst the gray winter with this fun crochet scarf.
  372. Queen Ann's Lacy Crochet Scarf You can block your scarf if you want it to lay flat, but I liked how mine was a little ruffly, and decided not to. I really like how the Caron Simply Soft Yarn worked for this scarf.
  373. Queen Anne's Lace Scarf Pamper yourself with the Queen Anne's Lace Scarf. Victorian style lingers in this luscious lace pattern that looks perfect in a deep color. Create your own beautiful lace accessory to wear when you step out.
  374. Quick and Easy Potato Chip Scarf Crochet scarf patterns like this Quick and Easy Potato Chip Scarf is really neat as it looks like Pringles layered on top of each other. Once you make one scarf you'll want to make many. Half double and single crochet is worked.
  375. Quick and Easy Scarf This Quick and Easy Scarf can be worked up in a short period of time and will be long enough to double up around your neck. A simple scarf like this is done in double crochet stitches allowing you to choose your own crochet design.
  376. Quick Crochet Flower Scarf "This is also a project if you have a lot of leftover yarn so you can mix it up and make a colorful scarf. "
  377. Quick Granny Check Scarf Grab a skein of super bulky yarn and get to work on this Quick Granny Check Scarf. This easy crochet scarf pattern can be done in one hour or less. Wrap this around your neck during the cold months and stay warm and stylish at the same time.
  378. Quick V Stitch Scarf Sixty minutes or less: that's how long it takes to complete this easy crochet scarf pattern. Grab one skein of bulky yarn and make this Quick V Stitch Scarf right now. You'll be done with it in a jiffy.
  379. Rainbow Infinity Scarf "This Rainbow Infinity Scarf is as crisp as winter and as colorful as a rainbow. Both sides of this piece look scrumptious. This gorgeous crocheted scarf gives you 2 pieces with one!"
  380. Rainy Day Rainbow Scarf The weather might be dreary and drab, but that doesn't mean your wardrobe has to be, too. This Rainy Day Rainbow Scarf is just what you need to add a pop of color to your outfit on the gloomiest of days. This crochet scarf is also a great stashbuster
  381. Raspberry Swirl Crochet Scarf Using two beautiful pink shades of Red Heart Super Saver you can work up this fabulous Raspberry Swirl Crochet Scarf. Not only is it an easy crochet pattern, but this type of crochet scarf can be worn during any season of the year.
  382. Raspberry Truffle Ruffle Scarf This Raspberry Truffle Ruffle Scarf is the perfect fashion accessory for the winter months. It will keep you warm and stylish as you brave the elements outside. This free crochet scarf pattern is easy to complete.
  383. Reef Ruffle Scarf A scarf for those "in-between" seasons and chilly spring mornings, the "Reef Ruffle Scarf" is an easy and fun pattern. Customize your length and colors to make the perfect scarf for you.
  384. Reflections Cowl "This mobious cowl can be made as a scarf or infinity cowl. The choice is yours, works up quick using a bulky yarn with a reflective strand through it! Can be made over a weekend. Great project for outside, evening sports."
  385. Reversible Cable Scarf This Reversible Cable Scarf was originally a dishcloth pattern that was extended. Crochet scarf patterns like this are pretty when you use a variegated yarn to get multiple colors.
  386. Reversible Tracks 'n' Treads Scarf "This pattern uses a modified zig zag stitch to create amazing texture. The reversible fabric resembles the tread of a tire on one side and tracks on the other. The Tracks 'n' Tread Scarf was created for a man, but is wearable by all!"
  387. Rose Camo Skinny Scarf "Lacy Scarf to keep you warm this winter."
  388. Rosebud Scarf This Rosebud Scarf is one of the most beautiful crocheted scarves you are bound to come across. Use two contrasting colors to get the best look. Hairpin lace has never looked this good. Make your spring scarf today!
  389. Rouge Infinity Scarf "Rouge Infinity Scarf is worked in an easy repetitive rows. The sides are mirrored. The scarf measures 9 inches wide and 58 inches long. You can make this either as an infinity or regular scarf."
  390. Royal Lace Scarf This Royal Lace Scarf is worked up in two colors. Just cozy enough to add some warmth and thin enough not to be too warm, this crochet scarf pattern makes an excellent fall or spring scarf.
