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100 Free Crochet Patterns for Winter: Free Crochet Hat Patterns, Scarves, Blankets and More!

By: Jessica Farris, Editor,

Are you feeling knotty? Do you fall into stitches at every turn? Do you bobble and weave when you think of your favorite hobbies? If so, you have found the ultimate source for all your crochet needs!

This list features the Top 100, the crème de la crème, the magnum opi of the free crochet patterns from In this list, you’ll find everything from crochet baby hats to free crochet dish cloth patterns, free crochet scarf patterns to easy crochet mittens. This list will accommodate anyone, regardless of their level, because it includes beginner crochet patterns as well as more challenging projects.

When the winter winds drive you indoors, you have the perfect excuse to begin all of the free crochet patterns you’ve wanted to start. Chilly months are the perfect time to sit and relax with a heartfelt project like free crochet hat patterns and free crochet afghan patterns. Whether you want to create a heartfelt gift for a friend or an accessory for yourself or a family member, these free crochet sock patterns and crochet sweater patterns are perfect for every occasion.


100 Free Crochet Patterns for Winter: Free Crochet Hat Patterns, Scarves, Blankets and More!


Easy Crochet Mittens and Gloves

Keep your digits dancing and your fingers unfrozen with these easy crochet mittens and gloves. Learn how to crochet gloves and mittens as gifts or personal accessories. This collection contains mittens for everyone, from babies to grown-ups and everyone in between. Free crochet patterns for winter are great when they can be made for everyone!

Taming the Butterfly Fingerless Gloves


  1. Taming the Butterfly Fingerless Gloves: Embrace your inner butterfly and transform from a caterpillar.
  2. Crochet Lace Gloves: Use this pattern for easy crochet mittens for your next special occasion.
  3. Easy Crochet Mittens Free Pattern: These are simple, easy, and adorable!
  4. Basic Crocheted Mittens: Get back to basics with these easy crochet mittens.
  5. Cabled Mitts: The cable knit makes these look so elegant!
  6. Crocheted Mittens: Get ready for winter fun with a free crochet mittens patterns like this!
  7. Men's Afghan Stitch Gloves: These are comfortable and stylish for men.
  8. Retro Crocheted Mittens: Flash back to the past!
  9. Fingerless Winter Gloves: These handy crochet gloves leave your fingers free for texting and tying shoes.
  10. Quick and Easy Fingerless Gloves: Snap you finger after you make these crochet fingerless gloves in a snap!
  11. Bejeweled Hand Cover: Add some spark to your winter apparel.
  12. Charmed Wrist Warmers: How charming!
  13. Coment Wrist Cuff: This punk bracelet is quite the fashion statement.
  14. Lacy Wrist Warmers: Embrace your feminine beauty with these crochet wrist warmers.
  15. Punk Wrist Warmers: Rock and roll!


Crochet Hat Patterns

In order to properly optimize brain function, one must keep one’s head toasty and warm at all times—not to mention fashionable. Put your head at ease with the free crochet hat patterns listed below. You can make a hat for yourself in any style, or give the gift of warmth to a friend.

