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100+ Free Crochet Patterns for Winter: Free Crochet Hat Patterns, Scarves, Blankets and More!


Updated September 26, 2016
(20 Votes)


Are you feeling knotty? Do you fall into stitches at every turn? Do you bobble and weave when you think of your favorite hobbies? If so, you have found the ultimate source for all your crochet needs!

This collection features the Top 100+, the crème de la crème, the magnum opi of the free crochet patterns for winter from In this list, you’ll find everything from crochet baby hats to crochet gift bags, free crochet scarf patterns to easy crochet mittens. This list will accommodate anyone regardless of their level, because it includes beginner crochet patterns as well as more challenging projects.

100 Free Crochet Patterns for Winter

When the winter winds drive you indoors, you have the perfect excuse to begin all of the free crochet patterns you’ve wanted to start. Chilly months are the perfect time to sit and relax with a heartfelt project like free crochet hat patterns and free crochet afghan patterns. Whether you want to create a heartfelt gift for a friend or an accessory for yourself or a family member, these winter crochet patterns are perfect for every occasion.

100+ Free Crochet Patterns for Winter Table of Contents

Easy Crochet Mittens and Gloves
Crochet Hat Patterns
Crochet Afghan Patterns and Throws
Crochet Headbands and Ear Warmers
Crochet Scarf Patterns
Crochet Sweater Patterns and Shawls
Boot Cuff Crochet Patterns
Baby Crochet Patterns for Winter
Crochet Gift Bags and Baskets

Winter Fashion for Toddlers & Baby Crochet Patterns


If you have a certain little someone in mind for your next winter crochet project, download our free eBook, Winter Fashion for Toddlers & Baby Crochet Patterns before the season is over!



Easy Crochet Mittens and Gloves

Keep your digits dancing and your fingers unfrozen with these easy crochet mittens, gloves, and arm warmers. Learn how to crochet gloves and mittens as gifts for your friends and family or keep them as personal accessories. This collection contains mittens for everyone, from babies to grown-ups and everyone in between. Free crochet patterns for winter are already great, but they are even better when they can be made for everyone in the family!

  1. Retro Crocheted MittensEasy Crochet Mittens Free Pattern
  2. Basic Crocheted Mittens
  3. Crocheted Mittens
  4. Men's Afghan Stitch Gloves
  5. Retro Crocheted Mittens
  6. Blocky Brick Warmers
  7. Happy Hands Mittens for Kids
  8. Downton Abbey Arm Warmers
  9. Candy Striped Texting Gloves
  10. Madly In Love Mitts
  11. Pacific Sunset Mitts
  12. Lightning Fast Fingerless Mitts
  13. Daddy's Simply Easy Mittens
  14. Mommy's Marvelous Mittens
  15. One Skein Mittens


Crochet Hat Patterns

In order to properly optimize brain function, your head must be toasty and warm at all times. It doesn't hurt to be fashionable and stylish at the same time! Put your head at ease with the free crochet hat patterns listed below. You can make a hat for yourself in any style, or give the gift of warmth to a friend.

  1. Basic Striped Crochet Hat PatternQuick Fix Winter Hat
  2. Green and Blue Boy Striped Hat
  3. Men's Fast and Easy Cap
  4. Ava Hat
  5. Men's Winter Flapped Hat
  6. The Basic Helmet 
  7. Mesh Bobble Hat
  8. Turquoise Slouch Beanie with Buttons
  9. Any Size Crochet Hats
  10. Jolly Snowman Hat
  11. Festive Christmas Ornament Hat
  12. Timber Wolf Slouch Hat
  13. Universal Slouchy Hat
  14. Basic Striped Crochet Hat
  15. Quick Fix Winter Hat


Crochet Afghan Patterns and Throws

These free crochet afghan patterns and throws are bundles of fun. Wrap up the little ones to keep them nice and comfy or just relish in the lovely accent pieces you worked up yourself for your favorite furniture. Crochet afghan patterns are perfect for winter because you're guaranteed to keep warm and toasty all season long. These might even introduce you to some new crochet stitches; take a look for yourself!