  391. Ruffle Colors Scarf This beautiful Ruffle Colors Scarf is a great crochet scarf pattern to add to your collection. It's quick to work up and also makes a great last-minute gift idea for a friend. Use variegated yarn to recreate the multicolored look shown here. The patt
  392. Ruffle Scarf Spice up your outfit with a bit of pizazz, like this Ruffle Scarf. This simple crochet pattern is cute, fun, and all things girly.
  393. Ruffling New Year's Eve Scarf Going out for the ball drop just got a little more stylish. With this Ruffling New Year's Eve Scarf, you'll be the hit of the town no matter where you go.
  394. Rugged Men's Crochet Scarf Whichever of the two versions of this Rugged Men's Crochet Scarf you choose to work up, your man is sure to love it. Both are an easy crochet scarf pattern that won't take you much time to make.
  395. Rustic Fringe Infinity Scarf "The Rustic Fringe Infinity Scarf is worked up in Lion's Pride Woolspun, a #5 chunky/bulky yarn that shows beautiful stitch definition. This chunky scarf definitely makes a statement -- especially when paired with the matching slouch hat!"
  396. Sandra Sampler Cowl "If you know me, you know I love texture, fun, and exciting designs. With the Sandra Sampler Cowl I really wanted to combine things that might not work otherwise and see how they looked. I hope youre inspired to try as many or as few of the squares."
  397. Sara's Stripey Scarf This is a fun crochet pattern that uses wool, cotton and acrylics. The two colors look great together and it'll keep you nice and warm.
  398. Sashay Ruffle Crochet Scarf Simple crochet patterns like this Sashay Ruffle Crochet Scarf are great for beginners to practice their crochet stitches. Single crochet is all that's needed for this scarf pattern. Red Heart Sashay is a beautiful yarn to work with.
  399. Sassy Ruffle Scarf Need to make a scarf in a flash? Try making a Sassy Ruffle Scarf with this free crochet scarf pattern.
  400. Sassy Sweetheart Ruffle Scarf You won't believe how easy this Sassy Sweetheart Ruffle Scarf is to complete. You don't even really have to know how to crochet in order to create this masterpiece. Simply follow these two steps using only one hank of yarn to make this pretty pattern
  401. Scarf Sweet Cupcakes This is the cutest free crochet pattern ever! If you're looking to warm up this winter but you want something sweet and can't have it, crochet this sweet cupcakes scarf. It's so fun and cheery.
  402. Scarf 2 Ways "I love to wear a scarf. Scarves that actually keep my neck warm but dont hang down too far. I have seen some really cute asymmetrical scarves, but I am a more a symmetrical person. So I came up with these 2 little scarves to wear 2 ways."
  403. Scarf Inside A Scarf This Scarf Inside A Scarf is a unique tutorial that is super easy to complete. Watch this video tutorial from Michael Sellick to learn how it's done. This free crochet scarf pattern uses the butterfly stitch.
  404. Scarf of Many Colors This scarf is a beautiful crochet pattern that anyone can make. All the colors and designs really help bring it to life. You can make a bold fashion statement in this crochet scarf.
  405. Scarf Trio Get three patterns and sets of crochet instructions in this Scarf Trio; make a bobble scarf, a cabled scarf and a two tone scarf. Free crochet scarf patterns like this are so fun when you find a good deal!
  406. Scarlett Skinny Scarf The fall season is quickly approaching, so be sure you are prepared with this gorgeous Scarlett Skinny Scarf, which can also be worn during the summer. The crochet scarf pattern is worked on both sides of the foundation chain.
  407. School Spirit Striped Scarf When fall comes, what else comes right along with it? That's right- it's time for the kids to go back to school! Make it even more fun with this School Spirit Striped Scarf for the young ones.
  408. Scoodie - Hooded Scarf With Pockets You've probably seen a scoodie before, but you probably weren't sure what they were called. The Scoodie - Hooded Scarf With Pockets will teach you how to make your own crochet hooded scarf pattern in no time.
  409. Scrap Happy Scarf Get rid of your yarn stash once and for all with this Scrap Happy Scarf. This free crochet scarf pattern can be made using any leftover yarn you have lying around the house. It's a great pattern to wear anytime of the year.
  410. Scrap Scarf Infinity Collar Waste no yarn with the Scrap Scarf Infinity Collar. Use your scrap yarn when you work up this free crochet scarf pattern. This mobius cowl will keep you cozy all winter long.