Quick Fix Winter Hat

  1. Quick Fix Winter Hat: This simple crochet hat pattern is perfectly suited to playing in the snow.
  2. Phannie Beret: This chic and easy beret crochet pattern is great for new crafters.
  3. Husband Hat: Use this free crochet pattern to keep your husband's head warm during the winter season.
  4. Green and Blue Boy Striped Hat:  Crochet your little boy a cute, classic hat that will keep his ears warm.
  5. Cloche Hat: This cloche hat is ultra French and ultra fashionable.
  6. Quick Flower Hat: This adorable crochet hat features a pretty crochet flower embellishment.
  7. Men's Fast and Easy Cap: The name says it all--this crochet cap is fast, easy, and will keep anyone's head warm and toasty.
  8. My Crocheted Brimmed Hat: Use this as a sun hat on long walks in the snow.
  9. Reversible Crochet Brioche Hat: Wear this hat in two different ways for twice the fashion statement.
  10. Cabbage Rose Cap: This little hat is so springy and happy!
  11. Hello Kitty Earflap Child Hat: Hello Kitty is too cute on your cutie! Hats like these are great free crochet patterns for winter.
  12. Ava Hat: Embellish this basic children's crochet hat pattern with ribbons or crocheted flowers!
  13. Funky Hat: If you want to get yourself noticed, use this easy crochet hat pattern to make yourself one of the funkiest caps around!
  14. Rasta Hat: This free, easy crochet pattern came straight to us from Jamaica and is an awesome design for the Rastafarian in your life.
  15. Crochet Chainmail Hat: This crochet children's hat can be used as part of a Halloween costume or as a cheeky alternative to the traditional winter hat. 
  16. Bottoms Up: This is a great free crochet pattern for a fashionable hat that you can make yourself to wear on the slopes.
  17. Men's Winter Flapped Hat: Nothing's worse than freezing cold ears and with this simple crochet pattern, your man's ears are protected and comforted with soft crocheted yarn.
  18. The Basic Helmet: This basic helmet for kids is a breeze to make. Make one for every little kid in your life using our always free crochet patterns!  
  19. Basic Chunky Hat Crochet Pattern:  A free easy crochet pattern like this can sometimes take a bit of time to work up. Hats take some skill to perfect, but if you follow the instructions you should have a hat to wear in no time.
  20. Mesh Bobble Hat:  Make this cute Mesh Bobble Hat to give to a friend or family member this season.
  21. Turquoise Slouch Beanie with Buttons: Make this free easy crochet pattern to work up while traveling.

Crochet Afghan Patterns

These free crochet afghan patterns are bundles of fun! Roll yourself in soft, luxurious yarn woven by your very own fingertips, or wrap up the little ones and keep them nice and warm. These beginner crochet afghan patterns and more challenging projects also make lovely accent pieces and throws for your favorite furniture. Crochet afghan patterns are perfect free crochet patterns for winter; you're guaranteed to keep warm.

Framed Church Windows 6-Inch Square

  1. Spiral Crochet Afghan: The spiral pattern is mesmerizing on free crochet afghan patterns like this one!
  2. Stashaholics Brain Dead Afghan: This crochet afghan pattern is so easy that you could be braindead and it would still turn out as a marvellous accent piece.
  3. Picket Fences Lapghan: This lapghan will remind you of white picket fences in springtime.
  4. Happyghan: This crochet afghan pattern is just so happy!!
  5. Monet Afghan: This afghan looks like the works of the great artist Monet because of the lovely pastel colors.
  6. 24 Point Round Ripple: A round afghan pattern can create a fascinating design for your living room.
  7. Framed Church Windows 6-Inch Square: This phenomenal afghan square looks just like a stained glass window.
  8. Crayon Blanket: The innovative crayon design is perfect for a child's bedroom or a classroom!
  9. Evening Star Block Afghan: The design on this example of free crochet afghan patterns looks just like a starry night sky.


Crochet Throw Patterns

Adorn your sofa or your bed with one of these lovely crochet throw patterns. A crochet throw pattern is ideal for winter decor or for bundling up on a chilly February evening.

  1. 5 ½ Hour Throw: This crochet throw pattern is quick, easy, and utterly elegant!
  2. Spider Stitch Throw: Along came a spider, who built a gorgeous web of yarn to spread over your dofa.
  3. Crochet Butterfly Throw: Soft as a butterfly's wing and just as beautiful, this throw will look wonderful anywhere you put it!


Crochet Scarf Patterns

Before going out to enjoy the great outdoors, one must be properly prepared for the elements. Fend off unfashionable winter shivers with these lovely handmade scarves. These free crochet scarf patterns will keep your neck nice and warm, as well as display your innate and perfect fashion sense.