  1. Moroccan Tile AfghanSpiral Crochet Afghan
  2. Happyghan
  3. Crayon Blanket
  4. 5 1/2 Hour Throw
  5. Crocodile Stitch Crochet Afghan 
  6. Throw a Bullseye Crochet Pattern
  7. No Beginning Chain Crazy Block Afghan
  8. 21st Century Log Cabin Afghan
  9. Grandma's Favorite Wobble Afghan 
  10. Oversized Chevron Crochet Afghan 
  11. Moroccan Tile Afghan
  12. Simply Mad Throw
  13. Mountain Mist Afghan
  14. World's Easiest Afghan
  15. Quick n' Cozy Crochet Afghan


30 Free Crochet Slippers for Everyone



Looking for ways to keep your feet toasty? Don't miss our collection of 30 Free Crochet Slippers for Everyone!




NEW! Crochet Headbands and Ear Warmers

Maybe you don't want to wear a hat this winter because you hate hat hair with a passion. However, your ears are still begging for some warmth without one! Try these crochet headband patterns that will be sure to keep your hair out of your face and your ears warm in the blistering cold. They add a little bit of flair to an outfit without being obnoxious, covering your face, or flattening your hair.

  1. Mia Crochet Flower HeadbandCriss-Cross Crochet Headband
  2. Dainty Dame Earwarmer
  3. Charming Chunky Earwarmer
  4. Twisted Turban Headband Crochet Pattern
  5. Cable Stitch Ear Warmer
  6. Totally Twisted Crochet Headband
  7. Stashbuster Ear Warmer
  8. Radiantly Reflective Crochet Headband
  9. Beginner Crochet Headband
  10. Crochet Earmuff Headband
  11. Moonlight Ear Warmer 
  12. Diamond Trellis Headband  
  13. 1920s Rose Swirl Crochet Headband
  14. Mia Crochet Flower Headband
  15. Enchanted Forest Crochet Headband


Crochet Scarf Patterns

Before going out to enjoy the great outdoors, one must be properly prepared for the elements. Fend off unfashionable winter shivers with these lovely handmade scarves. These free crochet scarf patterns will keep your neck nice and warm, as well as display your innate and perfect fashion sense. You can find every type of scarf you are looking for here: regular scarves, crochet infinity scarves, and cowls. Try one out for the perfect fashion statement this season.

  1. Wonderfully Warm Crochet ScarfSushi Roll Scarf
  2. Bumpy Popcorn Crochet Scarf
  3. Sensational Scarf
  4. Aesthetic Hooded Scarf
  5. Pink Hope Scarf
  6. Hand Warming Crochet Scarf
  7. Quick and Easy Crochet Scarf
  8. Reversible Cable Scarf
  9. Easy Mobius Scarf
  10. Stash-buster Crochet Scarf
  11. Fair Isle Crochet Cowl 
  12. Solomon Knot Mobius Scarf
  13. Purple Convertible Cowl
  14. 1/2 Skein Crochet Cowl 
  15. Majestic Hooded Scarf Pattern 
  16. Chunky Stylish Infinity Scarf Pattern
  17. Funky Brick Crochet Scarf Pattern
  18. Wonderfully Warm Crochet Scarf 
  19. Cilantro Crochet Cowl 
  20. Chevron Crochet Cowl 
  21. Ribbed Cowl Scarf 
  22. Buffalo Check Obsession Scarf 
  23. Powdered Sugar Crochet Scarf


Crochet Sweater Patterns and Shawls

Whether you're indoors or outside, layering can be ideal during any month of the year. You should definitely try making these stylish and soft sweaters and crochet shawl patterns to keep yourself warm whether it's blustery outside or they just have the air conditioning cranked up in the office. Once you’ve made one, you can toss it into a tote for later or don it immediately for a perfectly fashionable and incredibly functional article of clothing. Keep one on the back of your office chair so you never have the shivers indoors.

  1. Reading Room Crochet SweaterIce Crystals Poncho
  2. A Pink Crochet Shawl from Bernat
  3. Geisha Jacket
  4. Crochet Short Jacket
  5. Snow Princess Crochet Cape 
  6. Cozy Cocoon Cardigan
  7. Dainty Daisy Pullover
  8. Figure-Flattering Crochet Shawl
  9. The Crochet Shawl of Your Dreams
  10. Kram Cardi 
  11. Mermaid Filigree Cardigan
  12. Popular Zen Jacket
  13. Cap Sleeve Open Cardigan
  14. Reading Room Crochet Sweater
  15. Go Anywhere Short Sleeve Cardigan




Boot Cuff Crochet Patterns

One of the trendiest winter fashions is the boot cuff. Now you can make your own with these crochet boot cuff patterns that keep up your style and add a little bit of extra warmth. Don't let the blustery winter cold get inside the little crack at the top of your boot and make your feet cold all day. You can easily avoid this by working up any one of these stylish and fabulous boot cuff patterns. 