  411. Scraptacular Circle Scarf Grab all of your leftover yarn and create this Scraptacular Circle Scarf. Made using yarn scraps of various colors, this free crochet pattern is created by joining together various circle motifs.
  412. Scrumptious Crochet Scarf "The Scrumptious Crochet Scarf is a fun and functional easy pattern, with a lovely stitch combination! The model is made with a category 5 yarn (Red Heart Boutique Infinity in the Colorway Thunder) which produces a lush cool weather accessory."
  413. Seascape Scarf Crochet Pattern "This sweet crochet scarf makes a great warmer weather scarf. I like to use a cotton yarn and a loose stitch, to give it that wonderful drape. Perfect for gift giving!"
  414. Self Striping Scarf This Self Striping Scarf can be your next favorite fall accessory. The biggest reason I see for this is that it would be really easy to make the colors of this crochet scarf be for your favorite sports team.
  415. Sensational Scarf A Sensational Scarf made with Blue Heron Yarns Rayon/Metallic is exactly what you'll get with this free crochet scarf pattern. Add a little bit of shimmer to your scarves with this yarn. It's an easy crochet pattern that you will love working with.
  416. Shannon Infinity Scarf "Two easy to memorize rows to make a pretty scarf or cowl (to your own custom length)! Inspired by (and with the permission and promotion of!) Shannon Mullet-Bowlsbys Crochet Geometry!"
  417. Sideways Lace Scarf Pattern This Sideways Lace Scarf Pattern is light but still heavy enough to warm you up in the spring or fall. The delicate pattern really makes it stand out, and it would make a beautiful gift for a friend.
  418. Silk Yarn Butterfly Scarf This beautiful Silk Yarn Butterfly Scarf is the perfect accessory to add to your outfit this spring. The fun, flirty colors of this free crochet scarf pattern will add the perfect pop of color to any woman's outfit.
  419. Silky Sherbet Dreams Scarf This Silky Sherbet Dreams Scarf is one accessory that you can be sure will match all of your outfits this season. The bright, bold colors will be sure to catch anyone's attention as you wear this crochet accessory anywhere.
  420. Simple Chiq Shell Stitch Scarf Do you know how to crochet a shell stitch? If so, then you're all set to make the Simple Chiq Shell Stitch Scarf. A shell stitch is just as easy to learn as it is to make this scarf. Check out this great crochet scarf pattern to see how to do it.
  421. Simple Ruffle Scarf You will be amazed at how easy this Simple Ruffle Scarf is to make. It's seriously one of the quickest free crochet patterns ever. Use one skein of Red Heart Boutique Rigoletto yarn to complete this scarf.
  422. Simple Scalloped Scarf Ladies, you will love this Simple Scalloped Scarf. Use your two favorite colors to complete this free crochet scarf pattern. The beautiful scalloped edging gives it an elegant look that will look great with any outfit.
  423. Simple Scarf Work up a Simple Scarf any time of year. This crochet scarf is made of double crochet stitches and is super easy to make. Start early for the Christmas season or wait last minute; it's that easy to crochet.
  424. Simple Skinny Scarf This Simple Skinny Scarf is an easy crochet pattern to complete using basic crochet stitches and scraps of cotton yarn. The skinny design of this particular crochet scarf makes it the perfect accessory for the warmer months of spring and summer.
  425. Simple Woven Cowl "This Simple Woven Cowl is squishy and soft and makes the perfect cold weather accessory. Contains a photo tutorial for the stitch pattern to help you successfully complete the pattern."
  426. Simple, Quick Crocheted Cable Neck Warmer Using the cable stitch you can make this Simple, Quick Crocheted Neck Warmer. Keep your neck warm when you head out for the day, while keeping your fashion sense. Have a button closure for your convenience.
  427. Simply Scrumptious Scarf "Make this gorgeous scarf using 1-skein of Lion Brand Homespun Yarn. The pattern is easy to follow and the size is completely adjustable. You can also make a Prayer Shawl by increasing the starting chain to 62 stitches."
  428. Single Skein Neck Wrap Grab your favorite skein of worsted weight yarn and work up this Single Skein Neck Wrap. This crochet neck warmer is a great accessory to throw on when it's just a little chilly outside.
  429. Single Skein Swanky Scarf The Single Skein Swanky Scarf is the best accessory for a night out on the town. Worked up with Swanky yarn, the hint of sparkles and berry color makes it super attractive and stylish.