Asymmetry Scarf Using One Skein

  1. Sushi Roll Scarf: Mmm, you could practically eat this crochet scarf  with chopsticks!
  2. Bumpy Popcorn Crochet Scarf: Baubly bumps make this scarf look like a bowl of fluffy popcorn!
  3. Sensational Scarf: The truth is in the title - learn how to crochet a scarf like this and it will be sensational!
  4. Aesthetic Hooded Scarf: Hooded scarves are all the rage at the moment; embrace your inner fashionista and crochet scarf patterns like this today!
  5. Three-Stitch Fab Faux Scarves: These free crochet scarf patterns are impossibly fabulous.
  6. Multicolored 70 Minute Scarf:This quick and easy accent piece will keep you warm and colorful!
  7. Pink Hope Scarf from Red Heart Yarn: Support breast cancer by raising awareness with crochet scarf patterns.
  8. Hand Warming Crochet Scarf: This pattern is neat as it's mittens and a scarf - it's two in one.
  9. Quick and Easy Crochet Scarf: This scarf is such an easy pattern to put together. If you make a few using different colors you can then nicely display them in a free crochet basket pattern as a fun gift basket.
  10. Covered Button Scarf: Dress yourself up in a light white scarf with buttons this chilly season.
  11. Asymmetry Scarf Using One Skein: Embrace your asymmetrical style with this gorgeous and chic crochet scarf pattern.
  12. Slip N Go Scarf: This is so easy and quick to try any day for a quick and warm accessory.
  13. Reversible Cable Scarf: Wear this scarf two different ways for a diverse and creative style.
  14. Easy Mobius Scarf: Round and round and round it goes to make a lovely accessory and neck warmer.
  15. Stash-buster Crochet Scarf: Get rid of old scraps of yarn and start stitching free crochet scarf patterns like this one!
  16. Shells and Chains Scarf: This scarf pattern with a strange name makes a fine article of clothing for an occasion!
  17. Solomon Knot Mobius Scarf: Use innovative designs in your crochet scarf patterns for a new spin on old favorites.
  18. Aesthetic Hooded Scarf: This hooded scarf protects your ears and neck from the bitter chill.
  19. Simple Speedy Cowl: This fast and easy crochet pattern will make a quick cowl for yourself in the color of your choosing.
  20. Purple Convertible Cowl: Again, while you're trying to come up with some xmas party game ideas you can certainly work up this convertible cowl in just over an hour; it's such an easy crochet pattern!

Crochet Sweater Patterns and Shawls

Layering is ideal, indoors and out, during any month of the year, so try making these stylish and soft sweater and crochet shawl patterns to keep yourself warm. Once you’ve made one, you can toss it into a tote or don it immediately for a perfectly fashionable and incredibly functional article of clothing.

Popular Zen Jacket


  1. Popular Zen Jacket: Relax in the zone with a fashionable crochet sweater pattern like this one.
  2. Cream Cotton Shrug: Get back to basics with this gorgeous and lightweight accessory. It will keep you warm, but it's not so heavy as to add uneccessary bulk.
  3. One Skein Wrap: This crochet wrap is an ideal stash uster because it requires only one skein of yarn!
  4. Ice Crystals Poncho: Celebrate the winter wonderland without setting foot into the frost with this idyllic poncho.
  5. January Prayer: Pretty yellow crochet shawl patterns remind you of a happy springtime in midwinter.
  6. York Shawlette: A petite shawl will serve all of your casual indoor needs and keep you nice and cozy.
  7. Easy Crocheted Top: Is it a shirt or a sweater? It doesn't even matter because this crochet top is perfect for any occasion. Layer it or wear it along.
  8. A Pink Crochet Shawl from Bernat: If you're feeling girly, don with lovely pink shawl with your best Barbie heels for a bright impact.
  9. Geisha Jacket: Journey to the far east with crochet afghan patterns like this lovely geisha jacket.
  10. Envy Sweater: You will be the envy of all of your friends if you crochet sweater patterns like this to wear every day.
  11. Crochet Short Jacket: Short jackets complete the look but show off your figure for a lightweight layer that can be worn indoors or out.



Baby Crochet Patterns for Winter

Nothing is quites so endearing as baby fingers and baby toes, but those little digits are more susceptible to the chill. These crochet patterns for the tiniest members of your family are pefect for keeping little fingers and toes warm and wiggly. Make free crochet patterns for baby so that the little ones can stay warm all winter long.