  1. Rustic Ripple Stitch Boot CuffBest Ever Boot Cuffs
  2. Two Hour Boot Cuffs
  3. Bow Boot Cuffs
  4. Razzle Dazzle Boot Cuffs
  5. Vintage Boot Cuffs
  6. Easy Peasy Boot Cuffs
  7. Trendy Owl Boot Cuff
  8. Crochet Boot Cuff Pattern
  9. Mustard Key Tab Boot Cuffs
  10. Starry Skies Boot Cuffs 
  11. Rustic Ripple Stitch Boot Cuff
  12. Bailey Boot Cuffs
  13. Punky Pumpkin Boot Cuffs
  14. Cables and Bobbles Boot Cuffs


Free Crochet Designs: 10 Home Decor Christmas Crochet Patterns Read more at



Winter doesn't just mean cold; it also means holiday fun! Don't miss out on festive crochet patterns like the ones in Free Crochet Designs: 10 Home Decor Christmas Crochet Patterns!


Baby Crochet Patterns for Winter

Nothing is quite so endearing as baby fingers and baby toes, but those little digits are more susceptible to the chill. These crochet patterns for the tiniest members of your family are perfect for keeping little fingers and toes warm and wiggly. Make free crochet patterns for babies so that the little ones can stay warm all winter long.

  1. Cuffed Baby BootiesOne Ball Baby Blanket and Hat
  2. Memorable Baby’s First Blanket
  3. Cowboy Booties
  4. Soft Plush Sock Monkey
  5. Easy Baby Flopsy Hat
  6. Cuddle Soft Baby Blanket
  7. Honey Badger Crochet Beanie
  8. Unforgettable Owl Newborn Crochet Hat
  9. Weekend Wonder Baby Blanket
  10. Cuddly Newborn Crochet Hat
  11. Brimmed Crochet Baby Beanie
  12. Like a Fox! Hooded Baby Blanket 
  13. Addicting Crochet Baby Blanket
  14. Rainbow Easy Crochet Baby Booties
  15. Simply Stripes Baby Blanket
  16. Cuffed Baby Booties


Crochet Gift Bags and Baskets

When the winter season comes around, that also means it is time for the holidays. If you are not a big fan of spending money just to buy a gift bag, try crocheting one instead. This list is full of gift bags and crochet basket patterns you can work up so that you have a place for your gifts or can give big baskets of multiple little things put together. 

  1. Candy Cane Inspired Drawstring Gift Card HolderAmazing Grace Spa Set
  2. Fancy Spa Basket
  3. Crochet Gift Basket
  4. Tree Bark Basket
  5. Hooty Owl Crochet Baskets
  6. Christmas Gift Bag
  7. Old Fashioned Crochet Gift Bag
  8. Mini Crochet Gift Bag
  9. Just in Time DIY Gift Bag
  10. Cute and Simple Crochet Gift Bags
  11. Small Gift Bag
  12. Shades of Blue Crochet Gift Bag
  13. Little Ornament Style Gift Bags
  14. Hanging Ornaments Christmas Tote
  15. Little Gift Bag
  16. Candy Cane Inspired Drawstring Gift Card Holder



Winter Wonderland: 17 Winter Patterns to Crochet


If you still feel like you could use some more winter crochet patterns, feel free to check out and download our free eBook, Winter Wonderland: 17 Winter Patterns to Crochet.




What's your favorite winter weather activity?

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I cannot make sense out of the Downton Abbey Dowager Shaw pattern, it is very confusing, on row 1 it says to ch 4 6 dc into 4th ch from hook, do you go back to the beginning chain to dc into, row 2 is .confusing also

So cute

Need to understand what the cl instruction means in the Comfy Cozy Headband pattern means - please and thanks.

I printed out the comfy cozy headband pattern and cannot understand what the cl means in row 2. I only printed out the first page - is there an instruction I am missing? Please and thanks.