  430. Single Skein Tulip Scarf The Single Skein Tulip Scarf is the perfect pattern to make for the spring and summer months. Worked in double crochet using any variegated yarn of your choice, this colorful crocheted scarf features a beautiful light and lacy fan design.
  431. Skinny Ripples Scarf "This scarf pattern is easy, fashionable, and functional. Skinny scarves are a must have accessory item, for those days when you want a little something to brighten up your outfit, but nothing too bulky."
  432. Skinny Summer Scarf Not all scarves are big and bulky for the winter. This Skinny Summer Scarf is a lightweight crochet pattern to make that's perfect for those chilly summer nights.
  433. Slip N Go Scarf Using just one skein of Bernat Zoey yarn you can make this Slip N Go Scarf. Crochet scarf patterns like this one can be made in just about 20 minutes! No chaining is required, just slip stitching. This scarf is a neat pattern for you to try.
  434. Smooth as Silk Scarf Made with both tweed yarn and mohair yarn, this Smooth as Silk Scarf is a beautiful piece that will add the perfect finishing touch to any outfit. Use the Larksfoot stitch to complete this free crochet scarf pattern. The tweed yarn gives this crochet
  435. Snow Angel Scarf This clean and simple crochet pattern is a classic design that will blend right into anyone's wardrobe. This white Snow Angel Scarf features the bobble stitch (also known as the popcorn stitch), which is known for adding nice texture to your crochet.
  436. Snow Bear Hooded Scarf This Snow Bear Hooded Scarf is an adorable crochet scarf pattern for any adult or teenager. The scarf can be worn around the neck while the bear design can be worn as a hood. Stay nice and warm this season.
  437. Snow Goddess Scarf This Snow Goddess Scarf is a must-do crochet scarf pattern for winter. Use silver sparkly yarn to recreate the beautiful look of this feminine scarf. The subtle sparkle makes this pattern perfect for any goddess.
  438. Snowman Infinity Crochet Scarf "A wonderful whimsical snowman is included on this infinity scarf, perfect for a bit of wintery fun. The infinity scarf can be made with or without the appliques, making it a great project for every occasion."
  439. Snowy Day Mobius Neckwarmer A Snowy Day Mobius Neckwarmer like this one is exactly perfect for that snowy day. Have a snow day and play outside. This neckwarmer is big enough to wear as a hood too. Single and double crochet is all you need to know.
  440. Snowy Hills Scarf If you are looking for a quick scarf to keep you warm, the Snowy Hills Scarf is the perfect free crochet scarf pattern for you. Worked up with a bulky weight yarn, you won't believe how quickly this scarf comes together.
  441. Softest Alpaca Crochet Infinity Scarf If you've never pet an alpaca or felt alpaca fleece or yarn, you haven't experienced the softest thing ever. That's why we're giving you this Softest Alpaca Crochet Infinity Scarf pattern! Alpaca fleece is soft as well as incredibly water resistant.
  442. Solomon Knot Mobius Scarf Make a stunning Solomon Knot Mobius Scarf with this crochet scarf pattern. Use Homespun yarn with a bit of sparkle for a dazzling look. The Solomon Knot makes your design very unique looking.
  443. Special Olympics Scarf Project/Wave Scarf The Special Olympics is a very important event for many people. Use this free crochet pattern to show your support in making a wave scarf. There are step by step pictures and instructions to make it easier for you to make. Join the cause now.
  444. Spectacularly Sparkly Scarf You'll be dazzling all day and all night when you wear this Spectacularly Sparkly Scarf. This crochet pattern uses super bulky sparkly yarn, so it's super fast and easy to complete. Add some fringe at the end for an added touch of glam.
  445. Spider Lace and Blocks Scarf Using this free crochet scarf pattern you can work up a Spider Lace and Blocks Scarf. The center is open with chain lengths giving this pattern great design. If you like the look of antique then you'll just love this scarf.
  446. Spiky Little Neck Warmer Wear this convertible little neck warmer many ways. Using any color yarn and some buttons for closure you can take this free crochet pattern and wear it during the chilly months.
  447. Spiral Scarf Create a chunky scarf that spirals on itself with this spiral scarf crochet patterns. The colors in this crochet scarf are warm yet autumnal. It's the perfect accessory for any outfit.