Baby Cocoon and Hat


  1. One Ball Baby Blanket and Hat: Babies are little, so you can use just one ball of yarn to make baby crochet patterns like this one!
  2. Baby Cocoon and Hat: Babies love to be swaddled up tight, so crochet baby blankets like this in the form of a cocoon and hat to keep the little one happy.
  3. Memorable Baby’s First Blanket: Parents and children alike will cherish baby's first blanket. Make a memory!
  4. Soft Plush Sock Monkey: This soft plush toy is the perfect gift for a little one because it doesn't have any small parts to swallow!
  5. Basic Baby Beanie: Both the style and the construction of this beanie are basic. Crochet this pattern in no time.
  6. Barb's Seamless Crocheted Baby Hat: You can crochet your baby a seamless crochet baby hat with this easy, free crochet pattern.
  7. Easy Baby Flopsy Hat: Baby will look so adorable in this crochet hat pattern!
  8. Crochet Cap: This baby crochet cap can be worn over the ears in winter or as a stylish cap any season.
  9. Fuzzy Brown Goodness Crochet Earflap Hat: Super bulky yarn makes the earflaps on this crochet hat pattern nice and warm for your baby.
  10. Tut's Hat: Try this adorable hat for babies and toddlers. It's square on top and striped with two different colors for a unique, funky look.
  11. Cuddle Soft Baby Blanket: Bundle up baby in this free crochet afghan pattern. The colors and design are just too cute!



Crochet Bags and Basket Patterns

One of the hardest parts of coping with winter weather is toting your boots, coat, hat, scarf and gloves around once you escape from the chill. Carry all of your winter wares and clothing items in one of these magnificent crochet bags or store things in free crochet basket patterns. The baskets and bags in this collection are ideal as gifts or as useful totes.

 Grocery Tote Bag

  1. Beaded Jute Basket: This hempen beaded crochet basket pattern is perfect for keeping crochet supplies or to give as a gift.
  2. Messenger Bag Crafted from Plastic Bags: It might sound strange, but this crochet bag pattern is a really unique fashion statement.
  3. Reusable Crocheted Grocery Bag: Be green and crochet bag patterns for your groceries so that you won't pollute the environment with wasteful plastic sacks.
  4. Crochet Basket Pattern: Use this in your craft room or anywhere around the house.
  5. Crochet Scrap Basket: Free crochet basket patterns like this are perfect for the remnants of your crafting and crocheting expertise.
  6. Chunky Button Bag: Make a whole sea of crochet bags for your friends and family, or make one in every color to cover all of your bases.
  7. Crochet Work Basket: This crochet basket pattern is as handy as it can be, and the homemade touch makes it an unforgettable keepsake.
  8. Fabric Basket: This basket is great as a bin for fabric scraps or for laundry. Keep anything you need in here for tidy storage.
  9. Spa Basket: Load this spa basket up with shampoos, lotions, massage oils and more for the ultimate home spa experience.
  10. Grocery Tote Bag: You won't have to worry about shopping bags ripping or tearing with this handy dandy crochet tote bag!


This great collection was mentioned in AllFreeCrochet's Most Popular Free Crochet Patterns: February 2012. Click the link to find other wonderful patterns!


  1. In a Jiffy Scarf: Work up this free crochet pattern for winter in minutes. This super quick crochet scarf pattern doesn't even require crochet hooks.
  2. Multicolored Grannyghan Afghan: All you need are scraps of yarn to make this beautiful design. The crochet colors are endless.
  3. Simple Baseball Cap: This is a great crochet hat pattern to make for the special man in your life. He'll love wearing this two-toned hat around town.
  4. Lightning Fast Fingerless Mitts: Faux cables embellish these crochet fingerless gloves giving them a fabulous textured design. NEW!
  5. Two Hour Boot Cuffs: In just two hours you can work up these fashionable boot cuffs, which will look amazing peeking out of your tall boots. NEW!
  6. Knee High Leg Warmers: Keep extra warm with these super tall leg warmers. Not only are they trendy, but you can work up many to match every outfit. NEW!
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