Hello dear Staff ? AllFreepatterns. I have been coming on this site now for a long time and never wanted to put any comment in? - BUT - I have now. Please, please - how can I download all these "100" patterns in one go? and I could look at it in my own time?? Just like you have the E.BOOKS - it would be so nice. Having each patterns individually? it could take a long time. Anyhow - I do like to look at them - some time and pick out on my downloaded patterns when I need it. If I just going to take a few now? I have lost the whole lot and can not go back to it. Please DEAR STAFF? HELP WITH THIS - PLEASE? I am very grateful for all what you are doing for US to enjoy the patterns, at our leisured time. Thank you again for your kindness. Wishing all my very best to YOU ALL.

Hi Julie, Thank you for your message. Unfortunately, unlike our eBooks, pages like this can not be downloaded. You can however, save the page to 'My Crochet Patterns' in order to review it any time. Hope this helps a bit. Happy crocheting! editors of AllFreeCrochet

When I find a pattern I like I pin it to my Pinterest board for crochet. Then it is easy to find and bring up. It doesn't solve the problem of wanting to download in bulk, but it does place the patterns you are interested in in a convenient browsing location with pictures. I am currently looking for winter scarf patterns that are not bulky and do have some patterning. So far I have not found any, but have found patterns for other things that I may try to do as a scarf. I put them all on my Pinterest board so I don't have to print or download them before making a choice.

i have same question.

Please, please - how can I download all these "100" patterns in one go? and I could look at it in my own time?? Just like you have the E.BOOKS - it would be so nice. Having each patterns individually? it could take a long time. Anyhow - I do like to look at them - some time and pick out on my downloaded patterns when I need it. If I just going to take a few now? I have lost the whole lot and can not go back to it. Please HELP WITH THIS? I am very grateful for all what you are doing for US to enjoy the patterns, at our leisured time. Thank you again for your kindness. Wishing all my very best to YOU ALL. Read more at == -Free-Crochet-Patterns-for-Winter-Free-Crochet-Hat == -Patterns-Scarves-Blankets-and-More#elLw5GstqlZyIA == zz.99

Do you have any patters for crochet head bands

Some great headband patterns in this Facebook group.

hola me gustaria k me mandaran el video de la bufanda sensacional, kiero hacerselas a mis 3 hijas gracias espero respuesta

I love all the free patterns. Thank You. Is there a free patter for a hat and scarf in the crocodile crochet? I would like to learn this..

I Think I wonder why I can;t get a printed pattern . Done everything I can to succeed. Belong to a group of Senior;s who band together to knit and crochet for the needy. Would love to bring in patterns for them to make. Gwen

In the past if I couldn't get a pattern to print, I would email it to myself , then print it out. Hope this helps!

I have been look for this one pattern and can't find it. I need it to be online pattern; because it's not my computer. pattern is 24 point ripple afghan.

I'd like to make a dish cloth. Where can I get the instructions for it?

Fave-craft is where I got the pattern.

Here is the pattern from Ladynell 75 Materials: * Lily Sugar n Cream (Solids: 70.9 g/2.5 oz/109 m/120 yds) (Ombres: 56.7g/2 oz/86 m/95 yds) (00165 Daisy Ombre) 1 ball * Crochet Hook: Size 5 mm (U.S. H or 8) crochet hook or size needed to obtain gauge. Gauge: 13 sts and 12 rows = 4 ins [10 cm] in pat. Size: Approx 13 ins [33 cm] square. Instructions: Ch 44. 1st row: (RS). 1 sc in 2nd ch from hook. 1 sc in each ch to end of chain. 43 sts. Turn. 2nd row: Ch 1. *1 sc in next sc. 1 tr in next sc. Rep from * across to last sc, pushing tr to RS of work. 1 sc in last sc. Turn. 3rd row: Ch 1. 1 sc in each st to end of row. Turn. 4th row: Ch 1. 1 sc in each of first 2 sc. *1 tr in next sc. 1 sc in next sc. Rep from * across to last sc, pushing tr to RS of work. 1 sc in last sc. Turn. 5th row: As 3rd row. Rep 2nd to 5th rows for pat until work from beg measures 13 ins [33 cm], ending on a RS row. Hanging Loop: Ch 10. Join with sl st in last sc worked. Fasten off.


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