  448. Spring Flowers Scarf This Spring Flowers Scarf is a beautiful lightweight accessory you can add to any outfit. Use solid colors or a fun variegated yarn for a more outstanding look. Scarf patterns like this are fun to make and can be versatile.
  449. Spring Green! Lacy Crochet Mesh Scarf "This is a long scarf pattern that crocheted with sport yarn to get the lightweight and lacy look. This pattern has fun and delicate look with angled popcorn stitch stripes running all over the design."
  450. Spring Kisses Infinity Scarf "I am releasing this new Spring Kisses Infinity Scarf today as a free pattern. I used #2 weight Premier Cotton Fair Yarn to make this lightweight Spring scarf for you to enjoy. The pattern is easy and the repeats are easy to follow."
  451. Spring Sampler Infinity Scarf "Experiment with simple, openwork stitch combinations in this beginner-friendly infinity scarf. In Miss Babs Yowza! Whatta Skein!, this is a one-skein project. The pattern includes links to photo tutorials for scBL, cdc, and the slip stitch join."
  452. Springtime Puffed Shells Crochet Scarf The Springtime Puffed Shells Crochet Scarf has stitching done in three rows for each color with a long stitch to make the puffed shells. Lovely Orchid and Aran colors are used to give a little brightness to your day.
  453. Springtime Scarf Scarves are great accessory that can take you right from the office to dinner, and light and lacy crochet designs like this Springtime Scarf are perfect for the warmer months. The hot pink color used here will add a nice pop of color to your outfit.
  454. Spun Sugar Scarf This small scarf is perfect as a crocheted accessory to your fashion statement, or it can be used for cold days if wrapped multiple times around your neck. You'll love this and our other free crochet patterns! We'll guide through every step so it l
  455. Stained Glass Scarf Three ounces of Caron Simply Soft Brites are used in a variety of colors to produce this beautiful Stained Glass Scarf. Crochet colors like blue mint, lemonade and limelight will make you anxious to start working up this crochet design.
  456. Star Motif Scarf This Star Motif Scarf from Kristen TenDyke is absolutely gorgeous. It's a free crochet pattern you will truly enjoy making for yourself or someone else. Follow the schematic and end up with the perfect scarf.
  457. Star Stitch Infinity Scarf "Learn how to crochet the beautiful Star Stitch with this easy video tutorial. And the best part, you get to crochet a scarf in the process!"
  458. Stash-buster Crochet Scarf The best thing about Stash-buster crochet scarves is that you can use any leftover yarn and hook size you want. This crochet scarf pattern was used with mohair yarn, silky wool and even turned into a cowl from terry yarn.
  459. Striped Scarf Free Crochet Pattern Make yourself this Striped Scarf Free Crochet Pattern to wear during the cold winter months. Using the half double crochet stitch you can work up this scarf in no time. Use three or four colors for a fabulous new scarf.
  460. Stripes and Blocks Scarf "This pattern is perfect for menswear, but it would look lovely in bright rainbows, jewel tones, soft pastels, you name it! Its perfectly unisex, and great for sports teams too! An easy repeat makes it a quick project for cozy nights on the couch."
  461. Summer Sky Infinity Scarf This pretty blue color of this Summer Sky Infinity Scarf will remind you of the happy days of summer every time you wear it. Grab three balls of your favorite worsted weight yarn and work up this easy crochet scarf pattern today.
  462. Super Fast Scarf If you're in a hurry, this Super Fast Scarf is the perfect crochet scarf to make using super bulky yarn. This free crochet pattern features a neat design of alternating stripes of a simple v stitch.
  463. Super Plush Crochet Infinity Scarf "I created this super soft scarf pattern after seeing the style (knit version) everywhere and falling in love with it. With the slightly higher-end yarn, this infinity scarf becomes plush and soft -- and a staple in your wardrobe."
  464. Super Quick Shell Scarf Any weight yarn can be used to work up this Super Quick Shell Scarf, making it the perfect crochet project for using up old yarn scraps. This free crochet pattern is super easy and simple too.
  465. Super Soft Wrap Make a Super Soft Wrap like this to keep yourself warm this winter, or make it as a gift for a chilly friend. Use a lusciously soft yarn like Simply Soft to make this free crochet pattern really shine.
  466. Sushi Roll Scarf Do you love eating sushi morning, noon and night? Well now you can even wear it around your neck. Using a free crochet scarf pattern you can make this Sushi Roll Scarf; it's so cool! Get creative with your color choices!
  467. Sweet and Simple Scarflette Keep it just like the name says with this Sweet and Simple Scarflette. With a flower to connect the ends, this small crochet scarf is a neat accessory for any outfit.
  468. Sweet November Scarf/Shawl This scarf/shawl pattern was inspired by the movie Sweet November. It's a fabulous pattern that can be warn as a scarf or a shawl. Double crochet is used and you can choose to add the fringe or not.
  469. Sweet Pea Ruffle Scarf Full of life and color, this Sweet Pea Ruffle Scarf is the perfect combination of style and fun. Wait until you hear the best part, though. You don't even need to know how to crochet to work up this awesome crochet scarf pattern!
  470. Sweet Pink Spring Scarf The Sweet Pink Spring Scarf is perfect for when it starts getting warmer and you need a sweet little accessory to make yourself more stylish.
  471. Textured Tigereye Scarf This thick and lusciously soft Textured Tigereye Scarf is sure to keep you warm even on the coldest of days. Protect yourself or a friend against bitter winter chills with this beginner crochet pattern.
  472. The Dunnagan Crochet Cowl "This lovely cowl is worked in one piece in the round. With bulky yarn you could work it up in an evening. Plymouth Baby Alpaca Grande is perfect for this pattern. It drapes beautifully and will be super warm."
  473. The Katie Cowl "This super easy pattern features a simple to follow repetition of treble crochet, half double crochet and slip stitches. Once you get the pattern down, you're going to able to customize this into a long infinity scarf or a tight cozy stocking scarf
  474. The Kelly Cowl "A quick and easy cowl that makes the perfect cool weather accessory and a great gift as well!"
  475. Thick and Quick Chain Scarf If you've seen the fad of t-shirt scarves, then you should check out the crochet version with this Thick and Quick Chain Scarf. Super bulky yarn makes this chain crochet scarf incredibly easy to work up in just about 30 minutes.
  476. Three Stitch Fab Faux Scarves Bernat Fab Faux is used with this crochet scarf pattern. Make a Three Stitch Fab Faux Scarf with only three stitches across each row, making this one easy crochet scarf to work up. You can make this scarf in 30-45 minutes; perfect for your lunch hour
  477. Tingy Sparkles Infinity Scarf "This is a fairly simple pattern using DC and CRDC and should be well suited for an advanced beginner :) You can easily adjust the width of the scarf by adding/subtracting beginning chains or adding/subtracting rows for the length."
  478. Top of the Tunisian Crochet Infinity Scarf The fun thing about scarves is that even when its too hot to wear them, its cool enough to make them! The Top of the Tunisian Crochet Infinity Scarf is a fun and easy one skein scarf that uses Tunisian stitches in a way I haven't seen before.
  479. Tulip Garden Scarf Scarves are a great accessory to wear any time of the year, not just during winter. This Tulip Garden Scarf is perfect for a rainy spring day. The colorful tulips will definitely brighten up anyone's day.
  480. Tunisian Drop Stitch Scarf Complete the accessories in your fall wardrobe by working up this Tunisian Drop Stitch Scarf for the entire season. This crochet scarf pattern has so many interesting qualities about it, especially since it uses lace and a simple Tunisian stitch.
  481. Turquoise Broomstick Scarf If you've never tried crocheting broomstick lace before, this Turquoise Broomstick Scarf is the perfect pattern to test your skills. Follow this easy crochet pattern from Red Heart Yarn to work up this crochet scarf.
  482. Twilight Infinity Scarf This Twilight Infinity Scarf is super soft and squishy, so your neck will feel nice and cozy when the temperature begins to drop. The infinity pattern is worked flat and can be quickly crocheted. Pair this piece with your favorite fall outfit.
  483. Twisted Chainlink Infinity Scarf If you're ready for a mind-blowing winter crochet scarf pattern, then the pattern you're looking for is the Twisted Chainlink Infinity Scarf. Technically, it's two infinity scarf patterns in one!
  484. Twisted Crocodile Stitch Keyhole Scarf This Twisted Crocodile Stitch Keyhole Scarf is a great scarf pattern to have during the winter. It was made using Alpaca yarn, making it a soft and cozy scarf to sport. If you're looking for a new design then you'll love this one.
  485. Two Color Fur Striped Scarf Using the double crochet stitch you can have this Two Color Fur Striped Scarf worked up in no time. This is an easy crochet scarf pattern, so you won't make any mistakes. Dress up your neck and head out on the town.
  486. Unforgettable Scarf Wrap Try out this Unforgettable Scarf Wrap to make a two-in-one crochet accessory. Too many crochet patterns can be simple and typical, but this one is something new and useful.
  487. Unisex Crochet Scarf Scarves for the whole family are difficult to find. If you are in need of one pattern that can be used for a variety of people, try this Unisex Crochet Scarf.
  488. Universal Infinity Scarf The Universal Infinity Scarf pattern can be made for anyone in your life. The classic design of this crocheted scarf is perfect for both men and women, and it will pair nicely with practically any outfit.
  489. Up and Down Stitch Scarf This lovely Up and Down Stitch Scarf is a simple scarf that alternates between two types of stitches for a fun intersecting lines pattern. This scarf is also perfect if you've been looking for an interesting unisex scarf pattern.
  490. Up and Down Triangles Lace Short Scarf This scarf's a bit delicate,but it's still perfect for staying warm on cold winter days. Use this crochet pattern to make Up and Down Triangles Lace Short Scarf.
  491. Useful Cross Stitch Scarf If you had doubts about making your own scarf before, then look no further. This Useful Cross Stitch Scarf really is one of the most appealing crochet scarf patterns you can find.
  492. V Stitch Crochet Scarf Transitional scarves can be tricky, but with this V Stitch Crochet Scarf you can easily move it from season to season. This scarf is made from lightweight wool, making it easy to layer with or to drape over your shoulders in the warmer months.
  493. V's & Clusters Crochet Scarf "Made with just one skein of Red Heart's Unforgettable this scarf works up quick, has an easy to memorize stitch repeat and can be made in an afternoon."
  494. Valiant Stripes Scarf "This unisex scarf combines a chevron design with texture. It makes a great game-day scarf in team colors for your favorite sport fans."
  495. Vanilla Bean Scarf The Vanilla Bean Scarf is worked up using the cluster v stitch. This is an easy crochet pattern to put together and you will love the end product. The chunky yarn makes it great for beginners.
  496. Varsity Button Scarf Show your school spirit with a Varsity Button Scarf! This crochet scarf pattern can be made in any colors, but we think it would work well as spirit wear for any school or sports team.
  497. Versatile Black and Emerald Infinity Scarf "This Versatile Black and Emerald Infinity Scarf has alternating solid sections and loose chain sections. This makes it so easy to wrap and gives it wonderful texture and many styling options."
  498. Vertical Stripe Scarf Make a Vertical Stripe Scarf using this free crochet scarf pattern. It's a unisex design so you can make it for any man or woman. Single crochet is alternated with a single chain making this an easy crochet scarf.
  499. Vibrant Flower Scarf The Vibrant Flower Scarf is a fun accessory for spring. Use some shimmer yarn to make it stand out even more! This easy crochet scarf pattern will definitely grab some attention.
  500. Vintage Blossom Crochet Scarf The Vintage Blossom Crochet Scarf is crocheted with luxury yarn, has a fabulous vintage look and a lighter weight drape, perfect for warmer months when you need a little something or in cooler months as a beautiful accessory scarf.
  501. Vintage Rippling Scarf "I came up with this scarf because someone asked me to help them with an afghan pattern that they found on Ravelry. I didnt want to make an afghan, so I thought why not just swatch the pattern to learn it, and thus a scarf was born."
  502. Vintage Ruffle Scarf The black and red of this Vintage Ruffle Scarf give it a sort of Gothic feel, but you are welcome to use any colors you want. The ruffled look is made within the ribs of this crochet scarf pattern and help add some dimension to your fun accessory.
  503. Violaceous Infinity Scarf Crochet Pattern This pretty purple crochet scarf works up crazy quickly. Using a jumbo hook, the Violaceous Infinity Scarf Crochet Pattern is super easy too. If you're looking for a last-minute gift, this would be the pattern to use.
  504. Waffle Stitch Charity Scarf The Waffle Stitch Charity Scarf pattern makes a warm and wonderfully textured scarf pattern to keep the chill away. This pattern is especially good for charity because there is no need for special sizing, anyone can use a scarf! For a fun variation,
  505. Walking in the Sand Scarf "This gently textured scarf is a great beginner-friendly project. The unisex design works up quickly and the self-striping yarn does all the colorwork for you. Skills used Basic crochet stitches: chain, double crochet, single crochet and working in r
  506. Warm Up Quick Infinity Scarf "This infinity scarf works up so quickly and because of the bulky yarn it is also soft and warm. It makes a great last minute gift and because of the simple stitches it's a good gender neutral pattern."
  507. Waterfall Waves Scarf This Waterfall Waves Scarf is such a fun crochet scarf pattern. The variegated yarn creates a unique self striping look. You'll love wearing this scarf any time of year because it'll remind you of the beach with its blue colors and wave-like design.
  508. Wave Stitch Scarf Learn a new stitch with the Wave Stitch Scarf tutorial. This free crochet pattern will show you how to crochet the wave stitch, a very textured and unique stitch. You'll mostly need double crochet and half double crochet.
  509. Wavy Potato Chip Scarf Make your friends and family a Wavy Potato Chip Scarf just after you make one for yourself. This is an easy crochet pattern you'll get addicted to. It's like chips; you can't just eat one, you have to eat many. Crochet in bulk!
  510. Which Stitch is Which Neck Warmer Sometimes a scarf is too thick and bulky to wear tucked into a winter coat. This free crochet pattern offers the perfect solution for that.
  511. Willy Wonka Infinity Scarf Making this Willy Wonka Infinity Scarf is just as exciting as finding the last Golden ticket. The bright, neon colors used for this free crochet scarf pattern will make you feel like you're touring Willy Wonka's magical candy factory. Super chunky cr
  512. Windy City Hooded Scarf Listen here, city slicker. You may think you can brave any weather, but mama taught you to wear a hat and scarf! She'd be so proud to see you wear this Windy City Hooded Scarf, an awesome two-in-one crochet scarf pattern.
  513. Winter Day Crochet Scarf Any time the temperature is below 30 degrees, you'll want to bundle up with the Winter Day Crochet Scarf. Worked up in light grey Bernat Wool-Up Bulky yarn, this simple crochet scarf will keep out the cold. The scarf is worked lengthwise.
  514. Winter Hug Infinity Scarf Keep all the warmth inside with this Winter Hug Infinity Scarf. Scarves seem to be a big hit, whether they are for fashion or warmth. This huggable infinity scarf pattern combines a little bit of both.
  515. Wise Oak Ribbed Scarf Stay warm and comfortable all year long with this Wise Oak Ribbed Scarf. This crochet scarf pattern is the perfect pattern to make for both men and women. You may use either solid or variegated yarn.
  516. Wonderful Winter Infinity Scarf "Wrap up in warmth and style in the Wonderful Winter Infinity Scarf! It is easy to make and works up so quickly that you can make and wear it in the same day."
  517. Wonderfully Warm Crochet Scarf Keep your neck and face away from the cold, wintry elements with this Wonderfully Warm Crochet Scarf. It is easy enough for beginners and only uses one skein each of two colors of yarn.
  518. World's Softest Crochet Cowl It's easy to find reasons to admire the World's Softest Crochet Cowl. This crochet cowl pattern is elegant and refined.
  519. Woven Scarf This beautiful multicolored Woven Scarf is the perfect accessory every woman should have in her wardrobe. Front and back double crochet posts are used for this crochet scarf pattern.
  520. Wrapped in Hope Scarf The Wrapped in Hope Scarf is a beautiful pattern with a wonderful cause: breast cancer awareness. This crochet scarf pattern resembles a pink support ribbon.
  521. Yellow Polka Dots Summer Scarf This Yellow Polka Dots Summer Scarf truly is perfect for the summer. The little bobbles make the perfect design for this scarf pattern. Work it up in this pale yellow color or choose one of your favorites.
  522. Yenni Fringe Infinity Scarf "I released the matching hat and boot cuffs for this pattern earlier in the season, and am finally releasing the much-asked-for matching scarf! The combination of the detailed (but easy) stitch work and the modern fringe makes for a cute scarf."
  523. Zig Zag Sleeved Scarf "This quick project is worked using a simple Chevron design. Perfect for a stashbuster or as a project to use up those scraps of yarn you just cant bring yourself to toss. Can easily be adjusted to fit larger or smaller sizes."
  524. Zodiac Scarf with Bobbles Show off your fashion sense this fall season. The Zodiac Scarf with Bobbles is a stylish and simple scarf pattern that will look great on you. The scarf is worked in wedge shaped sections changing color following the color sequence.

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